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For ages, tea has been drunk by tea enthusiasts all over the world. But! China and England have been at the forefront when it comes to their culture around tea brewing, which is now famous around the world. Over several years tea has been a staple drink, and now the ways of brewing have been transformed. Yes, we know tea has been overlooked often due to coffee populism and its immediate usefulness. Though things are changing, the demand for tea is rising day by day. Thanks to different flavors available that suit your taste and the ease of making them with innovation, such as easy-to-use tea makers.

Different types of tea are there to choose from, be green, black, purple, white, or herbal tea. Apart from that, you can make your drink special by adding milk though some people prefer it plain due to health issues or just as a preference. Tea brewing is considered an art by tea lovers since different types of drinks need different steeping times and temperatures while preparing to get the exact flavors that one prefers. While some people prefer the traditional way of preparing tea, others are embracing the advanced technology that has evolved over the years by making their hot drinks using tea makers. They are very convenient to use as it saves time while clearing your doubt in making splendid tea. Read through and be informed before making a purchase.

Top 6 Tea Maker In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Great Tea Maker

Factors To Consider When Buying A Great Tea Maker

If you want a mouth-watering hot drink, then go for a quality tea maker that will serve the purpose. Buying something is not as easy as you think! Even if money is not an issue. First, understand your needs then underline the factors to consider before the purchase. Different brew makers that work differently are nowadays available in the market.

It’s upon you to determine if you will go for a multipurpose unit, which is suitable for different beverages or the one designed only for tea preparation. Lessen your worries; buying doesn’t have to be that difficult, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying your dream brew maker.


There are several types of tea makers available, and each one has a unique feature among them, even though all of them do a good job. We all have a personal preference and what interests you might not be the same as someone else. The intended use of a tea maker by someone might influence their choice too. Look at the different types highlighted below:

Electric tea makers

These types have several features that enable one to customize the brewing process fully. It allows you to choose the desired temperature depending on the kind of tea and the taste you prefer. The auto on and off, timers, and alarms make them desirable.

Tea infuser mugs and bottles

These are suitable for a single-serve cup of tea or drinking on your way. The unique filters or infuser chamber designed with it makes it a perfect choice for someone who is always on the go. You can also get individual strainers and mashers to put into the cup, mug, or pot.


Typically, this version of a tea maker is an appliance for brewing tea, which has been tested and tried, although it needs determination and hard work. The basket that sits in the middle or bottom is for placing the tea leaves and then filtering through the holes making the whole process enjoyable.

The French press

This is a device used to brew tea by placing the tea leaves at the bottom of the machine, then pouring hot water, and finally pressing the strainer plate down. Simply like that, the tea is ready. A couple of years has passed since the device first lounged in the market, and to date, it’s still popular among tea lovers.


Just as we have brew makers suitable for home use, we have others made for an industrial setting where huge tea is necessary. Restaurants and hotels are a good example and thus should opt for those meant to brew large tea quantities.


The device usually indicates its volume either in quarts or liters. The style and design of the device by the manufacturer determine its amount, as some have a smaller capacity even though the unit is large and vice versa.

The number of people or family size you serve determines the position of the device that is suitable for you. The tool that has a large capacity of up to 3quarts is useful if your family is big. But, if it is for you and your spouse, consider the smaller one. It will save you time and energy.


The size will depend on the space you have in your kitchen, office, or restaurant. If you have a big space, go for a large unit. If not, consider the smaller ones which will fit the available space. You must understand more about sizing during purchase. Portability comes in handy with a size too; if you do outdoor activities often, then the smaller one will suit your needs.


Weight is of much importance also when it comes to portability. Everybody wants something that is not heavy or bulky but can do the job very well. So, you have to pay attention to weight and other significant factors.

Typically, weight is determined by the material’s design, capacity, and the design the manufacturer chooses for the device. They need to balance the weight at the point of manufacturing for you to get something that is stable but not too heavy.

Ease of cleaning

If you are planning to use your device quite a lot, then you should pay attention to its cleaning process. Tea stain spots and debris that build-ups can become an issue, and that’s the reason you should consider the appliances that have components that can be washed quickly. The clean device ensures your tea flavors and taste don’t mix with stains.

Preset programs

For quality tea, setting programs needs to be accurate at all times when it comes to brewing. The type of tea and its temperature settings and specified time are very crucial. It also saves you time and ensures you get the quality cup of hot drink you deserve after a long day or to start up your day.


The materials used usually determine the durability of the device. Brew makers made of BPA -free plastics, durable glass, among other elements, should be considered. Tritan plastic ensures machine durability and heat resistance, is sturdy and looks like real glass. As opposed to fragile glass brew makers, plastic pitchers are lightweight hence portable. The glass pitcher looks elegant and charming yet strong and durable so long as you don’t drop it down.


Sometimes the price is a crucial determinant factor to some buyers while it’s not an issue to other people. Quality has been associated with high cost more often though the costly device doesn’t mean they are superior compared to other brew makers. You can always find an affordable tool that does the work efficiently. So, because it’s cheaper, it doesn’t the device is not durable and reliable. But, sometimes, the price can determine what you get in terms of models and advanced tea makers and thus should be considered.


If you can get a tea maker that can assume more than a single role apart from brewing tea, then it might be a good deal for you. Most of these products are also suitable for coffee. So why don’t you kill two birds with one stone if you can? Though you have to consider the other function the product can do and if it satisfies you, then go for it. Be sure it does the primary work entirely.

Top Six Best Tea Maker

Top Six Best Tea Maker

We did our research based on several factors stated earlier and even considered customers reviews from different genuine sources to come up with this list. You should also know that we tested several brands available in the market, and yes, we feel these selected six tea makers will make your life better. Let’s remember to check them one by one:

1. Breville BTM800XL One-Touch

If you are a tea lover, then for sure, you are aware that different types brew at their selected temperatures. With a stylish automated Breville BTM800XL machine, you are good to go. The device itself has five programmed settings for green, white, herbal, black, and oolong tea that you can choose from by pressing the button. One can adjust the machine to suit their desires depending on whether they want their drink to be strong or weak.

The durable machine is made up of borosilicate glass, which allows you to see what’s happening inside while brewing tea. It has a magnetic lid and brushed stainless steel making it pretty and sturdy among your kitchenware.

The more exciting thing is the fact that the device has a timer function, meaning you can brew your tea at a selected time. So, if you want your drink to be ready every time you woke up, just set it up alongside your waking time alarm. The machine can keep your tea warm for a maximum of an hour hence saving you energy and time only in case you work up late or something urgent came up. 

This modern model is straightforward to use and clean. You need to fill in the jug with water, add desired tea leaves of your kind then choose its specific button. The brew maker brews your tea at the right time and temperature.


  • Produces up to 51- ounces of hot tea per cycle
  • Descending steeping basket depending on tea strength control
  • Keep the drink warm up to an hour
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Expensive compared to other devices available out there

Here are the essential features:

Weight1 Pound
Dimension(10.4* 8* 13.1 inches)²
Item model numberBTM800XL

2. Gourmia GTP9815 Tea &Coffee Pot

Many users around the globe are impressed with the quality of tea they brewed using Gourmia maker. They are saying they can never imagine their lives without the device too! Boiling water and using a regular teapot is a no-go zone. It’s a dream come right kinder machine.

Well, the unique, elegant yet affordable device is made up of extra-thick borosilicate glass with double-wall insulation, which makes it durable. It has an airtight lid with a silicone ring, which is easy to clean while keeping your hot beverages hot for some time. You can be able to monitor your tea brewing, thanks to its stainless steel lid and mesh filter which is enclosed by the clear carafe.

The multipurpose devices are suitable for both tea and coffee. It has four presetting one can choose from and as well as light and robust brewing options. To add on these, you can infuse, store, pour the drink in the same kettle. The four cups device is very portable, thus suitable for outdoor activities. Its ergonomic handle is safe to use and transport.


  • Innovative design and a pretty good look
  • Pocket-friendly machine
  • Portable device with a maximum of four cups of tea per cycle
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Suitable for small families Expensive compared to other devices available out there

Here are the essential features:

Weight1.3 Pound
Dimension(8.4* 7* 4.3 inches)²
Item model numberGTP9815

3. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

For a premium ice brew maker, look no further! Ninja hot and the cold-brewed system is the perfect match for you. This is the most versatile device on our list, which will interest you. With your family, you can enjoy quite a variety of coffee and tea-based beverages.

The good thing about this machine is its ability to automatically recognize the basket you are using at the moment, be either the coffee one or the tea. So don’t worry, there is no danger that you may accidentally choose the coffee brewing cycle instead of your black tea.

Ninja has a setting to make six drinks sizes and five brew styles. If you opt for over ice, luxurious, classic, cold, or unique brew style, you only need to press the button. Brewing directly into the cup or travel mug, or making half or full carafe make it one of its kind.


  • Has a separate basket for tea and coffee and the machine can automatically recognize the type of basket you are using
  • Multipurpose machine
  • Make a cup of ice tea between five to fifteen minutes, depending on your choice.


  • High price compared to other tea makers
  • One year warranty Expensive compared to other devices available out there

Here are the essential features:

WeightOne 1.09Pound
Dimension(11.81* 10.01* 15 inches)²
Item model numberCP301

4. Black Teavana Perfect

It is the most pocket-friendly device you could have ever asked for yet simple with a lot of positive feedback from the customers. The device is not electrical, meaning you will have to boil the water first, then with the right temperature of your choice, and pour it into the mug. Now you can enjoy the brewing process through the transparent device while it drains tea slowly into your cup, leaving leaves behind. The authentic flavor makes your tea quality and tasty.

The device is made up of plastic and can be dissembled into four pieces, which makes it easy for you to clean and assemble back. Like any other device Teavana, is simple and straightforward.


  • This device can brew sixteen ounces of tea at a given time
  • Works well with bagged and loose leaf
  • Portable meaning you can move quickly and store


  • No warranty
  • Due to its plastic material, the device might not last for long

Here are the essential features:

Weight13.1 ounces
Dimension(6.4* 6* 4.3 inches)²
Item model number30277.016

5. Takeya Flash Chill Iced (2 Quarts, Black)

If you are an iced tea fan, then the Takeya flash chill will be the perfect choice for you. The manual device with patented flash chill technology one uses anywhere. It’s convenient and portable so you can move with it quickly. The device can fit perfectly into your fridge and can make up to eight cups, meaning it’s suitable for a large family.

The device is made of a plastic called Tritan, which is durable and shatters resistant. This type of plastic can withstand high and low temperatures. You should also be aware of the fact that the device is odor-free, and will not cloud or stain. BPA-free plastic ensures the health of your family is always protected.

 With Takeya flash chill, you don’t need to put ice cubes into your tea or even put it into the fridge while in a hurry. The device can turn hot tea into Icey within 30 seconds. So, enjoy your ice tea whenever you need it.


  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for both tea bags and leaves
  • Works well  while it’s easy to use and clean


  • Manual ice tea maker
  • Not an elegant design

Here are the essential features:

Weight14.4 ounces
Dimension(5* 7.5* 12.8 inches)²
Item model number11177

6. Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker 1 EA Blue

When you are buying something that you will need to use regularly, you consider the usability and practicability of the device. Well, this device suits the purpose and can make both the iced coffee and tea of your choice when you need it.

The device has a removable basket that enables you to make your tea or coffee without worrying much about it, mixing up. Teabags and tea loose are suitable, and one can create a double or single serving. The device is automated and can shut itself after every cycle is complete.



  • It can start leaking after a while

Here are the essential features:

Weight3.1 Pound
Dimension(15* 13* 12inches)²
ManufacturerJarden Consumer Solution
Item model numberTM1RB


Q:  How does a tea marker work correctly?

If you are familiar with a coffee maker, then using a tea maker will not be a problem for you. Tea maker works by simply adding water and tea leaves or bags, then choose your desired option to control the flavor and taste as per one’s wish. A lot of team makers nowadays can be programmed and reset whenever you wanted, depending on the type of tea you are preparing.

Q: Can one use a tea maker to make coffee?

Yes, you can if your device has two separate infusers available for coffee and tea, it is okay. But it’s not advisable if there is only one infuser. Coffee flavors are robust, and they should not mix with other ingredients.

Q: Which one is the best tea maker?

There are so many products out there that do the same work correctly. Your needs will be different, and the one that suits your needs will make the best tea maker for you.

Q: What measurement of tea should one use in a tea maker?

The recommended tea measurement should be about 85 percent water and around 15 percent tea. However, it will always come down to our personal preferences as some prefer a strong cup of tea as compared to others. Some tea makers have control options that will help determine the amount of tea one should add.

Q: How can I clean a tea maker?

Tea makers come with the cleaning manual though it’s a cleaning process for many of them it’s just to add some soap to a damp cotton cloth and clean them gently. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, and it will be super clean within minutes.

How to make tea by using an Electric Kettle

Final Word

Tea is a remarkable drink that many have incorporated into their daily meals. For those who are not aware of the beneficial things that come with drinking tea, then it is time to reconsider. Tea has been known to many as a drink with benefits to one body. First, it helps in losing weight, so if you are struggling with weight, consider the drink as part of other ways that can help you lose weight. Secondly, it reduces stroke or heart attack that might occur.

Thirdly, tea improves your bone’s health as well as your immune system. Apart from all these, tea is not only an elixir precious but also a valuable antioxidant. What else can be more amazing than the fact that tea can hinder the growth of a certain kind of cancer if taken regularly? Be informed and choose one of the best tea makers to enjoy this kind of benefit.

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