How To Kill Trumpet Vine

Kill Trumpet Vine

Last Updated on August 13, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

To kill trumpet vine, cut back the plant to the ground and immediately apply an herbicide containing glyphosate (concentration over 20%). Repeat as needed. Glyphosate-based herbicides are effective against trumpet vine.

How To Contain Trumpet Vine

One of the simplest ways of containing trumpet vine is planting it in a container. You will then need to dig a hole in the ground and put the box inside it. This method restricts the vine’s roots from spreading hence controlling the plant.

Trumpet vine can also be contained by digging a trench around it annually. An ideal trench should measure 12 inches (30cm) wide, and 12 inches (30cm) deep and you will need to dig at least three feet from where the vine grows to prevent any damage.

Methods Of Killing Trumpet Vine

You may sometimes not want to keep trumpet vine in your yard mostly if it has overtaken our garden. You may also realize that however much herbicide you apply, the plant still gets more robust and vibrant. There are different ways you can use to eradicate this pervasive and clinging vine;

1. Uprooting The Vine

Trumpet vine spreads through its roots, and one of the best ways of killing it is by removing these roots. Digging as much root system as possible helps to kill the plant and prevent it’s coming back. Make sure that no root pieces are left behind as they may shoot again and allow the plant to grow back.

 Ensure also that when you dig up the vine, you look for any signs of re-growth and remove any shoots appearing from the ground. 

2. Using Boiling Water

Boiling water is an excellent alternative to herbicide when killing a trumpet vine. Start by cutting the vine to the ground, then put boiling water in a space of 0.91 meters or three feet. Ensure that you pour boiling water on any shoot that you see to prevent the vine from growing again.

3. Applying Chemicals

Although chemical solutions are not the best and should be used as a last resort, you can still use them to kill trumpet vine. You will need to cut the plant at the ground level and apply a herbicide. As with other methods, make sure to check for any signs of re-growth and apply the herbicide on the site immediately. 

4. Blend Of White Vinegar With Water

A solution of white vinegar with water can also be a remedy to trumpet vine when applied in full sunlight. Spray the solution generously on the plants and also ensure that you look for any shoots to prevent the reoccurrence.

5. Using Rock Salt

Rock salt can also be used to eradicate trumpet vine where no other plants are growing. You can mix a cup of salt with a gallon of boiling water and stir for the solute to dissolve. Spray the liquid at the base of the vine and ensure that you cover even the shoots.

Be consistent with any method that you choose and monitor the progress. You may also combine digging up the roots and applying hot water. Check the treated area frequently to see if there are new shoots and cut or mow them down immediately after you spot them. 

You can also improve your lawn’s health by aerating, fertilizing, or adding soil amendments. A healthy and properly maintained garden helps to deter all weeds from invading it.

What Is The Best Herbicide To Kill Trumpet Vine?

The best herbicide for killing trumpet vine depends mainly on the method of application that you will choose. Glyphosate, which is commercially referred to as Roundup, is effective in killing any weeds. Applying this herbicide requires you to be very cautious not to kill the grass. You will cut the vine close to the ground and lay the herbicide immediately on the cut stem using a paintbrush.

An alternative method is to spray the chemical directly on the cut stem while being careful not to overspray as doing this may kill your entire lawn

You can also use triclopyr herbicide to get rid of this trumpet creeper. Cut back the plant to the ground and drill holes that are 3/4 –inches into the roots. Cover the gaps with the herbicide and be sure to follow the instructions provided on the package.

How To Prevent Trumpet Vine From Spreading

There are three ways in which trumpet vines spread, i.e. by roots, seeds, and underground runners. Wherever the roots touch the soil, the trumpet vine tends to thrive. You can slow down the spread of trumpet vine by deadheading the seed frequently. Prune the parent plant often to keep the vines off the ground and to prevent rooting.

Mowing your lawn regularly will also prevent shoots from underground runners. You will also want to dig up offshoots in your garden beds or cut them with a hoe once they appear. You can also remove the shoots while doing your routine garden wedding. 

You may contain the runners by planting the trumpet vine in a 5-gallon bucket. Remove the bottom of the bucket and sink it in the ground then fill it with soil. This planting technique also helps to control mint in your lawn. You may, however, replace the trumpet vine with one that is less aggressive like clematis if removing offshoots does not work.

A non-selective herbicide like glyphosate may also be useful in treating the suckers as it destroys the rooting system faster.  

Final Word

The trumpet vine is an aggressive, high-climbing plant with attractive reddish-orange flowers. The plant is sometimes cultivated for its beauty, but if unchecked, it could spread rampantly. Routine pruning of the vine helps to keep it under control and prevents it from suffocating your yard.

Since the plant spreads by roots, seeds, or underground runners, you will have to remove the roots and prevent shoots from forming. You can apply any of the above techniques to either contain the plant or kill it altogether.