Is It Rude To Park In Front Of A Neighbor’s House?

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Yes, it is not polite to park in front of a neighbor’s house, especially if you can park in front of your house, but you choose not to. However, it should not feel rude when it is legal to park anywhere along the street. Some estates have permit parking, and only residents can park on their streets. 

In a case where there’s reserved parking, it would be rude of you to leave the parking spot outside your house and park at a neighbor’s. In most instances where you find people parking outside the neighbor’s house, you find that the apartments don’t offer enough parking space, or they charge a fee for the garage. In other houses, the parking space is just enough for one or two vehicles. When these neighbors have guests, the extra vehicles will likely be parked outside the neighbor’s house.

There’s no law that’s against parking in front of someone else’s house, especially if it’s not a red zone, green zone, restricted area, or reserved for permit parking. There isn’t much that can be done by the government or police in case you report. The best way to solve the issue would probably be to talk to the neighbors politely and ask them to stop parking in front of your house. If you need to park outside your neighbor’s house, tell them in advance not to take offense.

Can You Prevent Someone From Parking In Front Of Your House?

If the street in front of your house is public, there’s not much you can do to prevent neighbors from parking there. They have as much right to park outside your house as you do so long as they do not block your driveway. Public streets are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis when it comes to parking. However, you can politely talk to them and request them to stop parking outside your house as it inconveniences you. If they have a sense, this habit should stop, and you can enjoy parking there yourself. If your neighbor is adamant and keeps parking outside your house even after talking to them, always ensure you park there first or live with it.

What Can I Do To Prevent A Neighbor From Parking Outside My House?

As much as it is not illegal for neighbors to park outside your house, this habit is annoying and inconveniences your family. Here are some steps to take to prevent your neighbor from parking outside your house. Try them and lets us know what works for you.

1. Confront your neighbor and politely ask them to stop

2. Leave a note on their car

3. Put up physical barriers and “no parking” signs

4. Park outside your house before they do

5. Call the towing company

1. Confront Your Neighbor And Politely Ask Them To Stop

Find a time when your neighbors are not too busy to listen to you and talk to them. You can choose a chilled-out Sunday afternoon to approach them. Talking to your neighbor and letting them know that their parking habits don’t sit well with you should be your first step. Sometimes, they could be parking in front of your house without knowing it upsets you. Be polite and respectful throughout the conversation, and keep in mind they have not committed an offense. Also, listen to your neighbors and let them explain themselves. They might have a justifiable reason why they love parking outside your house. Show them that you are trying to understand them by putting yourself in their shoes.

If your neighbors have a valid reason why they need to park in front of your house, have a mutual agreement. Sometimes the neighbors may refuse to stop parking in front of your house, especially if they are parking on a public street. In such a case, work out a plan that’s beneficial to all of you. You can choose to alternate turns parking or exchange service for you to reserve the spot exclusively.

2. Leave A Note On Their Car

If you’ve already talked to your neighbor, but they don’t comply, try putting up a note on their car as a friendly reminder. Please resist the temptation to be passive-aggressive while at it and jot down a kind note. Ensure the content of the note is straight to the point and your handwriting or font is legible. Stick the note somewhere between the wipers and windshield for ease of visibility and to keep it from being blown away by the wind

3. Put Up Physical Barriers And “No Parking” Signs

If you are not sure which of your neighbor’s parks in front of your house or talking to them isn’t working, use signs. In some states, you need permission to put up signs, so make sure you enquire with local authorities beforehand. You can buy traffic cones or ‘no parking’ signs and put them in the parking in front of your house. These options are affordable and easily available, and it is unlikely that your neighbor will overlook them. Ensure these signs do not obstruct the flow of traffic and are clearly visible from any direction.

4. Park Outside Your House Before They Do

If all other methods fail, you have to do what you got to do. Take the petty way out and ensure you park at that spot before anyone else does. This will need you to spy on your neighbors to know their schedule and ensure you beat them by getting home before they do. This method could cause a strained relationship with your neighbor, so we advise you to tread carefully.

5. Call The Towing Company

Depending on the laws in your state, you can call the towing company if the problem persists. If your neighbor parks in front of your house for more than 24 hours, the car can be towed. Here are some conditions Under Washington state law where a car can be towed for free:

a) When the car is parked in residential property illegally

b) When the car blocks your property that has a “no parking” sign

c) When a car has been parked for 24 hours, even at a driveway without a sign

If the car parked in front of your house fits any of this description, you can call the tow company and have it removed. Check with your state laws for other conditions that may favor you.


Parking in front of your neighbor’s house is impolite but not illegal. It inconveniences them, it is also annoying and can lead to a strained relationship between you. If you ever need to park in front of a neighbor’s house, inform them in advance. Doing this will prepare them psychologically and help them look for an alternative parking space.

What happens when you have neighbors who park outside your house without informing you? The best way is first to approach them and let them know you find it rude. Some people may not find anything wrong with parking outside your house in public parking or street. Make them understand your frustrations and come up with a mutual agreement. If they continue parking there long after the talk, you can now take more drastic measures.

Put up signs or call the authorities and towing company. These drastic measures may lead to strained relations, so go easy. Sometimes, your peace and a cordial relationship with your neighbors is worth more than the parking space. Weigh your options and determine if the confrontation is worth it. If the neighbors only park once in a while, you can choose to overlook it. A peaceful neighborhood is worth the sacrifice.

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