Hoover WindTunnel 3 Review | Top In Upright Vacuum Category?

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Emma W. Thomas

The Hoover company has been in existence for over 100 years, and they already have designed hundreds of cleaning appliances over the years. The company has dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry for over a century to the point where many people today still refer to vacuum cleaners as Hoovers thanks to their efforts.

The WindTunnel 3 is one of Hoover’s most popular lines of upright vacuums that are designed for use on a variety of flooring options. The WindTunnel 3 vacuums are marketed for their power and ease of usability. This Hoover WindTunnel 3 Review will take a look at the different features available in the vacuum series and determine if the WindTunnel 3 vacuums are worth buying.

Value Section

Hoover has designed 15 different vacuums as part of their WindTunnel 3 series. The 15 vacuums have different functionalities and features. A common feature with all the models is that they are upright vacuums. They all come fitted with Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 technology which features three distinct suction channels, instead of just one, for an enhanced lifting of particles and stubborn dirt.

All the WindTunnel vacuums utilize High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which can be washed and reused. They have a cord rewind feature that automatically retracts the cord for easy storage. Lastly, the WindTunnel 3 vacuums all have a multi-floor capability. They are designed to be easily used on different floors making them perfect for home use.

The Different Vacuum Variations In The Series Include:

1. High-Performance Pet Upright Vacuum

2. High-Performance Bagless Upright

3. Pro Pet Upright Vacuum

4. Pro Upright Vacuum

5 High Performance

6. High Performance Plus Upright Vacuum

The WindTunnel 3 Pro Upright Vacuum retails at $149.99 on the Hoover website making it the most affordable option in the WindTunnel 3 series. On the other side is the WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet Upright Vacuum, which at $239.99, is the priciest model in the series.


Here are additional features that can be found in some of the WindTunnel 3 vacuums:

1. Dual-Cyclonic Technology

Some vacuums have two cyclonic stages for better filtration and consistent cleaning experience.

2. Multi-Cyclonic Technology

The more expensive WindTunnel 3 vacuums have up to 13 cyclones ensuring the filter stays clean and thus performs better.

3. Headlight

Some models feature an illuminating headlight that allows you to see dirt better in poorly-lit places.

4. Carbon Activated Pre-filter

Most of the vacuums have a carbon layer fitted into the HEPA filter to trap odors.

5. Bagless

A number of the WindTunnel 3 vacuums have an easy to use dustbin to collect dirt instead of a bag.

6. Pet Vacuum

While all the 15 WindTunnel 3 vacuum models are capable of cleaning up after pets, Hoover has designed 8 of them specifically for pet owners. A number of features and attachments have been added to these models to enhance their functionality including:

1. Pet Turbo Tool

2. Pet Upholstery Tool

3. Crevice Tool

4. QuickPass Brush Roll

5. Enhanced cleaning power

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Review

Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 series offers some pretty great options for domestic use. The WindTunnel 3 Technology does an impressive job at improving suctioning and helping pick up difficult to clean particles and dirt. The Multi-Cyclonic Technology performs well and does exactly what it is supposed to do – improve air quality and maintain consistent suctioning. The HEPA filter with activated carbon is effective in trapping pollutants and helping to eradicate the ‘pet smell’ and other odors from the house.

The WindTunnel 3 vacuums come in sleek designs and are available in different colors.  They are larger than a majority of vacuums which is something to consider particularly if you prefer lightweight models. The more detachable tools the model features, the bulkier it ends up being. That said, the foldable handle is a genius addition because it reduces the height of the vacuum by half, making storage so much easier. The cord rewind feature is also convenient and great to have.

In terms of functionality, the WindTunnel 3 vacuums are multi-floor, so they perform pretty well on carpet and hardwoods. They pick up large particles and smaller particles as well though I found that the WindTunnel 3 Technology works better on carpet. The vacuums feature a brush roll setting that enables you to switch from carpet to hardwoods. The brush roll shouldn’t be used on hardwood as it will cause the debris to spread out rather than to be suctioned up.   

The vacuums have either 5 or 7 different height settings depending on the model. The settings regulate the vacuum height to fit the floor type. The lowest setting brings the vacuum extremely close to the floor to the point where it kind of suctions itself to the ground. This is perfect for hardwoods and helps the vacuum suck up smaller particles. For carpets, a higher setting is required though sometimes the suction feature can be too strong requiring you to use a lot of force to move the vacuum around which can be tiring.

The vacuums feature a washable HEPA carbon filter that only needs to be washed every month or two. It is uncomplicated to rinse and reuse, so you never have to buy new filters which most bagless vacuums require. The filter is accessed from the top and while it’s not difficult to remove it, it might take a few tries before you get it right. Washing the filter is as simple as running some warm water through it and leaving it out to dry. It is best to give it around 24 hours to dry before putting it back.

The bagless WindTunnel 3 models have a dustbin for collecting dirt. It’s pretty large, so you can get a lot of vacuuming done before having to empty it. Its size is also good for collecting pet hair which takes up a lot of space. Dumping out the bin is pretty easy and is done just like any other standard bagless vacuum cleaner. You can actually do it with one hand as it only needs a push of a button to detach.  

The illuminating headlight is a nice touch and helps you see the area you’re vacuuming better, so you don’t miss anything. There is also a button on some of the models that turns red as a way of notifying you that the vacuum needs to be cleaned out. This is super helpful for those who are never sure when to clean their vacuums, and it ensures your vacuum isn’t used for long when it needs cleaning. It also turns red when the vacuum is not operating at its optimum and notifies you that there may be a clog.

All the vacuums have a hose setting that allows you to attach tools to the hose or use it as is. The detachable hose is perfect for getting into tricky areas such as corners or between cushions. The dusting brush is good for tricky spots as well. The hose at the back is effective in vacuuming up large particles which might be pushed by the vacuum rather than being suctioned. This happens a lot as there seems to be a dead zone at the front of the vacuum which pushes larger particles forward rather than picking them up.

The pet models come with special tools for the job. The turbo tool is perfect for scraping pet hair from surfaces you can’t really reach with the floor vacuum. It works so well due to the fact that it has rubber blades in place of bristles. The upholstery tool is super handy and is ideal for more delicate surfaces. The crevice tool is perfect for tight corners and spaces and works really well when cleaning the car. All the attachment tools fit perfectly onto the vacuum and are easy to attach and detach.

A major disadvantage of the WindTunnel 3 vacuums is that they lack a self-adjusting cleaner head. When cleaning different types of floors, you are required to stop and manually change the height setting using a dial, making transitioning between different floors tedious. You also have to manually tun your brush roll on and off when moving between hardwood and carpet. There are also a few suction problems at the front of the vacuum which force you to overlap the same spot a few times to ensure every particle is picked up.


Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 series vacuums are a perfect mid-range vacuum choice for any family. They feature well-thought-out technology that makes them more efficient and functional in the home. The use of a HEPA filter makes them ideal for managing dust and small particles. The WindTunnel 3 vacuums are a good choice for individuals with asthma and allergies. The pet models are effective in getting rid of pet hair and odor. I would definitely recommend the WindTunnel 3 vacuums. There is great variety in the series and you are sure to find a vacuum within your budget. You can get the standard WindTunnel 3 vacuums or you can opt for the high-performance models as well.