5 Ways For How to Unclog a Shower Drain

how to unclog a shower drain

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 By Emma W. Thomas

The shower is the most commonly used bathroom element since, compared to bathtubs, it consumes less water at the time of personal grooming. Also, showers are much cheaper than bathtubs, so we could say that they are not only effective but also help you save and save resources, also helping the environment.

However, showers are not exempt from clogging, just like all other plumbing items in your home. The problems of showers jams occur with certain normality, causing discomfort and hygienic inconvenience to users.

Especially if you have showers instead of bathtubs since these dishes are more likely to cause flooding in the bathroom or even more serious problems.

Due to the above, in this article, we will tell you how to unclog the showerhead and, also, how to unclog the shower drain so that you have an integral knowledge on the topic that serves to prevent and solve problems of future jams.

We will also expose the most effective methods of unblocking; both the methods with natural products and chemical substances and the methods using pliers. Keep reading, and in a row, you will learn how to unclog a shower drain

Jams in the showerhead

First of all, it should be noted and clarified that the showers can only be clogged in two places: in the showerhead (the top where the water comes out and descends, the artichoke of a lifetime) and in the dish or drain (bottom of the shower where waterfalls and goes through the drain). As we know, these two parts of the shower have very different functions and, therefore, get stuck due to causes that have nothing to do with each other.

On the one hand, the showerhead is usually clogged by the solids content of the water that comes from the supply network. These solids are often tartar-forming that occlude the shower, that is, elements such as lime and calcium are the main causes of jams in the showerheads. These solid particles can be seen in the small holes of the showers, which are plugging and preventing the passage of water.

If you have suffered a tamponade of the showerhead, then we recommend you solve it with this homemade remedy: boil water with vinegar and a little lemon juice. Once you have this ready, if the shower is metal, pour the boiling mixture into the showerhead and let it act for 15 minutes. If the shower is plastic, then let the mixture cool before adding it to the shower, so as not to damage it. This should solve the problem of clogging, but if not, then the clogging is serious and you must unclog each hole in the showerhead, one by one with a needle or a fine punch.

Unclog the shower drain

As for the traffic jams in the lower part of the shower where the water goes, that is, in the drain, the traffic jams are more frequent.

The traffic jams in the shower drains are mainly hair or soap residue. If there is only one drain in your shower, then when it gets stuck it will flood the entire bathroom irremediably, so it is important that you know once and for all how to fix it.

There are many ways to solve traffic jams in the drains of showers and the good thing is that they arrive from any point of our life, so, we can do it with the application of natural products (mixtures of compounds that we have at home), through artisanal methods, of a lifetime.

 such as the plunger or pacifier, until the application of specialized commercial substances, chemical products that assure us that the traffic jam will go-ahead for a few euros that you will leave in the supermarket or in the corresponding neighborhood store.

The plunger

The most common for these cases is to use a conventional plunger (suction cup and handle) to suck, by means of the vacuum generated when using said tool, all the dirt that is producing the jam in the drain. On the other hand, if the jam is not serious and is visible, then you can manually remove it with a flexible object, such as wires or even an occasional open hanger.

Unclog shower with natural products

One of the most effective home methods, to eradicate jams in shower drains, is one that consists of preparing a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, salt, and white vinegar to later pour it over the occluded drain. That mixture should be left on for about fifteen minutes to dissolve the fat well. After waiting for the mentioned time, pour boiling water over the drain to drag and remove all the dirt that produced the jam.

How to Unclog a Shower Drain A Short Video

Unclog Shower With Products

If the above did not work for you, you can opt for industrial unblocking products, taking into account that they are not very abrasive so as not to contaminate the pipes. Use the lightest industrial product that will suffice to unblock hair and soap clogs. In the event that industrial products also fail, it is time for you to call us, to professional plumbers so that we will surely solve your problem.