Cost To Remove And Replace Stucco Siding – The Ultimate Guide

Stucco siding is known for its durability but often gets damaged after warping and destruction by weather elements. Removal or replacement of stucco siding varies based on the extent of damage or the section to be repaired. Typically, you will spend between $50,000 and $100,000 for the entire process, including the payment of experts. 

Keep reading to explore more of the prices needed for any stucco siding repairs.

What Is The Cost Of Removing Stucco And Siding?

If you plan to remove stucco, you will spend $7 to $9 per square foot. This cost includes the materials, labor, and equipment as shown below: 

ItemAverage cost

Most homeowners will spend between $6 to $9 for removing stucco and siding. Siding is quite expensive during removal than installation. Removing stucco and siding from larger sections will always cost more because the prices keep increasing with the number of square feet.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing Exterior Stucco?

Large homes have ease of accessibility and will cost less due to the small square footage of stucco. Some experts prefer charging hourly rates, while others will charge from $8 to $50 for a square foot, amounting to $475 to $1500 for most homeowners. Replacement is cheaper when treated as a DIY process because you will only require a stucco repair kit at $40. 

The Minimum Cost Of Removing And Replacing Stucco Siding

The least amount of money you can spend on removing and replacing stucco depends on the type of material you use. Cement, synthetic, and EIFS have different properties, but cement is the cheapest of the three. On average, you will need $900 to $3,000 to have your siding in shape. Sometimes, the cost is low, with a minimum of $250 to rehouse sections of thin nature, suitable for a fountain and house walls.

Is It Expensive To Remove Stucco Siding?

If you are a DIYer, it will be cheaper. A pro will make the process costly because of labor costs and the type of materials used. For instance, more substantial materials are expensive, while less effective materials make stucco siding cheaper. Better insulation properties with exterior looks are also costly. Therefore, it depends on the materials you use and whether you need professional assistance or not.

Does Removing Stucco And Siding Reduce The Cost Of A House?

Removing Stucco And Siding Reduce The Cost Of A House

If you have a house with stucco, it is advantageous for resale value. An intelligent investor will opt for a home with stucco if located in a hot environment. However, houses with stucco are susceptible to short lifespans since they retain water. Removing stucco and siding can either reduce or increase the cost of a house depending on the weather and the climate of your location. 

Stucco VS Vinyl Siding – Which Is Costly To Replace?

Arguably, vinyl and stucco are the primary siding materials, but they have different replacement costs. Vinyl siding is cheaper than stucco, and you will spend $8000 to $15000. There are additional costs to vinyl siding replacement, raising the price to a maximum of $15,100. 

Stucco has a higher price, hence expensive but lasts for almost 50 years when well-maintained. Stucco also requires a lot of professional expertise and labor, making it costly. The benefit of stucco is that it is readily available on the market, and finding experts who remove and replace it is pretty straightforward.

What Determines The Cost Of Removing And Replacing Stucco Siding

There are price fluctuations in the market, and sellers have raised the cost of siding materials for anyone who wishes to replace them. Additionally, the following crucial factors dictate the amount of money you spend on removing and replacing stucco siding. 

1. Home Size

You will spend more to cater to the materials during replacement and high labor charges for stucco removal for a bigger house.

2. The Shape Of Your House/Building

A simple square-like wall is cheaper to remove or replace sidings because it requires little professional experience and technical skills. Conversely, you have no option but to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a story building with curves and complex patterns.

3. Replacement/removal 

Low-quality replacements save more money but last for a limited period. High-quality replacement is costly because it requires robust materials. 

4. Season

Hiring a contractor during low seasons is affordable because of reduced demand. Usually, it is costly to hire your stucco siding contractor in summer and spring. Therefore, it is always good to handle stucco sidings when contractors are not in demand.

Why Is The Cost Of Replacing Stucco Siding Consistently High?

Vinyl siding is cheaper than stucco, but stucco siding remains the most popular. Replacing stucco costs twice as much as vinyl, or slightly more. For example, a 3,000 square feet surface needs $21,000 of stucco siding while the same section is cheaper for replacing vinyl siding, at $10,500. Stucco is versatile to alter the texture, color, and exterior appearance. 

Stucco is also fireproof than other materials since it consists of cement and plaster. Replacing stucco costs more because of its durability. You are likely to have a single stucco replacement once in a lifetime because it can last to about 50 years. Stucco also requires low maintenance costs because of its properties and numerous advantages.

Stucco siding has a high impact resistance to withstand strong winds and other tuff hits that may cause cracks. Different siding materials like vinyl withstand wind speeds of 110 mph while stucco tolerates up to 130 mph. It is also easy to apply, but professional checking is encouraged.

The Cost Of Replacing Stucco With A 1500 Square Feet House

This section is almost for an entire house and relatively expensive because of preparation, planning, setup, and material costs. These costs raise the expenses to $9,525 but may go over to $11,100 for cleanups and protection costs. 

Is Stucco Replacement A Cheaper Alternative?

Stucco is cheap because it does not require costly materials to replace. You are free to paint stucco instead of replacement to extend its duration on the exterior surface of the building. Nevertheless, replacing stucco siding may be cheaper than renovating it through repairs. 

Although it may be a cheaper alternative, stucco requires maximum protection from hard surfaces to avoid flaking its crust. It is also a DIY process when you need to replace a small section of stucco siding, hence a cheaper alternative.

Is It Difficult To Remove Stucco Siding?

Siding a house with stucco is a good option because of the aesthetic look, low maintenance, and affordability. On the contrary, it is not easy to remove stucco before replacing it, which raises the cost. It is also thick and highly embedded on the surface during application, posing a challenge to remove. 

Why Is The Cost Of Removing And Replacing Stucco Low For Some Contractors?

A contractor will always work according to the instructions and materials. If the materials you choose are of poor quality, the cost will be low. Some contractors charge low prices because of inadequate expertise. Please get a licensed contractor to work on your stucco siding without compromising on the quality of work. 

Surprisingly, the low cost of replacing stucco siding is always associated with roof leaks and the growth of molds. Wet insulation is cheaper but is always detrimental to the roof because the problem keeps spreading and destroys the whole ceiling. Low prices are signs of shoddy work that may cost you in the future when windows and doors get damaged.

What Raises The Cost Of Replacing And Removing Stucco Siding?

If you live in moist environments, expect to spend more on removing and replacing stucco since it doesn’t do well in wet climates. Hairline cracks weaken stucco during painting. Always use masonry caulk before painting to lower the cost during replacement. Efflorescence is an indicator of ignoring stucco when water washes away salts and other substances on stucco, leaving them behind after evaporation. As expected, the cost is higher when the problem is not solved earlier.

How Do You Lower The Cost Of Removing And Replacing Stucco Siding?

As mentioned earlier, the cost depends on the section you intend to remove or replace. Regularly check the flashing, roof penetrations, and attic to ensure that you discover the problem earlier. Leaving the damaged sections unattended results in significant damages, which eventually raises costs. 

Finally, instruct whoever you hire to remove and replace the whole stucco siding. Often, we leave some sections with the aim of saving money. A small unit with a problem can affect other areas and raise the cost during the replacement and removal of stucco siding.

Final Thought

Remodeling your home is an investment with a good return using stucco. If you want options, durability, and a seamless design, then siding is the way to go. Always remove and replace stucco when worn out with the help of a professional. Although it has many downsides, it is the best for siding but comes with a higher cost. You can consult your contractor to get the exact price for replacing or removing stucco siding. 

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