Can I Put An Airbnb Address On My Job Application? (Answered)

Can I Put An Airbnb Address On My Job Application

Last Updated on July 14, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Including an Airbnb address on a job application may not be the most appropriate or effective choice. Job applications typically require a physical address for several reasons, such as verifying your residency, determining commute times, and ensuring you are within a reasonable distance of the job. While Airbnb addresses can serve as temporary accommodations, they may not be viewed as stable or permanent residences by potential employers.

Can I Put An Airbnb Address On My Job Application?

It is generally not recommended to put an Airbnb address on a job application. Here’s why:

  • Professionalism: Job applications should convey a sense of professionalism. While Airbnb is a popular and convenient lodging option for travelers, using a short-term rental address might not give the impression of stability or permanence. It is more appropriate to provide a permanent mailing address, such as a personal residence or a P.O. Box.
  • Verification: Hiring managers and potential employers often verify the information provided on job applications. Using an Airbnb address may create confusion or raise questions about your stability and ability to commit to a long-term position. A verifiable address provides confidence to employers that you are reliable and can be reached easily.
  • Privacy Concerns: When using an Airbnb address on a job application, you’re essentially sharing your personal accommodation details with potential employers. This may compromise your privacy as job applications can pass through multiple individuals within the hiring process. It is advisable to keep personal details separate and only provide information that is necessary for the hiring process.
  • Communication: Using an Airbnb address may complicate communication with prospective employers. If you are living in a rented space temporarily, there might be issues with reception or mail delivery. This can lead to missed opportunities or delayed communication, which may negatively impact your job search.

Acceptable reasons to use an Airbnb address on your job application

reasons to use an Airbnb address on your job application

When you use a temporary address like an Airbnb on your job application, it is good to include why you are using that address and for how long.

Some of the reasons why you would end up using an Airbnb address during job applications include:

1. If you just left your parent’s home and are yet to find a permanent address

Such a scenario happens to people who just graduated and are trying to get a job in a different location. You can put down your home, i.e., permanent address and the temporary address, an Airbnb or lodging, and indicate that you can receive any documents from either address. It would also be important to state when your stay at the temporary address will end.

2. Relocation

If you relocate to a new place, you can use a temporary address in your job applications during that duration until you get a permanent one. Please explain why you are using your Airbnb address to show your potential employer that you are not homeless and are only using it for a short while.

3. Displacement

Natural disasters can end up displacing you from your permanent address; this is something that is not foreseen or planned. As you apply for jobs, you can politely indicate the location address at that moment and request for any follow-up documents to be sent to the temporary address.

Why do employers want to see your address?

Why do employers want to see your address

There are various reasons why an employer may want to know where you live:

It is a part of the application process

Historically, putting down your current address has always been a requirement when applying for jobs. This trend has been slowly dying off, but it is not yet completely gone. Your potential employer expects to see your address somewhere on your cover letter or resume as part of the application process.

To create an applicant profile for you

The hiring process is long and tedious; some employers don’t want to hire someone who lives miles and miles away from the job location. The applicants’ addresses are used to sieve through the many applications sent until they settle on one that is close enough. The employer may also save some applications and use them in the future if they are ever to expand and move to a new location.

The address is useful in formatting your job offer letter

Sometimes, you can be the perfect fit for the job, but you live far away. The employer can use your address to formulate an offer letter stipulating key aspects like working remotely and commuting allowances. Using a temporary address makes the employers’ task harder; they are not sure about your permanent residency.

Is it okay not to indicate your address when applying for a job? (Reasons)

Leaving your address out, whether permanent or temporary, is okay. If you are concerned about giving out their address to strangers or are unsure, you can use a zipcode as it is not precise as the address.

Some of the reasons why you can apply without your address include:


Every job applicant deserves to feel safe and secure, and if you think that giving out your address, temporary or permanent, endangers you, you can choose to leave it. You can put your email address and phone number to allow employers to reach you. 

Private or personal reasons

There are instances where you may not want to disclose your address in your job application. If the idea of revealing such information about you makes you uncomfortable, you can exclude it.

If the job posting site is suspicious

Crime in the 21st century is advanced. If for some reason, you find a job listing on a third-party website or one that is not related to the company offering the job, you can choose not to put in your address. Alternatively, you can look for the company’s website and apply for the job with your address.

Is it okay not to indicate your address when applying for a job? (Reasons)

You are yet to settle permanently

Many young individuals still have the spirit of adventure, and they are not yet ready to settle in one area yet. Adding your email address and personal phone number can help the employer reach you easier and faster.

Final Thought

Using an Airbnb address when applying for a job can be bad for your chances of landing a job. A permanent address is more reliable and convenient for you and the employer. If you use an Airbnb address, you need to be honest. However, it is not always necessary to include an address when sending job applications. If you feel that you are not okay disclosing your address, you can leave it blank.