Garage Smells Like Gas – How Do You Fix It?

Garage Smells Like Gas

Last Updated on July 19, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

If your garage smells like gas, it is crucial to address the issue promptly and safely. First, identify the source of the gas smell, which may be due to a gas leak, spills, or fumes from stored items. Ensure proper ventilation by opening doors and windows to disperse the gas. Do not use any open flames or electrical switches in the area. Check gas-powered equipment for leaks, and if you suspect a gas leak, immediately shut off the gas supply and seek professional help. Clean up any spills using appropriate materials and dispose of contaminated items properly.

How To Fix Garage’s Gas Smells – Key Takeaways

We have covered most of the safety measures that you can detect and troubleshoot the detected problem. However, here is a recap with more ways of doing it.

  • Use smell/smoke detectors. Having one in your garage will be good enough for performing regular checkups.
  • Have fire detectors. They will come in handy when a slight explosion occurs before spreading to other areas. Don’t forget to include fire extinguishers.
  • Remove all empty cans. It would be best to keep them sealed as they wait to be transported or incinerated.
  • Perform regular checkups with the help of a professional.
  • Include fans and keep all pathways open for ventilation.
  • Regularly check your car’s canister to ascertain that it is sealed.
  • Use baking soda to neutralize the smell. Apply this measure only after confirming that there’s no leakage.
  • Replace fuel tank vents and injectors from time to time. Preferably, do it after 3 to 4 months.
  • Purchase gas from reputable and certified suppliers. 
  • Caution your customers not to smoke while still in your garage.

Causes Of Your Garage Smell

Causes Of Your Garage Smell

1. Leakages In Your Fuel Connection 

It is always good to take a walk and check out how your pipes are connected. Even if you are a veteran of connecting pipes, it is good to double-check. There’s also the possibility that you used a leaky fuel injector. Fuel injectors rarely get noticed when leaking. Replacing it at regular intervals is recommended to be on the safe side. 

2. Poor Ventilation

If you have a garage in a densely populated area like a congested city, you might experience a gas-like smell. It may not be leakage, but having poor ventilation can make your garage smelly. Open the windows and doors if you don’t have fans within the garage. However, the installation of fans would be an awesome idea. 

3. Poor Sealing Of Gas Cans

Empty cans are the primary cause of the gas smell in most garages. Of course, they always produce an exasperating smell when left empty and without a lid. You can eliminate all empty cans by disposing of them or recycling them to get rid of the smell. 

4. Leaking Fuel Tank Vents

How often do you check the vents? Necks of fuel fillers have short lifespans and are vulnerable to wearing out. To know if your vents have any problems, try to remember the last time you checked them. If they have been there for 4+ months, there could be a problem. Also, check on the floor of your garage. Are you able to see any gasoline puddles?  If you can, replace the vents as soon as possible.

5. Your Car’s Gas Canister

Having stressed more about the fuel connection, we can’t rule out your car. Yes, rarely do you park it outside your garage when working. Unfortunately, your car might be the cause of your garage smelling like gas. Sometimes you might be busy repairing other customers’ vehicles and assuming that yours is okay.

If you stored excess fuel vapor, your car’s charcoal canister might start leaking. It could result from the canister wearing out as it stays long without being changed. You may not evade what is likely to happen because of ignoring a simple canister. Check out your car whenever there is a gas smell in your car.

What Is The Negative Impact Of Your Garage Smelling Like Gas?

The unexpected event is an explosion which can be hazardous to everyone around the garage. Your health will also be affected as you keep on inhaling the gas. After a short while, you end up having respiratory problems, some of which could be carcinogenic. 

From there, the worst happens – Death. Luckily, you can detect the gas smell early before the worst happens. 

How To Detect A Garage-Gas Smell?

Detecting the gas smell in the garage might not be easy without professional help. But there are warning signs that can help you detect it at an early stage. Observe whether plants near your garage are wilting for no reason

If you have been working at your garage for quite some time, you must be sure of the average billings. There are some Dos and Don’ts that are important to learn. A sudden hike in your bills is a strong indicator that you should never ignore. 

Dizziness, especially when you rest within the garage, is another indicator. If the smell persists, act fast. 

What To Avoid When You Smell Some Gas In Your Garage

Smelt Some Gas in Your Garage? Don’t Do This;

The moment you smell some gas in your garage, there are some steps you have to take before the inspection. There’s a prospect of not realizing the gas smell in your garage because of staying there for a long time. It occasionally happens for full-time workers who depend on garages for a source of income. 

Therefore, once in a while, ask one of your customers whether they smell it. The moment you get yes to an answer:

  • Never close the doors to encourage air circulation
  • Never ignite cigarettes to avoid an explosion. Lastly, 
  • Never turn the lights off. 

These are the three simple guidelines for such emergencies. All of them are easy to follow for your safety. Having observed all of them, you can go on and call a professional for an inspection. 

What To Do When Your Garage Smells Gas

When you set up your garage, you never expected to experience the nasty smell that keeps annoying your customers and putting everyone’s life at risk. Preparation to address any trouble will help you face it confidently. Even though you’ve never witnessed it, here’s what to do in case you become suspicious: open windows for ventilation and try to locate the meter so that you can turn it off if possible. Meanwhile, call 911 for your local emergency services.

Call your gas-supplying company some meters away from your garage because phones are known for causing sparks. Have your pipeline valves inspected by a professional to mitigate the risks after evacuating everyone from the garage? Lastly, inform your neighbors to let them know if they have been affected by the smell. 

Is It Normal For Your Garage To Smell Like Gas?

Yes and no! Based on what we have covered, it seems like that’s not normal. True, it is abnormal for most circumstances. Are you going to eradicate all that smell even if there’s no leak? Probably, no. Therefore, it is normal under certain conditions. First, confirm that there’s no leakage whatsoever. Your ventilation must be excellent. Above all, you should do a professional inspection to ensure everything is alright. 

Although the gas smell might be normal, it is horrible, making you nauseous. If everything is working well, consider freshening your garage

How To Freshen Your Garage?

Suppose the smell becomes unbearable without cause for alarm; clean and deodorize the garage. As simple as it sounds, it will work for you. Dispose of all old containers and motor oil, arrange everything on shelves, and clean using a sweet-smelling detergent. A deodorant will bring some good scent into your garage and thrust the gas smell away with a single spray. 

Mop the floor and walls using bleach. Bleaching will also eliminate all the molds and bacteria that would make the garage damp. The damp nature is what contributes to making your garage produce a stench. Let the room stay for at least 24 hours before locking it after mopping. After spending your time freshening up your garage, you will want to maintain the freshness or improve on it by keeping smells at bay. 

Keeping Future Smells Away

Sustaining a fresh smell in your garage is not hectic. Have a look at these practices, try them, and have your garage smell fresh all the time.

  • Check every item on the shelf and cabinet at consistent intervals to shun bad odors.
  • Clean your garage regularly while leaving it open for 24 hours before closing it.
  • Opt for garbage cans and dispose of the trash daily. 
  • Seal all the chemical containers with the correct labels. 
  • Minimize the movement of machines within the garage. 

Final Thoughts

A garage can be a pleasant-smelling place when well maintained. This can be achieved by taking the necessary measures to ensure no smell comes from your garage. Maintaining a good garage will also assure you of safety, along with those who benefit from it. Now that you know how to detect and handle the gas smell from the garage, you can go on and take preventive measures.