Is Potting Soil From Dollar General Good? – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Potting Soil From Dollar General

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Yes, potting soil from dollar general is good for the garden since it contains several ingredients that are beneficial to the plants. Dollar General stocks different brands of potting soil ideal for both outdoor and indoor plants. The soil has added substrates such as quartz sand, clay minerals, and perlite, making it great. 

Why Is Potting Soil From Dollar General Great For Your Garden?

Why Is Potting Soil From Dollar General Great For Your Garden

As already mentioned, the potting soil from dollar general has additional components that make it suitable for all plants, both indoors and outdoors. The soil has a balanced pH making it safe for your plants, and the added fertilizers make it suitable for supplying essential nutrients for a long period.

You also have a variety of brands to choose from, including;

  • Schultz all-purpose soil plus
  • Scott’s premium potting soil
  • True living outdoors container mix 

Dollar General understands the importance of plants’ roots having a conducive environment that is not too cold or too warm for thriving. Their potting soil has adequate nutrients, air, and water, and it ensures that the plants stand firmly besides supporting the roots. There are also various soil types to choose from for any plant, whether flowers, grass, or fruits.

What Does Potting Soil From Dollar Store Consist Of?

The specific composition of potting soil from the Dollar Store can vary based on the brand and product. Generally, it contains a mixture of materials like peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, and sometimes added nutrients and fertilizers. Some cheaper potting soils may have lower-quality ingredients, which could affect its overall performance and nutrient content. Reading the product label or description can provide more details about the exact ingredients used.

How Can You Tell if a Potting Soil Is a Good Quality? 

You can determine if potting soil is of good quality by considering the following factors:

  1. Texture: Good potting soil should have a loose, friable texture that allows for proper aeration and drainage. Avoid soil that is too compacted or clumpy.
  2. Ingredients: Look for a mix that includes a balanced blend of organic materials like peat moss, compost, and vermiculite or perlite for improved nutrient retention and drainage.
  3. Nutrient Content: Check if the potting soil includes essential nutrients and trace elements needed for healthy plant growth. Some soils may have added fertilizers for better plant development.
  4. pH Level: Optimal potting soil should have a slightly acidic to neutral pH, which is suitable for most plants.
  5. Absence of Pests and Weeds: Ensure the soil is free from pests, diseases, and weed seeds that could harm your plants.
  6. Moisture Retention: It should have the ability to retain moisture without becoming waterlogged, striking a balance between sufficient hydration and preventing root rot.
  7. No Foul Odors: High-quality potting soil should not emit foul or unpleasant odors, which might indicate decomposition or contamination.
  8. Brand Reputation: Check reviews and ratings of the brand or product to gauge its performance and reliability.
  9. Sift Test: Squeeze a handful of the soil. If it crumbles easily when you open your hand, it indicates good quality.

What Types of Potting Soil Can You Find at a Dollar Store?

At a dollar store, you can typically find basic types of potting soil that are budget-friendly and suitable for general gardening needs. The specific types of potting soil may vary depending on the store and location, but common varieties you may encounter include:

  1. All-Purpose Potting Mix: A general-purpose mix suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
  2. Seed Starting Mix: Specifically formulated for germinating seeds, providing a light and airy medium for young seedlings.
  3. Cactus/Succulent Mix: Designed for plants that prefer well-draining soil, like cacti and succulents, with lower water retention.
  4. African Violet Mix: Tailored for African violets and other plants that thrive in slightly acidic, moisture-retentive soil.
  5. Orchid Mix: A mix suitable for epiphytic orchids, providing good aeration and drainage.
  6. Peat Moss: Often sold separately, peat moss is used as an amendment to improve soil structure and water retention.

Which Are Some Of The Dollar General’s Potting Soil Brands?

Dollar General has various brands of potting soil. The following table shows a summary of some of them, their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Potting Soil Brand

Important Features



Scotts’ premium

Custom-blended formula, perfect for indoor and outdoor plants, for use in all seasons. Packed in a recyclable bag

Ideal for outdoor and indoor plants, high nutrient content, suitable for all seasons

It may attract fungus gnats; it can be rough with wood chips and rocks.

True living outdoors container mix

It has ready-mixed fertilizers, and moisture minder crystals that help in water retention. 

It is budget-friendly and ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. It is readily mixed with fertilizers, suitable for container planting, and Ziploc-design closure for easy storage. 

May attract mold and fungus due to high moisture, unsuitable for plants that don’t need high humidity. 

Schultz’s all-purpose soil plus

Great texture, rich color, and sweet aroma. Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants. it has a rich blend of plant food and organic materials suitable for your crops

It is budget-friendly and ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. It is readily mixed with fertilizers, suitable for container planting, Ziploc-design closure for easy storage. 

Not abundant in supply, it contains some hard stones and wood mulch. 

Scott’s Premium

This potting soil is excellent for starting your plants. It contains a custom-blended formula whose nutrients can feed the plants for four months without getting depleted. Some of the constituents of this type of soil, such as perlite and sphagnum, help retain water. They also boost its drainage, making it helpful for the plants to thrive. 

Scott’s Premium is a versatile potting soil ideal for all types of plants, whether indoor or outdoor. When you apply the soil on your lawn, it takes only three days to become naturally green, and you can use it on any grass. 

You can also use this type of soil during any season, such as summer, spring, or fall months. This product is harmless, and one can move on the lawn after its application. It also comes in 50% recyclable plastics. Therefore, it does not pollute the environment. 

True Living Outdoors Mix.

True living outdoor potting soil combines soft, light, and fast-draining materials essential for all plants’ growth. This type of potting soil provides your plants with enough nutrients, texture, and water-retaining capacity. It also has moisture minder crystals which prevent the soil from getting drier by releasing some water to the plants. Your crops will remain healthy and well-fed for at least four months. 

Schultz’s All-Purpose

Are you looking forward to getting value for your money with potting soil? Look no further than Schultz’s all-purpose potting soil. This product is great in texture, rich in color, and has a sweet smell. It is also excellent for all flowers, vegetables, and other plants in stimulating growth. The soil’s rich mixture of organic materials and timed-release plant food makes it a good choice for all indoor and outdoor plants. 

Which Garden Supplies Can You Get At Dollar Tree?

Which Garden Supplies Can You Get At Dollar Tree

You can get a variety of supplies at Dollar Tree even when you are on a tight budget. Some of these items include;


Dollar Tree stocks seeds that are much cheaper compared to other stores. You can purchase a packet of seeds for as little as 25 cents from their various stores. 

Lawn Ornaments

You can also get a selection of lawn decorations, garden stones, and flags for beautifying your compound. You may also purchase solar-powered lights for your walkway and garden at affordable prices. 

Weed Barriers

If you are tired of weeding your crops now and then, it’s high time to get this item. You can get a 4 X 8 piece of fabric weed barrier at a small cost of $1. This price is lower than at Walmart and other home improvement stores. 

Garden Tools And Gloves

While the selection of these items varies by location, there is a variety to choose from at Dollar Tree. The items will give you value for your money besides being durable. 

Pots And Window Planters

You can also get sturdy plastic planters, and small pots for your gardening needs at fair prices from Dollar Tree.

Watering pails and spray bottles

If you want to water your plants without drowning them, you can get these items in the houseware section at Dollar Tree. 

Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Potting Soil?

Expensive potting soil is a worthy investment since it has higher quantities of Vermiculite, perlite, and other useful substances for plant growth. An expensive potting mix will make your plants grow stronger and faster, and you may also not need to add any more fertilizers. Your plants are not likely to need watering since these potting mixes are great at water retention. 

While higher-quality potting mixes are expensive, they prevent plant loss usually experienced over the years. This soil is well-aerated and moisturized, which keeps your plants in the right environments in all stages of growth. The potting mix also provides the plant with vital nutrients and keeps the soil pH balance. 

High-quality potting soil is free of diseases and weed seeds, and it also lets air and water flow through it. 

What Constitutes High-quality Potting Soil?

Potting mixes constitute several ingredients, including;

Sand And Soil

Good potting soil contains a mixture of sterilized soil and coarse sand. Sterilization helps to make it free of weeds and diseases, while coarse sand helps to add space for air to circulate. 

Vermiculite And Perlite

Perlite is a light volcanic rock that is both pH neutral and sterile. This substance helps to increase air space and water drainage, making it a good replacement for sand. On the other hand, Vermiculite is a sterile and lightweight type of mica that helps retain a lot of air, water, and other nutrients that are vital for plant growth. 

Coir And Spaghnum Peat

Sphagnum peat is commonly used as an ingredient for planting mixes without soil. This substance decomposes slowly and holds large volumes of water. Conversely, coir is a granular by-product of processing coconut fiber that plays the same role as sphagnum peat. 


Potting soil from dollar general contains several beneficial ingredients that make it good for your garden. There is also a variety to choose from depending on your needs. You may opt to purchase expensive soil which is good at retaining water and drainage as this will save you a lot of watering time. You will not also need to add fertilizers to your garden since the soil contains enough ingredients for your plants.