Does Home Depot Cut Plexiglass? (Answered Plus The Reasons)

Last Updated on July 22, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Home Depot, unfortunately, is no longer providing Plexiglass cutting service to its customers. The service used to be on offer in the past but has since been terminated. One main concern was the risk involved in cutting Plexiglass, which eventually led to more damage than profit. 

Alternative Options of Home Depot to Cut Plexiglass

Alternative OptionsDescription
Local Hardware StoresMany local hardware stores offer cutting services for plexiglass.
Lumber Yards and Building Supply StoresThese stores may also provide plexiglass cutting services.
Glass ShopsGlass shops have the expertise and equipment to make precise cuts in plexiglass.
Online RetailersSome online retailers offer custom cutting options for plexiglass before shipping.
Local Fabrication or Signage ShopsBusinesses specializing in fabrication or signage might cut plexiglass to your needs.
DIY with Plexiglass Cutter or JigsawYou can purchase a plexiglass cutter or use a jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade.

What Is Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is synthetic and cost-effective material used for designing windows, aquariums, windscreens, and LED screens. It is an incredible alternative to glass.

Plexiglass can also be known as acrylic glass; it is a petroleum-based thermoplastic typically manufactured in sheets. Several features make Plexiglass an excellent glass substitute. The material is very lightweight, shatterproof, durable, and rigid compared to its substitutes like glass.

Plexiglass cutting is a big challenge. It is a stiff and rigid material and also is very hard and tricky to cut it perfectly. If you do not have the expertise and patience, the chances of you hurting yourself in the process or damaging the synthetic glass are very high.

Reasons Why Plexiglass Usage Has Risen In Recent Times

1. Cost-saving

When compared to its substitutes, Plexiglass is a better option since it is not brittle. And, since many businesses are cost-conscious, the material has been the go-to alternative. The production cost of acrylic Plexiglass sheets takes less energy and money to produce. It is lighter than its alternatives hence reducing transportation and shipping costs. For the consumer, it is better since breakage of the material will be a thing of the past.

2. Light Transmission

Plexiglass is good since it eliminates glares and reflection, unlike its counterparts, such as glass. It allows more than 90% of light to go through it, while glass causes light distortion as it gets thicker in size. There is no distortion of light even as Plexiglass gets thicker.

3. Creativity And Ease Of Use

The weight of Plexiglass is a huge advantage. You can move it easily and install it in places that would be difficult to put up glasses. For instance, glass is too brittle and thus impractical to use in designing windows for architectural pieces. In such cases, Plexiglass comes in handy as it satisfies all the requirements needed by architectures.

Why Did Home Depot Stop Offering Plexiglass Cutting Service?

In business, the major concern of business owners is the amount of profit and risk factors associated with a venture. No company or business is without risk. But, when the risk outweighs the reward, then it is not worth taking the risk. If the benefit is sufficient enough, then it is a worthy venture and has to be explored.

Home Depot offers other cutting services such as woodcutting, and making DIYers among other professionals’ jobs. The company used to provide a Plexiglass cutting but no longer provides that service. You can buy Plexiglass from the Home Depot and then do the cutting yourself or find a hardware store that will do it for you but at a cost.

Home Depot has the financial and human resources to provide Plexiglass cutting services, but here are the big and hard questions to be considered to provide the services.

Some Of The Reasons Why Home Depot Discontinued The Plexiglass Cutting Service Include:

1. The damages recorded were more than the number of sales made

Unlike wood and glass, as stated earlier, cutting Plexiglass is quite tricky and demands a lot of patience and practice, which many people might not have. One mistake and you will have to replace or purchase new Plexiglass as a wrong cut equals a damaged product. Otherwise, if you don’t manage to cut it right and end up destroying most of the material, you may have to abandon your construction project and find another material to use or a professional to cut the material for you. 

Since Home Depot had to cover any damaged material, it became a zero-profit business as the damages outweighed the sales. Hence, the company stopped cutting the Plexiglass for its clients. 

2. Plexiglass Cutting Is High Risk 

Anything can happen to the material while cutting it. Workers were damaging more Plexiglass than the company was selling. So, it did not seem like a good decision to continue offering the cutting service as profits were not made. As stated earlier, a business has to make decisions based on a risk and reward ratio. 

For the Plexiglass cutting service, the risk always came on top compared to the reward. Therefore, it forced Home Depot to discontinue the service. And, from a business point of view, it was a good decision though many customers were ready to use the service to their advantage.

3. High Damage Costs To The Company

Home Depot is held responsible when an associate damages a customer’s Plexiglass. And sometimes, losses incurred can accumulate to worrying figures. This gave the company enough reasons to stop Plexiglass cutting. No business is glad when it incurs losses, no matter how small they are. Therefore, Home Depot made a wise choice to terminate the cutting service for the synthetic material.

4. Safety Concerns

The decision to abandon Plexiglass cutting might not have sat well with most customers, but Home Depot was happy with its decision. The Plexiglass cutting seemed too demanding for the company. And besides, the many damages workers were incurring; one could easily get injured. This also was covered by the company as it is an injury caused by workplace hazards. When a worker gets injured while discharging his duties, Home Depot has to pay the hospital bills.

If someone is not careful while cutting Plexiglas, chances are, they would cut themselves in the process. This also contributed to Home Depot’s decision to abandon the cutting service.

5. Limited Floor Space

If you have been to any Home Depot store, you will understand that they have limited floor space. The company sells multiple items, so you would occasionally find their stores full.

Besides the materials, Home Depot often gets crowded with customers purchasing other items. Therefore, creating a stable space for Plexiglass cutting may not be a viable decision business-wise.

Furthermore, if workers decide to make room within the store to cut the material, they would have to keep other customers waiting. Packing the items in the store together would also make self-service more challenging for other customers.

The best option would be: to have a workstation specifically dedicated to Plexiglass cutting because one must be extremely careful when cutting the material. But unfortunately, Home Depot does not have much space to spare for a venture that is very likely not going to carry its own risk.

6. No Plexiglass Cutting Full-Time Employees

Hiring full-time employees for Plexiglass cutting would have made the service a major income earner at Home Depot. The employees would be getting proper training and gain more experience since they are only focused on Plexiglass cutting.

One needs to be extremely careful when cutting this synthetic material. It would help if you had maximum concentration, patience, a spacious workspace, and know what to avoid terrible mistakes.

On the other hand, customers always want their Plexiglass to be accurate and cut in various shapes. Some even request round cuts, which take time and require the utmost concentration. Unfortunately, Home Depot workers are super busy and might not fancy spending too much time cutting Plexiglass.

So, with full-time employees dedicated to Plexiglass cutting, things would have been easier. But then Home Depot may have to charge a fee, maybe 15 USD or more. But how many customers would be willing to shell out such an amount?

7. The Issue With Accuracy

Regardless of where you want to mount your Plexiglass, ensuring accuracy when cutting the material is crucial. If the cut is inaccurate, it will not fit properly into the window openings, exhaust hose flanges, windscreen, or air conditioner you’re constructing.

However, having accurate cuts is one of the issues with cutting Plexiglass materials. That’s why most hardware stores make customers understand that they will not be held responsible should anything go wrong while cutting their Plexiglass.  

This material easily breaks. If you can master the courage to cut it accurately, you will find a perfect substitute for glass.

What tools do I need to cut plexiglass?

To cut plexiglass, you will need the following tools:

  1. Safety Gear: Safety goggles and gloves protect your eyes and hands from debris and sharp edges.
  2. Measuring Tools: A measuring tape or ruler to mark the cutting line accurately.
  3. Masking Tape: To create a cutting guide and prevent chipping.
  4. Marker or Pencil: To mark the cutting line on the plexiglass.
  5. Straight Edge: A metal ruler or straight edge to guide the cutting tool.
  6. Plexiglass Cutter or Scoring Tool: For straight cuts, use a plexiglass cutter (also known as an acrylic cutter) to score the surface before snapping the sheet along the line.
  7. Jigsaw or Circular Saw (with a fine-toothed blade): For curved or more complex cuts, a jigsaw or circular saw with a fine-toothed blade suitable for cutting acrylic can be used.
  8. Clamps or a Workbench: To secure the plexiglass sheet while cutting.

Final Word

The Home Depot Company used to offer Plexiglass cutting service, but it has since stopped. So, the company only sells it. If you want to cut Plexiglas, you can either take it to a hardware store or do the cutting yourself.