How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down?


Last Updated on August 8, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

The time it takes for an oven to cool down depends on factors like temperature, insulation, and ventilation. Generally, it can take around 30 – 45 minutes for an oven to cool down after use.

How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down?

Cooking often involves the use of an oven for baking or roasting. After the culinary process, one common question posed by most cooks pertains to the cooling time of an oven, particularly due to safety reasons. Here, the cooling time refers to the time taken by an oven to reach a temperature that is safe to touch without risking a burn. So, how long does it typically take for an oven to cool down?

Estimated Cool Down Time

Based on the above factors, the cool-down time can vary significantly. However, for a general reference:

Oven TypeEstimated Cool Down Time
Conventional Oven30 – 40 minutes
Convection Oven20 – 30 minutes
Self-Cleaning Oven1 – 2 hours

Factors That Influence How Long It Takes for an Oven To Cool Down

1. Material of the Oven

The construction material of the oven plays a critical role in determining how long it will take to cool down. Ovens made from heavier materials like cast iron have higher heat capacity, meaning they can absorb and retain heat for longer periods. Hence, such ovens tend to cool down slower than those made of lighter materials.

2. Preheating Time and Temperature

The length of time an oven has been preheated and the temperature it reached significantly influence its cooling period. A higher preheating temperature means that it will take longer for the oven to cool down completely. The effects of preheating time are similarly proportional – a prolonged preheating time equals a longer cooling duration.

3. Efficiency of Insulation

Well-insulated ovens retain heat longer and thus take longer to cool down after being turned off. Conversely, an oven with poor insulation will lose heat rapidly, cooling down in a shorter timeframe. The insulation effectiveness can significantly impact energy consumption and the overall performance of the oven.

4. Size of the Oven

The size of the oven impacts the cooling time due to the volume of air in the oven. Larger ovens have a greater mass of hot air to cool down and thus, they will generally take longer to reach room temperature again, especially when not ventilated.

5. Ambient Room Temperature

The surrounding environment plays a role in how long an oven takes to cool down. In colder environments, a hot oven will cool down faster due to the greater difference in temperature between the oven and the room. In contrast, in warmer climates, the cooling process is slower.

6. Ventilation

Good ventilation can facilitate the cooling process of the oven. When the oven door or surrounding windows are open, the heat may dissipate more swiftly due to the air circulation, resulting in the oven cooling down considerably faster.

7. Presence and size of oven contents

The contents in the oven can also significantly influence the cooling period. More significant or denser food items retain heat longer, thus prolonging the cooling process.

FactorsEffect on Cooling Time
Material of the OvenHeavier materials = Longer cooling time
Preheating Time and TemperatureHigher temperature/longer preheating = Longer cooling time
Insulation EfficiencyBetter insulation = Longer cooling time
Size of the OvenLarger size = Longer cooling time
Ambient Room TemperatureColder room = Shorter cooling time
VentilationBetter ventilation = Shorter cooling time
Oven ContentsLarge/dense contents = Longer cooling time

Why Do We Need To Know The Time For An Oven To Cool Down?

How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down?

An electric oven is a must for every household kitchen nowadays. An electric oven becomes too hot after being used for cooking, baking, and heating also. So it is dangerous if someone touches it just after using it. So we all need to know the time it takes to cool down to touch it without burning our hands. 

If we have pets and kids, we should be more cautious about being in contact with the electric oven. We should pay attention to the kids and pets so that they do not go near the hot oven and accidentally burn themselves. 

But we can’t be attentive to them the whole time. So, we need to know the time for the oven to cool down to be sure they don’t go near the oven for that specific time. We should know about the timing for the electric ovens to cool down for the safety of our dear ones and ourselves too.

Temperatures Of An Electric Oven

An electric oven can reach a temperature of about 500oF. The normal temperature for an oven is 200oF. The various stages of temperature in an oven are used for different cooking types and many types of food items. In the following table, we will get to know the temperatures of an oven during various stages of heating, their usefulness, and also the cooling time.

Ovens StagesTemperaturesUsefulnessCooling Time
Very low stage200OF- 325OFThis temperature is set just for heating up your already cooked food.Max 5 minutes
Low stage325oF-350oFThis range of temperature is often used for caramelization, slow cooking, and cake baking.Max 10 minutes
Moderately hot stage375oF-400oFThis temperature is ideal for roasting and making crispy cookies or even melting cheese.10 to 15 minutes
Hot stage425OF-450OFThis temperature is obtained in an electric oven for quick cooking or roasting. This temperature is also ideal for making pastries.More than 15 minutes
Very hot stage475OF-500OFMaking your tasty pizza and delicious bread needs a high temperature about this.More than 20 minutes.

What Temperatures Indicate A Cooled Down Oven?

Oven Cooling Timing.jpg

An electric oven is the ultimate favorite cooking product. It gives out temperatures as hot as 500oF to cook or bake our mouthwatering dishes. This temperature is, however, very harmful to the human body. So it needs to be cooled down. But it does not come to room temperature. 

The lowest temperature for an electric oven is 200oF. This temperature is considered the cooled-down temperature for an electric oven. If an oven comes to a temperature of 200oF, then it is safe to touch and to be used again.

People often ask if they should leave open the door of their electric oven so that it can cool down faster. The electric oven is designed and engineered to be hot. So, the hot temperature will not affect the efficiency of the electric oven. We should leave the cooling process of the oven to itself. The reasons not to let open the door of the oven are as follows-

  • It will be useless to leave open the door of the oven. Because it has its own machines to let it cool down.
  • By letting the door open, we are not providing the machines in the oven to work properly.
  • The hot air from the oven will warm up the kitchen.
  • It is dangerous for any person to come in contact with an open hot oven, especially children and pets.

So, it is not necessary to cool down the oven as quickly as possible. The heat will escape even if we let the door of the oven shut. Also, safety measures should be kept in mind, and leave the oven to cool down.

The process of cooling down an oven is very complex. The inside machines of the electric oven do the work of cooling it down. A cooling fan does the main operation of cooling down the oven. It works in this way-

  • At first, it blows the hot air out through the vent below the control panel.
  • It keeps the temperature steady.

At last, we see that using an electric oven is very easy. We need to be attentive and cautious. The hot temperature may cause serious injuries if we are not attentive enough. We need to put on gloves and handle the oven only after it has been cooled down. We should not hurry up to cool it down because it can be dangerous even for a little mistake. The moderate timing for an oven to cool down is 15-20 minutes. We should wait patiently for this little time and take out our delicious dishes for serving.