How Many Woodland Mansions Are There In A World?

Last Updated on April 19, 2021 By Emma W. Thomas

The number of mansions in a world depends on factors such as the type of world. For example, in an infinite world, there are countless wooden mansions. There are none in a flat world, and there is only one woodland mansion in an old world which also depends on the seed. This number also depends on the Minecraft version you are using.

How Do You Find A Woodland Mansion?

A woodland mansion is a naturally generated feature in the Minecraft game as a part of the 1.11 exploration update. They are difficult to find since they are rare and also come with special rewards such as diamond blocks and diamond armors. Since these items are not frequent, it is very unlikely for you to stumble on one while exploring. However, there is a map that could help you track the woodland mansions. You can follow these steps while finding a woodland mansion;

Obtaining A Woodland Explorer Map

Woodland explore maps are obtained through buying from the cartographer villagers in the form of tier trade. As the player, you are supposed to repeatedly unlock the 4th tier with the cartographer villager until the trading menu brings up the map. It allows you to trade for the map with the villager. You will know that a tier is unlocked by looking out for colorful particles that will surround the villager. Mostly the map costs about 30 emeralds and a compass.

Following The Map

It might sound easy, but following the map can be tricky sometimes. A white dot on the map indicates your location. There is also a house which indicates the position of the woodland mansion. The map has a rough sketch with very few details of the world the woodland mansion is in. It is important to note that the map is not scaled, and things are very far apart than they appear to be on it. Using the map, you can determine the general direction to take until you get to the mansion. If using a PC, you can use the F3 button to find out the direction you face for easier navigation.

Explore The World

Explore your world and collect as many prizes and rewards as possible which will be useful for trading. Woodland mansion has many chests with dungeon-type loot, which includes diamond armors. There are some hidden rooms containing diamond blocks, and you are supposed to locate them. More interesting collections such as the special mobs, also known as illagers, drop emeralds and totems. These two special mobs help you not to die when killed by reviving you from death. It is a special item and is only dropped by evoker illagers found in the woodland mansion.

Where Can You Find The Woodland Mansion?

A woodland mansion looks like a giant structure and can only be found in the Dark Forest Biome. Its outer structure is made of dark oak wood, cobblestone, and dark oak planks decorated with very large glass windows. It is three floors high filled with numerous rooms. The woodland mansion entrance has a cobblestone on the doorway and is usually lit by two torches. Once inside, it would be best to explore all the rooms you find to collect chests and other items that will come your way. Use the staircases to climb up to the higher floors of the woodland mansion. 

Who Protects The Woodland Mansion?

The protectors of the woodland mansion are three new mobs known as the vindicator, vex, and an evoker. They are new in the Minecraft game known as the illager and are found on the woodland mansion’s top floors. These mobs are so hostile that they attack you upon entry to these floors, and you have to fight them to gain access. A vindicator strikes by pulling out an iron axe and comes running towards you. 

The evoker is more powerful than a vindicator and uses a cunning attack method. It moves away from you first and then attacks you again by performing a fang attack or summoning its vexes. Vexes are small, winged mobs that strike by flying towards you with iron swords. They are very tricky as they can fly through solids such as walls of the woodland mansion.

What Are The Rarest Items To Find In A World?

Other than the woodland mansion, other items have proven to be rare and hard to find. Some of these items include;

The Emerald Ore

Emerald ore is rare because it’s only found in some chunks in the mountains biome, formerly known as the extreme hills. An emerald ore can only be obtained by using a pickaxe mine. It is used for trading with wandering and village traders and to activate beacons. 

Heart Of The Sea

This item is used as part of the conduit recipe and is found in buried treasure chests. Heart of the sea is rare to find as it is only found in buried chests which are also difficult to find. You can find buried treasure chests using buried maps found on underwater ruins, shipwrecks, or trading for them from a cartographer villager. Its main purpose is for crafting the conduit, an underwater beacon that attacks the mobs underwater that pose a threat of hostility. 

Dragon Egg

There is only one dragon egg per world, making it the rarest item in Minecraft. It only drops after you kill the first dragon, which is difficult since they need to die more than once. They can return to life. Killing the dragon is not only a difficult task but also involving since collecting the egg is equally hard and challenging. Clicking on it leads to immediate teleportation. Therefore, you have to use a piston that makes the egg drop and can be easily collected. Despite its rarity and difficulty to collect, it has no uses, and you collect it as a simple trophy.

Nether Star

 A nether star is another rare item in a world as many steps are involved in obtaining one. First, you have to summon and kill a wither. There is no limit to the number of withers you can summon, which translates to a limitless number of nether stars. Killing the wither is even more difficult than killing an Ender Dragon. Collecting items needed to kill the wither are the most difficult considering that three wither skulls are required, which are not easily dropped. However, nether stars are very worth all the trouble involved as they give your players some very useful status effects by crafting a beacon.

A Beacon

Beacon is among the rarest crafted items in the world since it is crafted from one nether star, three obsidians, and five glass blocks. It is rare because nether stars are hard to find, but all the other crafting items are easily obtained. A beacon emits strong beams of light and provides some powerful status effect when activated. They are wonderful items, and you can change their colour by putting stained glass blocks or pane on them. 

Other rare items are the enchanted golden apple you eat to provide you with strong status effects and restore hunger. There are also mob heads used as decorations and are obtained from wither skeleton that you have killed. Eltyra is also another rare item found in the End and is obtained from the item frame. It is important as it helps you in flying and you can use it multiple times.

What Is A Woodland Mansion?

 A woodland mansion is a large, automatically generated structure located in the dark forests far from the world spawn point. It is usually inhabited by vindicators and evokers who are regarded as the protectors of the woodland mansion. Woodland mansion is among the very few places where you can obtain the totem of undying, an item that enables you to come back to life after you are killed in the game. Other than the vexes and the illager mobs, other more hostile mobs are found in the mansion, such as zombies and skeletons.

There are many types of rooms in the woodland mansions, with some of them being inaccessible. Since the mansion’s layout is randomly and automatically generated, some room types are absent. Some have their entrances sealed, whereas others, like the secret rooms, have no entrances. You can access some individual structures of the woodland mansion by using structure blocks to load structures of a specific room. Woodland mansions are rare to find in a world since there is only one per world in most cases.


A woodland mansion is the rarest item to find in a world since most worlds have only one except the infinity world. It is the only case with infinity mansions, unlike the old world, which has just one. The flat world has no woodland mansion. There are other rare items in the game, such as the totem of undying, the emerald ore, the heart of the sea, and music discs you use to play music by putting them in a jukebox.