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Cleaning our homes is not just simply a walk in the park. It requires keen attention to detail and a little bit of hard work to maintain its tidy appearance. With this tiring yet fulfilling task, you have to have a handy dandy that will help you with it. One go-to tool that will help you clean hard-to-reach areas on your floor is vacuum cleaners. With the advancement of technology, these vacuum cleaners have evolved from big-sized and loud cleaners to more versatile and powerful cleaners in minuscule sizes.

 One top of mind brand is the Best Shark Vacuum brand. Developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC in the year 1998 in Montreal, Canada, Shark products are known to be innovative and highly-functional that fit the needs of people who are always on the go. They take pride in their accessible and state-of-the-art product that is affordable and powerful.

There are different types of Best Shark Vacuum products namely:

 Upright vacuum – is the most popular type of vacuum. This widely-used vacuum can stand in an upright position and is generally used to clean tough carpets and bare floors. It can also be used to clean above the floor areas. The Upright vacuum of Shark has a powerful suction that deals with the messiest dirt on your carpet or floor. In addition, this type of vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning brush roll and a powerful bristle brush that deep cleans our floor. Plus, the sealed system has HEPA filters that trap dust particles and allergens which is good news most especially for someone who has allergies. One of the most sought-after upright vacuum is the Shark NV42 vacuum which we will discuss thoroughly later on.

 Cordless vacuum- from the name itself, it is a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t need to be plugged in an electrical outlet for it to work. It is usually used in cars or in places without electrical outlet. This cordless vacuum of Shark brand uses ion-power removable battery that can be charged in or out of the unit. Shark’s cordless vacuum has a multiflex technology that can be used for hard-to-reach areas. It also has a self-cleaning and innovative brush roll that cleans 2x more on your carpets and floors. Plus, it has a slide ejector that simply expels your dirt with just one slide.

 Robot vacuum – an independent vacuum cleaner. Independent in a way that you will just give your command through the app or via google assistant or Amazon Alexa, and the robot vacuum will clean its way. Only selected models of the Shark Robot Vacuum can clean anytime or anywhere with just one click away. Still available in some models, it has a 30-day capacity self-empty base that empties in a bagless base independently by itself. The Shark Robot Vacuum has a home mapping feature that maps your household area.

Corded Stick vacuums – by the name itself, it needs to be plugged in an outlet for electricity. It is a lightweight corded vacuum that offers uninterrupted cleaning tasks. The Shark Corded Stick vacuums are equipped with detachable pods for cleaning hard-to-reach and even above the floor areas.

Here are some of the Shark vacuum products that are climbing the charts with regard to their convincing reviews and number of sales. You can easily purchase these vacuums on online sites including Amazon.

Top Shark Vacuum Cleaners | At a Glance

1. Shark NV42 Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark NV42 Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum that has a bagless feature to it. Preferably used for cleaning hard floors and tough carpets, this vacuum cleaner has a 12-foot long hose plus a 25-foot power cord that resolves one of the biggest concerns of vacuum cleaners. It is equipped with Shark’s never loses suction feature that makes an uninterrupted, deep cleaning possible. This product has a large size dust cup that is easy to empty should the need arise.


  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Anti-allergen feature
  3. Long 12-foot hose for a wider cleaning area
  4. Large size dust cup
  5. Longer warranty period


  1. Too bulky for cleaning flight of stairs
  2. Not swivel steering
  3. No available storage for some attachments

2. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift Away

The Shark NV 752 vacuum cleaner is equipped with Powered Lift-away that cleans inaccessible areas without losing its capacity to deliver power to keep the brush roll working. It even has an above-floor mode that allows the handle to be released from the wand for polishing in walls and ceilings to be more accessible. The fingertip control can easily be operated allowing effortless switch from floors to carpets etc. The NV752 Rotator Powered Lift away also has a dynamic swivel steering feature that makes you maneuver your device anyway you want. Not only that, the nozzle and handle have LED lights that allows you to navigate and clean the dark areas of the house.


  1. Consistent performance against all types of floors
  2. Strong suction yet quiet motor
  3. Easy to clean chamber
  4. Anti-allergen feature
  5. Pet-friendly vacuum


  1. Quite heavy
  2. Hard to maneuver
  3. More on the expensive side

3. Shark NV352 Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark NV 352 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a suction release feature that allows you to regulate the suction capacity of your vacuum the way you want it to be. If by accident you have pulled a small rug perhaps, just turn the suction release collar to release the extra air from it. This suction release feature is ideal for delicate clothes or small rugs. If you need to use the never loose suction feature just turn the suction release collar to the left. This vacuum cleaner is on the lighter side and easy to control around furniture.


  1. Affordable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Easy to maneuver
  4. Has a suction release feature that allows you to regulate the suction capacity


  1. Cord is short
  2. Canister detachment is more difficult compared to other models.
  3. The power cord terminates at the base- makes you tip over.

4. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld vacuum

The Shark WV201 handheld vacuum is a cordless type of vacuum that is very portable yet equipped with a strong suction power.  It also has tapered nozzle that makes it easier to pick up fine or large debris. It has two additional accessories for upholstery, pet hair, and tight spaces. The vacuum also has a fast charging dock to place your vacuum whenever not in use. This model also features a single touch button that easily removes the filter housing to empty debris. There is also LED light that indicates the battery life and the charging status of your device.


  1. Ultra-lightweight
  2. Easily maneuvered
  3. fast charging dock
  4. with LED light to indicate charging status and battery life.


  1. produces loud sound
  2. the brush attachment is very thin
  3. battery easily drains

5. Shark Rocket HV302 Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Rocket HV302 vacuum cleaner is equipped with swivel steering that allows easy maneuver during cleaning. It is very light at under 8 pounds and can be converted to a hand vacuum for versatile cleaning. It is also equipped with a Detail Kit Micro tools for home and car that allows cleaning of least possible spaces.


  1. Ultra lightweight
  2. Easily converted to hand vacuum
  3. Controls that switch from hard floors to carpet
  4. Has long cord
  5. It works quietly
  6. Easy to maneuver


  1. A flexible tube is easily broken
  2. Small dirt container
  3. On the expensive side

6. Shark Robot S87 Cleaning System

The Shark Robot S87 Cleaning System is a type of robot vacuum that is equipped with handheld powerful suction for your versatile cleaning needs. It has a smart sensor navigator that allows the robot to map around the household area. This helps the robot vacuum roam around even with the obstacles for complete cleaning. Despite its light-weight feature, the vacuum has an x-large dust bin which allows you an uninterrupted cleaning experience. It also has a self-cleaning brush roll that trpas dust, allergens, and even pet hair. You can even schedule your robot vacuum to clean through the Shark Ion Robot application or through google assistant or Alexa Amazon.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Can be controlled wherever you are (through the app or through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  3. Has smart sensor navigation
  4. Equipped with a large dust bin
  5. Fits under furniture


  1. Develops loud sounds when cleaning carpets
  2. Shorter battery life
  3. On the expensive side

7. Shark Rocket HV292 Ultra-Light

The Shark Rocket HV292 Ultra-Light is considered to be the most powerful handheld model that never loses suction. It is equipped with a 15-foot long power cord that allows wide-area cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with washable and reusable filters that doesn’t cost you for maintenance. To empty the dust cup, you just have to hold the cup on top of the trash then press the release button.


  1. A 15-foot long power cord that allows wide-area cleaning
  2. Lightweight
  3. With washable and reusable filters
  4. Powerful cleaning everywhere
  5. Easily cleans debris even dog hair


  1. The handle is at the end of the machine.
  2. Short warranty (one year)


These are just some of Shark’s highly-innovative and state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners. Still the final choice lies in your needs, preferences, and budget.

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