Best Toilet Plunger In 2021 | Unclogging The Toilet Efficiently And Effectively!

Nothing is as disappointing as having a clogged toilet in your home. Of course, you can call a plumber to unblock it, but your privacy will be compromised. Besides, you will end up spending several times the cost of the toilet plunger. Why not then invest in the best toilet plunger and be at peace in case the worst happens and your lavatory refuses to flush? Here we show you some of the top-pick products that not only have the work done but have it solved quickly.

The design doesn’t have to be complex but one that has various quality cups for several toilet configurations. This way, you will not have to be anxious about your toilet design as a versatile one can unclog all. We also focused on the handles to ensure the options given provide enough leverage while keeping your hands doesn’t get in contact with lavatory water and debris. Those with pliable rubber were prioritized as they provide a tight seal ensuring your work gets done efficiently and effectively.

Continue reading for the most reliable tool in unclogging your toilet.

Top 6 Toilet Plunger In 2021 (Best Picks)

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What Make The Top-Rated Toilet Plungers?

What Make The Top Rated Toilet Plungers

Some features should guide you when selecting plungers for unclogging the toilet. These are discussed below:

  • A drip tray: With or Without

A drip tray is an essential accessory that should be mostly packaged with the plunger. After using the plunger, it should be rinsed and kept off the floor. One way of keeping it is by putting it in the drip tray. The excess water will thus be collected there safely without the worry of wetting the surface of your toilet. Besides, it will conceal the not-so-good to look at the business end of the plunger.

However, if you fall in love with one without the drip tray, it should not worry you too much.  The accessory can be purchased though it might cost you more collectively. If you want to replace the plunger, then you can buy without the tray and instead utilize that one for the old plunger. Just ensure the new one can fit well without causing a mess on the surface.

  • The handle: Length And Material

You have to buy a plunger with a long handle to avoid messing your hands as you unclog the toilet. Note that you might be forced to keep pushing the plunger deep to achieve a tight seal, which is essential in getting the debris pushed inside to unblock the lavatory. The short handle will limit you and increase the chances of soiling your hands with dirty toilet water and debris.

When it comes to the material used in handle construction, it should be one that won’t either hold the bacteria or be affected by water after long use. In this regard, those that are made of either plastic or steel tubing make the best grips. Wooden ones are out as they tend to sip in water since they are textured and porous. So after extended use, it will get damaged, making you order frequently, thus will cost more in the long run.

  • Seal

The plunger chosen should create a tight seal to have the work done. Regardless of the other features, if the plunger loosely fits in the toilet drain, it might not be effective or might not work at all. Buying ones designed for the toilet with versatility will work well. You should avoid those meant to unclog the sinks. They hardly make a seal in the toilet as they are designed to work on flat surfaces such as sink and shower drains.

  • Ease of Use

The design of the plunger and the material used may determine how easy it is to use. There are models with compressed gas that does the work of achieving the tight deal almost automatically. These types are much easier to use as they do not need a lot of effort in unblocking the lavatory. However, the best choices, even if not automatic, will get the work done without much struggle unless for tougher clogs that might necessitate a call to a plumber.

When it comes to the material used those that feature soft rubber cubs make a better tighter seal. Conversely, harder plastics can be hard to use as it takes time to get a tight seal to get the work done.

  • Weight

The best plungers are those that are lightweight and durable. It should not be too tiring to use them, especially because of the need to push them down the toilet and keep pulling to unclog the lavatory. However, it should be up to the task without breaking down even after several uses. Heavier models might cause fatigue on the shoulders. Note that what is heavier for one might not be for the other. So basically, consider how much you can handle and choose accordingly.

  • Aesthetics

With your well-decorated bathroom, you will not want a basic plunger made of old wood to ruin it. You should, therefore, go for a design that will match your standards and avoid the embarrassment when visitors have to use your toilet. However, if you intend to keep it somewhere hidden, it might not be a major concern. Otherwise, choose a color and design that matches your style that is even visually exciting to see.

Types Of Toilet Plungers

Types Of Toilet Plungers

Mostly, the lavatory plungers are classified based on their shapes. The one you choose depends on your preference as all of them get the work done well. However, you should be aware of the different types to make a well-informed decision. Here are the three types explained:

A Beehive Plunger

As the name implies, the beehive plungers look like cartoon honey hives with exaggerated cask. With the middle wide, the plunger features a round cylindrical shape.  Due to its shape plus the protracted cylindrical lip (flange), the plunger can be used to unclog most of the lavatory drain.

The versatility comes from the fact that you can tailor is used to fit both narrow and wide toilet drains. For a narrow drain, you will have to fit less of the beehive while maintaining a strong seal. Conversely, for the wider one, the plunger will be pressed further into recess until you get the tight seal to unclog the toilet with ease.

  • Accordion/bellow-style plunger

The outer edges of this plunger bowl look like an accordion. The plastic bowl thus collapses and expands as the pressure is applied to it. This will cause water displacement compared to traditional types and thus get work done within a short time with less energy used. Most of them come with shorter handles as they are commonly designed for sink and tub drains. You should, therefore, be careful to get one with a long handle for unblocking the toilet.

  • A traditional flanged plunger

This is one of the oldest models that look like a cup plunger. However, its flange is narrow to ensure it creates a tight seal when pushed to the end of a toilet bowl. Though it will get the work done, you might have to use more effort compared to when unclogging with either accordion or beehive plungers.

Though the one that is chosen depends on the liking, the beehive and the accordion plungers make your work easier and quicker. Thus, it makes the best options.

Review Of The Best Toilet Plungers

Review Of The Best Toilet Plungers

As you have seen above, there are diverse types of toilet plungers, and there is a buyer’s guide to following. However, going through thousands of options to find one perfect for unclogging the toilet takes time, and you might be left more confused. Here we present six options that have been well researched to offer the best services ever.

Go through them and pick one that matches your needs most:

1. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set: Best Combo

Your toilet is well covered with Mr. Clean’s toilet brush and plunger combo. The plunger has a rubber grip that lasts long and provides a firm and comfortable hold. The handle is further long to keep your hands away from the debris and dirty water. The rubber plunger is also extended to ensure you get the tight seal to unblock your toilet quickly and easily. Cup size also fits most of the toilet design, providing much-needed versatility.

Besides, your toilet surface will stay clean and stylish due to the caddy that holds both the round bowl brush and turbo plunger. This makes storage convenient and stress-free. The slip cuddy base ensures it stays intact without falling at any point.  Always clean and rinse both the brush and the plunger after use to keep it clean and ready for the next job.


  • Come with a caddy that has  a non-slip base
  • Easy cleaning with a large round brush
  • Durable rubberized handle that is comfortable to hold
  • Long handle
  • Versatile cup size
  • Sleek design


  • The brush might bend when too much effort is used

Here is the summary of the Mr. Clean 440436 specs:

Weight7 ounces
Handle length (Plunger)12.5 inches
Cup size4.75 inches
CupToilet flange

2.Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger: Best overall

Purchasing a plunger that works with all types of toilet designs is the best way to go. Whether yours is rounded, compact, elongated, rectangular, or square, Neiko 60166A will get the work done quickly and easily. This is made possible by a 4-step robust graduated suction cup that creates a tight seal in any bathroom design.  The super pliable and long-lasting rubber cup further enhances the tight seal making the plunger suitable for both home and commercial use. Unlike other comparative plungers, Neiko 60166A does not flip back as the cup is designed well; thus, no mess after the toilet is unclogged.

It comes with a long aluminum handle that is rust-proof, lightweight, and mold resistant. Besides, the handle gives you enough leverage and ensures your hands do not get in contact with dirty toilet water and debris. The handle has a peg hole that allows you to hang it conveniently if you do not have a drip tray. The good thing is that the water will not be left inside the cup due to the interior with no ridges plus smooth edges. Thus, hanging should not worry you as your bathroom surfaces will not get wet.


  • The unique suction cup that fits different designs of toilet designs
  • Bacteria free handle
  • Long but the lightweight grip
  • Easy hanging
  • No water collected inside the cup
  • Used for both home and commercial purposes


  • Does not come with a drip tray

The table below shows the specs for the Neiko 60166A model:

Weight13.6 ounces
Height24 inches
Dimension24×6×1 inches

3. Korky 99-4A Beehive Max Powerful Plunge: Best versatile

If you are looking for a versatile plunger, then Korky 99-4A-1AM is the perfect option. The plunge is universal and is designed to unblock both old and new toilet designs. The T-handle design provides an easy and comfortable grip allowing you to work without getting fatigued. Due to its beehive shape, the plunge compresses easily, thus, getting work done with minimum effort. Additionally, no marks will be left in your toilet bowl as the cup is made of non-marking durable rubber.

The cup design further makes a tight seal without splashback when the work is done. Most toilet manufacturers recommended it due to its versatile design that seals better with less energy needed. Buy one and see how less stress-full it is when the unfortunate happens, and your toilet refuses to flash.


  • Unclog all bowl shapes
  • Powerful plunge without splashes
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Non-marking rubber cub
  • Less effort needed


  • Might splash if pull back without proper care

Here are quick stats of Korky 99-4A model:

Weight0.16 ounces
Height25.5 inches
Dimension15.1×7.9×7.6 inches
StyleNon-adjustable handle

4. Simplehuman toilet brush and plunger set: Runner’s up combo

The Simplehuman toilet brush and plunger set is a perfect bathroom combo. It not only gets the toilet clean and unclogged in seconds but is aesthetically designed to keep up with your toilet décor. Note that the white color matches with almost all the other shades perfectly well. It comes with a caddy with a magnetic collar that holds the stainless steel handle to avoid water dripping when carrying it. The cover further has a large opening that provides easy access to the plunger. Besides, it hides the plunger modestly, making it out of sight when not in use.

The flange of the plunge has a long and narrow shape that works best with modern lavatory designs. Even with rigorous use, the handle won’t break since it is made of tough stainless steel material. The brush that is included in the package comes with its drip tray. Due to the crescent shape of the brush, your toilet will be left sparkling clean as it reaches hard-to-clean spots. Its bristles are also tougher to make it easier to remove tough stains without leaving marks in the bowl. You can replace the brush handle conveniently as it is designed to screw up and down.


·         Come with drip trays

·         Combo pack to sort all your toilet cleaning needs

·         Stainless steel handle that handles rigorous work

·         Brush that clean even hard-to-reach areas

·         Easy to replace brush handle


·         Might not work well with old toilet designs

Check the features of the Simplehuman BT1084SIMPHUMAN-PARENT model in the table below:

Weight (plunger)1.2 lbs.
Height23.1 inches
HandleStainless steel
CupToilet flange

5. OXO Hideaway Toilet Plunger and Canister: Best Hidden option

OXO presents a plunger option that not only gets the work done but is also visually pleasing and more hygienic. As the name suggests, the hideaway plunger can easily be tacked away safely in the bathroom. If you choose to keep it in a cabinet or closet, the canister will cover it well so that it does touch other household objects. Besides, the canister makes it easy to remove the plunger as it automatically springs open when the handle is lifted.

The cup is designed to work on all toilets, even the low flushing designs. You get to clean the plunge easily as the cub is smooth and ridge-free. The handle flat top surface makes it comfortable and secure to hold the plunge to get the work done without straining. The in-built drip tray in the canister holds excess water while allowing it to evaporate fast due to ventilation slots. Get one and unclog your toilet hassle-free.


·         Convenient carry as the plunge stay on cover

·         The strong and long-lasting plunger head

·         Dries quickly due to ventilation spots in the drip tray

·         Neat and discrete storage

·         Canister opens automatically

·         Works in most toilet designs

·         Comfortable and secure hold


·         Some people complain of rubber smell

Here are some specifications of the OXO 362821 model:

Weight2 pounds
Height23.8 inches
Dimension6.6×6.5×23.8 inches
CupToilet flange

6.  Samshow Toilet Plunger: Best durable option

This is a Powerful High-Pressure Multi Drain Plunger that works to unblock the toilet, bathroom, and bathtub. The plunger has a small head that not only fits all the toilet designs but various bath sinks and kitchen sinks. The plunge has a big sucker that can as well work in reverse to get additional suction. Furthermore, it features a 304 durable stainless steel handle that is long to provide enough leverage and keeps your hand clean throughout the process. You get two plunger heads in the package that can be interchanged depending on the work done.

The plunge features natural material construction to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe. It uses ABS materials and natural rubber.  The plunge will last you for ages due to its durable handle and sturdy natural runner suction. Do not worry about how to interchange the heads as the pack contains an instructional manual that is easy to read and follow. Buy one and forget about recurring orders for plungers at your home.


·         Durable

·         Work with all types of toilets and even bathroom, bathtub drains

·         Big sucker for more suction

·         Easy to use

·         Safe due to natural material construction

·         Ergonomically designed handle


·         May does not work for hard clogs

Have a quick check of samshow8541795557 features in the table below:

Weight14.4 ounces
Height17 inches
HandleStainless steel


Q: How do toilet plungers work?

The plungers use force created when the cup is inserted into the drain creating a tight seal. Since water compresses differently from that of the air, the force created forces the clog down the drain. You need to ensure that the cub seals well with no water escaping from the plunger to avoid low pressure that can make it hard to unblock the lavatory.

When the clog is broken down, it will easily go down the drain. Sometimes it can force the big clog down until it gets to the bigger pipe, which will be taken freely down the plumbing system just like normal waste.

Q: How do I unclog my toilet well using the plunger?

Here are five tips that will help you unblock the toilet with much ease:

i.        Select the best type of plunger that fits in your toilet well to create a tight seal. Pick from the above options for a sure bet.

ii.      Put a towel around the surface of the toilet bowl to collect any water that may splash out during the process.

iii.    Ensure the water level is high. You can achieve this by adding in some more water to help in transferring the plunging force that will break or push down the clog.

iv.    Ensure your position the plunger well. The ideal is to keep it straight as much as possible over the lavatory drain

v.      Keep repeating the plunging motions as some clogs may take more strokes to clear. It is okay to go for short breaks in between strokes to avoid straining your shoulders, especially when dealing with tougher clogs.

Final Word

There is no more worry about a clogged toilet with the above plunger options. The research done was focused on getting the best toilet plungers that can work in most toilet sinks to unblock it in seconds. The handles also provide good leverage and keep your hands clean throughout the process. Just pick one that matches your needs and preferences and unclog your lavatory all by yourself!

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