Who created the “Whose House? Rams House!” slogan?

Who created the "Whose House? Rams House!" slogan?

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The “whose house? Ram’s house!” slogan was adapted by Los Angeles Rams fans (an American football team) as a variation of the RUN-DMC song “Run’s House.” The chant was first introduced by Sam Lagana, Rams PA announcer at SoFi stadium. He was the first announcer to start the chant in the football arena. Sam Lagana starts the chant by asking the crowd, “whose house?” The crowd replies, “Rams House,” until all the fans are pumped up.

When the crowd chants this slogan, you can feel the psych of the game as the whole arena comes to life. This chant also motivates the LA Rams players to an extent because of the game days excitement it brings. In August 2020, when fans were not allowed in stadiums as a COVID-19 pandemic response, the NFL technicians resorted to playing the chant on the speakers.

Who started the “whose house” chant?

Sam Lagana, Los Angeles Ram’s PA announcer at SoFi stadium

Sam Lagana, Los Angeles Rams PA announcer, is the one who started the chant as a game-day ritual every time the LA Rams are playing. Fans created the chant, and Lagana took it upon himself to ensure they shouted the slogan in every game. Whenever you hear this chant in any LA Rams game, it is either Sam Lagana who started it, or it’s pre-recorded and played on the speakers.

Fans adapted the chant from the single “Run’s House” that was released by Run-D.M.C in 1988 on their album titled “Tougher Than Leather.” The song was popular and ranked number 10 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks that Billboard publishes. The song’s concept is that no matter where they go and who else is performing, Run-DMC owns the house and always tops the bill.

The meaning and message behind the song were the main reason LA Rams chose it as their victory chant. According to the Rams, they will always win or head the bill no matter where they play.

What does the “whose house? Rams house!” slogan mean?

The LA Rams chant the “Whose house? Ram’s house!” slogan to mean that the team is in charge. It is mostly used to signify victory by the LA Rams in NFL or super bowl matches. The Rams fans consider the chant a soundtrack of hope. This slogan has also become a game-day ritual for the Rams, as no game passes without fans chanting it.

The slogan, Lagana’s specialty, has become a household favorite across all of Los Angeles. Everybody from the young to old now knows and loves the chant. You can stand anywhere in LA and shout, “whose house?” and you are guaranteed to hear someone reply, “Rams House.”

This slogan is more than just a chant; it has become the LA Rams motto, a reflexive response in the whole of Los Angeles, and a pep talk for the fans. The chant is the heart of LA Rams game days, with fans chanting it when there’s a match at SoFi stadium.

When Sam Lagana first introduced the chant, he had no idea it would be this big. When he first shouted, “Whose house?” he didn’t even think he would get a response. In an interview with the LA Times newspaper, Sam Lagana said he aimed to bond Los Angeles and bring everyone together. Something that he did so well with just a simple chant.

When he first started announcing at SoFi stadium in 2016, critics said that he screamed too much for a seemingly cool LA crowd. Now, when he starts the chant by shouting, “whose house,” everyone screams back, “Rams House.” This slogan has now become a franchise symbol and ritual.

The announcer shouts it once before the game starts, then again after the Rams score and have kicked off.

What does the "whose house? Rams house!" slogan mean?

More about LA Rams: history and who they are

If you’ve watched any NFL or Superbowl match that the LA Rams were playing, fans chanting “whose house?” “Ram’s house!” slogan, you must be curious to learn more about this team.

The Los Angeles Rams is a professional American football team based in the LA Metropolitan area. The Rams are a member of the National Football Conference (NFC) West division. The team competes in the National Football League and plays its home matches at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

Initially, the team was known as Cleveland Rams and was based in Cleveland, Ohio. When they won the NFL Championship Game in 1945, they moved to Los Angeles. They became the first NFL Championship team to play the next season in another city.

Below is a table showing important facts about Los Angeles Rams

TeamLos Angeles Rams
Area of involvementGridiron football
Year founded1936
HeadquartersAgoura Hills, Los Angeles County, California
AwardsSuper Bowl (2022) Super Bowl (2000) NFL championship (1945 and 1951)
Home groundSoFi Stadium Inglewood, California
Team colorsRoyal blue and yellow
Team nicknamesThe greatest show on turf 1999-2001 Fearsome foursome 1963-1971 Mob squad 2015-2018  
Home fieldsCleveland Stadium (1936-1937) League Park (1937-1945) Shaw Stadium (1938) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (1946-1979 and 2016-2019) Bush memorial stadium (1995) Edward Jones Dome (1995-2015)  SoFi stadium (2020- present)  

LA Rams key moments in history

  • Established in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams playing the American Football League
  • Started competing in the National Football League in 1937
  • Became a member of the National football conference in 1970
  • Played in the western division between 1937 and 1949, the National Conference between 1950 and 1952, and the western conference between 1953 and 1959.
  • Suspended operations in 1943 when it was still Cleveland Rams due to a shortage of players due to World War II.
  • Became St Louis Rams between 1995-2015 after they left southern California to play in St Louis, Missouri.
  • Won the Super Bowl XXXIV, 23–16, against Tennessee Titans
  • New England Patriots won against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, 20–17
  • Moved back to Los Angeles in time for the 2016 NFL Season
  • The Rams played Super Bowl LIII and lost to the Patriots, 13-3
  • Won a match against Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at SoFi Stadium and won Super Bowl LVI. This win made the Rams the second NFL team to win the Super Bowl in its home stadium.
  • The LA Rams are the only NFL club that has won championships representing three cities: Cleveland in 1945, St Louis in 1999, and Los Angeles in 1951 and 2021.

Key Insights and Takeaways

The Los Angeles Rams have been chanting “whose house?” “Ram’s House!” has been the slogan for decades now. The song is now associated with the teams’ fans, with some people not knowing who created the slogan. This popular slogan was made by the Los Angeles Rams Fans for fans and was adopted from the hit hip-hop song “Run’s house by Run-DMC. We hope this article has helped you understand the chant’s meaning and know more about the Los Angeles Rams Team.