What To Do If I Forgot To Indicate The Apartment Number In USPS Delivery?

Last Updated on July 18, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

If you forgot to indicate the apartment number in USPS delivery, take immediate action to correct the issue. Contact your local post office or visit in person with your tracking number and provide the missing apartment number. If the package hasn’t been delivered yet, they may be able to update the address. If the package is already out for delivery, they can attempt to reach the carrier and provide the necessary information.

What To Do If I Forgot To Indicate The Apartment Number In USPS Delivery?

When addressing mail, it’s critical to include all the necessary information like the recipient’s name, street address, city, state, and zip code. For those who live in multi-unit buildings, such as apartments, the unit number is equally important. If it’s forgotten, the mail may not reach the designated recipient. 

But worry not, if you’ve realized you forgot to indicate the apartment number in USPS delivery, here are some important steps you can take.

1. Contact USPS customer service

The first step when you realize this mistake is to reach out to USPS customer service.

  • You can call them at 1-800-275-8777. It operates 24/7, and they can assist you with your issue.
  • Alternatively, you can also use their online platform to communicate with their virtual assistant or request a live chat.

2. Redelivery Feature

  • If the USPS hasn’t attempted delivery yet, you may request them to hold your package for pickup.
  • Using the Tracking Number, you can check the delivery status and then schedule a Redelivery.

3. Visit Local Post Office

  • If delivery has been attempted, USPS might be holding your package at your local post office.
  • You could go to the local post office with your ID to claim the package.

4. Reach Out to The Recipient

  • If the recipient is aware that a package is on its way, they may also take the initiative.
  • They might check with their building management or neighbor if a package for them was received erroneously.

5. Update The Address Online

  • In case the package was not delivered or returned to you yet, try to update the delivery address online.
  • USPS may allow you to modify the shipping address, adding the apartment number, to ensure that the parcel reaches the correct destination.

6. File a Missing Mail Search Request

  • If you can’t locate the package after a few days, you can file a missing mail search request.
  • This will initiate a formal search for your missing delivery.

How Do You Write An Apartment Number For USPS Deliveries?

Write An Apartment Number For USPS Deliveries

Adding an apartment number to your United States Postal Service (USPS) address can be crucial to ensure your mail is accurately delivered. Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth addition:

1. Understand the Correct Format

In the USPS addressing format rules, the apartment number comes after the street name but before the town and state.

  • Example: John Doe, 123 Main Street, Apartment 1B, Anytown, NY, 12345.

2. Use the Address Verification System

USPS offers an address verification system on its official website. Once you input your details:

  • The system will identify whether or not the address you input is recognized.
  • If it recognizes the address but not the apartment number, it may offer you selectable options based on the address you input.

3. Update Your Address Online or at the Post Office

You’ve got two options to perform this:

  • Online: USPS provides an online form to fill in your details and change your address. Once you’ve updated your address, all your mail will be forwarded to your new location.
  • At the post office: You can also choose to visit your local USPS office and fill in a manual change of address form.

4. Notify Relevant Parties

After you have confirmed your new address with USPS, it’s time to:

  • Inform your contacts, banks, employers, and other relevant parties about your new address to ensure that they send future communications to the correct location.

5. Consider using Premium Forwarding Service

If you continuously change addresses, consider using the USPS Premium Forwarding Service. This service:

  • Allows customers to consolidate all mail and packages from the permanent address to a temporary address once a week.
  • Meaning you won’t have to update every address change constantly.

Remember, using the correct address helps in the right delivery of your packages and letters. Always ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate.

No.Steps to Add Apartment NumberActions
1.Understand the Correct FormatEnsure the apartment number comes after the street name.
2.Use the Address Verification SystemInput details on USPS official website.
3.Update Your AddressOnline or at USPS office.
4.Notify Relevant PartiesInform all contacts about new address.
5.Consider using Premium Forwarding ServiceHelpful for frequent address changers.

How Do You Get Your Package After Missing The USPS Delivery?

Sometimes, the USPS delivery personnel get to your apartment when away. When they find no one at your place, they do not leave the packages at your doorstep. It could be stolen, and the blame falls back on them. For this reason, when they find no one to deliver the package to, they go back with it. Hence, you miss the package delivery.

It would be best not to stress yourself to the core for missing your USPS delivery. Every day people miss theirs, and the postal service knows this. For this reason, they came up with a few steps to help people get their packages before returning them to the original sender. The steps include:

  • Scheduling redelivery of your items. You can call the postal office and explain your reasons. From there, they give you the way forward to reschedule redelivery. There is also the option of doing it online. That is, you visit their redelivery website, and insert all the details, including the apartment number, to ensure successful delivery.
  • Another way you can get a missed delivery is by visiting their offices to pick it up yourself. Most people do not choose this option since the postal office might be far from their residential areas. Some people cannot visit them due to their opening and closing hours. 
  • Filling out a PS form 3849 is another way to go. The good thing about this method is that you download the form online, fill it then drop it in your mailbox. Once the USPS personnel get your claim, they set your package for redelivery.
  • Another alternative is sending an acquaintance to pick up the package for you from the post office. People who go for this option are the busy type who lack time to run such errands. When sending a representative, you download, print, and sign a PS format 3849. Ensure to indicate your representative name so that the USPS can hand over your package to them.

What To Do If You Wrongly Receive A Package That Isn’t Yours?

In the united states, there are laws addressing mail services. You find the rules under the U.S. Code 1708. It states that anyone who holds possession of a mail package that is not theirs should face a fine of not less than five jail years. This law applies whether you bought the box, received, or concealed it. However, this is just federal law. Some states have their terms. For example, in Texas, tampering with mail packages that are not legally yours is a felony attracting five years in jail and an extra $10 000 fine.

Such laws help protect wrongly delivered mail, especially from malicious people. When you receive mail, ensure to check the envelope to confirm that the package is yours. Opening mail items that don’t belong to you attracts a fine in most state laws. If you happened to open it and found out the package isn’t yours and returned it, there are fewer charges. Disposing of the mail is the worst mistake you could make. It is considered a felony in all states. Destroying and disposing of it exposes you to the law claiming that you knew of the mistaken identity package.

When you receive a package from the USPS that doesn’t belong to you, dealing with it is easier than you think. There is a simple way to legally get rid of with without attracting any legal fees or jail terms. The best way to deal with such an issue is by writing a note saying, ‘RETURN TO SENDER.’ You write this on the front of the envelope and place the package back in the mailbox. 

In case the package comes back to you, consider being more direct. Write a friendly note to the mailing offices. You can hand it to the postal worker delivering the mail. Upon giving the office’s feedback, they should stop mailing to the address provided. Frequent feedback on misdelivered mail attracts the attention of the USPS office. Sometimes, they find out the reason for the return of those packages.

In most cases, it is due to unreported moving out of the recipient. When you move out of an apartment, consider changing your details even with the mailing services. In this way, there will always be a way they can reach you when they have your packages.


Not many people remember to indicate their apartment number for USPS delivery services. They tend to miss packages and mail sent to them for these reasons. Do not break a sweat with worry if you forget to show yours. There is a way to reach the mailing offices through calls and visits. From there, explain your situation and give them your apartment number to not miss your packages next time. Ensure to indicate the number correctly to avoid your items being delivered to the wrong apartments.