Can One Print An American Airlines Boarding Pass At Home? – Everything You Need To Know

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American airline systems provide their passengers with various options on ways of acquiring their boarding pass. After completing the check-in process, boarding passes are sent to the passenger’s email. From there, one can print the boarding pass from home. If a printer is unavailable, it can be printed once the passenger gets to the airport.

Ways To Print An American Airline Boarding Pass

Passengers can print their boarding passes anytime after they have checked in. There are three options on the way to go about printing boarding pass. they include:

Passengers Visiting The American Airline’s Website. 

A passenger will provide his/her details, such as their names and confirmation numbers, to create their records. This process is simple and requires a very short time, and you can do it at home or work. 

Waiting Until You Get To The Airport

There are two options that you can use to get your pass. First, you can print the boarding passes from a kiosk in the airport by following some simple instructions. The other option is to approach a human assistant from the airline. A passenger approaches people at the American Airlines counter who should guide on how to print them. International travelers must have their passports whether they decide to use the kiosks or approach the American Airline staff counter.

American Airlines App

This app provides passengers with various benefits, such as using an electronic boarding pass whose acquisition is easy as one does not have to print off a boarding pass manually. It is most convenient for environmentalists who want to protect the environment by eliminating paper use.

Advantages Of Using The American Airlines App

American airlines have made it easy to interact with their passengers with the use of an app. This app has some features to the benefit of the passengers in the following ways:

1. Passengers can watch free entertainment during flights. They are only required to stream to the airline’s library of free flight entertainment found on the app. It provides passengers with unlimited entertainment choices due to their vast range of entertainment.

2. This app allows passengers to rebook instantly in cases of delayed or canceled flights, which would inconvenience them. The ability to rebook instantly using the app has made many travelers go for American airlines.

3. Ability to acquire and use a mobile boarding pass. This feature has created many conveniences since many people miss their flights due to forgetting their boarding passes. Some forget to print and, in other cases losing them especially when the boarding passes are for a large group like family members. It also allows up to a maximum of nine people in a similar reservation. 

4. Using the app, one can scan the barcode of their passport instead of carrying it. It is for international travelers who in other airlines have to carry their manual passports. American airline app has reduced risks associated with carrying manual passports, such as losing them. Entering manual information during check-in may be tedious, and sometimes one may input wrong information. All these have been catered for by the app.

5. You will get the ability to track your luggage and pre-order food before the flight. Pre-order food and beverages enhance passengers’ experience during flight by availing their food and drinks choice. It is nice to travel with the knowledge of how safe your luggage is. Passengers can keep track of their items throughout the flight.

6. This app also provides passengers with notifications and reminders of important dates and times. For example, in case of travel delays and cancellations, departure time reminders and gate changes are communicated to you. All these enhance passengers’ experience with the airline by keeping them updated on the airline’s things.

When Can’t One Use The American Airlines App To Check-In?

Online check-in, whether using app or by visiting the airline website, is convenient to both passengers and the airline. It is inconvenient in some travelers such as:

1. When traveling in large groups. Many travel procedures are carried out in such a case, and individual passengers must give out their details for security purposes.

2. It is also inconvenient if a codeshare partner operates the passenger’s first flight where one checks-in in a different airline flight. Passengers are therefore required to present themselves to American Airlines.

3. Passengers with special needs such as wheelchairs are required to manually check-in as their physical presence is required. It is also the same case when a child is traveling alone since special care will be required.

4. Passengers with TSA records cannot check-in online because they are mostly selected for special and secondary screening, especially if they have been suspected of insecurity and calls for such passengers to check-in manually at the airlines.

5. In other cases, the airline may lack a passenger’s passport for an international flight. In this case, passengers can only check-in manually by visiting the airline.

How Do You Get An American Airlines Mobile Boarding Pass?

A mobile boarding pass is used in cases where the passengers prefer not to use a printed one. Acquiring a mobile boarding pass involves the following process:

1. You check in on the American Airlines website and select email with mobile option. After a short time, an email is sent to your email account.

2. Check your email inbox and follow the link sent to get a boarding pass.

3. Download and save the boarding pass as it appears for ease of access during the security check. 

4. Ensure visibility of barcode when showing the boarding pass at any entry point.

Most airports accept mobile boarding pass though some do not. It is necessary to check whether one’s departure or connecting airports accept mobile boarding passes. For American Airlines flights, barcodes of the mobile boarding pass are scanned at security checkpoints making it easy and convenient for the airline and passengers.

Can You Use One Phone To Display More Than One Boarding Pass?

Mobile boarding passes can only be used on one phone for one person. After processing the boarding pass, it is sent to an email. One email can only receive one boarding pass. Therefore, each individual should be able to present their boarding pass. For example, those without a phone can use an eboarding pass provided when passengers check-in online. 

Checking In Tips For American Airlines To Prevent Delays

One has to consider some minor things while checking in with the American airline to help prevent delays. For example, it is important to have your confirmation number while checking in at the airport. It helps to save time since the kiosks might default to ask for this code. It is also important to consider using mobile boarding passes since they are time-saving since they only involve scanning the barcode. With this, all the required information is displayed. They also reduce the tension and weariness of misplacing paper documents. 

All one needs to ensure is their battery charge for the entire trip. It Is also advisable to take a screenshot once the mobile boarding pass is processed. Doing so will help ease retrieving it, especially during check-in. At this moment, both passengers and airline staff are under pressure to keep time, which creates tension and anxiety. Do not be alarmed if you cannot check-in online. Some people are on the military fare, traveling with an unaccompanied minor or have a pet. These are some of the things that may hinder one from checking in online with American airlines.

Rules When Online Checking In With American Airlines

American airlines have a few guiding rules when checking in online. For instance;

1. passengers can only check-in online starting 24 hours before up to 45 minutes before departure of the intended flight. 

2. Online check-in and use of the app closes before the departure of the intended flight. For international flights, the app closes one and a half hours before departure.

3. Another rule is that checking of bags is done 45minutes prior and 1 hour before domestic and international flight departure, respectively. The time left is to allow the staff and passengers to settle in their respective flights before takeoff.

4. Airlines whose first flight is operated by American Airlines Partners cannot check-in using the website or app. They are required to visit American Airlines and make their bookings directly to avoid inconveniences.


Checking in with American Airlines is an exciting experience. The use of their automated app makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. Some of their features, such as selecting your entertainment and instant rebooking options, make the airline friendly and easy to interact with. The ability to print or not print a boarding pass caters to all types of passengers, including the environmentalists. Using mobile boarding pass by American Airlines has made traveling by air easier and less complicated.

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