Which Are Best Shower Faucets In 2021? Turn Your Bathroom Experience Into A Fun Encounter

Nothing relaxes like taking a shower in a comfortable area with the best facilities. It is also disappointing to take a bath using inadequate facilities. One of the appliances that make your experience fulfilling and enjoyable is a shower faucet. You will, therefore, do all it takes to buy the best, whether you are installing it for the first time or replacing an old one. There are various brands of shower faucets in the market, and choosing the best may be both challenging and confusing. So how do I go about it? You may ask. Relax! This guide highlights the top six of these appliances, the factors to consider while buying, and the FAQs that are useful to you. READ on and choose what satisfies your needs and let your showering experiences be fulfilling: 

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Shower Faucets

There are various shower faucets in the marketing, and for you to pick the best, you need to have the knowledge of vital factors to consider. The following is a list of these factors:

1. The Type Of Faucet

There are two types of faucets in the market, and the choice you make depends on your taste. The ordinary type has two taps i.e., one for temperature and on for regulating the flow of water. The modern type has a single handle that regulates both heat and water flow. The former is more popular since it is easy to use, and it occupies little space as well.

2. The Rate Of Water Flow

The efficiency of a shower faucet depends on the amount of water it releases per minute. If the rate of water flow is low, your bathing experience will not be enjoyable. However, a considerable water flow rate gives you a satisfactory and relaxing experience. On average, a custom-made appliance should have a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

3. Simple Installation

The installation process of these appliances should be comfortable and straightforward, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or you are hiring a professional to do it. Always ensure that the device comes with an easy to read and understand user manual or online guide to help you fix thefaucet. If you choose a faucet that hard to fix, it may take a lot of time or even get damaged during installation.

4. Easy To Maintain

Before purchasing any appliances, you need to consider maintenance requirements. You should do enough research either from friends or those who have experience with these items before you. You can also ask the supply or read online reviews about the maintenance needs. You should, therefore, pick one that does not need frequent repairs and maintenance. The more repairs an appliance needs, the high the cost

5. Whether It Comes As Single Or Set

It is advisable to buy a set of faucets than pick a single one and then facing the problem of having the components not matching. You may choose a style that does not match the design of your showerhead if you buy a single, which will not be easy to install. Most shower faucet sets include a showerhead, a hand shower, a faucet, and controls. Some collections also include multiple nozzles for added luxury, depending on the design of the bathroom.

6. The Material And Finish Of The Appliance

Brass is the favored material in the manufacture of shower faucets since it is durable and does not need frequent replacement of the components. Faucets that have nickel, chrome, stainless steel, or brass finish are stylish though the most preferred is nickel since it is not only fabulous; it is also durable. You should also choose between a brushed and polished finish, but a polished one may need a lot of maintenance to keep it shining and free from fingerprints.

7. Style And Dimensions

It is necessary to consider the design and dimensions of each component before purchasing. You should take the proper measurements of the area where the faucet is to be installed as well as the showerhead. You should ensure that the components fit in the room in terms of length and other dimensions.

8. The Cost

As with other appliances, high-quality faucet is more priced. It is, therefore, necessary to look for high-quality devices before picking whatever you come across. Always compare the prices of many items on display or inquire from the supplier. You should choose the amount that matches the quality.

9. Warranty

Looking for the appliances that have a warranty will save you a great deal in terms of maintenance cost as well as defects. It is, therefore, crucial for you to look for the shower faucets that have the manufacturer’s guarantee to cover any defects that may be invisible during the time of purchase. The warranty should also cover for the whole appliance or parts which will help in case it breaks down before a certain period lapses.

Summary Of The Top Six Shower Faucets

Selecting the best shower faucets is a plus addition in every bathroom. It does not only make your shower experience feel enjoyable, but it makes it luxurious as well. You should, therefore, not take the choosing process lightly since you need to pick the best. It may, however, not be an easy task even with the factors to consider. It will consume a lot of your time, which may not be viable. We know this, and that is why we took our time and resources to research. We have compiled a list of the state of the art appliances that meet your every need. We have also given a detailed analysis of the features of each item. Read on and pick the best:

Shower Faucets 

Features/ Benefits

Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Tub

Intensely powerful Lifetime limited warranty Monitor pressure balance valve cartridge for consistent power temperature Water-sense labeled 

Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set by SR SUNRISE 

Concealed installation Brass shower bracket holder Reliable brass pressure-balancing shower mixer valve Includes 10-inch stainless steel rain shower head and 15-7-inch solid brass shower arm The L-style Brass handheld shower head that has  304 stainless steel shower hose Ten layers chrome-plated finish

1011-III-CH-Kauai III Shower System by PILSE ShowerSpas

Includes 8-inch rain showerhead 5-function hand shower Adjustable slide bar and soap dish Polished chrome finish Surface-mounted and pre-plumbed Fits easily to the existing bath without remodeling

Pets Shower Attachment by YOO.MEE

Quick connect on tub spout Ideal for bathing kids, washing pets and cleaning the tub W/Front diverter Made from high strength ABS engineering grade plastic Soft hose for flexible bending without scaring baby or pets Inside silicone rubber washer for preventing the build-up of aging

VeraSpray Portable handheld Shower Head With Hose by Dance

Pet sprayer for bathtub faucet Includes tub Rinser for around garden tub  42-inch hose Improved design for easy installation and removal
Includes a clamp that fixes around the rubber fitting on a round or square garden tub for a safe fit Fits standard size garden tub spouts with no diverter Stretches up to 2-inches when installing on a tub spout Ideal for washing pets, rinsing off, bathing kids and cleaning tubs Portable handheld shower sprayer

Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit Handheld Shower Head by Delta Faucet My product name

Two-spray in2ition 2-in-1 handheld showerhead with hose Universal shower valve sold separately to complete the unit Lifetime limited warranty 2-in-1 dual shower that allows for separate use of hand shower with hose Safely docked for a luxurious and flexible showering experience

Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Tub 

This Windemere single-function tub by Delta faucet is a full body spray that delivers steady, forceful streams of water. It satisfies all your showering needs starting from washing out shampoo to relieving sore, tired muscles. The appliance also has touch-clean spray holes that allow mineral residue to be wiped away. The holes prevent the mineral build-up, thus providing a refreshed look instantly.  

The monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge that is included in the package prevents sudden temperature changes. You will, therefore, enjoy your shower experience from a consistent water temperature since the toilet flushes and running appliances do not affect the temperatures. The set of items includes bathroom faucets, towel bar, towel ring, robe hook, and tissue holder. You will quickly adjust the water temperature to your desired level using the sleek, one-handed design for total control of your shower.


1. Includes a tub spout for use in shower spaces with bathtubs

2. Universal rough-in valve sold separately to complete the unit

3. Easy to change or upgrade the showerhead

4. Rustic oil rubbed bronze that adds charm to your bathroom

5. Uses 20% less water than industry-standard faucets thus saves money

6. Touch20 consumer-inspired innovations for turning on and off with a touch

7. Integrated shower head and hand shower to get water where you need it


1. Item weight: 2.78 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 11 x 16.4 x 13.1 inches

3. Item model number: BT14496-OB

4. Color: Oil-Rubbed bronze

5. Style: Handle + Showerhead + tub faucet

6. Finish: Oil rubbed bronze

7. Pattern: rain

8. Installation method: wall mount

The perfect tool for adding style to your shower experience!


Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set By SR Sun Rise

This luxury rain-mixer shower combo set includes a 10-inch 304 stainless steel rain shower head and a solid brass shower arm.  The combination makes your showering experience both exciting and enjoyable. The appliance is easy to install as it comes with a hidden installation brass shower bracket. It also includes a reliable brass shower mixer valve that contains trim and rough-in valve for pressure balancing. You will, therefore, get enough water even at low pressure.

The l-style Brass handheld shower head that includes a 304 stainless steel shower hose makes it possible for the ‘rain’ to reach every part of your body, thus making it fulfilling. The set also has a ten layer chrome-plated finish that provides a sleek look and ensures corrosion resistance and durability. The powerful technology gives consistent strong rain-shower even when the water is at low pressure. Your showering experience is safe due to the valves cartridges that monitor the pressure balance hence protecting you from being scalded by fluctuations in water temperatures.


1. 304 Stainless steel rain shower head

2. Solid brass shower arm

3. Concealed brass shower bracket holder for easy installation

4. Solid brass pressure-balancing shower mixer for regulating water flow

5. L-style Brass handheld shower head 

6. 304 stainless steel shower hose

7. Sleek look from the chrome-plated finish for corrosion resistance and durability

8. High-pressure technology for consistent, powerful rain shower

9. Pressure balance valve cartridge for monitoring water pressure balance


1. Item weight: 11.51 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 5 x 13 x 19 inches

3. Item model number: SRSH-F5043

4. Size: 10-inches

5. Color: polished chrome

6. Pattern: modern

7. Shape: rectangular

8. Installation method: wall-mounted

A perfect shower mixer for a fulfilling experience!


1011-III-CH Kauai III Shower System By PULSE ShowerSpas

The Pulse ShowerSpas 1011-III-CH Kauai is a powerful shower system that includes an 8-inch rain showerhead, adjustable slide bar, and 5-function hand shower. It also consists of a soap dish and polished chrome finish, making it one of the best bathroom sets. The rain shower system is brilliantly simple, and it, therefore, easily retrofits the existing shower without any need for remodeling. It is an elegant rain showerhead for replacing your old showerhead.

The set also has a sleek 8-inch rain showerhead that easily pivots side to side on a brilliantly arched shower arm, making it easy for you to enjoy your showering experience. The system has a long-lasting performance due to the rub-clean soft tips that have spray straight technology that clears mineral build-up effortlessly. You can easily adjust the height control of the hand shower using the integrated brass slide-bar.


1. conveniently located diverter for switching functions

2. surface mounted and pre-plumbed

3. can install to any shower without remodeling

4. easy to install even by DIY enthusiasts

5. 59-inch double-interlocking, stainless steel hand shower hose with in-built backflow protection


1. Item weight: 10 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 23.8 x 8 x 36.2 inches

3. Item model number: 1011-III-CH

4. Color: polished chrome

5. Style: 2.5 gallons per minute

6. Material: Brass

A luxurious shower system!


Pets Shower Attachment By YOO.MEE

This shower Attachment by YOO.MEE is ideal for bathing children and washing pets. The patent designed professional shower is unique on any existing tub spout, w/front diverter, for convenient and portable bathing. It is easy and quick to install, even if you are a DIY enthusiast. The system uses a reliable brass connection diverter valve for switching showering between tub spout spray and the fixed showerhead.

The hand shower and tub spray are made from high strength ABS engineering grade plastic that helps to prevent ugly surface scratches on the metal spout. It also has a soft hose for flexible bending without the risk of scaring the babies and pets. The inside silicone rubber washer prevents any build-up of aging that may be too hard for water sealing. It will, therefore, give you a long-lasting showering experience for your kids and pets.


1. Portable and convenient bathing

2. Easy and quick installation

3. Patent designed professional dog shower

4. Ideal for the tub faucet height from the top diverter to mouth outlet at 3.15-inch

5. Switches showering between the fixed showerhead and tub spout spray using the solid brass connection diverter valve


1. Item weight: 1.1 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 8.5 x 6.6 x 3.4 inches

3. Material: high-strength ABS plastic

Ideal for bathing kids and cleaning tubs and washing pets!


VersaSpray Portable Handheld Shower Head With Hose (10086) By Danco 

The 10086 42-inch hose is a generation 2 VersaSpray that has an improved design for quicker installation and removal. It includes a clamp that attaches around the rubber fitting on a square or round garden tub for a more secure fit. It also fits only standard size garden tub spouts with no diverter. It can stretch up to 2-inches approximately if you install it on a tub spout, therefore, making it convenient to use,

You can comfortably wash your pets, bath your kids, clean tubs, or rinse off with this generation 1&2 VersaSpray shower. The appliance is easy to install, but you need to soak the spout adapter in hot water for about five minutes. The soaking helps to soften it hence making it easy to stretch and fit your tub spout. You will, therefore, easily convert any bathtub to a shower spray without any hassles.


1. 2.2 GPM maximum water flow

2. 42-inch long durable hose

3. Detachable spray head 

4. Ideal for use in mobile homes

5. Easy to move the handheld sprayer to any bathtub


1. Item weight: 12 ounces

2. Product dimensions: 15.5 x 17 x 18.5 inches

3. Item model number: 10086

4. Size: 1 pack

5. Color: garden tub sprayer

6. Style: hose-included

7. Finish: white/off-white

8. Material: multi

9. Shape: round

10. Pattern: full

Ideal for children bathing and washing pets!


Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Hand-Held Shower Head By Delta Faucet

This handheld showerhead by Delta Faucet is a 2-in-1 dual shower that allows you to use the hand shower separately with the hose. You can also securely dock for a luxurious and flexible showering experience. The shoer has four powerful spray options whereby you can immerse yourself in the steady, strong full body spray that has forceful streams of water. You will experience a fast massage spray that relieves sore, tired muscles using focused, invigorating massaging jets. It also has additional settings that include pause and full body spray with a massage.

You will not need to worry about sudden temperature changes while showering due to the monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge. The water temperature remains consistent even if there are toilet flushes or running appliances. The 17-series shower is a complete collection that includes bathroom faucets, robe hook, towel ring, and tissue holder for memorable and enjoyable showering experiences. 


1. Dual-function handle for complete regulation of spray volume and water temperature

2. Includes tub spout for use in shower spaces with bathtubs

3. Rough sold separately for completing the unit

4. Easy to change or upgrade the shower heads 


1. Item weight: 0.16 ounces

2. Product dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches

3. Item model number: T17494-RB-1

4. Size: tub/shower trim only

5. Color: Venetian bronze

6. Flow rate: 2 GPM

7. Spout reach: 6.5 inches

8. Warranty Description: Faucet and finish lifetime limited warranty

It gives you a versatile shower experience!


Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Shower Faucets

Below Is A List Of The FAQs About Shower Faucets That We Found Useful For You: 

Q. What Is A Shower?

A shower is an area where you bathe under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Most showers have a temperature, adjustable showerhead, and spray pressure nozzles. You will, therefore, regulate the warmth and the amount of pray to your desired levels, hence have enjoyable shower experiences. Simple showers have swiveling nozzles that aim down at the user while the complicated ones have showerheads that are connected to a hose with a mounting bracket. You can hold the showerhead by hand and spray the water at different parts of the body.

Q. Are Showers Better Than Baths?

Hygiene experts argue that showers are better than baths if you are dirty and sweaty from outdoor activities or exercises. But when washing off from a routine, a bathroom is preferable. The steam from a bath is believed to open up pores and release the dirt.

Q. How Is Plumbing For A Shower Faucet Done? 

Plumbing is configured inside the wall, depending on the type of faucet. The cold water comes from the right during the hot water from the left. The warm and cold water mixture in the valve either goes to the showerhead or down to a tub-spout. A diverter is used to direct how the water goes.

Final Word

Choosing the best shower faucet should be taken with seriousness since showering is an everyday activity. You can either choose a single-handle or dual-handle appliance depending on your taste and preference. A single-handle design is more popular than a two-handle since it gives you the option of regulating the temperature and volume of spray to the desired levels. It is also necessary to look at the ease of installation and removal before picking what suits you.

Our list of the appliances has given a detailed explanation and description of each item. All that is left is for you to read and pick the best. Do not be left behind when it comes to luxurious showering!



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