Home Depot Dress Code

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Home Depot’s dress code typically requires employees to wear a company-provided apron, a collared shirt, and suitable pants or shorts. Steel-toed boots may be necessary for certain roles. The specific dress code may vary by location and position, so it’s essential to check with the local store for any additional requirements.

What You Can Wear At Home Depot And Their Specifications

What You Can Wear At Home Depot And Their Specifications

You can wear any clean and comfortable attire as an employee at Home Depot, but you must observe its dress code. The following table indicates what you can wear as well as the specifications;

What You Can Wear



It must not be ripped or have holes; it should also be clean and appropriate. All colors are acceptable.


Aprons must be orange and controlled by the store managers.


Shoes need to be closed-told they need to be comfortable and with good support, since you will do a lot of walking. 


You can wear piercings that do not risk your safety.


They must be down but not above the middle of the thigh. No athletic shorts


Skirts need not be above mid-thigh and no more than 3 inches above the knee. 

A Home Depot employee cannot wear tights as this also violates the dress code. One cannot also sweat during working hours and is thus encouraged to wear an orange apron that the corporation provides. In case your apron gets dirty, you can get a new one. 

What Attire Can You Wear During An Interview?

What Attire Can You Wear During An Interview

 If you are a job seeker attending an interview with Home Depot, ensure that your clothes are appropriate and tidy. Your attire will also depend on what position you hope to occupy. For instance, if you are applying for a managerial position, be sure to wear professional clothing. Conversely, if you are seeking an associate job with a hardware retailer, you need to wear a casual business dress. 

Be sure to observe their dress code. While you need not dress formally, it is necessary to be business-casually dressed. The following simple tips will guide you;

Professional But Simple Tops

When dressing for an interview, avoid anything form-fitting or low-cut. Doing this may seem to compromise your integrity. 

Skirts Or Dress Pants

It is acceptable to wear khakis, slacks, or cotton pants when attending an interview. But, the skirt you wear must be below the knees or at knee length and not anything shorter than this.

Simple Accessories

If you must wear any accessories, ensure that they are both professional and safe. Avoid putting on jewelry that is impractical and distracting. 


 Since the Home Depot environment is that of a warehouse, the shoes that one wears should not expose them to the risk of injuries. Even during an interview, it is essential to wear closed-toed footwear. 

Do Home Depot Employees Have To Wear An Apron?

Home Depot employees are easily distinguishable by their classic orange aprons, a symbol of the home improvement giant. The company is one of the world’s largest home improvement retail chains, priding itself on its friendly, helpful staff who assist customers in making the best purchasing decisions. But, are all Home Depot employees required to wear that iconic apron? 

Let’s delve deeper:

  1. The Signature Orange ApronYes, the majority of Home Depot employees are required to wear the company’s signature orange apron. This adds to their uniformity, making employees easily identifiable to customers in need of assistance.
  2. Apron CustomizationHome Depot allows employees to customize their aprons, encouraging individuality and creativity. This enables the employees to add a personal touch to their uniform, and also serve as a conversation starter with customers.
  3. Exceptions to the RuleNotably, there are exceptions to the apron rule. Certain positions in the company, such as those in corporate roles, or in distribution and call centers, are not required to wear the orange apron. Instead, they abide by a business casual dress code.

Here’s a quick overview:

Employee PositionApron Mandatory?
Store AssociatesYes
Corporate RolesNo
Call CenterNo

How Can You Get A Job At Home Depot?

Home Depot has several areas of employment, including supply chain, retail, management, corporate, call center operations, and merchandising. To get employed here, you must display significant diligence and respect for the firm to maintain its high-performance levels. 

While the interview process differs according to the career area, a person generally goes through phone and in-person intervals. 

Phone Interviews

The process of hiring at Home Depot takes place for store-level jobs. If you aspire to get an entry-level position like a sales associate or a cashier, you will undergo a structured evaluation process. You will start with a phone interview to answer questions about work experience, ethics, and your background. You will also be informed about careers and practices that the corporation uses in the recruitment process.

In-person Interviews

An applicant that passes the phone interview receives an invitation for a face-to-face interview in their preferred store. At this level, one is subjected to a private consultation with the human representatives in the store. The hiring staff will ask you scripted questions to learn more about your personality traits and past experiences. 

Interviewees who do well in the initial stage of the interview proceed to a second phase of the hiring process. In this stage, one may engage in an informal conversation with store managers of a high level. 

How Do You Get Ready For An Interview At Home Depot?

A job-seeker preparing for an interview needs to;

Wear The Right Attire

It is crucial to dress appropriately when going for an interview as this speaks loudly about you. Ensure that you understand what the Home Depot dress code policy entails. If you are looking for a store associate job, wear business-casual attire and dress professionally if seeking a manager’s position. 

Display A Positive Attitude

When attending an interview, ensure that you demonstrate a positive attitude and align with the company values. You cannot have a negative attitude toward the firm you seek to work for and expect to get the job. 

Have Some Relevant Experience

Make sure that you have some relevant experience in the area whose position you are seeking to occupy. Such knowledge will offer you the upper hand to compete with other job seekers. 

Be Focused On The Customer.

During the interview, you need to show some focus on satisfying the customer’s needs. Doing this will help to improve your chances of getting the job. 


Home Depot is among the most highly rated home-improvement store in the US. Its employees are required to strictly observe their dress code which shows the integrity of this store. While you can wear colorful apparel, it should not violate the dress code or promote obscene, religious, and political materials. 

One is also expected to be as comfortable as possible during working hours in the shoes you wear. While wearing jeans is allowed, make sure that they are not ripped or have holes.