Bedroom Shelving Ideas On The Wall That You’ll Definitely Love

Best-Bedroom Shelving Ideas

Bedroom shelves are a great way to enhance your room’s appearance and store your essentials. They help our bedroom spaces look less cluttered. You can choose different shelves for your bedroom wall ranging from minimalist to complicated designs.  You can buy ready-made shelves, or consult a carpenter to make them for you, or even DIY.

 In today’s post, we look at various stylish wall shelf designs that are ideal for any bedroom. We have a variety of options for you to choose from, depending on your taste and preferences. You can incorporate more than one shelf design to break the monotony and keep your room vibrant. Let’s get straight into the shelf design ideas that we have for you.

1. Floating Shelves

You’ve probably come across this interesting design already. Floating shelves have been a trend for some time now, and we are glad to confirm that you can have these pieces in your bedroom. Floating shelves are minimalistic and easy to DIY; you only need a shelf board, brackets, and screws to fix them to the wall. They are known as floating shelves since they are mounted in a way that the supporting brackets cannot be seen, thus giving a floating illusion. Floating shelves can be used to place your décor pieces, books, or collectibles. You can display your favorite artwork on floating shelves to make a gallery in your room. These shelves can carry up to 20 kgs depending on the shelves and bracket thickness. You can customize floating shelves to fit into your style by painting them. White shelves are ideal for a minimalistic look, while a wooden brown color is ideal for a rustic and elegant look.

2. Geometric Shelves

As the name suggests, these shelves resemble geometric shapes. Hexagon, cubes, and honeycomb shapes are the most popular geometric shelf designs. These shelves are either made of aluminum or wood. For ready-made aluminum shelves that are easy to assemble and mount, you can check on Amazon. You can also consult your carpenter to make wooden ones for you; all you need is to design inspiration pics from Pinterest. Geometric shelves are dynamic and can be used to store anything depending on their size. You can store your towels and well-folded clothes if you don’t have a closet. Geometric shelves can also hold your devotional books and magazines meant for the bedroom. If your room doesn’t have enough space for a vanity kit, geometric shelves are great for your products and makeup. White or gold colors come out best in these types of shelves, but you can always try other colors that compliment your wall paint.

3. Tiered Shelves

Tiered shelves are also known as tower shelves because of how they look on a wall. These types of shelves maximize space on a wall and increase storage options. Tower shelves look attractive and are very durable. These types of shelves are ideal for storing books, trophies, and any heavy items you might need to store. Tower shelves can also be an ideal and stylish replacement for nightstands and bedside drawers. Tiered shelves are easy to DIY since you only need a tiered frame, screws, and shelf board. If your house lacks a closet, you can make tiered shelves for your clothes. Tiered shelves are easy to organize and keep neat compared to other shelve designs. They are also ideal for tight corners and small spaces. The beauty of tiered shelves is that you can paint them to camouflage into the rooms décor or to create a beautiful contrast.

4. Accent Shelves

Accent shelves are those you use to build an accent wall. An accent wall in any room is the wall that steals the show. You could use shelves to hang up your photos, fake plants, or any room décor you want on your bedroom accent wall. You can replace your headboard with high shelves, which are elegant and stylish. The well-kept secret behind attractive accent shelves is to make sure it matches with the color of your bed.

5. Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are ideal for maximizing small corner spaces for storage. They are designed to ensure that you get maximum use of idle corners in your room. You can use corner shelves to store your books, beddings, or even shoes. The best colors for these shelves are those matching your wall or other furniture in your room. Corner shelves are popular with most people since you can move them easily in case you relocate and change houses.

6. Fish Bone Shelves

This shelf design resembles herring fishbones and is versatile in installation and decorating. This design is ideal for an accent wall or gallery. The beauty in this type of shelving is that you can rearrange it any time to create a different look. Fishbone shelves are made with a wooden frame for the back panel and a thin metal sheet for the curved shelves. These types of shelves might require an interior designer or professional carpenter to make and install, but they give your room the much-needed upgrade.

Points To Note Before Installing Bedroom Wall Shelves

1. Install shelves in a way that protects you and your family members from injuries

2. Do not overload your shelves

3. Keep wall shelves organized to make your room feel relaxing at all times

4. Choose shelve designs that express your personality

5. Go for simplicity in your bedroom

6. Feel free to experiment with two shelve types at once. E.g., corner shelves go well with accent shelves


You don’t need to be an interior designer to appreciate how wall shelves uplift our spaces. Our bedrooms are sometimes the hardest rooms to organize due to all the stuff we have. Wall shelves provide extra storage and make bedrooms beautiful. Make sure you choose a design that makes you happy and reflects your personality.

Keeping your shelves tidy also helps your room look good, so ensure you keep them organized. When you think storage on a budget, think wall shelves. We hope you enjoy organizing and transforming your bedroom using wall shelves.

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