Can You Sell A House In Skyrim?

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One cannot sell a house in Skyrim since once you buy one, you own them forever. Instead of selling the home, one can take some parts of it, such as furniture and electronics foods. Besides, selling a house in Skyrim since they lose their value once you buy them hence reselling them would mean that you will get less than the actual value. 

However, one can own several houses by building or purchasing them when you become a Thane of a particular hold where one selects from different home modes.

What Is Skyrim?

Skyrim is a game involving the accumulation of trinkets where one can own a home, marry or get married and have children. The families and houses unlock when the player’s quests are completed, and a certain amount of gold is collected. This allows the player to own homes, depending on the amount of gold collected, and I was given a base in the game’s biggest cities. Continuation with the game allows the player to purchase furniture and other household items and own additional plots. This is usually after one has built or bought a house.

Where Do You Buy Houses In Skyrim?

There are different cities in which one can buy houses in Skyrim. These include:

1. Breeze Home– also known as Whiterun. This is the second building on the right after entering the game after the Warmaiden’s house. It is bought after one has collected 5000 worth of gold by finishing the Rising Dragons Rising Story mission.

2. Wilhelm – these houses are worth 12,000 gold collected, and I achieved this by completing Blood’s mission on the Ice. It is located in a corner on the Northwest near the Cruel Sea house

3. Honeyside – in this location, houses are worth 8000 gold. Players can unlock these houses by completing a quest known as the skooma dealer, impressing the law-giver and the citizens earning themselves a good reputation.

4. Proudspire Manor – also known as solitude. It is worth 25000 gold collected during the game. It involves one of the most challenging quests where one is supposed to become the Solitude’s Thane.

5. Vendrell Hall is the last location located at the entry of Markath City at the top of very steep stairs on the right side.

Other than buying houses in Skyrim, one can build their own. This is after owning the Hearthfire, also known as a special edition. It allows one to purchase plots based in different cities, and by completing various quests, one can unlock the properties and build two houses, the Heljarchen Hall and the Lakeview Manor. 

How Was Skyrim Received?

Like any other business, Skyrim was well received though there were minor critics since the game provided room for players to showcase different skills with their chosen characters. It was praised for its ease of access to many people worldwide due to a well-designed user interface. The game provides room for interaction with the real world since its set-up is in a cold mountainous region with rocks and caves, and snowy.

Skyrim received criticism, such as some people claim they noted glitch, the game was breaking as they played. The change in climatic conditions in the game, such as winter, makes the game appear real, creating a deeper connection between the adventurer and the game. Others said that the game was based on the conversation instead of the players’ actionability since to complete a quest. Some people also claim that the dragons did not provide many challenges since their attack moves were predictable, making the game less attractive. Apart from the critics, Skyrim has well been received worldwide. This is seen from the high rates and sales percentages that were recorded after the game was released. 

Why Buy A House In Skyrim?

Buying a house in Skyrim has its benefits. They include

1. It provides the players with a good night’s sleep, which gives them a well-rested bonus of 10%, which accounts for their experience during the game compared to those who lack houses.

2. Those who have married in the game are granted a 15% bonus of experience sleeping in the same house with their respective spouse.

3. Owning a house also enables the players to buy themselves an alchemy lab for their houses to sell later and buy themselves furniture to upgrade their homes.

4. As the game progresses, the players continue earning treasure chests, furniture, containers and storing them in the house instead of dragging them when moving. Otherwise, the game is likely to reset, and the player ends up losing all the items when they become too much to carry around, and sometimes the things may disappear. 

5. Also, the family acquired by the player in the game can live in the houses and move any house they own to receive the “lover’s comfort” bonus.

Buying A House VS. Building A House In Skyrim

Like in any other place, there are factors to consider when owning a house in Skyrim. Some of these factors include

1. Location – when it comes to the house’s location, the player should consider building their own home since there is a wide range of selection choices compared to buying a place where the player is offered a few inbuilt selected locations.

2. Time –time is a significant factor in the completion of quest fundamentals. Therefore, the player should consider the time consumed during house construction and decoration, including collecting saber teeth and placing them in their respective positions, which are likely to drink much time. On the other hand, buying a house is less time consuming as one has to complete the quest, and with enough gold, they can buy a home.

3. The cost incurred – the house construction is enjoyable during the game since it involves more quests and more gold collection, among other gifts. It is expensive since many materials have to be collected to buy a house and are less tedious than buying a home, which involves completing quests.

4. Taste and preference – this depends on the individual as people have different tastes and preferences. In this case, building your house is better compared to buying one since one can decorate and buy furniture depending on the taste and materials availability. One can even make a larger house depending on the family size, especially a player who has adopted many children during the game.

How To Build A Home In Skyrim

The adventurer will prefer to own a house to earn bonus points and gold coins and have a warm place to spend the nights. This is because of the sudden attack at night in Skyrim and the rest of the day’s adventure. This involves a few steps, which include:

1. Purchasing and installing Hearthfire; can be done using a personal computer, a smartphone or PlayStation, and the Xbox play store.

2. Speak to either Falkreath or Dawnstar, who are stewards in Morthal; this will cost the player 5000 gold and have to complete a few quests that will open up an opportunity to purchase land plots.

3. The adventurer will follow marked quests to the location where he is to build the house where some building materials are provided, including a drafting table and a chest box full of constructing materials.

4. Among the building materials provided is a beginner’s guide book that will help the adventurer decide how to build their house.

5. The adventurer selects the house’s size, and the guide will make components required to build the house.

6. Using the workbench provided, the adventurer builds the house components and uses another workbench inside the house, and they can decorate it to their liking.

7. The adventurer is required to select “main hall, “which will increase the house’s size. This increase in size will need to collect more items to fill up the house for decoration, such as furniture.

8. Acquiring more building materials; these include Lumber, clay, and quarried stones. Unlike clay and stones that can be collected anywhere near the home, Lumber is bought from the Lumber Mills in Skyrim.

9. Completing main hall construction. The main entrance is completed, and one can add any wings to the house to make it more personal.’

10. This stage involves decorating the built house to the user’s likings from the earlier provided workbench. Items from decorations provided include alchemy and enchanting tables, mounted honker heads, and iron made chandeliers.

In conclusion, one cannot sell a house in Skyrim since homes are permanently owned after purchasing. One can only sell household items such as furniture and decorating things since they are inbuilt with the game. However, it is allowed to buy and build houses that are achieved by carrying out given tasks, speaking to some authoritative personnel, and completing quests. Buying a home is more straightforward than building a house that involves many procedures than buying, where the only requirement collecting required gold and conducting a given search. 

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