Are Reclining Sofas Bad On Your Back? (Pros & Cons)

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Sitting on a reclining sofa isn’t always bad for your back as long as the sofa has good lumbar support. If your reclining sofa suits you properly and raises your feet nicely above the heart level, there are numerous additional health benefits. The only drawback is that prolonged use can be harmful to your health.

It is good to note that a reclining chair does not suit every person. All of us have different ways of easing our lower backache. A rise and recline chair are handier than setting pillows below your back for comfort. Lumbar support is essential for your back. Without it, your back will keep hurting.

There are different recliner chairs that you can buy. They all offer different reclining angles. Sitting upright for long hours can lead to lower back pain; specialists say that the off-loading sitting posture can lessen lower back pain. Off-loading posture method is that you sit down with the returned part of the seat tilted returned approximately 20° in comparison to the front part of the seat.

What Is The Best Reclining Angle When Sitting?

best reclining angle when sitting

Experts endorse the off-loading sitting position. The angle is 20 levels to the front, a part of the seat. They also recommend a 135° body thigh sitting posture as the best position.

However, it is best to try out different reclining angles until you find the one best fits you. Also, consider visiting a chiropractor to get a professional opinion on your best sitting position.

How To Test If Your Reclining Chair Has Lumbar Support?

While checking for lumbar support for your sofa, fully recline the sofa without anybody sitting on it. Look at the point where the seat and its back meet. If there is an opening where your body, especially the back fits in, that chair has lumbar support, but if the space is unnaturally big, the chair will cause backache over time.

You can also sit on the chair while fully reclined and feel if it helps your lower back.

Additionally, when you slouch or hunch when seated, it’s far obvious that your chair is bad for lumbar support. Finding a chair with appropriate lumbar support will sort all this out.

It is worth noting that rise and recline chairs come in different sizes, and you should get one that fits you. This means that you can choose a chair with the proper width, top, and depth.

It is also crucial to be aware that not all rise and recline chairs provide lumbar support. So, you should be precise about your preferred features, focus on what you want, and highlight what you need your chair to remedy. Shopping for your reclining chair from corporations that understand and care about health problems may be a good way to get the right one for your needs. 

How To Find The Proper Recliner For Your Frame

Proper Recliner For Your Frame

When finding a recliner that best fits you, there are some steps you can follow to help you out.

Step 1: First, you need to know how tall you’re. A few of the available recliner sofas in the marketplace are normally sorted out in line with different heights. When seated, your feet should bend at a ninety-degree angle. This guarantees that your legs are not dangling off the edge while in a reclined position.

Step 2: Test the seat out while at the shop. When purchasing online, make sure that the company has a return policy that lets you replace your chair if it’s too big or small.

Step 3: The very last step is choosing a seat that will match your house decor.

Can A Recliner Sofa Hurt Your Lower Back?

Yes, recliner chairs can cause back pains when you use them without proper lumbar support. When you use a chair with a gap between your lower back and the chair, you may start slouching after a while.

Slouching can stress your lower back muscles and cause backache.

When Are Recliner Seats Right For You?

After a surgical procedure, doctors normally suggest that you use a reclining chair. It assists in easing your pain and relaxing your body.

When you spend a lot of time on your feet, a recliner may be useful when you need to loosen up after work. The recliner sofa relieves the stress on your lower back if it fits you nicely.

When Is A Recliner Seat Bad For You?

Recliner seats aren’t good for individuals who spend a lot of their time seated. Spending an entire day seated and then coming home to your recliner may be bad for your health.

Generally speaking, an excessive amount of sitting is never a good thing; recliners encourage you to remain seated for long hours due to their comfort. The human body isn’t designed for just sitting and doing nothing all day.

Does Sleeping On A Recliner Cause Neck Pains?

Yes and no, depending on how you sleep. Sleeping on a recliner requires that you do it on your back. This way, your neck, and your back are supported. When sleeping on your side or stomach, you’ll experience neck pains because your neck will have no support.

A small pillow to hold up your head and neck can help reduce the chances of hurting your neck.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Recliner Chair?

There are a number of benefits of using a recliner chair, they include;

1. Enhances blood circulation and controls your high blood pressure

2. Provide an alternative to sitting on a couch or sleeping on your mattress as you relax

3. Offer comfort and relief

Some of the disadvantages include;

1. Expensive to buy

2. Generally, they take up more space

3. Require extra cleaning and maintenance than the normal chairs

4. Come in limited sizes, colorations, and patterns

Health Advantages Of Using A Recliner

A recliner can be beneficial for your fitness, as explained below: 

1. It Improves Your Mental Health

After a hectic day at work, it is important to loosen up and relax. This minimizes the negative feelings from piling up and resulting in mental health problems. When your body endures stress, whether mental or bodily, there can be adverse effects like heart attacks or stroke. A recliner offers comfort to loosen up and occasionally improves blood circulation in your body.

2. It Helps People With Mobility Issues

Some chairs have power lift functions that make it easy for all people with a disability to get on their feet. The aged can use these chairs to ease their life.

3. They Are Suitable For Pregnant Women

In pregnancy, women experience back pains due to the extra weight in their womb. Recliners provide a calming sitting position, facilitating weight redistribution on their back. Recliners with appropriate lumbar support can be very helpful, and on occasion, pregnant ladies may choose to sleep on them instead of sleeping on the bed.

4. Comfort

Some recliners offer zero gravity functions which will let you lean back and take the strain off your joints.

What Are The Different Types Of Recliner Seats?

Type of reclinerAdvantages or features.
Lay flat recliner1. Creates a full layout position for ultimate comfort
Rocker Recliner1. Suits nursing mothers and insomniacs
2. Best for sleeping
3. Rocks back and forth
Glider recliner1. Rocks back and forth in a horizontal motion
2. Very similar to rocker recliners.
Power recliner1. Similar to the traditional recliner, except they are electric and don’t need manual power to recline
2. They are customizable
3. It has an infinite range of seating positions
Lift recliner.1. They are suitable for people with disabilities 
2. They can move from a sitting position into an upright position. 
3. Doctors recommend them for people with weak knees, legs, or hips
Push back the recliner. 1. They recline without a lever or button; the user has to push the back part of the seat to recline.
2. It is suitable for people who don’t mind putting in some effort in sitting or standing
Swivel recliner.1. The sofa can move from left to right
2. The chair offers a full range of motion
Wall hugger recliner1. Requires limited space and wall clearance to recline
2. The chair sits up straighter than the other recliners
3. Has a limited range of motion
4. The chair has a very comfortable resting position to get in and out of
Zero gravity recliners.1. Distributes weight accordingly and boosts blood circulation
2. Improves lung capacity and functions
3. Reduce swelling points
4. Relieves back pain
5. It is considered the best reclining sofa
Chaise lounger1. Offers support for your back and legs It is longer than most of the other seats

Final Thought

Recliner sofas are not bad for your health; they may be useful in reducing back pain and enhancing your overall health. However, long hours on the chair may be bad for your health. But, always buy a reclining couch with lumbar support to avoid hurting your back. 


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