How Does The Subway Toast So Fast?

How Does The Subway Toast So Fast

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Subway uses high-speed conveyor toasters that rapidly heat sandwiches. These toasters employ a combination of radiant heat and forced hot air, ensuring quick and uniform toasting. Usually, the temperature lies between 400-50 degrees, and can toast a sandwich in about 15-30 seconds.

How Does The Subway Toast So Fast?

Subway’s fast toasting process is achieved through the use of high-speed conveyor toasters. These toasters are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently toast sandwiches while maintaining quality and consistency. Here’s how the process works in more detail:

  1. Conveyor Belt System: Subway’s toasters feature a conveyor belt system where the sandwiches are placed on the entry end and then move through the toaster on a continuous belt. This design allows multiple sandwiches to be toasted simultaneously and consistently.
  2. Radiant Heat and Forced Hot Air: The toasters utilize a combination of radiant heat and forced hot air to quickly toast the sandwiches. Radiant heat is generated by heating elements located above and below the conveyor belt. These elements emit intense heat that rapidly browns the sandwich’s exterior.
  3. Even Toasting: The use of both top and bottom heating elements ensures even toasting on both sides of the sandwich. This prevents one side from becoming overcooked while the other remains undercooked.
  4. Airflow System: The toaster also incorporates a forced hot air system. Powerful fans blow hot air onto the sandwiches as they pass through the toaster. This helps ensure that the heat is distributed evenly and that the toasting process is swift.
  5. Quick Process: Thanks to the combination of radiant heat and forced hot air, Subway’s toasters can toast a sandwich in a matter of seconds. The exact toasting time varies depending on the type of sandwich and the desired level of toasting.
  6. Customizable Toasting: These toasters typically allow for adjustable settings, so the Subway staff can customize the toasting time and temperature based on the specific sandwich being prepared. This ensures that sandwiches are toasted to Subway’s quality standards.
  7. High Throughput: The speed and efficiency of these toasters enable Subway restaurants to handle a high volume of orders quickly, especially during peak hours.

At What Temperature Subway Toasts The Sandwiches?

The subway toasters are, by default, set to a high temperature of 400 – 500 degrees. It makes the sandwiches fresh and good to eat. These sandwiches have the exact temperature that we will all love for a sandwich. 

The Time Required For The Subway Toast The Sandwiches.

The maximum time required is 20 to 25 seconds. 

Subway uses heat convection to toast the sandwich. The scorching air passes around the sandwich like a storm. You can understand how fast the toasts get ready within seconds, and you get the perfect flavor of your favorite Subway sandwich.

Types of toasters the Subway uses

1. Merry Chef Toasters

Subway’s toasting speed is no more hidden. Merry chef toasters are high-quality and rapid service integrated. It is a high-end toaster oven and gives non-stop fresh and toasted subs in no time. The capacity is awe-inspiring and can cook food up to 15 times quicker. 

In a word, it works up to customer satisfaction and has no alternatives other than to provide quality food. Merry chef toasters are astonishingly user-friendly and cut the wastage of food. 

Such toasters are ideal for meeting daily customer demands.

2. TurboChef Oven

Another eye-grabbing toaster oven that is used by subway restaurants is the TurboChef toaster oven. 

Without any argument, the main feature used by this toaster oven is the Airspeed technology that keeps the hot air inside the oven. For example, if you cook a Turkey in any other range, the estimated time required to cook is 4 hours. In The TurboChef oven, this cooking time reduces to 42 minutes. Imagine how important these machines are to restaurants like the subway; they face a wide range of customer demands daily.

There are seven variable cooking modes like roast, bake, crisp, broil, and many more.

Can we toast a sandwich just like the Subway in the oven?

You can, but if you do not have the perfect toaster like the subways, the result might differ.

You can toast the partially completed sandwich if needed.

If you are looking to have the melted cheese on the sandwich, turn on the toaster oven and put the sandwich, preferably on the baking sheet. Please keep it in the toaster oven for a few minutes. You need to follow this process until the cheese has melted totally, and the bread has started toasting. 

Those who are not looking forward to making the sandwich toasty or a little toasty can avoid this step.

How safe is the subway’s toaster oven?

In a word, the subway’s toaster oven is safe to use. Subways produce excellent and fast toasts and sandwiches that are extremely good in taste. Subway toaster ovens are safe to use if followed the instructions properly. These big restaurants have well-trained cooks who follow instructions to avoid any hazards. 

If you are planning to buy one, ensure you have a user manual to avoid unwanted situations.

Safety measures to use Subway’s toaster oven

Subway’s toaster oven is for running big restaurants with a vast customer base. If you prefer to have one for a start-up business and want to do toasting fast, just like the subway, you need to follow a few rules. 

1. Doing The Servicing Of The Oven

Every machine needs to have timely servicing. You should ensure that the servicing is done under some authorized personnel. These authorized people are trained and knowledgeable.

You can ask them any questions if you have any usage related to confusion.

2. Keep The Cords Away

It is essential to keep the cords at a distance from the toaster oven. Chances are there for the lines to get melted due to high heating and hot air. This can lead to a massive accident. 

We urge you to keep the cords away to maintain a safe distance.

3. No Heating Of Sealed Foods

Another critical point to remember is that we should not use packaged or sealed food for heating purposes. It has a high chance of having an explosion due to overheating. 

Other safety uses are:

  • Avoid using the toaster oven near any kitchen sink or wet basement.
  • Please ensure no openings are blocked or covered on the product.
  • Do not forget to use utensils that are only compatible with the toaster oven only. If you use any other knife, it may not work and can cause any disruption.
  • Please follow the cleaning manual to clean the toaster oven. There can be a lag in the performance of the cleaning is not up to the mark. The surface of the toaster may get damaged for not cleaning for a long time.

Final words

The subway toaster is tremendously fast, and these restaurants have the latest technology toasters that give excellent results.

Famous restaurants like Subway, they must stand up to the customer’s expectations. Subway toasters are faster than any other regular toaster. On this page, we have mentioned how, within seconds, the sandwiches are toasted. If you are looking, to have one for your business or home, we suggest that you have detailed research on the best item.

Subway toasters are quite a decent investment, so it is better not to rush. Having good research will help you to reach that perfect toaster that gives fast toasting experience just like the subways.