Dyson Dc33 Upright Vacuum Reviews

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Dyson is a British company that has been established in 1991. Over the years, the company was able to produce high-quality household appliances including vacuum cleaners. The company constantly innovates to make its products better and better. They didn’t disappoint, especially when coming up with the right kind of upright vacuums we need.

Due to their versatility, upright vacuums are considered the most standard vacuum cleaners in homes. However, this doesn’t imply that all models and brands function equally. Different brands and models have significant differences. The vacuum cleaning market is flooding with different models and brands of upright vacuums. We have come up with a product review section where we will recommend one of the top-rated vacuums dyson dc33 upright vacuum reviews

Dyson Dc33 Upright Vacuum Reviews Buying Guide

With the broad options and categories of vacuum cleaners in the market, settling for one could appear overwhelming. Let us make shopping for the ideal vacuum cleaner easy for you. These are the aspects you should consider:

What Type Of Vacuum Do You Need?

Upright vacuums are more affordable than canister vacuums, and they tend to have a full cleaning path. They are suitable for deep cleaning and are easy to store since they take up less space. 

On the other hand, canister vacuums are suitable for cleaning stairs, the surface beneath your furniture, and bare floors. They have attachments that come in handy for upholstery and cleaning drapes. Most models are quiet and have a separate power head which makes them less dense. 

Stick vacuums have tall handles and bodies. They are light, convenient, and come in handy when looking to clean a mess. Moreover, one doesn’t need to bend as they clean. Lastly, robotic vacuums are those who do the hard work as you rest. They are quite costly and can be controlled using a smartphone

1. Bagged Or Bagless?

Vacuum cleaners come in two forms: bagless or bagged. Most people prefer bagless vacuums because they are easier to clean as compared to the bagged ones. Bagged cleaners come in handy in places with a lot of allergens.

2. Your Flooring Type

What type of floor do you have in your home? Is it mainly carpeting or a hard floor? If your home is primarily carpeted, then an upright vacuum should be the best solution for you. If your home has tiles or the floor is of hardwood, then a canister vacuum will come in handy for you. 

However, there are vacuums with floor tool features that switch from one mode to another to clean different floor types.  

3. Versatility

Settle for a vacuum that can perform different functions. The best should be one that can clean carpet and bare floors with the same efficiency. It should switch between the two surfaces with little effort. 

4. Allergens

Pollutants tend to be between 2 and 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. Therefore, the allergen is a major factor to consider, especially if a family member has allergies or asthma. 

If someone has allergies, consider a cleaner that has HEPA filtration. It will help in improving the air quality in your home during the cleaning. The filtration system is competent enough to capture microns of particulate matter; thus, the exhausted air comes in cleaner than how it was when sucked in.

Some vacuums also use charcoal filtration, which helps control odors. This is especially helpful for pet owners. Since cleaners using HEPA filtration tend to be costly, you can settle for one which has a completely sealed system. The sealing ensures that no air leaks through. 

5. Features

We have different individual needs. Therefore, find a cleaner that has features you desire. However, features such as upholstery attachments and self-cleaning brushes should always be considered. 

Also, a vacuum that has motorized brush rolls will probably work better than one which only cleans using suction. Besides, a vacuum that has a switch to deactivate its brush is more efficient since it will help take care of bare floors.

When choosing the best vacuum for you, check models with height adjustment options and suction control to avoid damage when cleaning draperies. 

6. Weight

The weight of your vacuum is an important yet often overlooked factor. Check how many pounds it weighs, to determine the ease of moving it around your house as you clean. Hold it and feel its weight for about 5 minutes. You might pick it up slightly and find it light, but when cleaning the stairs or blinds, you will have to hold it for longer. 

7. Frequency Of Use

How often you clean should also be considered. It determines the ease of accessing and storing the vacuum. If you clean regularly, choose a cleaner that is easy to store and convenient to move around with. 

8. Noise Factor

The ideal vacuum cleaner for anyone should be one that produces little to no noise. No one deserves buying protection gear to use as they clean. Note that empty rooms will make the vacuum cleaner sound noisier due to echo. If you have an issue with noise, consider opting for a canister vacuum. 

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum

You can now get rid of dander, dust, cereals, and any other debris that has been in between the carpet threads. The Dyson dc33 has two cleaning modes: one for hard flooring and the other for cleaning rugs and carpets. 


Dyson dc 33 is significant and collects any dust it comes across. Its modern design incorporates the use of cyclone technology, which ensures that the vacuum maintains its suction. 

It has a 15-feet long hose at the back, which one can attach to several tools that come with the vacuum. Additionally, it has a telescopic reach which makes surfaces easier to clean, even the ceiling. 

Being an upright vacuum, you need to turn the power on and direct the machine to areas you would like to clean.  Dyson made this bagless vacuum in a way that one can see what is in the canister. 

Filtration System

The vacuum comes with two HEPA filters, circular. Rigorous testing done on these filters show that no microns were detected to come from the exhaust of the vacuum. According to the manufacturer, these filters should not be replaced. Thus, the Dyson dc33 is our top pick and is an advancement from the DC 14.

Note that it lacks ball technology and animal cleaning options. Nonetheless, it is an affordable option as compared to other Dyson vacuums. 

The Dyson Company takes pride in creating bagless vacuums, with a bagless canister placed right at the front. One can see through the cartridge, which makes it convenient to determine when it is time to empty it. 

When emptying, be careful and ensure you hold the canister correctly. Pushing the release button may cause the dust to fall down and eventually escape the container.


The Dyson dc 33 is useful in cleaning any mess that could happen around your home. Its tremendous suction power and the HEPA filtration suck out the dust, and you get clean air out.

Furthermore, the suction is more than 100 inches and is higher compared to ordinary vacuums. The high suction power is convenient for homes with long piles of carpeting. With one pass, the vacuum gives your carpet a whole new clean, attractive look.

Even better, the Dyson dc 33 cleans perfectly, even when it comes to edge cleaning. 

Ease Of Use

It is effortless to assemble and simple to use. There is a big power button which turns the cleaner on. At the lower side of the cleaner, there is a dial which helps adjust the machine to the floor you are looking to clean.


The cleaner produces some noise, which is lower compared to other models in the market. It is something one can condone. 

Ease Of Movement

Dyson dc 33 is bulky and somewhat broad. It performs well in an open space and isn’t suitable for cleaning tight spots. Because it lacks high clearance, it is difficult to clean under furniture. The two rear wheels make it easy to move around with. 


1. Impeccable suction

2. Effective filtering system

3. Long stretchy hose

4. Has a wide path

5. Easy to use and lightweight

6. Cyclone Technology with powerful suction

7. The bagless and washable HEPA filter


1. Not suitable for cleaning compact spots

2. Can be a bit noisy


Dyson dc33 Multi-floor Bagless Upright Vacuum is indeed a product that brings the best bang for the buck. However, this doesn’t mean it will be best for everyone. The best vacuum for you depends on your needs, and the level of quality you are hoping to get. For instance, someone with three pets has different needs from someone without a pet. Just remember to check on the versatility and weight of the vacuum you desire to purchase. Also, consider your budget and feel free to choose the most suitable model that can meet your needs best. Dyson DC33 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is just one of the many models that can be perfect for everyone’s homes.

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