How Long Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

Himalayan salt lamps can last virtually forever, provided there is proper maintenance.  Ensure that they are well cleaned with a damp cloth at least once a month to remove dust and dirt. Their long life is attributed to the chunk of salt they are made of, which are heavy and difficult to break.

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Made Of?

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Made Of

Salt lamps are made from chunks of slat that have existed for over a million years. These salt chunks are heavy and do not break off easily, provided they are kept away from moisture. When exposed to moisture, salt lamps get wet and dissolve in water, a natural process. For the non-salt components, they come with a bulb. The bulb needs to be replaced depending on the number of hours you leave your Himalayan lamp on. 

Himalayan salt lamps are manufactured to serve long hours of use without consuming too much energy. However, your bills will go high following the number of times you have to replace your bulbs. Most have a lifespan of about 10000 hours which lasts approximately 42 days. The electrical components of your Himalayan salt lamp get damaged when exposed to moisture, which calls for you to be vigilant to ensure it doesn’t happen. Regular cleaning of the lamps takes off some tiny salt bits, which takes a long time before the difference is noticed. 

Is Water Harmful To The Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Is Water Harmful To The Himalayan Salt Lamps

Water is not a favorable factor to bring close to the Himalayan salt lamps. It would be best if you never considered dunking it in water. However, these lamps are known to attract small moisture levels from the atmosphere, which is a natural property of all salts. In an average climate location, the moisture levels are unlikely to cause any damage to the lamp. But, in humid environments, they tend to sweat due to excessive moisture build-up on their surfaces. Such a phenomenon causes damage to the Himalayan salt lamp, such as eroding, which reduces its longevity. To prevent this, you should increase the time the lamp is kept on.

Additionally, you can have some simple maintenance efforts to protect and preserve your Himalayan salt lamp. For instance, you can unplug the lamp and gently rub its surface using a dry and soft cloth to get rid of accumulated moisture on its surface. Doing so also prevents further build-up of moisture hence keeping the lamp running effectively. 

Are Himalayan Lamps Safe For Kids?

When children are unsupervised, they can be very creative with parallel forces. Their vigor can lead to unforeseen remodeling and construction of projects, and it is no different with the Himalayan salt lamps. For the safety of both the kids and the lamps, it is better to teach the kids to avoid electronics. With that, they will be less ambitious when it comes to touching and damaging your salt lamps. Other than that, Himalayan salt lamps emit calming and soothing light, serving as a sleeping aid for the children. Some children end up equating the salt lamps with naptime making them appear more docile while around them. 

While the Himalayan salt lamps may be harmless to the kids, an odd lick by a pet can cause harm to it. The problem can escalate further if the pet gets hooked on the salt to the extent of becoming addicted to the saltiness of the lamp, which can lead to toxicity. High toxicity levels are fatal to pets such as dogs and cats as the salts levels rise such that the pet kidneys can no longer return the normal blood volume. 

They excrete excess sodium through urine. Due to high sodium levels, the blood cells’ fluids are pulled out, causing increased blood volume. In such a condition, some of the body’s nerves and muscles tend to disfunction. Since the brain is highly sensitive to blood sodium levels, neurological signs are the first to appear. Some of them include staggering, altered mental status, seizures, and visual difficulties.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan salt lamps are made from hunks of rock salt found in the Himalayas. The salt rocks are hollowed to allow space to insert a light bulb and, in other cases, a heating element. When turned on, they emit a soft red glow which is said to have health benefits. The health benefit of the lamps is attributed to their dry crystals, which release negative ions into the air. These negative ions are healthy and are primarily found in abundance in oceans, waterfalls, and the Himalayas region. 

Salt lamps are also known to attract pollutants by using water vapor within its surrounding. The dissolved impurities are then stuck on the lamp’s surface. Additionally, they emit negative ions, which, when combined with negative oxygen ions, kills bacteria. 

What Are The Health Benefits Associated With Using Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Studies carried out provided evidence that Himalaya salt lamps are a source of light and have some health benefits. Some of the health benefits include;

Improving Mood And Facilitating Sleep

Positive ions produced in the air increase anxiety, crankiness, and unpleasant feelings associated with stress. Negative ions released by the Himalayan salt lamps help in easing anxiety, depression, and stress. They also help in improving the general well-being of a person. A study that involved mice and rats showed that a high concentration of the negative ions lessened depression and facilitated sleep. 

Another study also indicated that people performed better on skills tests when there was a high concentration of negative and positive ions from a salt lamp.

Cleansing The Air

Negative ions produced by the Himalayan salt lamps can clean harmful particles in the air. They achieve this by neutralizing pollutants such as pollen and bacteria, reducing allergies, especially those associated with pollen. 

What Are The Hazards Associated With Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Electrical dangers

All electrical devices pose a health threat when wiring is poorly and wrongly done or damaged and defective. In 2017, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) called out to all Himalayan salt lamp users for lamps that had fire risks due to dim switches that were defective and prone to overheating. Over 80 000 lights were returned to their manufacturers. Later in the same year, another 3,900 slat lamps were recalled for the same issue of possible fire hazards. When buying a Himalayan salt lamp, ensure that it is not among the recalled ones to protect yourself from a potential fire outbreak due to a default.

Danger To Children

Most genuine Himalayan lamps are heavy and can weigh up to over 80 pounds. When placed on high shelves, they pose risk to children as they may topple off, causing injuries. It is better to put them out of reach of children and on lower grounds where they are unlikely to fall to prevent such accidents. You can also use a furniture piece that is firm and stable secure enough to hold the lamp. 


Genuine salt lamps draw moisture from the atmosphere, which condenses on their surfaces. When turned on, their warmth heats the water, causing it to evaporate. Some lights do not produce enough warmth, making the condensed water triple down their base or underneath the furniture piece. In case the base or the furniture happens to be metallic, the water causes corrosion. If they are wooden, moisture warps and stains the surfaces.

Toxicity Hazard To Pets

Himalayan salt lamps are dangerous to pets in a household, especially if placed in an open area that they can easily access. High toxicity levels resulting from continuous leaking of the lamps by cats and dogs are harmful to their health. Manufacturers and veterinarians warn about a continuous lick of the lamps by cats since when it occurs repetitively is can cause salt toxicity.

What Is The Price Range Of Different Himalayan Salt Lamps Types?

Himalayan salt lamps come in different sizes, shapes, weights, and designs, depending on the manufacturers. They also differ in prices and colors. The table below shows various Himalayan salt lamps and how their weight and prices compare.

Himalayan salt lamp typeWeightApproximate Price
Himalayan glow natural pink salt lamp6 pound$13
AMIR air purifying salt night light two-pack10 pounds$26
Himalayan salt solution crystal rock60 pounds$175
Etsy Himalayan salt tea light candle holder6 pounds$25

When buying a Himalayan salt lamp, it is essential to consider factors such as salt sourcing. Some manufacturers claim to use Himalayan salt, which might not be the case. The best salt lamps are sourced from Kherwa mines in Pakistan. Consider your room’s style and illumination to ensure that the salt lamp serves its purposes of enhancing ambiance and good mood. It should also align with your style since they are available in designs making it easy to find your taste and preference.


Lamps are fragile, and it is normal for anyone to wonder how long they will last. Himalayan salt lamps can last to infinity. However, you are required to replace the light bulb inside the lamp. It would be best if you always used the recommended bulb to avoid damaging the salt lamp. With proper care and maintenance, these lamps can be left overnight for about 42 days, when you will have to replace the bulb without causing any damage.

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