What Do 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, And 4th Base Mean In A Home?

1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, And 4th Base Mean In A Home

First, second, third, and fourth bases are terms used to measure relationship stages by sexual educators. The first base refers to a relationship that involves just kissing, while the second base is when manual stimulation is applied. The third base when the relationship gets to the point of oral sexual stimulation and the fourth base is when both parties go all the way to penetrative s*x.

What Was The Source Of These Bases?

The base is a term that is frequently used in a baseball game. The game involves the pitcher throwing a ball at another player who tries to hit it using a bat. One scores points by running around three bases and goes back to their original point, usually referred to as the home base. It is still a mystery how the analogy of bases and physical involvement became intertwined. But one thing is that it dates many decades back, and the terms are still used to date. 

What Do The Bases Involve?

These bases act as terminologies that help communicate with one’s prospective partner. The following is a simple guide on what is involved in each base;

The First Base

The first base happens for people who have never been in a relationship. It is usually the first step and is the most memorable. For many people, simple and normal touch starts earning a different meaning. Closeness to each other accelerates one’s heartbeat even when they are just sitting next to each other. With the hearts pacing up and down, the first base takes place. That is the first gentle kiss which is considered a sweet gesture of love. 

Some people get to the first base as soon as they go for their second dates, whereas others might be slow and take much longer. As there are no rules in relationships, one must be comfortable and take their time for the first base as some people value this moment. Relationships involve caring for each other, and if one party is not ready for the first base, then the other should respect that and wait for the right time. When it happens, it is time to move to the next base.

Second Base

 This base involves more than just a kiss. A lot of body touching is involved more intensely than the first base. Both partners kiss with their hands in action without rehearsing or memorizing as it tends to happen naturally. There is a lot of touching, groping, grabbing, and rubbing of chests by both parties in this base. One tends to enjoy kissing accompanied by some sensual strokes or massage. This stage is more of skin action compared to the first base. 

The kissing and closeness intensify with time to the extent of feeling each other’s heartbeat until both realize that they are almost to the point of making out. All this brings one to the next base.

Third Base

 At this base, both partners start forgetting where they are with most of their concentration and focus falling on each other. Pleasing each other becomes their topmost priority, and their hearts start racing faster with another sensation feeling below the waist. They are then involved in serious petting and oral s*x, reaching out to each other being the only thought and feeling. At this point, one is directly headed to the fourth base.

Fourth Base

It is also referred to as the home run. Whether in high school or an adult, once one crosses the fourth base, they are no longer the same and cannot refer to themselves as virgins anymore. The reason is that, on the fourth base, both parties involve themselves in the making out and go all the way, and this completes the four bases. 

However, these terms may differ depending on the audience. The above is usually used on young high school students. Other sources have an almost similar definition of the bases. For instance, in another school of thought, the following are the meaning of the bases: 

 The first base for an adult is a lust stage. It is an important stage since s*xual attraction is a fundamental part of romance. People say that if one is not s*xually attracted to another person, they will not develop any deep feelings. At this stage, one is driven by an evolutionary desire to anyone with no deep emotional feelings attached. 

The second base is boundaries. It mainly involves the speed one wants the relationship to progress through all the other bases. Boundaries are essential in any other relationship, whether it is the first time two partners meet or the hundredth. It helps one prepare themselves mentally and be ready to progress with the other bases. At this stage, one should be able to say no or stop anything that may make them feel embarrassed. There is no problem with deciding to slow up things or ask for more time.

The third base involves kissing, which changes the entire course of a relationship. It changes from simple and casual dating to something more exclusive. It is the pivot to any relationship, as some people use it to determine the next step of their relationship. Studies have shown that women use the man’s ability to kiss to decide on their relationship’s future. They also value kissing as it a way to show affection to their partners.

The fourth base in this perspective is the sensual touch when moods and chemistry start to flow and start to wander unknowingly. From the high school perspective, this used to be the second base. An innocent third base can easily transition to something else in no time. It is known as heavy petting involving light touches, which adds steam to the moment after this follows the fifth and last base.

The fifth base involves going all the way to getting intimate. This situation should involve a mature conversation between the partners before escalating further. They should speak out on what they like or dislike and decide whether to progress or not. This base is more enjoyable and fulfilling if both parties are happy and comfortable. Some people tend to feel uncomfortable and insecure, but the fact that they have come this far past all the other bases shows they are definitely worth their partner. 

Both versions are almost similar but are used in different settings. They are used in s*x education, with the first version mostly used in high schools, whereas the other is used to educate young adults, for example, in churches.

What Are The Other Terminologies Used Concerning The Four Bases?

Other than the four bases, different terms were used to describe various levels and actions in a relationship. Some of them include:


Strikeout refers to when one or both parties fail to get to the first base for some reason. One should not judge him/herself or their partner. The reason is that maybe one party was not ready, or other reasons may fall behind it. For example, one partner may be too drunk or fail to connect in other cases. Sometimes, the first base moment may not be apt for either partner.


 This term Is used when addressing a person who is bis*xual.


Pitching is also known as catching. It refers to when a man is receiving a**l s*x from another man. 

What Are The Views About The Bases?

These bases are viewed as a sequence or script for young people to learn about s*xual relationships. The pattern has been there ever since the 1990s, with the fourth base taking on an additional dimension. The third base is considered to compromise oral s*x, a precursor to the fourth base. Using these terms from baseball on s*sexual education has been criticized by sexuality educators. They claim that it is a misrepresentation of s*x as a contest having a winner and a loser. Some say that these baseball metaphors have been used as vehicles to transmit wrong and unhealthy information about American sexual attitudes.

Despite the conflicting perspectives about using baseball metaphors concerning s*x, some educators have found it effective. The metaphor has been an effective tool to provide s*x education to young middle school students. It also helps parents while discussing puberty with their children. For instance, the topics are divided into four; the first base (changes from the neck upwards), the second base (changes from the neck up to the waist), the third base? (changes from the waist downwards) and the fourth base (the big it)


First base, second base, third base, and fourth base are baseball game terms used in sexual education. They are used by parents or sex educators instead of using specific terms. Some American parents use them when educating their children about puberty and physical changes. There are other terms such as pitcher and catcher, which are used in association with sex education for the same purpose.

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