What is a Studio Apartment

Last Updated on August 4, 2019 By Emma W. Thomas

A studio apartment is a one-bedroom apartment with bathroom and kitchen equipment in the main living room. Its small size and limited storage require a bit of planning and organization, but studio apartments are so affordable to rent and operate that they allow people to live in places that they could not otherwise afford. Many of its inhabitants enjoy the efficiency, simplicity, and comfort of their simplified studio houses.


Although these apartments vary in size and design, they are usually designed to offer more efficient housing at an affordable price in an area determined by maximizing the number of units available. They are specially made for students and individual tenants for their affordable prices and other benefits, such as location and ease of use.


Studio apartments of all types are identified as a single room dwelling. A straight study is the most basic. A study room has a corner or a wing outside the main room, which can be used as a rest or dining area. Convertible studios have an even larger space that allows a bedroom to be divided from the main lounge area. In some areas, a convertible studio can also be called a “one-bedroom .” Loft apartments are often studio apartments, although they are spacious, either with a sleeping loft or bedroom.


Studio apartments can range from a few hundred square meters to thousands of square meters but are generally expected to be around 500 square feet (46 square meters). Its size depends on the value of local real estate, the dimensions and age of the building in which they are housed, and the tastes of potential occupants. In one place, an old building could be converted into many small alcove apartments designed to offer a large number of people the opportunity to live in a specific neighborhood. In another, an industrial building can be converted into a loft with spacious and luxurious studios.


Studio apartments are not only affordable to rent, but also to operate. Its small size and single room keep utility bills to a minimum. They are also easy to keep clean since there is only one room to clean. Many studio dwellers enjoy the minimalist design and simple life that small spaces promote. Everything has its place, and the disorder is necessarily minimized. Due to the popularity of studio apartments, there is a whole segment of the interior design industry dedicated to the design and organization of these simplified houses, making home decoration in a studio apartment simple and cheap.


A studio apartment requires some prior planning in order to make better use of the space. With such a limited area, everything from the size of the furniture to bulk purchases has to be carefully considered. An entertainment area in a one-bedroom apartment can be a challenge, and cleanliness and organization must be priorities. Many study dwellers find that multipurpose furniture and a good dose of creative thinking will help them make the most of their spaces.

Some facts with living in a studio apartment

The smallest is also the most welcoming

The small dimensions do not have to go against a warm and pleasant atmosphere; On the contrary, they can make it much more pleasant and welcoming. We just have to find the right ingredients and combine them in the best possible way so that the house is neither too crowded nor too empty. Choosing a vivid paint color or introducing objects with a personality of your own will help us create an intimate space that you will fill with your own presence.

Live according to the possibilities

It goes without saying that when the dimensions are small, we have to adapt and live according to the possibilities we have regarding space. It makes no sense to have a small bathroom and think about installing a whirlpool or a large countertop for the sink. Sometimes, less is more, and simplifying elements and structures makes the use of spaces much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Fewer rooms, less decoration problems

The more space we have, the more space to decorate or fill objects. That leads us to have to think about more options to complete the furniture and decoration. And when there is much to decorate, the risk of making mistakes and getting tired of the chosen style is much greater. Therefore, the fewer rooms, less headaches, and if everything can be integrated into a single space, as in this image, in which the bathroom is incorporated into the bedroom, then much better.

Use and save

Can you imagine a  kitchen inside a closet? In this mini apartment project it has become possible. On the other side of the white lacquered doors is this complete and modern kitchen, where nothing is missing. A surprising and original solution for those who have no choice but to integrate the kitchen in the living room but do not want it to be present all the time in the living room. Once used, it closes again. And so with any other element of the house: it is taken out, used and stored.

Less space, less dirt

Another advantage of having little space is that the appearance of dirt is reduced. Less furniture, less dust, less work, less maintenance and less expense on cleaning products. We save time and effort in tidying up the house and gain much more time to enjoy it cleaner.

Make more life outdoors

A small house can also force us to spend more time abroad. If there is not much to do at home and the feeling of overwhelm prevents us from spending a lot of time in it, what better way to turn a negative circumstance into an opportunity; Let’s take the opportunity to go out to the countryside, to go for a walk, to practice some sport or to visit museums and exhibitions, and thus cover the absence of space in our house filling us with interior enrichment.