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For those who love cooking and those who take it as a career, having an excellent spice grinder is a dream comes true. It’s a must-have item in the kitchen; now I know you must be wondering why that is the case. Note that preparing your spices is better than those sold by vendors. First, the taste is deep as you can blend different spices according to your preference. Besides, some species need to be grounded freshly, or hence it will lose important components like oil if kept for long after grinding.

Thanks to advanced technology nowadays, we have grinders available in the market with different designs and styles. As they say, time is of the essence; with this kind of mills, you don’t need to spend a lot of time. Well, our needs and taste are always different, especially when purchasing some items, so do spice grinders. But as much as our needs and taste are concerned, there are factors that you need to consider first before making that purchase, or it will render your efforts and excitement.

Here we review six top-rated spice grinders and highlight the crucial features to consider before buying one. Read through for a wise pick!

Top 6 Spice Grinder In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Which Best Spice Grinder to Look For?

Electric vs. Manual

The one you choose depends on your budget, type of spicesto ground, and the number of times you do. Plus, the time you are willing to take while grounding the spices might help you decide whether to go for an electric or manual one.

Electric grinders are very convenient to use since they are backed by power while the manual ones are handy and can be used anywhere without electricity.  Manual will require more effort for the results, unlike the electric, which needs a push of a button only.


Be it a replacement or a brand new spice grinder in your kitchen, and the motor is the most important thing you need to have focused. A powerful engine means your grinder can mince your spices smoothly within the shortest time. A good blender should have 500W to 750W. If you have a lot of members in your home, considerthe 750W grinder; it will make your work easier.


The best electric grinder should have two to four edges. The stainless steel blade is durable and more comfortable to clean. Sharp Blade will make your grinding quickly and perfect spices. Ensure there is no gap between the edge and the bottom of your bowl to avoid spices and nuts getting stuck inside the grinder 


Size also matters when it comes to a grinder. Usually, the electric models have two parts, i.e., the Removable bowls for different functions and motor housing. Meaning you might need more space to store them. Some even come with chambers to store the spices straight away after grinding.

The manual one will not take much of your space since they don’t have chambers and are generally small in size.


The Electric model grinders have a standard bowl size of 70 grams. But even the capacity of 50 g is a lot of species for one dish unless you are using a large bowl or want to store some. Remember, you need to fill it up more often as spices can melt.


Yes, this is another parameter one need to check as there are various options readily in the market at the different price range. So, be clear on the budget you are willing to part with then choose the grinders for spices within that range.

Manual ones are pocket –friendly, while the electric models are a bit higher though prices vary depending on several factors associated with them. Unless you are familiar with this gadget, don’t buy expensive models and regret it later. Just go for a functional and straightforward grinder, and then when you are pro, make that order for the costly mill available.


Spice grinders offer you versatility when you are cooking. With your blender, you can experiment with some spices to achieve a new flavor according to how you prepare them. That well-stocked rack of yours can unlock several doors for you to study, discover what you might be lacking out there.

Imagine those Indian, Italian, or other ethnic cuisines that you like and want to replicate them! Grinders will be your number one thing to get to prepare your custom spice blend.

Cleaning Method

Spice grinder that will take forever to clean is unbearable to many. Yes, out there they are so many alluring electric gadgets that claim to the best in the market, but cleaning them can be a headache. So be careful when making a purchase and pay attention to every little thing about them.

Electric models, which have removable bowl and blades, will make your cleaning easy while non-removable ones need special attention. You need to wipe them with a damp cloth, but make sure it’s dry before using. We have others that are dishwasher safe.

Generally, manual grinders are easier to clean because of their small size and removable parts.


As much as we want you to get the top-rated grinder out there, the great one might be complicated to use. So one must know how easy you are to use before you make an order.

Manual grinders should be easy to assemble and disassemble them anytime. A great grinder should ensure easy-to-understand functions to their customers.

Top Rated Spice Grinder

Spices are one of the most cherished merchandise in the world. Their demand goes higher as the days pass by. Apart from being the key ingredient for food preservation ways back in our great grandparents’ days to date, their aroma makes our appetite high. Mortar and pestle were initially used to ground spices. But with the advanced technology, manufacturers produce all sorts of grinders with different specialties and functionality.

Getting one that will suit your needs might be challenging, and that is why we had earlier discussed the main features to consider when it comes to these devices. We have further researched the top six grinders that that are perfect for getting various spice blends. Let us go through them one by one:

1. Epica Electric Coffee Grinder – Best Electric Spice Grinder

If you want a pocket-friendly grinder with a powerful motor of up to 250W, then Epic Electric is a perfect option. For coffee lovers, this will work well for you; it grinds any consistency of your choice correctly. The great thing about this machine also is the double-edged stainless blade that ensures grinding runs smoothly.

Epica grinders work quietly with the whisper-soft motor, enabling you to work anytime without waking up or disturbing anybody. The removable cup has a capacity of 70 grams and easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe too. Both the grinding bowl and blades are made of stainless steel to grind any kind of spices and to last long. The sleek appearance of the mill makes it fit well in any modern décor.

The large activation button makes it easier for anyone to use, and one can adjust the grinder to grind a particular size of their choice. The see-through lid will help you see the grinding process to ensure that you get the preferred consistency of your choice. The mill is 3.5 inches and can fit in a small space.


  • The powerful motor of 250W  for grinding any kind of coffee beans and spices
  • Removable cup, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Whisper-soft motor doesn’t make noise
  • Double- edge blade grinds smoothly
  • Very portable as it weighs only  two pound

Transparent lid help you see components while grinding your spices


  • Grinders don’t come with a warranty to protect it
  • The motor doesn’t shut down automatically when overheated
Weight2.15 pounds
Dimension(3 x 3x 7)²
Item model numberSYNCHKG101296

2. Secura Electric Grinder- Best Spice Grinder With Removable Bowl

The two-year warranty electric coffee and spice grinder has a stainless steel body and can fit in any modern kitchen perfectly.  The price might be a bit higher compared with others, but it does a beautiful job. This model comes in with two removable stainless steel bowls for different functions. One is for grinding coffee beans or any spices variety, while the other one is for chopping any kind of nutsor vegetables.

The grinder itself is easy to use thanks to its on/off switch that makes the operation quick and secure. While grinding, one can see the contents inside through the transparent cover that the Secura machine has. The bowls are easier to clean and dishwasher safe. The built-in sensor protects the motor from overheating, and if it does, the engine turns off automatically and starts again after cooling down. The grinder’s motor life span will extend.


  • Can handle dry and moist ingredient’s
  • The built-in motor that shut down automatically to prevent overheating
  • Two stainless steel for chopping and grinding
  • 75 grams capacity
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It’s a little bit expensive compared with other grinders
Weight2.82 pounds
Dimension(8.9 x 8.4 x 4.8)²
Item model numberSP7412

3. Bazaar Anatolia Turkish grinder –Best Spice Grinder Indian

Bazaar Anatolia Turkish grinder is one of the best manual spice grinders with affordable prices in the market. It’s a heavy-duty grinder designed to grind all kinds of spice like coriander, sumac, cardamom, rice, just to name a few.  It comes in six different colors to choose from, and its stylish hand carved design patterns made out of brass makes it fit perfectly with your kitchen interior.

You can quickly move around with it, and the machine is small in size, measuring just 4.2 inches in height and 1.9 inches in width. The device can be adjusted using screws on the top to get the perfect grinding size. Bazaar Anatolia Turkish grinder comes with an adorable pouch and a plain box for packaging.

The grinder is not suitable for wet seeds or spices and big seeds like corn and nutmeg. It will ruin it since it for them. The mill is made of durable body parts and mechanisms to serve you for a long time.


  • The body is pure metal making it durable and strong
  • Portable grinder due to its small size
  • Has six different color giving you an option
  • Easy to use and clean grinders
  • Beautiful ottoman traditional design that fits perfectly with any kitchen decor
  • Adjustable screws enable you to customize the grind size of your choice


  • Not suitable for wet spices and big seeds
  • Hand washes only not safe with dishwasher cleaning.
Weight6.4 ounces
Dimension(1.4x 1.4 x 4.2)²
ManufacturerBazaar Anatolia
Item model numberBOOTCNWDGA

4. Golden Bell 4 Piece- Best Spice and herb Grinder

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This stylish grinder is made with heavy Zinc alloy outlined with three chambers and four pieces. It’s easy to use and very portable, measuring only two inches in size. Having one of these might be a dream come true to any chef out there. The golden bell comes in eight different colors. The magnetized lid helps in reducing any spices that might spill even though the threads on the top might be too annoying since they are many.

The first chamber contains the sharp diamond-shaped teeth, i.e., first and second pieces that you can twist around to grind your herbs and spices smoothly. While the third piece is the mesh screen, and the middle chamber can filter fine pollen. The fourth piece is the one that catches and collects the spices ground. This super manual grinder has a thin poly O-Ring to ensure smooth grinding with less friction possible. Its lifetime warranty, excellent customer service, and competitive prices make this grinder unique and exceptional.


  • Lifetime warranty with excellent customer service
  • High-quality grinder with competitive prices
  • Quick grind with subtle size spices
  • Portable and uses small space
  • stylish due to zinc alloy


  • Small compared with other manual grinders
  • Not suitable for bigger chunks that are leftovers
Weight3.2 ounces
Dimension(2x 2 x 1.6)²
ManufacturerGolden Bell

5. iRainy Spice and Herb Grinder – Best Affordable Grinder

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This round and compact 2-1 inch wider manual grinder, consist of five pieces and four chambers. It also has two mesh screens that give powdered spices excellent consistency. Remove the filter for coarse texture anytime. The scraper tool makes cleaning easy, and it can also collect spices around. The magnetic lid is made of neodymium,holds firm to the grinder. Rotate the cover clockwise to grind spices or herbs in the blender. The grinder body has a zinc alloy metal, which lasts for long, and that is lightweight.

The company offers a one hundred satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service. So don’t worry; if you have a problem, feel free to contact the manufacturer at any given time. They will ensure your problem is solved immediately.


  • Fine texture thanks to two mesh screens
  • Offers lifetime warranty with excellent customer service
  • Easy to use and clean grinder
  • Quality and pocket-friendly mill
  • Has zinc alloy metal body


  • High chances of the mesh screen breaking
  • Small size compared to another standard grinder
Weight4 ounces
Dimension 2.6*2.2*2.6 inches
Item model numberYC0078

6. Kozo Best Herb Grinder- Best Manual Spice Grinder

No products found.

If you are looking for a great grinder that grinds effortlessly, even thelightest herb and the densest one with numerous twists, then your search is over. Because our Kozo best herb grinder has sharp grinding teeth there appropriately arranged to crush different types of herbs or spices. Its width is 2.5 inches, but its chamber is deep and is double the size of ordinary grinders like Golden Bell grinder.

Kozo grinder has a stable magnetic lid that holds securely, ensuring that you won’t spill any of your herbs. The cover won’t fall off even if you turn it upside-down or shake t vigorously. The unique top and bottom grip enable your fingers to fit perfectly on the grinder while grinding your herbs.

This grinder body is of high-quality materials. Hence it’s durable. Its sharp and dense teeth made of aluminum alloy, and it will serve for an extended period. The grinder large mesh catcher can also filter excellent herb straight into the big chamber. Be keen on the removable kief catcher as this needs more of your attention if you don’t want to knock your screen out of the catcher. The manufacturer offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service. So, you don’t need to worry about its safety. The model has some few improvements done, making it even better than before. They also come in different colors giving you an option to choose one that can match perfectly with your kitchen décor.


  • One hundred satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service by the manufacturer
  • Sharp and dense teeth made from aluminum alloy
  • Strong magnetic lid
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comfortable grip
  • Deep chamber than ordinary grinders
  • Portable and require minimal space as it measures just 2.5 width inches


  • More expensive compared with other grinders out there
  • The grinder usually pull out compartment for the pollen catcher
Weight1.08 pounds
Dimension 4.2 *4.1 *2.3 inches


1. Why do I need to buy an electric spice grinder?

If you are not used to aching wrists caused by pestle and motor while grounding the spices! Then you need an electric one. They don’t require much effort, just press the button, and the job, But whichever works well with you perfectly and makes your work more comfortable, you should consider it.

2. Why should I ground my spices freshly rather than buying pre-grounded ones?

Freshly ground spices taste much better than the pre-ground sold by vendors. Pre-ground spices lose oil quickly by staying for long in the shelves, but if the spices are grounded immediately before cooking, it will still contain more fat, which boosts the taste. You should know that oils give spices their flavors, and thus enough should be added to it.

3. Can I use my spice grinder to grind coffee beans?

Not all the spice mills are useful for grinding coffee beans. Some manufactures have come up with spice mills that can do both coffee beans and spice grinding. But you need to take precautions if you are planning to use the grinder for both since the blender can easily pass the aroma and end up spoiling the spices. If possible, get separate appliances for grinding coffee beans and spices.

4. Can one use an electric spice mill to make a wet rub or pesto?

Unless the grinder has been made explicitly for that purpose, you can make wet rub or pesto. But these other electric spice mills don’t do well with fresh spices. They are useful in making fine spice powder of different kinds. If liquids leaks into the motor housing, the electric grinder can be damaged easily.

5.Which kind of spices can I grind with my grinder?

So, long as the spices can become powder, then you can ground—experiment by blending different spices of your choice to make a mouthwatering food. Spices like ginger, cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg, among others, can be ground by these machines. These grinders can also ground dried herbs like basil, oregano, and mints.

Final Word

If you have gone through our article from the start-up to this point, we are confident that you are going to make an informed decision while purchasing your best spice grinder of your own. The ones we have reviewed are of high quality and will not break so you can choose one from the list. The secret of any delicacy out there is nothing other than well-grounded spices. Whether you are a trained chef or learner, these grinders will come handy for you, especially if one wants to experiment with various spices to a whole new flavor.

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