How to get Gum out of Clothes With 5 Different Techniques

How to get Gum out of Clothes

Stains and gum traces on clothing are a fairly common problem encountered, especially by those who have small children at home. The little ones, who still do not master the art of chewing gum, end up playing with it and, except in the mouth, this sticky gum ends up everywhere, especially in clothing. But do not worry, because today we tell you how to remove gum from clothes easily and that there is no trace of it.

Because the main problem with chewing gum has to handle it while it is still wet and sticks easily, it is better not to touch it too much and act quickly to remove it. Removing the remains of chewing gum is easier than you imagine, but you have to get down to work as soon as you discover that. You have to gum on your clothes, without touching them too much, applying the tricks that we will see next How to get Gum out of Clothes

How to get Gum out of Clothes with different techniques

Removing the gum attached to clothes is different from the techniques that exist to remove other types of stains. If you ask experts how to remove gum from clothes, everyone agrees on the same thing: forget everything you know about stains, for gum you will have to use some different techniques.

You should know that chewing gums contain in their composition some additives that consist of oils and waxes. To be able to pass from a totally solid state when they are in the package, to be elastic when we wet them and chew them. It means that water only makes the situation worse, and the more we touch them, the more elastic we are going to do.

If you have just noticed that you have a gum stain on your clothes, whether it is already washed clothes or if it is the clothes you are still wearing, start by carefully removing the gum with your fingers pulling up. Remove as much of the clothing as possible before starting the different tricks to remove the rest.

Remove gum from clothes with ice

To make it easier for you to remove the bulk of gum stuck to your clothes, try placing ice on it and let it freeze. You can also directly put the garment in the freezer, leaving it for a while until it is completely frozen.

Once cold, you can better handle the gum to remove it. You may even remove all the gum without leaving any residue or stains on the garment, especially if you have acted quickly and have not penetrated the fibers of the fabric.

Make it very soft so as not to damage the garment, lifting the gum by the edges and approaching the center. 

How to remove gum from clothes with the iron

We have asked the best dry cleaners how to remove gum in clothes, and experts have indicated their tricks. To do it when a customer comes with this type of stain on a delicate garment. Removing it is very easy, you need a clothes iron and thin cardboard.

It does not matter if the garment is delicate, because we are not going to apply the heat directly to it, and you can always control the temperature so that it does not spoil. If you have a gum glued or remains have been left after applying cold, place the cardboard on the gum and slowly roll the iron over it.

Remove gum from clothes with the dryer

The hairdryer can also be of great help. Remove dry gum from the clothes by applying heat with the dryer.

Direct the hot air jet from the dryer to the gum, maintaining a separation of at least 10 to 15 cm. The gum will become softer, and it will be much easier to remove using a spatula or knife that doesn’t cut too much.

Try to manipulate the gum without expanding it, and remove it by pulling the edges inwards. This technique is very useful, for example, to remove gum from a cowboy.

How to remove gum from clothes with hot water

Are there any remains left and you don’t know how to remove gum stains from a garment? Let’s resort to another trick using hot water. You have to boil water and put it in a container where you can submerge the garment or at least the area you need to clean.

This option is only suitable for clothes that can be washed in hot water. Avoid treating colored clothes, dark clothes that fade, or garments that can be shrunk with hot water such as wool or for example, lycra gym pants.

To remove gum glue, put the stain in hot water and leave it for a while. When the gum has softened, go rubbing with a toothbrush or spatula to remove the remains gradually. 

Remove gum from clothes with liquid soap

For those more delicate clothes that do not tolerate heat, we can use liquid soap. An effective method is to dissolve laundry soap in warm water and treat the stain.

For this effective method, apply the soap directly on the gum, and let it act for at least 10 minutes. Once the gum has softened, you can act with a toothbrush or spatula to gently remove it.  Rinse with cold water every so often, repeating the process with the soap until the stain has disappeared. Finish by washing it by hand or in the washing machine as usual.

How to take gum off clothes with vinegar

To remove gum from pants or any other garment, it is very useful to use vinegar. It has practically the same effect as alcohol, and it is also easier to find at home or buy at any supermarket. Vinegar does not stain clothing, and it is so natural that it can be used on any fabric without damaging it.

Heat the vinegar a little in the microwave, and soak a cotton ball to apply on the gum. Leave on for a few minutes and rub with a toothbrush to remove the remains.

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