How To Remove A Jacuzzi Tub? 8 Simple-T0-Follow Steps

Remove A Jacuzzi Tub

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

To remove a Jacuzzi Tub:

  • Turn off and disconnect the water and electricity to the Jacuzzi tub
  • Drain the tub completely
  • Loosen and remove any screws or fasteners securing the tub to the floor and walls
  • Carefully lift and slide the tub out of its alcove
  • Dispose of the tub responsibly or consider recycling options

How To Remove A Jacuzzi The Easy Way

How To Remove A Jacuzzi The Easy Way

Before starting the process, measure the tub and ensure you’ll be able to get it past other fixtures and out of the bathroom door. If necessary, remove the toilet and the sink if they will be in the way and avoid causing damage. To protect your floor, cut, and tape pieces of plywood to the floor. Cover with a drop cloth and follow these steps;

Step 1: Assemble The Tools Needed

Tools you may need

  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Super bar
  • Respirator
  • Channel-lock plier
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Rags
  • Duct tape
  • Sharp knife
  • Dumpster

Step 2: Safety 

Your safety is paramount; ensure you follow all the safety measures by putting on recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) before you start.

Wear your hand safety gloves to stay protected from any hazardous and sharp objects while removing your Jacuzzi tub. Also, put on your safety goggles to protect your eyes from any dangerous material.

Using an appropriate respirator is essential to protect yourself from any hazardous substance entering your nose or mouth that can affect you. 

Step 3:  Shut Off The Water Supply And Empty Your Jacuzzi Tub.

As part of the safety measures in your house, turn off the main water supply and empty/drain your tub, Faucets, and water supply pipes. If any water is left that won’t drain out, use a towel to soak it up to remove it. If you don’t have a drainer, you’ll need to use a sump pump and a hose to pump the water outside.

Step 4: Review The Manual

After draining the water out of your tub, you can start reviewing your Jacuzzi manual. In several cases, it might be many years since you installed your tub, and you’re not familiar with how you installed it. By checking your manual, you’ll familiarize yourself with all the connections of your tub. You will see where the electricity and plumbing are located. Before dismantling and cutting your tub, ensure you do it right by going through the manual first. 

Step 5: Unhook Your Electrical System

First, shut off the electricity connected to your Jacuzzi tub before you do anything. Find out where the electric system is located by referring to your manual. Then, unhook all the electric wires safely. You may want to use a screwdriver or adjustable wrench to unhook the cables or the cover.

Step 6: Removing The Other Things

You can now start removing other things in your bathroom. First, remove the shower using the channel-lock pliers, then your shower curtains and its rod.

Remove the access panel that’s commonly at the side of the tub. At that moment, hold the access panel with the super bar and pull it off carefully towards you with your hands.

Remove all the faucets attached to your tub plus other fixture with the help of a screwdriver. 

Step 7: Cut Out The Tub

You may install your Jacuzzi in many different ways or styles/designs. If it’s installed into the concrete, you’ll have to break the concrete by hitting the corners of the tub using a hammer or reciprocating saw to be able to take out the tub.

You may need to take out some tiles and break the cement wall around your Jacuzzi tub with the help of a hammer. Plus, super bar to unhook its plumbing lines if there’s still any inside the wall.

Now remove the sides of your tub using the hammer and super bar and replace it with a shower if you want. Throw out all the nails, if any, attached to your bathtub with a screwdriver. Cut the surrounding of your Jacuzzi tub using a sharp knife or the jigsaw to free it.

Tip: Throw all the garbage in your dustbin to avoid getting hurt by them before you remove the tub.

Step 8: Remove The Jacuzzi Tub

Once your tub is freed, remove it carefully. But, you will need someone to help carry it outside since it’s ordinarily heavy and oversized. 

Wear your gloves and use rags to hold the Jacuzzi tub since its sides are sharp and it might hurt your hands.

Cost Of Removing A Jacuzzi Tub

Cost Of Removing A Jacuzzi Tub

If you can take it yourself, you will incur 200-300 dollars for a plumber to pull out and cab the plumbing if not built-in, i.e., free-standing, or 350-550 dollars if built-in.

However, it will cost you 500-1000 dollars if you get professional service.

If you’re replacing it with a non-Jacuzzi tub, then you’ll have these two options;

  • The first one is to disconnect the power. Many manufacturers have inlet sealant and jet ports to take out a Jacuzzi tub that helps you take out your tub.
  • The second option is a complete replacement, costing you 5000 to 10,000 dollars’ range, as per the remodeling.

Where’s The Filter Placed On A Jacuzzi Tub?

Typically, the filter on the Jacuzzi tub is placed adjacent to the heater. But knowing the direction of water through the Jacuzzi tub piping system may be challenging to understand as a layman. Therefore, please refer to the instruction manual from the manufacturer to identify a suitable place for the filter.

How Long Do Jacuzzi Bathtubs Last?

How Long Do Jacuzzi Bathtubs Last

Bathtubs can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years or more, but their durability depends on the tub’s quality. Spas made of low-quality materials don’t last long like those made from high-quality parts. Similarly, portable tubs lacking regular care will have a shorter lifetime.

The bathtub’s life span is based on two major factors, i.e., quality and care. Cheaper hot tubs made using lower-quality materials won’t last for long. They may not even last for more than five years if they are not maintained well. Likewise, quality hot tubs that are well-maintained can last for more than twenty years.

Great Things You Can Do With An Old Jacuzzi Tub

Bathtubs are fantastic investments, but you should be aware that they have a finite lifespan. After some years, you may reconsider replacing it. Sometimes you may get bored with it over a while because you don’t get time to use it, so you want to replace it with a shower. This makes its removal inevitable, but what can you do with your old Jacuzzi tub? Let’s find out;

Sell It

Why don’t you consider selling it if you want to get rid of your tub that much? It’s the easiest yet most beneficial way to get rid of it. There are plenty of websites that can put an ad for your hot tub at a fair price, let’s say 40 to 50% of its value. Just ensure you remove it carefully to avoid damaging some parts.

Repurpose Your Tub

There’re several ways you can decide to repurpose your old hot tub in your garden. It’s significant to get rid of vinyl foam first since you can use it in various ways, like building shelters.

Turn It Into A Water Feature

If you have a spacious backyard, you can turn your old tub into a water feature as a fantastic idea for decorating the space. Fix the spa shell into the ground and cover it with a pond or a vinyl membrane. You can then create a more natural feel by surrounding it with a bunch of plants and rocks.

Turn The Old Tub Into A Garden

Please remove all of the plumbing fittings and then set them in the ground. After you are done, add dirt and potting soil into the mix. You can add plants too!

Build Dog Houses

You can decide to build a dog house with the tub, flip the tub upside down and then create some windows and doors. Use a reciprocating saw to make the holes and windows in your new dog house.

Final Word

If you are remodeling your bathroom, there’s a need to replace your old bathtub or altogether remove it. Just like fashion trends, home design, and building trends change over time. Nowadays, remodeling projects reclaim the wasted space to add comfort, safety, style, and practicability. This can be achieved by removing existing hot tubs and replacing them with large showers. Whichever your reasons might be, follow the steps discussed in our article and detach your Jacuzzi tub easily.