Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are expensive due to factors like quality materials, craftsmanship, and customization. Materials can comprise 50-70% of the cost, with hardwoods like cherry or oak being pricier. Labor, design, finishes, and hardware contribute to costs, making cabinets a substantial investment in kitchen remodeling.

Reasons Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive

1. Cost Of Materials

Materials used in making kitchen cabinets and shelves are highly priced despite their differing in quality and appearance. If you are going for a custom-made cabinet, you may have to choose from a wide range of more delicate items that could end up being more costly.

2. Transforming Or Redecorating Your Kitchen

Redecorating or transforming the kitchen will involve changing the shelves, refinishing, or re-facing them. Removing existing cabinets will cost extra money when installing new ones. If you are experienced, you may opt to remove the cabinets by yourself, which will save on some costs. You can also get an expert to do it for you. 

3. Installing New Cabinets

Kitchen fixtures are not like other furnishings that you can buy, move into your house, and place anywhere you like. They have to be fixed securely and safely by qualified and certified professionals, and this will mean an additional cost.  

4. Custom-made cabinets

When it comes to purchasing kitchen cabinets, you may choose the design, finishing, and quality of the material. Custom-made cabinets will satisfy your desire, but this will make it more expensive. These shelves are hard to make as they can’t be produced in bulk since each customer has varying designs.

The layer-out requirements of different customers will mean customized shelves to be made manually hence increasing their cost.

5. Labor Costs

Construction of kitchen cabinets is labor-intensive, and it requires expertise and time to make them as right as they can be. Creating a solid piece of wardrobe can take several hours and needs skilled workers, which comes with a cost.

6. Quality Of Material

The quality of the material used will also determine the cost of the kitchen cabinet. If you choose granite or marble, be sure to spend more. The kind of wood you choose for your kitchen will also significantly impact the cabinets’ overall cost. Birchwood is cheaper than other kinds of wood, such as maple, while plywood has a better quality for the sides and back of the cabinet than ordinary lumber, which may be subject to wear and tear over time.

Ways To Save Money On Kitchen Cabinets

Are you on a budget but still want to purchase kitchen cabinets? There are a few factors you can consider, such as buying fabricated cabinets other than custom-made ones, choosing cheaper but quality wood species, minimizing the number of drawers on your design, and more. Here are some tips to help you save money;

1. Door Styles

Door styles make a considerable difference to the cost of a cabinet. Although you may have a specific type in mind for your cabinet door, it is advisable to choose two or three options and compare their prices. Pick the one that helps you save some money but do not compromise your design.

You may have to avoid inset and raised door styles since they will cost more. The shaker-style door may cost less depending on the cabinet manufacturer, while slab door fronts are less costly across the board. You can pick this style if you are designing a contemporary or modern kitchen.

2. Consider Open Shelving

You can replace your cabinets with open shelving, which is more pocket-friendly. Although you may be sacrificing the storage space, shelves are easier to maintain and less expensive than kitchen cabinets, and they could save you quite an amount.  

3. Laminate Or Thermofoil

You may not always have to choose an all-plywood design but instead, go for Laminate or thermofoil. Both options are excellent and budget-friendly. Thermofoil is a kind of plastic finish used on a medium-density fiberboard or other engineered wood cores. 

The material is long-lasting, easy to clean, and less costly than wood. On the other hand, Laminate is less expensive than wood, and it also holds up well over time but is not as strong as wood. This material can be more susceptible to moisture too. 

4. Inexpensive Wood Species

Affordable wood species such as oak could save you several dollars from the total cost. You can inquire from your local cabinet shop about the most affordable species.  Avoid cherry though attractive since it is usually expensive.

5. Omit Full-Extension Slides And Soft-Close Drawers

You can sacrifice some standard upgrades such as full-extension slides and soft-close drawers to save on some dollars. These perks are not necessary for a beautiful and functional design, but you can try door pulls instead if you are worried about wear and tear. The fixtures are more affordable and can help to preserve the integrity of your drawers and door fronts.

6. Minimize Details

Customize less on your cabinets since the fewer details you choose mean less pay. Matching end panels, corbels, decorative legs, crown molding, glass door fronts, among others, add to the overall cost of your cabinets. 

7. Avoid Pull-Outs

Though pull-outs have added convenience, you have to decide whether they are worth the expense. Pull-outs such as sliding shelves, trash bins, or the miracle corner will lead to a high price. Place trash bins at the end of your island or pantry to reduce the cost. You may also stick to base cabinets and blind corners without whistles and bells. 

8. Go For Fewer Drawers And More Doors

If you love raised panel door style and want clean-looming wood such as maple, you can still save money. Include fewer drawers and more doors in your cabinet. Standard base cabinets cost less than drawer bases, and you can save several dollars.

9. Don’t Add A Varnish To Your Stain Or Paint

You may be tempted to add a glaze to your paint since it shapes your cabinets’ aesthetics. However, a glaze makes your kitchen cabinet quite expensive, and you can do away with it since it is not a need but a want,

Kitchen cabinets can be so expensive, but you can minimize their cost by following the tips discussed in this article.



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