How To Program Garage Door Remote Clicker? All About Garage Door Remote Clickers

Garage Door Remote Clicker

To program a garage door remote clicker, follow these steps:

  1. Access the garage door opener’s “Learn” button on the motor unit.
  2. Press and release the “Learn” button, triggering the indicator light.
  3. Within 30 seconds, press the desired button on the remote clicker.
  4. The motor unit light should flash or hear a clicking sound, indicating successful programming.
  5. Test the remote clicker by pressing the programmed button to open/close the garage door.
  6. If there are multiple doors, repeat the process for each remote. Ensure you check the garage door opener’s manual for specific instructions, as steps may vary depending on the brand and model.

How Does A Garage Door Remote Clicker Work?

A garage door remote clicker works through a combination of radio frequency (RF) technology and a unique code system. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Transmitter and Receiver: The remote clicker is the transmitter, and the garage door opener unit contains the receiver. When you press a button on the clicker, it sends a signal in the form of radio waves.
  2. Radio Frequency (RF) Signal: The clicker emits an RF signal at a specific frequency that is pre-programmed to match the receiver’s frequency in the garage door opener.
  3. Code System: Inside the clicker and the receiver, there is a unique code or “rolling code” system. This system generates a new code every time the button is pressed, making the transmitted signal secure and difficult to replicate.
  4. Pairing Process: When programming the remote clicker, you initiate a pairing process. The garage door opener’s receiver learns and stores the unique code transmitted by the clicker. This ensures that only the paired remote can activate the door.
  5. Opening or Closing the Door: When you press the button on the clicker, it sends the RF signal with the unique code to the garage door opener’s receiver. If the code matches the one stored in the receiver’s memory, it commands the garage door to open or close.
  6. Safety and Security: The rolling code system enhances security by preventing unauthorized access, as the code changes every time the remote is used. This technology minimizes the risk of code grabbing or hacking.

How Do I Program My Universal Remote To My Garage Door Remote Clicker?

Programming your universal remote to your garage door remote clicker can streamline your life in unfathomable ways. It calls for technical know-how that might seem complex at first glance, but it is actually a simple step-by-step process that you can execute even without any technical skills. Here’s how:

1. Understand your Garage Door Opener System:
Before you start, it’s crucial to understand the garage door opener system type that you have. Some common ones are Linear, Multi-Code, and LiftMaster. This is important because the instructions can vary slightly based on the type of garage door opener.

2. Prepare your Universal Remote:
Ensure that your universal remote has batteries and is operating correctly.

3. Locate the Learn Button:
This button is usually behind the light lens on the motor head and could be colored either red, orange, green, purple, or yellow.

4. Press the Learn Button:
Press and release the chosen button within 30 seconds. The LED light will turn on indicating that the unit is in “programming mode”.

5. Press the Universal Remote Button:
Now, press the button on your universal remote that you want to program for your garage door until you notice the LED lights on your opener either blink or go off.

6. Test your Universal Remote:
Once you’ve completed these steps, test your universal remote to ascertain that the programming was successful. If your garage door responds to the universal remote’s commands, you’ve programmed it successfully.

The table below summarizes the steps required to program your universal remote:

1Understand your Garage Door Opener System
2Prepare your Universal Remote
3Locate the Learn Button
4Press the Learn Button
5Press the Universal Remote Button
6Test your Universal Remote


How Do I Reprogram My Clicker Garage Door Remote Clicker’s Keypad?

Reprogram My Clicker Garage Door Remote Clicker’s Keypad

Follow these steps to reprogram any garage door clicker with a keypad clicker.

  • Be sure to clear the garage door area of any obstructions.
  • Locate the LEARN button on the door control.
  • Press the LEARN button twice.
  • Enter the 4-digit pin of your choice on the keypad and press ENTER.
  • The opener lights will blink, indicating the pin programming is complete.

How Do I Know That A Garage Door Remote Clicker Is Compatible? 

If it was manufactured in 2012 or later (or if you are uncertain of the manufactured date), you could determine compatibility by the color of the “learn” button near the wiring terminals. If it is yellow, it is NOT compatible. But if it is any other color: Red, blue, purple, it is compatible.

Can You Program Two Garage Door Remote Clickers With One Keypad?

If you can have a garage with multiple doors and openers, you can pair up the keypad with a maximum of 3 remote clickers. However, each keypad will use its codes. Additional garage door openers are an easy way to add convenience to your home. You can buy the simplest ones for about $10 at locksmiths or hardware stores, and they are easy to program.

Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Remote Clicker Work?

A common reason why garage door remotes start to malfunction is dead batteries. Try holding the remote next to the garage door motor unit if it fails to work. In this case, replace the battery if the remote is not working. Alternatively, you can contact Garage Door Professional Services to get you a new garage door remote clicker.

Where Is The Learn Button On The Garage Door Remote Clicker?

Learn Button On The Garage Door Remote Clicker

The “learn” button on your garage door opener is above the antenna wire that hangs from the motorhead, but it may also be under a light cover, depending on the manufacturer. The “learn” button will be green, red, orange, purple, or yellow to help you locate it easily. 

How Do I Reset My Garage Door Remote Clicker?

First, know the location of the “LEARN” button as it is the only way to reset your garage door remote clicker. Press the “Learn” button and hold it down for about 10 seconds, and the initial codes will no longer work. Remember to program it with new codes once you reset it for proper functioning.

Will Any Garage Door Remote Clicker Work On Any Garage? 

In most cases, a universal remote should work with the most popular brands of openers on the market. The packaging will often provide information about which brands and models it will work with. However, there may also be cases when a universal garage door remote does not work with a particular door unless both have similar codes.

Can I Add A New Remote Clicker To My Garage Door Opener?

The GS-1 kit is universal and compatible with almost all national garage door openers. You can operate up to three garage door openers with the same remote control. Therefore, adding a clicker to your garage door opener is possible. You can probably have multiple remote clickers and program them with the same codes to work similarly.

Do You Have To Reprogram The Garage Door After Changing The Battery?

Homeowners may need to reprogram the garage door opener whenever the batteries are changed. Although this is unnecessary for all garage door openers, many models require reprogramming every time you remove the batteries. Removing batteries eliminates the power source, so it is good to reprogram every time you remove or replace batteries.

How Do You Select The Best Garage Door Remote Clicker?

Usually, check out the device’s features to ensure you get a suitable gadget. For instance, a good garage door remote clicker should have the following features:

1. Compatibility

It should work in almost all garage doors of the same company. The one that functions on all garage doors manufactured by duncy1993 is the best.

2. Design

Choose a garage door remote clicker with a compact design with two controlling buttons. It will help you operate multiple doors simultaneously.

3. Type Of Technology

The remote clicker should have the most recent technology to enable you to program and reprogram it easily. The latest technology is vital for frequency recognition from further distances within seconds.

4. Return Policy

The seller should allow you to return the clicker if it does not work according to your requirements. The seller must also provide you with replacement alternatives if the clicker gets damaged.

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace The Garage Door Remote Clicker?

Garage door remote clickers may be more costly to replace than to repair. So if it’ll cost you less anyway, it’s best to purchase a new garage door remote clicker that will also be of higher quality and works better. You may need to replace it, but it may not be easy to get the spare parts unless you obtain them from the manufacturer. The final price depends on the brand and the garage door remote clicker model.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Garage Door Remote Clicker?

On average, a garage door remote clicker should last for 10 – 15 years. Depending on your level of maintenance, it may last longer or less than this duration. Some garage door remote clickers last longer, and some last a shorter amount of time, but keeping up with maintenance can help increase the lifespan. 

How Do I Program My Garage Door Remote Clicker To A Different Garage?

Firstly, press and hold down the button on the original remote that you wish to program onto the corresponding button on the copy remote. Press and hold down the corresponding button on the corresponding remote control. Hold both buttons down until you see an LED on a small copy flash, and your remote will open the different garage. Nevertheless, both garage door remote clickers must be compatible. 

How Many Garage Door Remote Clickers Can You Program?

Depending on the keyless entry you are programming, you may program more than one garage door remote clicker. The number of garage door openers largely depends on the number of PINs that the manufacturer uses to send a unique radio signal to the openers.

What Is The Cost Of A Garage Door Remote Clicker?

The garage door remote clicker has price variations across the globe. The best way is to look at the features before coming back to the price. You will find most garage door remote clickers from as low as $13 to $70. Expensive remote clickers have outstanding features like multiple control buttons, indicator lights and are more convenient to use. Always aim for the one with the best features, even if it is costly.

Which Is The Best Garage Door Remote Clicker?

There are many garage door remote clickers, and different experts might advise you accordingly to get the right one for your garage. However, most of them recommend Chamberlain KLIK1U for many reasons. It is a single-source solution that operates multiple doors. 

Another reason is its compatibility with most garage doors like Overhead Door, Genie, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Stanley, and Wayne-Dalton. It also has the latest technology that incorporates photo-eye light sensors and is readily available and easily programmable.

What Do You Do When You Lose Your Garage Door Remote Clicker?

You can always look for a replacement opener remote from your manufacturer’s unit online. They usually recommend quality garage door opener brands like lift master as they can equip you with a new remote to replace your old one. If that’s impossible, buy a new one, but make sure it is similar to the lost one and reprogram it.

Final Thought

A garage door remote clicker is an indispensable gadget if you own a car with a home garage. You may reprogram, replace or purchase a new one. Always look for the features to get a high-quality product that will serve you long-term. Finally, grab yourself one to enhance the safety of your garage.


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