Which Bed Is Bigger, Queen Or King | Detail Overview

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The king-size bed is bigger than a queen-size, with the main difference being the width since they have the same length. The dimensions for a king-size bed are 76 by 80 inches, while the queen-size is 60 by 80 inches. 

Making a huge difference in the extent of sleep you get, the size of your bed significantly matters if you are seeking the perfect slumber position. In this article, we’re going to look at the difference in dimensions, the advantages, and disadvantages of both beds, plus the major factors to consider before settling for one. We’ll help you decide on the best fit for you and your space, providing you more details and specifications on each bed size and dimensions. Stick through to the end to discover everything you need to know about the queen and king-size beds. 

The Queen And King-Size Beds Differ In Width But Have Similar Lengths. 

Queen And King-Size Beds

If you’re sharing sleeping space with your partner, kids, or even pets, the choice of a king versus queen bed has an impact on your sleep. The queen-size bed is better for smaller bedrooms, whereas the king-size offers ample room for stretching out. Both the similarities and the differences have a great impact when evaluating which one to go for. But let’s take a look at their features to unveil more about their specifications.

Features:King Size:Queen Size:
Length80 inches80 inches
Width76 inches60 inches
Recommended room size12 by 12 feetTen by 10 feet
Popularity 7% of all mattress acquisitions 32% of all mattress acquisitions
PriceA little more costlyRelatively inexpensive compared to king-size.
Appropriate forFor couples who need more personal sleeping space for their kids or pets.For couples who don’t need a lot of sleeping space or just a single sleeper.
FrameIn addition to the normal rectangular square, the king-size bed is required to have center leg support.Besides the normal rectangular square, the queen-size bed is required to have center leg support.

Differences Between A Queen And King Size Bed:

The differences, particularly the size difference between the king and queen-size beds, are somewhat significant. This is indeed something you ought to account for, in as much as the added 16 inches of width can make a notable alteration. 

Difference:King Size:Queen Size:
1. Recommended room size:Seemingly not every couple would allow additional room space, while every one of them is likely to enjoy the extra 16 inches of width on the king size. You need at least 2 feet on the three sides of the room as the general thumb rule. However, you will have to leave a lot more than that if you wish to include a wardrobe and other furniture as well. Consider something different than the king-size bed if you have a smaller bedroom than 12 by 12 feet. In dimensions, the perfect sizes for queen size are about ten by 10 feet. Besides, you won’t feel crowded as this would allow enough room for maneuvering on the sides. 
2. Dimensions and size:The dimensions of a king-size bed are 12 by 12, and you’ll find it most commonly in master bedrooms as it fits perfectly. It provides more than enough space per person and is also ideal for couples. You’ll also have to account for extra fixtures as well.The queen size is 10 by 10. It’s specifically meant for couples without the luxury of a large master bedroom but needs something more spacious and compact. It’s also for single sleepers who prefer a more spacious solution. A queen-size is something worth accounting for, with the main variance being within the width.
3. Price:In comparison, it is important to note that the king-sized bed is ordinarily more costly due to its fixtures and larger dimensions.  But based on countless factors, the prices of both resolutions contrast enthusiastically. The difference is not as extensive, but all the same, the queen bed is relatively reasonably priced.  It is a versatile choice for apartment dwellers and individuals opting for a less expensive option for a couple working on a budget.
4. Comfort:The king-size will provide you the necessary space per person and good comfort.Stick to this option if you’re torn between choosing a king or queen size as a couple, but you don’t have the room. 
5. Accessories:Finding the accessories for the king-sized bed is easy, even though the queen-size is far more popular than the king-sized bed. You’ll find affordable solutions because there is no significant difference in pricing.For your queen-sized bed, every specialized store you walk into will provide you an array of options that you can choose from.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A King And Queen-Size Bed:

Both king and queen-size beds have advantages and disadvantages, although it may seem that a king-size mattress may be the obvious choice. Take all the factors into consideration before you settle for one that best suits your needs. Hopefully, you are on the way to making the very best choice for your home, now that you have come across this article. Please read on.

Advantages Of A Queen-Size Bed:

A queen-size bed can be a wonderful choice considering the following top reasons.

1. It is spacious if you get it all for yourself.

2. It’s cheaper compared to the king-size, especially if you’re working on a budget. 

3. It fits much better to the proportions of your space, considering those that have a smaller bedroom. 

4. Allowing you that all-important floor space, the extra space provides room for existing furniture.


1. A queen-size bed can look too small and out of place when you have many places to fill.

2. There’ll be limited space if you’re sharing the bed with your partner. 

3. It may feel cramped if one of you is particularly tall with long limbs.

Advantages Of A King-Size Bed:

With the advantages that a larger bed offers, most high-end hotels offer them as standard in their suites and rooms. Read on to find out why many people prefer them and their benefits.

1. You’ll want everything to look into proportion if you are fortunate enough to have a large bedroom.

2. With the measurements of your room, it fits in far better than a queen-size bed. It’ll have your floor space looking aesthetically pleasing, with the balance of furniture.

3. Offers superior comfort in terms of fit, especially for those with long limbs.

4. With the extra space it offers, the king-size bed is the perfect option for restless sleepers, and you’ll be less likely aware of your partner’s movements.


1. King-sized beds and frames are more pricy because of their larger size if you’re working on a tight budget.

2. It limits your floor space and can look out of place if you have a small room.

3. In comparison to your other furniture, the size can additionally be overbearing.

Factors To Consider When Getting A Bed:

Several factors may influence the choice of your bed size, whether the king or queen. Depending on which one will be perfect for your family’s long-term needs, you need to prioritize these important factors. Only after analyzing these determining factors will you be in a good position to make this decision.

1. The Number Of Sleepers:

You can never go wrong with either a king or queen-size if you’re looking for the best bed for couples. However, kings can also accommodate children and provide each partner with 8 inches of extra space. Each partner will have 30 inches in a queen bed, and if you’re a single sleeper who doesn’t stretch out, it is the perfect choice for you. 

2. Price:

A king-size bed and its accessories will cost more than the queen size due to its larger size. 

3. The Room Size:

Preventing the room from becoming more cluttered, the thumb rule is to leave 2 feet on either side of the bed ideally and 5 feet at the base of the bed. It also leaves you space to walk around.

4. Future Decisions: 

King-size beds are cumbersome to carry and maneuver, so you’ll have to consider the queen size if you frequently move. However, getting a king-size will be a better choice if you’re not single and staying in one place for the foreseeable future.

5. The Bedroom Location:

Consider the logistics issues of carrying a king-size bed if your master bedroom is upstairs or you’re living on the upper floors of an apartment. Also, think through the width of the stairways and the door. The queen bed is, however, stress-free to carry as it weighs less than a king-size.


After going through this article to the end, I hope all the information answered all your questions and made your decision between the two beds simpler. Everything you need to know from the features, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each have been explained in detail. Please don’t forget that your budget is a major factor when choosing between a king and queen-size bed. Go ahead and make your purchase for a better sleeping experience. Good luck!

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