How to Clean a House (10 Easy Tips)

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 By Emma W. Thomas

Cleaning the house is a task that many people find expensive and tedious. And, the truth is that it is a work that can be defined as unpleasant because dirt reappears. However, there are a number of tips on How to Clean a House thoroughly that make this process much more bearable and that you have to spend less time having the home in order. They are tricks that are of great help, especially when working to avoid having to spend the entire weekend organizing and cleaning the home.

We will explain how to clean the house thoroughly so you can implement all the tips that will help you maintain order with less effort. You will see how they work.

Tricks How to Clean a House

The best thing to clean the house thoroughly and do it quickly and effectively is to organize. On the one hand, it is important that in the day to day the fundamental tasks are carried out so as not to accumulate all the work on the weekend and that the cleaning is overwhelming and practically impossible to assume. On the other hand, the organization also consists of cleaning the house correctly because the order in which it is cleaned is not the same.

And how to clean a very dirty and messy house? With these tricks to clean the house thoroughly, it will be much easier. Of course, they are tips that are more suitable for cleaning the living room and rooms because the kitchen and bathroom require other tricks that we will talk about in the following sections.

Dust removal:

dust cleaning is always done from the upper or higher areas of the furniture down. This prevents you from cleaning the lower part and refills it with dust when you clean over it.


it is important to sweep the floor of the rooms after dusting because, if it is swept before, the dust will usually reappear, having to sweep or vacuum twice instead of once.

Wash textiles:

stains on carpets, curtains, sofa covers … you always have to remove them at the moment because, otherwise, it will take longer to remove them and, even, they may not go away. In the sheets, it is important to establish a periodicity to always change them on the same day that you can take advantage of to organize laundry.

It is advisable to change them every week and should not pass 15 days without having made the change. However, there is no reason to change all the bed sheets at once. You can make those in one room one week and those in other beds on another day. 

As for the clothes, the washing should be organized according to the clothes, but it is not good to leave all the laundry for the weekend. For example, you can put on delicate clothes on one day of the week, another day of color … and so on. The day,


to avoid spending more time with the iron, it is best that the clothes you have to iron keep it well folded because it will have fewer wrinkles to remove. And, of course, you always have to put it well in the closet because, otherwise, the ironing time will not have helped.

Clean the windows

the windows in the rooms do not need to be cleaned every day and, depending on where you live, not every week. It is important to establish a cleaning calendar – for example, every fifteen days – and that does not match other tasks such as changing sheets or laundry. You can even schedule to clean a window every day. This will make you less tedious and you will get less tired. 

Clean the doors

the doors must not be cleaned every week. Every fifteen days is fine. So set a day in the organization calendar for it.

Clean the lamps

when talking about how to organize to clean the house thoroughly you can not miss the tips for the lamps. Cleaning them every 15 days is enough. So you have to set a day for them in the cleaning organization calendar.

They are tips on how to organize to clean the house thoroughly that will be very useful but do not forget to set a calendar with the different functions and, of course, to fulfill it.

Tips to clean the bathroom well

Within the tips to clean the house thoroughly, you cannot miss those related to cleaning the bathroom, which is one of the areas of the house that requires more attention.

However, cleaning is not that complicated either. And how to organize to clean the house thoroughly without missing the bathroom? It’s very easy, with these simple and fast tips and gestures you will save a lot of time:

It is always convenient to dry the screen after each shower so that the lime is not embedded or moisture stains appear. This saves you time and you have to spend less time when you have to do a more thorough cleaning.

The shower curtain should always be lightened after the bath to avoid dirt.

Clean the sink faucet with a microfiber cloth every night so that the lime does not stick. It won’t take you a minute to do it.

It is better to clean the tiles after the bath or shower because steam has been generated in the room and dirt comes out more easily.

Use specific multipurpose wipes for the bathroom to clean any stains or give a quick pass to the toilets. So, when you have to do the cleaning more thoroughly, it will take less and there will be less dirt to remove.

How to clean the kitchen for thorough cleaning of the house

If you have to clean the kitchen, surely you wonder how to clean my house quickly and well and have time to have all the rooms clean, including the bathroom and the kitchen.

And, precisely, this last stay in the home is another one that requires more attention, along with the bathroom. The key is again to organize and clean up on a daily basis as it gets dirty. And it is not the same to put a dishwasher with the dishes of lunch and dinner that spend the whole weekend stuck to this appliance or the sink to wash everything for a week. But also choose:

Using specific kitchen paper or plastic inside the cabinets is very useful to avoid cleaning them frequently. So, when they get stained, they change and go.

The kitchen plate is important to clean once a day to avoid fat accumulation. The same should be done with the bell. If you don’t fry too much, it’s enough once a week on the outside. 

Clean the oven with a damp cloth after using it to remove the grease before it sticks. That way you won’t have to scratch.

Sweep once a day. It is better at night because that way you already collect all the dirt of that day

With these tips on how to clean the house thoroughly and tricks to avoid having to get very tired cleaning and take all day to do it, we hope, This article helped you answer your question of how to clean a house quickly and well. Remember that daily order and organization are always the best asset always to have a clean home.