Why Are Studio Apartments So Expensive?

Studio Apartments

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Studio apartments can be expensive due to factors like location, demand, and limited space. In desirable areas, the high demand for smaller, more affordable units drives up prices, while the scarcity of larger apartments makes studios relatively more expensive per square foot.

Factors That Make Studio Apartments Expensive?

Factors That Make Studio Apartments Expensive

A studio apartment could be more expensive than one bedroom due to various reasons, including;

Higher Demand

Studio apartments could be in high demand than one bedroom since most people don’t like extra space. Most young people and first-time renters look for a small place to rest their heads, and a studio apartment is a go-to option for them. 

Most Studio Apartments Have New Upgrades.

A landlord may upgrade the studio apartment during renovations which may not be the case with other units. These new upgrades will make the rent higher than that of one or two bedrooms. 

Studio Apartments May Be For A Certain Class Of People

Some landlords may price studios highly to bar people with tight budgets from getting attracted to them. They will, therefore, lower the one-bedroom unit’s rent to make sure they attract more people than the studios.

What is a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are a popular choice for people living in urban areas or those seeking a compact yet stylish living space. These small apartments are designed to maximize every inch of available space, providing a cozy and functional living environment. If you’re wondering what makes a studio apartment unique, here is a listicle that explains all you need to know:

  1. Definition:
    • A studio apartment, also known as an efficiency apartment, bachelor apartment, or studio flat, is a self-contained living space that usually consists of a single, open-concept room.
    • Unlike traditional apartments, studios lack separate rooms for sleeping, dining, and living, incorporating all these functions into a single area.
  2. Layout:
    • The layout of a studio apartment typically includes a main living area that serves as a multi-purpose space, functioning as a bedroom, living room, and dining area.
    • The kitchen area is often integrated into the main room or separated by a partial wall or breakfast bar.
    • The bathroom is usually the only separate, enclosed space in a studio apartment.
  3. Space optimization:
    • Due to their compact size, studio apartments place a strong emphasis on efficient space utilization.
    • Built-in storage solutions, such as shelves, cabinets, and closets, are commonly found in studio apartments to maximize storage space without compromising aesthetics.
    • Some studio apartments may feature built-in room dividers or sliding partitions to create a sense of separation between different areas.

Types of Studio Apartments and their Prices

Studio apartments offer a compact living space that is perfect for individuals or couples looking for a cozy and affordable place to call home. These self-contained units provide all the essential amenities in one open-concept room. If you’re considering renting or buying a studio apartment, here are the top 5 types to consider, along with their average prices:

  1. Traditional Studio:
    • These basic studio apartments feature a single open space combining the living, dining, and sleeping areas.
    • Prices: In urban areas, traditional studios typically range from $800 to $1,500 per month in rent, depending on location and square footage.
  2. Loft Studio:
    • Loft studios are known for their high ceilings and open layouts, often featuring exposed brickwork or industrial aesthetics.
    • Prices: Due to their unique appeal, loft studios tend to be slightly more expensive, ranging from $1,200 to $2,500 per month.
  3. Alcove Studio:
    • Alcove studios are similar to traditional studios but feature a partially separate alcove area that can be used as a bedroom.
    • Prices: Alcove studios can be found at a similar price range to traditional studios, starting from around $800 and going up to $1,500 per month.
  4. Convertible Studio:
    • Convertible studios are designed to maximize space by offering a flexible layout that can easily convert into a one-bedroom setup.
    • Prices: The average price for a convertible studio ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 per month, depending on the location and amenities.
  5. Junior One-Bedroom:
    • Junior one-bedroom studios feature a separate yet small bedroom area, providing a bit more privacy than the traditional studio layout.
    • Prices: Due to the added privacy, junior one-bedrooms generally fall within the $1,000 to $2,000 per month price range.

How Do Studios And 1-Bedroom Units Compare In Rents In Different Cities?

The following table compares rent prices for studios and one-bedroom apartments in different cities.


Studio (rent in $)

One bedroom (rent in $)

Columbus, OH



Charlotte, NC



Baton Rouge, LA



Fort Worth. TX



Nashville, TN



Memphis, TN



Durham, NC



Raleigh, NC



Long Beach, CA



Irving, TX



Factors That Influence The Price Of Studio Apartments

Factors That Influence The Price Of Studio Apartments

Several factors influence the pricing of studio apartments in different places. These factors include;

 Proximity To Crucial Services

The nearness of an apartment to essential services such as hospitals, schools, businesses, banks, and entertainment plays a crucial role in determining rent. Those apartments that are near these places are more expensive than those that are far. Being near major services gives one the convenience of not traveling far, contributing to high rent.


Depending on where the studio apartment is located, its rent could be high or low. For example, in a city with a higher demand for space, the rent will be higher than in the suburbs. 

Available Amenities

A studio apartment comes with more amenities than one bedroom, which makes the price soar. Such amenities may include; air conditioning, access to a pool, a fitness center, and a balcony or patio space. Expect to pay more depending on the number of amenities available in the studio you are renting. 


The size of the living space also plays a significant role in determining rent. Although a studio combines the living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in a single room, some have more space than others. Depending on the amount of space, the rent may be high or low. 

Which Is Better Between A Studio And A One-Bedroom Apartment?

Several factors come to play when choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment, including;


While it may be cheaper to rent a studio than a one-bedroom unit, it is necessary to compare the square footage against the price. A 1-bedroom apartment could be more expensive depending on the location and luxury, but the extra space could be worth it. But, if you aim to save a few bucks on rent, then going for a studio is the best option.

Number Of Occupants

You can choose between a 1-bedroom apartment or a studio depending on the number of people living in the space. For example, living in a larger space is more convenient if you are two than in a cramped space offered by a studio. You will get more storage, comfort, and a living area in a one-bedroom unit.

Your Lifestyle

The kind of life you desire will also play a great role in choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom unit.  If you are the kind that loves hosting guests in your place, a studio may not be sufficient. Your guests may not be comfortable in a limited space that serves as the bed and living area. 

A 1-bedroom apartment will also give you the flexibility of buying different appliances, redecorating, and entertainment. You cannot get all this luxury in a studio apartment. 


If you are selective about living in, you may consider renting a studio instead of a one-bedroom house. It is easier to get a studio apartment in high-end areas at an affordable cost than one bedroom. 

Working From Home

If you work from home most of the time, you may not be comfortable using the same space as sleeping, eating, working, and relaxing. A studio apartment will not give you the flexibility to balance your work and other activities. A one-bedroom unit will allow you to set up a working space, somewhere to relax and exercise at your convenience. 

What Are The Steps To Finding A Studio Apartment?

Finding your desired rental space could be challenging, more so if it is the first time. But, the following steps are helpful;

Decide Your Budget

When looking for an apartment, it is necessary that you first determine the amount you are comfortable spending. It would help if you remembered that your rent needs not to be more than 30% of your gross income. 

Determine The Amenities You Want

Most studio apartments come packed with several amenities despite their small size. It would help to decide which of these amenities you want to be included in your studio apartment before looking for one. You can choose to have natural lighting, adequate cooking space, efficient washing and drying machine

Consider Your Mode Of Transport To Work.

Your mode of transport to work will also play a significant role when choosing where to rent. Since most studios are found in the hearts of major cities, you may consider using public transport while commuting to work. It is important to look for an apartment that is accessible with the best route that will help you save time. 

Compare Different Areas

After determining your budget, mode of transport, and the amenities you want to have, it is now high time that you take a tour of the different places. Compare different studios and look for one in the best condition. Ensure that the door hinges, windows, taps, and other fixtures are working properly. You can ask the landlord or property managers to clarify anything that may not be clear to you before making a final decision. 

It is important when looking for apartments that you concentrate your search on trusted and reputable sites to avoid scammers. 

Applying For The Studio Apartment

Applying for a studio apartment is no different from other rental applications. You will need to fill out an application form, whether online or physically. Be sure to provide the correct information about your income, employment, rental history, and other relevant details. You may also be required to give consent for a credit and background check for the potential landlord to do a screening. 

Making Payment

Once your application has been approved and you are satisfied with the apartment, it is time to make the payments. Be sure to confirm with the landlord the payment method and how much you need to pay. But, you must avoid money-wiring services or the use of cash since this could expose you to scammers. 

Moving In

Unless some issues need to be fixed in the studio apartment of your choice, you can agree with the landlord to move in immediately after paying. If there are any repairs or renovations to be made, you can also agree with the landlord on how much time you will wait before occupying the space. make sure to point out to them what you need to be fixed.

Can Two People Live In The Same Studio Apartment?

Yes. Two people can live in the same studio apartment, but only one will sign the contract. The second person will live as a permitted guest and pay rent through the main person (responsible tenant). Two or more people can live together in a studio apartment but, it is important to know that your privacy will be compromised. It is thus necessary to think about your comfort and privacy before you can decide to co-share a studio apartment.

Is a Studio Apartment Worth It?

Whether a studio apartment is worth it depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Studio apartments offer certain advantages, such as lower rent compared to larger units, reduced utility costs, and easier maintenance. They are ideal for single individuals or couples who prioritize location and convenience over space.

Additionally, studio living can promote a minimalist lifestyle, as it forces residents to declutter and prioritize essentials. However, for those who value more space, and privacy, or have a need for separate rooms, a studio may not be the best fit. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal priorities and what aligns with one’s lifestyle and financial situation. 


Studio apartments are so expensive because they have more amenities than a one-bedroom. They may also need more repairs and renovations as compared to others. You can decide to have a roommate to share the rental cost with but, this will compromise your privacy.