Foods That Start With D (10 Items Covered With Stats)


Last Updated on August 6, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

There is plenty of food that starts with D. Such food items are Date, Drewberry, Donut, Dumpling, Doughboy, Dasheen, Damson, Duck, Draft, Duckling, Dripping, Dahi Vada, Dark Chocolate, Dilkush Bread, Drumstick, Duck Roast, Dolphinfish, Demitasse, Dilkush, Dodger, Dolmas, Dill, Demerara, Divinity, Decaf, Darjeeling, Damson, Dal, Daiquiri, Dodger, Dowdy, Dragon Fruit, Dragee, Dandelion green, Durian, Drambuie, Duff, Dope and many more. 

List of Foods That Start With D

1. Date

The date is the sweetest fruit that has a long seed in it. It is very nutritious and rich in fiber. It is an excellent natural sweetener and promotes brain health. If you have a deficiency in antioxidants in your body, this fruit can be helpful. 

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2. Demerara

It is a kind of sugar and a large crystal in structure. It has some natural benefits that have vitamins and minerals. It works magically on removing dead skin cells from the skin. After usage, you will get softer and shinier skin. Also, it works as a natural moisturizer. It makes the skin more youthful and gives a healthy look. An immunity booster is essential in this time of Coronavirus. If you are facing inflammation, having Demerara sugar can eradicate it. 

3. Dolmas

Dolmas are stuffed grape leaves. It is a very famous Greek dish that works as a wrapper for wrapping rice, meat, and onion. Dolmas are rich in many vital minerals and vitamins. Grape leaves are used as an herbal application. It wonders about menstrual bleeding heavily, diarrhea, tremendous discharges from the vagina, and uterine hemorrhage. Native Americans use it highly for curing headaches, fevers, and sore breasts. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely beneficial for health. Omega 3 fatty acids help keep the heart’s condition better and grape leaves are enriched. The benefits are never-ending and extremely good for health. 

4. Dandelion Greens

Dandelion greens are a powerhouse of vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. It also provides minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

You can be eaten raw, and it is best to have it fresh. If you have older leaves, it does not taste very pleasant. You can have all the parts of Dandelion Greens. Leaves stems, flowers and roots are all edible. You can cook many mouth-watering recipes with these leaves. It has countless efficiency, and the nutritional values are extremely high. 

5. Damson

It is extremely good to eat when cooked than having it raw. Damsons are incredibly good jellies and jams. You can use these as desserts. It contains Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. The nutritional value is high and works gracefully in building the digestive and immune systems. The taste is juicy and sweet, and it can be stewed or served raw. 

6. Dasheen

Dasheen is an excellent storehouse of dietary fibers and contains carbohydrates and potassium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. 

You can use Dasheen as a potato, but it needs to be cooked. You should not eat Dasheen raw as it can be toxic. It is mainly available in Florida and requires a farm and a frostless season for at least seven months. In general, Dasheen takes almost 7 to 8 months to grow. 

7. Daiquiri

It is mainly a drink that contains rum, lime, and sugar. It is an amazingly refreshing drink. It is one of the ancient cocktails back in the 1900s. It is believed that an American engineer in Cuba invented this drink. 

Daiquiri with strawberries can make the drink healthier. With Daiquiri, you can have a fish taco, prawn, fried chicken, and many more. 

8. Dal

The benefits of Dal are uncountable. It has fibers, proteins, magnesium, vitamin B, and Calcium, and boosts your immunity. Masoor dal is extremely good for the skin. It prevents dullness and brings youthfulness to the skin. It wonderfully regulates blood circulation in our bodies. If you can have dal every day, it works best for any digestive issue in your body.

Dal is also good for weight loss as it has lots of proteins and nutrients. 

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9. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit contains plenty of antioxidants like flavonoids, betacyanin, and phenolic acid. It is totally fat-free and extremely rich in fiber. If you have a high blood sugar level, this fruit is ideal for you. For low immunity, you can have this fruit to structure your immunity better. Dragon fruit comes in red and yellow versions. This fruit fights premature aging and cancer. You can have this fruit as a snack, and it keeps you full, so you do not feel hungry. For iron deficiency, this fruit can fulfill iron deficiency and fills with vitamin C. 

10. Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate does not need any different introduction as it is an extremely loved food for all ages. Being everyone’s favorite, it has many health benefits that you may not know. Dark Chocolate is a great source of antioxidants. It also reduces the high risk of heart disease and protects your skin efficiently from the sun’s harmful rays. Dark Chocolate is known to improve brain functions and fights low blood pressure. It can reduce cravings and gives you the feeling of fullness, so you do not feel like eating all the time. There is no specific time to have dark Chocolate. So you can have it whenever you want!

Some Benefits of Dark Chocolate are as follows: 

  • It improves the metabolism system and reduces fat from your belly.
  • A person looking to lose weight will best have it on an empty stomach or half an hour after any meal. 
  • Dark Chocolate contains serotonin. So, it helps you to have a relaxed mind and allows you to sleep better. 
  • Generally, Dark Chocolate contains more milk than any normal chocolate. 

Bottom Line

Most of the food that starts with D has vital health benefits and protects our bodies from various diseases. We have searched the list of food that begins with D, but we have also mentioned the benefits. All the food items are beneficial in their way. 

We hope this article helps you get to know all of these food items if you are unaware.