Can You Use Fabuloso In The Laundry? Here’s Everything You Should Know About This Cleaner

Fabuloso In The Laundry

Fabuloso is a general-purpose cleaner that is popular for its fresh scents such as citrus, ocean breeze, and lavender. Since this product is a disinfectant and does not foam a lot, you can use it in laundry, sanitizing, and mopping.

Can You Use Fabuloso In The Laundry?

1. Fabuloso can be used on clothes:
Yes, this all-purpose cleaner can be used on your laundry. It is particularly good at tackling heavily soiled items such as dirty work clothes or food-stained items.

2. pH-neutral for fabric preservation:
This means it won’t harm your clothes’ fabric over time. Unlike many other detergents that can be acidic or alkaline, Fabuloso is pH neutral and can therefore keep your fabrics in better shape for longer.

3. Low foam, no fuss:
If you’re in a hurry, you don’t want to wait for high-foam detergents to dissipate. Fabuloso is low foam, won’t cause your washer to overflow with suds, and will rinse off easily.

4. Clean and disinfect:
Apart from being affordable and an effective cleaner, Fabuloso also disinfects. This means that it eliminates bacteria or germs on clothes, keeping you safe and healthy.

5. Fabuloso smells great:
One of the unique draws of Fabuloso is its distinctive smell. Not only clean, but your laundry will smell fabulously fresh with scents like lavender, citrus, lemon, and ocean breeze.

6. How to use Fabuloso on clothes:
Due to its concentrated nature, it’s best to use Fabuloso when washing clothes by hand. Just add a couple of tablespoons to warm water, let your clothes soak for about 15 minutes, then scrub and rinse off.

7. Beware of delicate fabrics:
Despite its benefits, remember that the cleaner can be harsh on certain materials, such as silk or wool, and potentially damaging to washing machines if used regularly.

Benefits of Using Fabuloso in Laundry

1. Enhances Freshness and Softness

Using Fabuloso in your laundry doesn’t just eliminate dirt; it also contributes to the overall softness of your clothes. It leaves a fresh scent that lingers long after washing, ensuring your clothes smell just as good as they look.

2. Removes Stubborn Stains

Thanks to its powerful cleaning formula, Fabuloso can help remove even the most stubborn stains. Whether you’re dealing with coffee, wine, or ink stains, Fabuloso works to break down the molecules in stains, giving your clothes a cleaner appearance.

3. Safe for Most Fabrics

Fabuloso is carefully formulated to be safe for use with a wide range of fabric types. However, it’s always wise to check the garment care label and Fabuloso’s usage instructions before washing.

4. Economical and Cost-Effective

Fabuloso is a highly concentrated, cost-effective solution for laundry. You don’t need to use a lot of this product to achieve a high level of cleanliness – a little goes a long way.

5. Eco-Friendly Product

Fabuloso takes pride in manufacturing eco-friendly products. If you’re environmental conscious or are making efforts to green your lifestyle, using Fabuloso in your laundry is a fantastic option.

Freshness & SoftnessEnhances the smell and texture of your clothes.
Stain RemovalPowerful on stubborn stains.
SafetySafe for use on most fabrics.
Cost-EffectiveEconomical due to its highly concentrated formula.
Eco-FriendlyAn excellent choice for those trying to adopt a green lifestyle.

Other Uses Of Fabuloso

Since Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner, you can use it in different circumstances, including;

Removing Stains From Fabric

There is a stain-removal product known as Fabuloso-Oxy that contains hydrogen peroxide and Fabuloso, but it is also possible to make your mixture at home. You can place 1/8 cup of this cleaner in a spray bottle that is full of water. 

Spray some of this solution on a stain but ensure that the fabric is safe to use with the stain remover. Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the same spot and allow it to sit for a few seconds. You can then blot out the blemish using a wet piece of cloth and wash normally. 

Cleaning Your Toilet

You can clean your toilet bowl with Fabuloso instead of toilet cleaner or bleach. Place a few cups of this cleaner into your bowl, then use your brush to scrub it before flushing. Doing this leaves your toilet smelling fresh and sparkling as well.

Cleaning Greasy Appliances

You can use Fabuloso spray to clean your grease-ridden microwaves, stovetops, or tiles. Stand about six to eight inches away and spray the solution onto the surface. Wait for a while, then wipe the surface using a clean microfiber cloth or sponge. 

Freshening Up Your Trash Can

Fabuloso is ideal for cleaning your garbage can since it is also a deodorizer. You need to empty the trash can and pour in one or two cups of fabuloso, followed by a few cups of water. Use a sponge to wipe any stubborn or sticky dirt, then rinse with clean water. 

Important Information About Fabuloso

Fabuloso has a combination of chemicals that makes it stand out among other cleaning agents when it comes to performance. It is incredible in dealing with grease and dirt and is a great stain remover. The following facts are worth noting about this product;

Does It Disinfect?

Fabuloso is among the most popular cleansers in the US that help to clean and disinfect surfaces. This product can kill any microorganisms and germs on the treated surface. 

Can Fabuloso Kill Viruses, Mold, Or Bacteria

Fabuloso has the phrase ‘kills 99.9% of germs’ on its label, which means that it has been tested by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The agency uses antimicrobial testing techniques and approves fabuloso as an effective germ and virus killer. 

However, this product is not designed to kill mold entirely, but you can mix it with products that contain benzalkonium chloride. These products are applicable in cleaning pools, but you can use this solution on mold. The manufacturers may not approve of this DIY solution of fabuloso, so you can consider buying a product meant for dealing with mold.

Main Uses Of Fabuloso

Since fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner, you can use it on;

  • kitchen and stovetops
  • walls and bathroom floors
  • glass surfaces and windows
  • all floors in your home and other hard surfaces

It is, however, crucial to note that if your floor is wooden, you can only use the product if the floor is sealed. You cannot also use the product to wash your dishes. 

How Can I Use Fabuloso?

For you to use the cleanser appropriately, you need to dilute it with plain water. Undiluted fabuloso is too potent to use on surfaces since it can burn and damage some materials. When mixing, add 1/4 cup of fabuloso to one gallon of water. For maximum germ-killing effect, use hot water but if the surface cannot be cleaned with hot water, keep the solution at room temperature. Follow these simple tips to use the product;

Cleaning Floors

You need to sweep the floor first before applying the solution. Use any standard mop to apply the diluted solution to the surface. Ensure that you apply the solution evenly on all parts of the floor.

Cleaning Kitchen Tops, Glass, and Walls

Apply the diluted solution to your desired surface and use a sponge to wipe the area after applying. Repeat this procedure until all the surface is clean. You can then use a wet cloth to wipe the area clean and allow it to air dry for a sparkling look. 

When To Use Fabuloso

The best-recommended interval between cleanings with fabuloso is one week. This duration is enough for an adequate amount of grease and dirt to build upon the wall, floors, and other surfaces. This period is also considerable for the product to disinfect your home and protect your family and yourself from bacteria and germs. 

According to CDC (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention), there is a distinction between disinfecting and cleaning. The primary aim of cleaning is to remove dirt and not necessarily kill germs while disinfecting will destroy germs without necessarily eliminating dirt. It is, therefore, advisable to start with cleaning a surface and then disinfect it to be safe from germs.

Since fabuloso does cleaning and disinfecting, it is necessary to condition the treated surface with this product once more. Doing this ensures that the area is disinfected completely. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Some specific questions may be asked about fabuloso, which include;

1. Is Fabuloso Safe For Use?

From the official fabuloso website, the product contains no hazardous ingredients. The product does not also have any negative effects upon inhalation. However, your skin may get irritated if you expose it to the product for a prolonged period. 

2. Is The Product Poisonous?

According to the manufacturers of fabuloso, you should never warm this product. You also need to seek medication immediately if this product accidentally gets into your eyes. Ensure also that you do not ingest the product as doing this will harm the digestive organs. 

3. Can You Mix Fabuloso And Bleach?

No. You should never mix bleach and fabuloso as this combination produces a toxic gas that can be deadly in certain quantities. You can only mix bleach with some laundry detergents and plain water. 

4. Can You Use Fabuloso In The Laundry?

Yes. This product is an excellent disinfectant that helps kill germs on your fabric. It also gives your clothes a nice smell since it comes in different flavors. 

5. Can I Use Fabuloso On Wooden Floors?

Yes. It is okay to use this product on your wooden floors that are sealed. Using fabuloso on an unsealed floor will make it soak the top, making it puff up. Your floor will eventually become uneven and prone to cracks


Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used in laundry and other areas in your home. This product gives your wash a pleasant scent since it comes in various flavors such as lavender, ocean breeze, and more. You, therefore, have the liberty to choose your desired scent.

The product is also excellent for killing germs and viruses and can be used on different surfaces such as floors, walls, kitchen & stovetops, and sealed wooden floors. This cleanser is safe to use since it is not health hazardous though it is important to be careful not to ingest it or put it in your eyes.



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