What Are The Denver Broncos’ Colors? History Of The Broncos In NFL

Denver Broncos is a franchise focusing on professional American football and is based in Denver. The Broncos are among the most successful teams recording three wins in the Superbowl championship and eight wins in AFC championships. Their colors are orange, navy, blue, and white. The color codes are Pantone, RGB, hex for web, and CYMK for print.

History Of The Bronco’s Logo And Uniform

The Denver Broncos team debuted in 1960 with mustard yellow and white jerseys that stole the show paired with vertically striped socks, contrasting brown pants, and brown helmets. In 1962, they changed their colors to royal blue, orange, and white, then unveiled a new logo featuring a bucking horse. This uniform consisted of orange helmets, white pants, and orange or white jerseys. In 1968, the Broncos debuted a new design that got the name “orange crush.” They redesigned their logo and changed their helmets to royal blue; the team also wore orange pants with their white jerseys.

In 1997, the broncos radically changed their uniforms to a design that is used up to date. On their new system, navy blue replaced royal blue on the color scheme, and their logo changed to a horse’s head with an orange mane and navy blue outlines. The horsehead on the logo’s profile was inspired by mascot thunder: the bronco’s popular live animal. When introducing the new logo at a press conference in February 1997, the team’s president described it as “a powerful horse with a fiery eye and mane.” The team replaced their signature orange jerseys with navy blue jerseys. This new design features a streak that runs up and down both sides of the pants and jerseys, a new wordmark, and a numbering font. On the white jersey, this streak is navy blue with a thin orange strip on both sides, navy numerals trimmed in orange, and a navy collar, while on the navy-blue jerseys, the streak is orange with an orange collar and white numerals trimmed in orange. When these new uniforms debuted, they were scorned by fans and the press until the Broncos won their first-ever Superbowl that season. The navy-blue jerseys became the broncos primary home jersey up to 2011 when the orange jersey replaced it as the home attire.

The Broncos wore their throwback 1960 jerseys that consisted of mustard yellow and brown in 2009 to commemorate their 50th anniversary as one of the eight original AFL teams.

Notable Players And History Of Denver Broncos

When the team was founded as one of the American football league’s original members, they had some standout players such as Lionel Taylor who led the AFL in reception five times and black Floyd.  The broncos still finished last in their division six times and never posted a winning record in the first ten years of their existence. In 1970, AFL and NFL merged and the broncos dwelt in the division cellar until they had their first win in 1973.

In 1977, the broncos broke through and gained a playoff berth and went 12-2 claiming the best record in that conference. The team was led by tom Jackson, Randy Gradishar and the rest of the ‘orange crush’ defense, having derived the name from their orange home jerseys at that time. They won their first two postseason games and proceeded to the Superbowl championship and they lost to Dallas cowboys. The Broncos returned to playoffs the next two seasons but lost their first game on both occasions.

 In 1980, the head coach Red Miller was fired and replaced with Dan reeves since they had heightened expectations that were not met. Reeves oversaw the signing of John Elway in 1983 who became the most iconic player in the history of the franchise. For 16 seasons, Elway stared as the team’s quarterback with Karl Mecklenburg anchoring the team’s defense, making the broncos one of the most successful NFL teams in the ’80s. Broncos advanced to three super bowls and a consecutive AFC championship against Cleveland Browns. These two games in 1987 and 1988 became the most memorable contests of that time. The 1987 game featured Elway leading the team 98 yards in the fourth quarter to tie the score and win in overtime.

  In 1988, the game was decided when Earnest Byner, Cleveland Browns running back, lost the ball on broncos 3-Yard line when trying to score a tying touchdown. However, in the subsequent Superbowl, the Broncos were beaten by New York Giants and Washington redskins.  In 1990, the Broncos returned to the Superbowl and were beaten 55-10 by San Francisco 49ers, the worst loss in Superbowl’s history. After the 1992 season, Reeves was dismissed due to failure to win a Superbowl and constant feuding with Elway.                         

In 1995, Mike Shanahan was hired as the team’s head coach with Terrell Davis as the running back, Rod Smith as the wide receiver, and Shannon Sharpe at the tight end. With this well-balanced squad, the broncos beat green bay packers in Superbowl and won the first-ever title. Denver won a record 14 games next season and a second Superbowl victory. Elway retired and Denver finished last in their division the last season.

Mike Shanahan was fired after the 2008 season, because they missed playoffs for three consecutive seasons. Broncos started rebuilding thoroughly and in 2011, Elway became the vice president of football operations.  Broncos won the 2011 AFC west title and returned to the postseason. In 2013, broncos won 13 games and set a new NFL record of highest points ever scored. In 2014, broncos were less dominant but they managed to win a third straight division title. Their defense developed into the strongest in NFL and they won another AFC championship. They managed to shut down Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 to capture the third title in their history.

Manning then retired in the off-season and broncos struggled to find a suitable replacement in 2016 resulting in 9-7 record and an end to the 5-year postseason streak.

How Many Super Bowls Have Denver Broncos Played In?

 Since NFL and AFL merged, the Broncos have played in eight Superbowl matches and have won three of those. They won super bowl XXXII, Superbowl XXXIII and Superbowl 50.  


 If you are a fan of American football, you might have a lot of questions regarding the Denver broncos and its iconic players. The team has an exciting history and record which is worth reading about. We took you through some of the team highlights and moments that interest most fans. For more information about this team, visit their website, and acquire some fun and enlightening facts.                                                                                                                

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