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Tidying up the house in a manual way is tiresome and time-consuming. In addition to that, there are many disadvantages that are associated with cleaning the house, especially the carpet using a brush. If the house is inbuilt in a dusty region, there are high chances that the person cleaning the floor will inhale too much dust, which results in coughs and even chest congestion. Furthermore, cleaning a house without a vacuum cleaner means that the house owner will have to employ many housel helps. This, in turn, is very expensive as more funds will be channeled towards paying the additional employees. This is one of the major reasons why people find using the vacuum cleaner very efficient and cost-effective and requires minimal human effort. After reading this article, you will not only benefit from getting quality products at an affordable price, but you will also love how doing cleaning around the house will be, even with the little children around. The good news is that there are very affordable Best Vacuum Unders 100 on amazon.

Comparison Table

Kenmore bagless vacuum cleaner •Lasts longer  
•Back-friendly canister  
•Easily moved around  
Bissell Vacuum cleaner •Cleans and sucks hard  
•Removes tiniest waste from the floor surface.  
Dibea vacuum cleaner •Has hooks for wrapping the cord  
•Cleans heavy surfaces \  
•Has specific features for minimizing noise  
Bissell pet hair eraser lithium ion •Hand held  
Black + Decker •does not get filled up first  
Dirt devil vacuum cleaner •lightweight  
•no frills  
•removes glitters  
•cleans wood surface  
Eureka NES215A vacuum cleaner •lightweight  
•Easily customized  
•Easy to move around  
MOOSOO corded stick vacuum cleaner •Very powerful  
•Adjustable extension tube  
•Easily detachable filter  
  •Wall mount  
ONSON stick cordless vacuum cleaner •Lightweight  
•Has rechargeable lithium ion battery  
•Has two brush heads  
ECOVACS DEEBOT vacuum cleaner •Works with alexa connectivity  
•Has app controls  
•Is voice controlled  
•Quiet when cleaning  

1. Kenmore Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ($90)

At only $90, you are able to get your household chores done on time without having to worry about redoing the cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has a compact canister and lasts much longer, an assurance which has been emphasized on by people who have used this particular vacuum cleaner. In addition to that, its canister is suitable for everyone as you do not need to bend while cleaning, hence making one’s back much comfortable. The easy to move around vacuum cleaner has a suction that is very powerful and cleans dirty surfaces very quickly, sucking up all the dirt with one round of cleaning.

2. Bissell Vacuum Cleaner ($80)

This is also another vacuum cleaner that everyone should have at home. It is a vacuum cleaner that beats its price. In addition to that, it cleans and sucks really hard. It removes even the tiny dirt that you think is not removable for the floor surface. It sucks even glitter form the carpet! It I best for anyone who has small children back at home because tiding up kid’s room every day is difficult and annoying at times. Worry no more about how your kids throw tiny papers on the floor when you have this vacuum cleaner in your possession.

3. Dibea Vacuum Cleaner ($60)

Dibea is another vacuum cleaner that stands on its own. It is accompanied by hooks that are used in wrapping the cord to avoid tripping. In addition to that, this type of vacuum cleaner is lightweight and also very powerful. Consequently, it cleans heavy carpets such as a hallway runner. Dibea vacuum cleaner has the ability to lift this type of rag, proving the powerful nature of the machine. The good news about this vacuum cleaner is that it cleans woods and even floor tiles, making it effective and most preferred as compared to other vacuum cleaners. Although all vacuum cleaners make noise when cleaning, dibea weightless vacuum cleaner has specific features that help in minimizing the noise.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner ($59.88)

Another good news comes with this handheld vacuum cleaner that is easy to hold and work with. In addition to that, this cordless vacuum cleaner is weight friendly because it does not cause any harm to the cleaner or make one tired when cleaning. It can be held comfortably when cleaning. Its cordless nature prevents one from tipping over when cleaning, making it one of the safest vacuum cleaners to use even around children. Typically, it is what every household should have in possession.

5. Black + Decker Vacuum Cleaner ($55)

Most vacuum cleaners typically get full after one round of cleaning. This can really be frustrating especially for stay at home mothers because of how active little children are. Children can brush their hair anywhere and play with fluffy dolls everywhere, leaving hair all over the house. If not cleaned immediately, an infant can get hold of the hair and eat which can result in chocking and even death. Parents as usual, are worried about the safety of their children and can do anything to keep them safe. This has not been possible with other vacuum cleaners because they get full fast with one clean. Black + decker vacuum cleaner has come to the rescue of such mothers as it does not easily get full and can go multiple rounds of cleaning before being emptied.

6. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner ($20)

Another vacuum cleaner that is under $100 at Amazon is the dirt devil vacuum cleaner. This super lightweight vacuum cleaner has no frills and can pick even glitters from the floor surface and is also easy to use. The dirt devil vacuum cleaner also cleans wood surfaces perfectly, an advantage that other vacuum cleaners do not possess.

7. Eureka NES215A Blaze Vacuum Cleaner ($29)

This is a three in one vacuum cleaner which is light in weight, making it much easier to be moved around the house. In addition to that, its three in one nature allows one to customize the vacuum cleaner according to his or her needs.  It is easy to maneuver around with this vacuum cleaner compared to other stick vacuum cleaners. Eureka’s capture nozzle picks up large debris as compared to other vacuum cleaners and it does not get filled up quickly. The washable filtration present in the vacuum cleaner picks up dust and dirt, hence improving the air around the home.

8. MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($55.79)

This corded vacuum cleaner is built with a high power brush motor that is very powerful has faster speed and it serves one for a longer period. The vacuum cleaner has several features that are of greater advantage to the user. For instance, the vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable extension tube that allows cleaning in high places such as ceiling boards, fans, and corners whish have cobwebs. In addition to that, the vacuum cleaner has a filter that can be easily detached and washed off whenever need be. They can be cleaned once a week to ensure that the vacuum cleaner still operates efficiently and effectively. MOOSOO corded vacuum cleaner has a wall mount feature that helps in mounting the vacuum cleaner after use, which helps in saving space.

9. ONSON Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ($89)

The cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight, handheld, and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Its cordless nature helps it in the prevention of tripping and unnecessary accidents. The stick vacuum cleaner gives comfort to the person who is cleaning because the handle is long enough and does not require one to bend when cleaning. This particular vacuum cleaner has two brush heads, one designed for cleaning hard floors such as tile and wood floors while the other brush for cleaning soft floors designed for cleaning rugs and carpets. Cleaning the filter is easy because it is easily detached from the vacuum cleaner with easy steps and can be washed with water and soap, dried thoroughly, and used again.

10. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($85)

The Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner works with Alexa connectivity and other app controls to aid in the cleaning process. The robot vacuum cleaner is self charging and is quiet when used in cleaning. It does not make so much noise as compared to the other vacuum cleaners. It is best use in the cleaning of carpets and hard floors, giving positive end results. Alongside the alexa connectivity, the vacuum cleaner also uses voice controls in directing cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has an auto clean mod which helps in cleaning without being held by human being, and is also built in such a way that it is able to receive error alerts. The four specialized cleaning modes from the auto cleaning mode to the normal cleaning power.

What To Consider When Buying Best Vacuum Unders 100

There are several considerations that should be put in place when purchasing vacuum cleaners. No one wants to go home and end up with something that they did not intend to buy at the end of the day. In addition to that, you should also consider the kind of person who is purchasing the vacuum cleaner. For instance, if he or she is a pet owner, she will require a different kind of vacuum cleaner form that of a person who does not have pets. Below are some of the guides to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.


Always check if the features of the vacuum cleaner suits what you are looking for, for instance, vacuum cleaners with motorized brushes tend to clean carpets cleaner than those with one suction.

Bagged Versus Bagless

Most people prefer bagged vacuum cleaners because you do not have to worry about the vacuum cleaner getting dusty every time. Bagless vacuum cleaners are also preferred but the problem is that emptying dust from a bagless vacuum cleaner can be unhealthy especially for people suffering from asthma.

Try It Out

Ensure that you try out the vacuum cleaners before carrying them home so that in case of any issues, the retailers can fix or replace with another good vacuum cleaner. This is an important aspect that many people tend to ignore especially those who shop online. Visit the stores and let the vacuum cleaner be tested on your watch.

Keep Note Of The Noise

Most vacuum cleaners produce too much noise when cleaning which can be very disturbing at times. Ensure that you are comfortable with the amount of noise that the machine produces, or rather, purchase one that has special features that limit the amount of noise being released.

Be On The Watch For Sales

It does not have to be black Fridays for you to enjoy discounts on products that you like. Constantly check on different sites and get lucky to get 20 or 30% discount on products that you purchase. This also helps in saving up more money.


Put into consideration your allergy to dust or seasonal allergies when selecting a vacuum cleaner. In addition to that, the vacuum cleaners should be cleaned frequently to avoid further allergic reactions to dust.


There are vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning pet hair from the surface of the floor. If you are a pet owner, put this into consideration before selecting a vacuum cleaner to ensure that you carry the right product home.


This should be the main factor to consider when selecting a vacuum cleaning. The amount of power that a vacuum cleaner consumes should be looked because this portrays the powerfulness of any vacuum cleaner. If you live in an area that attracts dust easily, select a vacuum cleaner that is powerful especially id electricity is not much of a problem. Typically, go for the vacuum cleaners that give the best cleaning results without compromising quality.

Why Vacuum Cleaners Are Needed And Its Benefits

Vacuum cleaners are commonly needed to keep the house clean and free from dirt. Vacuum cleaners require reduced human energy in cleaning because the machine is just moved around slowly and it does the work. Basically, vacuum cleaners are the best and handy products that every home possesses. They help in purifying the air around the homes and an effective way of cleaning floors, reducing the rate at which allergy outbreaks occur. Some of the benefits that are attached to owning a vacuum cleaner include the following;

Saves On Time And Energy

Cleaning the house using a vacuum cleaner is one of the fastest ways of cleaning because it requires little time and uses less human energy in performing this specific task.

Removes Allergen From Breathing Air

When inhaled, dirt causes allergies and even sickness. Vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that they remove dirt from air and keep the surroundings clean, fresh and breathable.

Removes Pet Hair

Hair especially pet hair gets stuck on the floor surface where the pets were lying. Manually removing such kind of dirt can be time consuming and frustrating, and this is why many people prefer using specific vacuum cleaners to keep their floor sparkling clean and free from pet hair.


Most people think that owning a vacuum cleaner is expensive and only a few people can afford it. Well, this is not the case because amazon retails the best vacuum cleaners under $100. Take advantage of the low price and get a high quality vacuum cleaner.

Comes With Advanced Features

Some vacuum cleaners are made in such a way that they have specific features for minimizing noise and self-cleaning the house. The advantage that self-cleaning vacuum cleaners have over other vacuum cleaners is that it can easily be controlled and monitored electrically, without having to do things manually. These advanced features make cleaning easier and much more enjoyable.

Low Cost

Vacuum cleaners are of low cost and everyone should strive to have it to save on time and energy by spending less on its purchase.

Cleans Home Even When You Are Not Around

This is an advantage that comes with the robot vacuum cleaner. It cleans the house without being monitored physical and detects error signals. The advanced features of this vacuum cleaner make it convenient for use especially by people who are busy at work and cannot do manual cleaning on a regular basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People who use vacuum cleaners have questions about the products that they have purchased. Below are some of the frequently asked questions

A) What Is The Best Type Of Vacuum Cleaners For Cleaning Stairs?

The best vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning stairs are the cordless hand held vacuum cleaners. This is because they can easily be moved around and gets even the tiniest dirt particles from the staircase.

B) When Should The Vacuum Cleaners Filters Be Washed?

Washing vacuum cleaner filters depends on how often the vacuum cleaner is used around the house. Vacuum cleaners which are used frequently should have their filters cleaned every month, and vacuum cleaners which are occasionally used should have their filters cleaned between one to four months.

C) How Often Should The HEPA Filters Be Changed?

This kind of dirt filter is made in such a way that it can last for up to three years before being changed. This is because they are needed to maintain maximum filtration when cleaning. However, the HEPA filters should be checked at least once a year to determine if there is a need for replacement.

D) What Are The Best Types Of Vacuum Cleaner Bags And Where Are They Found?

The bags that are mostly recommended by manufacturers include branded bags. However, there are other cheaper options that one can settle for. Some of the best brands that one can choose from including the following; airflow, Vivanco and unfit.

E) How Do I Choose A Vacuum Cleaner?

Choose a vacuum cleaner according to your preference and the kind of work that you intend to do at home. For instance, if you are a pet owner, you should consider selecting vacuum cleaners that are meant for cleaning and removing pet hair from the floor surfaces.

F) How Is A Washable Vacuum Cleaner Filter Cleaned?

Cleaning a washable vacuum cleaner filter is much easier as compared to cleaning the non-washable filters. To clean a washable vacuum filter, wash it with lukewarm running water until the water turns clear.

G) How Important Is The HEPA Filter And Is It Necessary?

Well, this depends on your choice and budget of the vacuum cleaner. However, it is advisable that one purchases a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) especially those who suffer from asthma, because this vacuum cleaner filters dust, purifies the air and reduces the level of allergy occurrence.

H) How Often Should A Home Be Vacuumed?

Vacuuming the house depends on the people and pets living around the house. Typically, a house should be vacuumed twice a week, especially for those who have allergies, and for pet owners. This helps in keeping the house clean throughout the entire time. However, there is no amount of times that a house should be vacuumed. Generally, vacuuming a house should be done anytime that dirt starts to build up in the house. Those who are living in dusty regions might be forced to vacuum their houses more often as compared to those people who live in dust-free areas.


In summary, having a vacuum cleaner at home reduces the workload in a house especially one with few houses helps. In addition to that, vacuum cleaners possess many advantages which are enjoyed by people who purchase them. For instance, Amazon offers discounts on products like vacuum cleaners; hence one should be on the watch for discounts and grab the opportunity. Vacuum cleaners are easy to use and affordable products with amazon providing the best vacuum cleaners under $100.