Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage The Phone?

Magnetic phone holders have an insignificant effect on the phone. This effect may not be identified unless the magnetic phone holder is used for a long period. Some phone companies such as Apple advise their clients against using magnetic phone holders. Some companies use just a small magnet that is unlikely to affect the phone’s circuits and normal functioning.

What Is A Magnetic Phone Holder?

A magnetic phone holder (also known as a magnetic phone mount) is a simple device used to hold mobile phones in a car position. It is usually safely attached to the car’s air vent to enable the driver to have easy access to the phone while driving, such as receiving a call and accessing GPS, among other activities. A magnetic phone holder comes in two parts; the magnetic head and the adjuster. The magnetic head holds the phone in position, whereas the adjuster enables one to position it to their convenience. Magnetic phone holders have a thin metallic plate whose function is to mount the phone against the magnet in the magnetic head.

Are Magnetic Phone Holders Safe?

How safe a magnetic phone holder is, depends on the manufacturing company. Some companies use just a small magnet that is unlikely to affect the phone’s circuits and normal functioning. When a strong magnet is used, they tend to alter the OIS and the phone’s closed-loop, which could temporarily interfere with its sensors.

 Magnetic phone holders have played a significant role in recent years as far as road accidents are concerned. They have helped in that most people do not get distracted as before by their phones while driving. They can easily make calls, navigate using their phones, and listen to music. They achieve this by using magnetic phone holders. Their firm grip on the phones makes them suitable for use, especially when driving through a rough road with sharp bends.

What Are The Features To Consider When Buying A Magnetic Phone Holder?

Some of the factors to consider include:


A good magnetic phone holder should be compatible with almost all phone types and sizes. One cannot always buy a magnetic phone holder whenever they get a new phone, which is an additional expense. 


People have different sight visions. A good holder should easily adjust in different angles and distances to avoid restricting its usage to specific positions.

Strength And Firmness

magnetic phone holders need to be firm and strong because some phones are large and bulky. The holder should have the ability to hold them in position despite bumpy and twisty roads.

Where Do You Place The Magnetic Phone Holder In A Car?

Magnetic phone holders are placed in different positions depending on the convenience and objective of the users. For example, some people place it in the dashboard as it is easy to reach and access for people who drive while texting or calling. Other people put their phone holders at the windshield, especially when they need to access a navigation map or video calls. For those who love to drive while listening to music, the magnetic phone holders are placed near or directly connected to the CD slot for ease of access.

Why Should You Get A Magnetic Phone Holder? 

Magnetic phone holders provide safety when driving because many road accidents are associated with mobile phone use. With the use of magnetic phone holders, it is easy to access the phone while still driving.

It helps keep the phone in one main position, which helps avoid distractions such as looking for the phone in the bags and pockets while driving. One can concentrate while driving, which prevents distractions that could lead to road accidents.

It also helps one easily access directions since the phone is held in position. The phone can provide the right GPS readings than a loose phone, which keeps altering the GPS readings.

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Affect Phone GPS?

Magnetic phone holders do not interfere with the phone’s GPS since GPS uses satellite navigation systems and can not get affected by magnetic forces or other geometric forces. Magnetic phone holders are completely safe for use as far as GPS functioning is concerned. Additionally, most GPS apps do not use the normal compass, which is affected by a magnetic field. 

Will Magnetic Phone Holders Affect Other Phone’s Components?

Phone Screen

Most smartphone screens are  LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display) or LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). This means that in LCDs, the liquid crystals are controlled by an electric current to move pixels that create images on the screen. For the LEDs, small diodes generate light when electric current flows through them. This indicates that magnetic phone holders do not affect the phone screen since no magnetism is involved.

Phone Compass

As much as the direction is highly affected by magnetic fields, the little magnetic force in magnetic phone holders is too little to affect the compass. It is important to position any magnetic accessory at the bottom of the phone since magnetometers are situated at the top of most phones. This helps to avoid any magnetic effect on the phone compass.

Phone Signals

Mobile phones use the normal radio waves such as those used by the walkie talkies. The only difference is that mobile phones use two frequencies, enabling both phone users to speak simultaneously. The walkie-talkies use a single frequency, and only one person can talk. These radio waves are not affected by magnetic fields unless they are very strong, which is not the case with magnetic phone holders.

Phone Speakers

 Magnetic phone holders do not affect the speakers’ functionality because phone speakers have very small magnets with a stable magnetic field permanently. Therefore, only very strong electromagnets would affect the phone speakers, which is not the case with the magnetic phone holders.

Phone Batteries

Household magnets, including the phone holders, do not affect the phone batteries. Only strong magnets affect batteries by causing them to work harder when supplying voltage, making them wear off faster. Only very strong magnets can do this, considering that the magnetic phone holders have very small magnets, they do not affect the phone’s battery. 

Magnetic Phone Holder VS. The Conventional Phone Holders

Magnetic phone holders are smaller in size, making them easy to carry around and hold. They also require little space, for example, on the dashboard or the windshield compared to the conventional ones, which are larger and heavier.

Magnetic phone holders provide a stronger grip than the conventional holders with clips, which could be plastic made, making them lose and less firm hence unable to hold the phone in position.

Magnetic holders are durable since magnets last longer before losing their magnetism, unlike the conventional ones made of plastic springs that tend to wear out and loosen over a short time.

Magnetic holders are comfortable with a clear view when in use since the holder is mostly located behind the phone screen. Unlike the conventional holders that cover some parts of the screen, occasional positioning is required to uncover the hidden parts making them uncomfortable and disturbing.

It is possible to purchase magnetic plates and holders separately, depending on the user’s taste. They are readily available in the markets, and one can form a unique and customized magnetic phone holder. However, this is impossible with the conventional holders. One might end up buying unnecessary parts that may be incompatible, leading to incurred losses from unnecessary expenditures.

Magnetic phone holders are compatible with almost all phone types and sizes, unlike the conventional phone holders, which require replacement after a new phone is bought. This helps avoid extra costs associated with replacing the phone holders.

Can Magnetic Phone Holders Be Repaired?

Sometimes, the magnetic phone holders lose their tackiness due to the adhesive on the sticker goes dry. Some holders are vintages, and one wouldn’t want to dispose of them, therefore repairing them. This can be achieved by removing the damaged sticker, cleaning and drying the surface where the sticker was initially placed. Using an adhesive spray, re-stick the sticker and wait for the adhesive spray to dry before letting the holder go. When sticking back the holder, one should avoid glues or sprays permanent as they damage the surface when you try to remove the sticker again. This is only applicable for small and locally installed phone holders since professionally installed magnetic holders require more temperature and environmental control during replacement.


Magnetic phone holders do not damage the phone. They have an insignificant effect on the functionality of the phone. They are very important in recent times and it is almost impossible to stay away from the phone even when driving.  People talk, listen to music and use google maps for directions while driving.  Magnetic phone holders are compatible with almost all phone types and sizes, making them more preferable than conventional ones. Besides, they can be placed in different positions to win the car depending on the use while driving. 

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