How To Kill A Spider On The Ceiling? Check 8 Effective Ways!

Kill A Spider On The Ceiling

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

To kill a spider on the ceiling, use a long-reaching tool like a broom or vacuum with an extension. Gently approach the spider, aim carefully, and strike or suction it. Be cautious and ensure safety while doing so. Clean the area afterward and dispose of the spider.

8 Simple Ways To Kill A Spider On The Ceiling 

There are several ways of killing spiders on the ceiling. But before we discuss those ways, first, let’s look at the cause of spiders on your ceiling. Spiders on the ceiling are generally due to eggs hatched above the ceiling in the attic spaces inside your home. So, they use the ceiling as the highway to go there. Mostly they don’t build their nest on the ceiling since there are no insects for them to feed. 

Well, now you know the reason, let’s discuss various ways of killing the spider on the ceiling. 

Squish The Spider With Tissue

Perhaps the most common way to kill a spider is to squish it as soon as you see them. You can use whatever you have handy and squish it instantly.

If using a tissue, grab a lot, so you don’t feel the spider squashed and squish it until it’s dead. The last thing to do is allow it to run and seek cover.

Another thing you can use is sandals, shoes, newspapers, a phone book, or anything you can bring down easily and quickly on top of the spider. A broom with a long handle can also work to smash the spider from a reasonable distance. But, be careful with this method of killing a spider because you risk missing the spider or just injuring it. Squish a few times to kill it. Afterward, clean up the dead spider using many tissues.

Use Bug Spray

Another simple way to kill a spider without getting close is to spray the spider with a bug spray.

Different brands have created aerosol foams to spray several feet away. In several cases, spraying the spider with a bug spray will kill it; if this doesn’t work by chance, it will surely slow the spider down. Allowing you to squish it without worrying it might run at you.

But, be careful with the bug spray. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the bug spray. Also, clean the places where you sprayed, especially if you have young children, a pet that could quickly come in contact with the residue remaining. Remember to store your spray in a safe place where it’s out of reach by your kids or pets. 

Ensure you clean up the dead spider and throw it away in the trash. It’s pretty essential if you have pets that would come along to eat the dead spider. The bug spray can make your pet sick or, even worse, kill them.

Vacuum Up The Spiders 

Vacuuming is among the best ways to kill the spider without touching them. A strong vacuum will kill the spider and even its egg sacs.

Take your vacuum cleaner and detach the hose, then suck the spider right away.  Ensure enough time passes to make sure the spider is dead.

Of course, you will not like to open the vacuum up and blast the spider alive. Once you are sure it’s dead, empty your vacuum. It is understandable if you may never similarly look at your vacuum again, but hey, cheer up, it got the job done. That’s what matters most.

Use Your Hairspray

Grab your hairspray bottle and spray the spider. It won’t necessarily kill the creature immediately, but it will immobilize it to buy time for you to get something to squish it. 

Yes, this may sound wired, but it does work. If you see a spider on your ceiling and you had nothing to kill it with, use your hairspray; you will be shocked by its incredible results.

Douse It With Water

Do you know spiders don’t know how to swim?  Now you know, and you use this to your advantage.

Pour some water into a jug, bucket, or anything and pour it over the spider if you don’t have anything else close by to use. The spider will fall from the ceiling, and you will eventually kill it quickly.

Maximize the time you bought by getting something quickly to kill the spider once and for all finally.

Suffocating The Spider

Suffocating the spider isn’t the prettiest way to kill a spider, but it does work. 

Place a glass or see-through container over the spider and hope it will suffocate quickly. It may take your time to wait till it suffocates.

Your hands may fail you after lifting the ceiling for a while.  You might like to keep on exchanging your hands until the spider suffocates and die due to lack of air. After it dries, grab some paper towel, scoop the creature up, and run it to the washroom where you can flush its disgusting carcass away.

Apply Vinegar Or Essential Oil

You can as well kill the spiders by rubbing alcohol or vinegar spray. Fill any of these solutions in a spray bottle. Spray a heavy dose of the liquid whenever you see them on your ceiling or crawling on the floor. 

The answer will stun the spider for a while, and that will be enough time for you to smash it. Apart from alcohol, essential oils like cinnamon, citrus, and rosemary are effective in killing spiders.

Ask Someone To Do It For You.

If you’ve arachnophobia, the most straightforward way to get rid of the spider is to have someone else kill it for you.

Just ask someone you live with you if they can help you get rid of the spider for you when you see one.

While they are getting rid of the spider on your ceiling, you can go into another room if this will make you feel like you’re going to panic. Asking your neighbor to help you might be embarrassing, but if trying to deal with the spider is unbearable on your own, it’s a viable option.

Reasons Why People Kill Spiders

Different people have their reasons on why they prefer killing spiders in their houses. Some of the common reasons that might force you to kill spiders are;

  • Spiders are long-legged evil creatures, and people fear them; that’s why they prefer to kill them rather than let them crawl all over the house.
  • Spiders feed on insects; many of these insects and pests carry diseases. Hence a spider can act as a source of spreading diseases from this insect to humans. They can transmit the same condition to pets. That’s enough reason for killing the spiders.
  • Some spiders are venomous, and they can be dangerous to your life. So, it’s the big reason for killing them.
  • Interfere with your superb interior design in your house.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders Without Killing Them

Killing the spider is not the only solution; there are other ways to get rid of them without the need to kill them like;

  • Leave the window/door open if you see a spider find their way out.
  • Catch the spider using a different method and then take it outside and let go.
  • Chase the spider outside gently, using the broom to direct it to the door.
  • Keep your house clean to prevent a new infestation.

Why does a spider appear on the ceiling?

Spiders often appear on the ceiling due to their natural behavior and habitat preferences. They seek refuge in elevated locations to spin webs and catch prey efficiently. Ceiling corners provide secure hiding spots and access to potential food sources like insects attracted to light. Their climbing abilities also aid them in reaching higher surfaces.

Should I worry about a spider on my ceiling?

In general, having a spider on your ceiling is not a cause for significant concern. Spiders are beneficial as they prey on insects, helping to control populations of pests. Most household spiders are harmless to humans. However, if you are arachnophobic or the spider is of a potentially dangerous species, it’s best to remove it using safe methods or seek assistance.


Safety is paramount, and some spider removal/killing methods are dangerous, just like some spiders. As it’s said, prevention is better than cure; for how long will you keep killing spiders in your house? A long-term solution is the only way,  that’s ensuring your home is tidy inside and outside the compound. Once in a while, dust your ceiling, light fixture, and move more miniature furniture so you can brush and vacuum. But, if there is a need to kill the spider, use any method above.