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Tell us another way of getting a great source of natural carbohydrates other than that fluffy and yummy potato mash. Potatoes have been there over the years as a reliable and essential food in our everyday lives. Whether it’s boiled, hash browns, French fries, stuffing, or mashed potatoes, we can’t do without them. That creamy, soft texture and delicious gravy of potato mash one can’t get enough of it. You can season in various ways as it is easy to make and can be enjoyable to all members of the family even if their teeth are weak, for example, the young children and elderly. 

But even though mashed potatoes seem like a simple dish, preparing it can be a nightmarish dish for anyone who can’t quite reach that fluffy and creamy consistency. If they become watery and gooey or are not appropriately mashed, they can put you off completely. To avoid such an embarrassment, get yourself a masher and comfortably whip up professional-like mashed potatoes at the comfort of your home.

A potato masher is a simple yet so effective kitchen tool made of two key components: a sturdy handle and a reliable, flat base with cutouts or holes designed to break potatoes down. They are manual and electric models designed in different styles and sizes to smash vegetables or other several foods like beans and sweet potatoes, among others. The best give desirable results, so you have to be keen when buying one. Here is everything you need to know for a top-rated product:

Choosing Best Potato Masher – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Best Potato Masher Buyers Guide

A potato masher is an essential kitchen tool collection you can’t afford to miss. The item is easy to use, but the hardest part is choosing the right one over several products available in the market. For your information, potato masher has been in existence for centuries, the traditional ones made out of wood. Mashing potatoes those days were energy-intensive and required muscle power to get close to the best outcome.

Thanks to high-technology evolvement over the years, today there are modern varieties to suit your needs. Be it the ones made of plastic, silicone, and metal, all of them do the same work entirely. Apart from your personal preferences, here are the key factors you need to consider before buying the potato masher:


The durability of potato masher depends on the material used and its maintenance over the period. Most of the kitchen utensils we see around are made up of aluminum simply because it’s lightweight. But this kind of material is not suitable for a masher for potatoes since it can bend easily under the pressure one applies while mashing the potatoes.

The appropriate materials to make this item head is stainless steel, and be aware of the different grades when it comes to stainless steel. Of course, the good one will mean you have to part ways with something higher on top of the others in terms of money. If you are interested in the plastic masher, be sure the plastic is BPA-free. Otherwise, the chemicals might leach when it comes into contact with hot foods.


Yes, size matters too. Since it determines the number of potatoes, you can smash at once. Go for a large potato masher if your family is a big, spacious kitchen and when your kitchen has large and frequent mashing tasks. Large models are beneficial, and it doesn’t require you to slice the potatoes, which is another added task.

To know whether your item is heavy-duty or not pay attention at the mashing base, sizes of the holes, and the style of mashing it should be noted that this bidding model takes up more storage space.


When it comes to the item handle, your special attention is much needed. No matter how the model mashing plate is efficient, if it lacks the proper handle, renders it useless. Handle size also matters; a long one is recommendable as it allows you to get a good grip while being sturdy mashing.

We all agree metal handles are durable, but it can slip off your hand, and it doesn’t off comfort. On the other hand, the silicon and rubber are comfortable and robust to work with, your hand will not slip too.

Mashing Plate

The right combination of the model handle and the mashing plates does wonders while making your work easier. Grid style enables you to get a smooth and creamy consistency. Masher with waves makes you feel the texture of your mashed potatoes while you are eating. Stainless steel mashing plates are the best they will give serve over some time.


You are choosing smoothing that will fit well into your kitchen space and décor. While a large potato masher is suitable for a big family store, it might be a problem if you have a small space in your kitchen. The size and design determine its storage. When planning to keep in the drawer, consider smaller ones that you can be hang.


We have all sorts of potato mashers out there; some are dishwasher safe while others are hand washed. To keep hygiene in your kitchen, ensure all the items are cleaned and dried after finishing the process.

Those mashers that are not adequately would be damaged easily, be it dishwasher safe or hand washes. Get an item you can clean easily after every use and the one compatible with your other kitchen utensils.


Various models available in the market have different price tags. Each of them has a unique feature, and it will depend on your budget and personal preference. As much as the price differs among these potato mashers, the most important thing is to choose quality.

Quality masher will serve you with excellent service over a while. Cheap options are always there, and they may be affordable, but in the long run, they will not be economical. Invest in good quality if you are a regular user, and your money will be worthwhile.


What is more beneficial and economical for you if you are not a multipurpose item? When you have something which does more than one job, it means you will save up the money for the other product and space in your kitchen.

As long as the potato masher does its primary job correctly and you like the model, go for it. But if the multipurpose nature of the item affects or damages the first item work, it’s better to use on the job meant for it—way option to see which one fits your needs entirely.

Top 6 Potato Masher For The Money In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Reviews Of Best Potato Masher Ever

Reviews Of Best Potato Masher Ever

There are various masters out there that can do the job pretty well, each having its unique features that attract customers. We came up with six products by considering the factors mentioned above and the customer reviews from reliable platforms. Look into details of what these six products offer as well as their benefits and limitations:

1. OXO 34581 Good Grip Smooth Masher

This round OXO 34581 is known to be the best heavy-duty potato masher around, which takes the load off your hands while finely mashing potatoes into a creamy and delicious meal. Its stainless steel mashing plates are steady and very strong for any heavy mashing food tasks. This model is adorable to many people because it easy to clean. More so, the dishwasher-friendly function that comes with it makes it even more likable.

Its horizontal and short handle gives you superior leverage while allowing you to press straight down to absorb pressure. If you are prone to hand-cramping and weakness always while mashing food in your kitchen, the design could be your best option. Apart from the item size and design of the mashing head, the masher allows you to simply and freely squish your potatoes without overdoing it.


1. Dishwasher safe  makes its cleaning easier

2. The heavy-duty design is durable and very strong

3. Multipurpose model

4. An ergonomic handle ensures your hand’s safety

5. Easy to use lightweight item that can take minimal space in your kitchen, you can even hang it.


1. Not recommendable for deep pots

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight227 g
Dimension(15.6* 10.2* 7.6 cm)²
Item model number34581V4UK

2. Oxo Stainless Steel God Grip with Cushioned handle single.

This model is one of the best-rated potato mashers on our market today, thanks to its simple but highly functional design. Its stainless steel wave-like mashing plate is durable and resistant to bending. The mashing plate large surface area makes enables you to mash your potatoes efficiently. At first glance, you might fall in love with its design; especially, it’s easy when cleaning. Yes, the item doesn’t have holes that potatoes usually stuck while mashing, and more interestingly is the fact that the product is dishwasher safe.

Its cushioned rubble grip handle will blow your mind as this provides cushioning for your hands, so they don’t start hurting with all the pressure applied. Even for wey hands, there is no risk of slipping. Its storage has been made easier by its lanyard hole through which one can hang the masher on a bright spot in the kitchen.


1. Dishwasher safe makes your cleaning easier.

2. Ergonomic soft rubber grip handle makes it comfortable for your hands while mashing.

3. Its stainless steel head makes it durable.

4. Suitable for vegetables and fruits mashing as well


1. Not suitable for users who want smooth mash as the item doesn’t mash small pieces due to significant gaps in the wire

2. The handle is rather short, meaning it’s also not suitable for deep pots.

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight77.1 g
Dimension(10.55* 3.78*  1.57 inches)²

3. KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Wire Masher

The elegant and stylish potato masher is a durable yet efficient model that does its job very well. KitchenAid gourmet stainless steel wire masher comes in five fresh colors one can choose. The foot-like shape wire masher is made with stainless steel making it rust-resistant yet durable. 

The thick item head is made of stainless steel also and secure, while the handle fits comfortably in your hands while mashing. Its ergonomic handle is designed with an integrated loop to enable you to hand the item in the kitchen within your reach.

The performance of these cool kitchen tools is of the high notch as it can mash anything thoroughly and quickly. Smooth and consistent texture can’t attain due to its large spaces between the masher head. The well-balanced handle is made from plastic and can be a little loose sometimes.


1. A lifetime warranty

2. Its dishwasher safe and easy to clean

3. Masher plate  made of  thick, durable, stainless steel with an ergonomically designed handle

4. Comes in different fresh color to choose

5. Suitable for heavy-duty mashing


1. The handle made of plastic is not durable

2. Not ideal for deep pots

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight136 g
Dimension(37.6* 7.6 * 8.9 cm)²
Item model numberKN008OHOBA

4. Zyliss Stainless Steel Masher For Potatoes

If you have fond of kitchen appliances, then you must have come across Zyliss designs. Zyliss is a renowned brand in the industry as it offers distinct products and its potato masher and ricer are not exceptional. Their potato mashers are known for their simplicity and efficiency. The model made from premium stainless steel has a soft handle made from silicone, which ensures a sturdy and firm grip.

The built-in silicone bowl scraper that comes with it enables you to remove all the food you mashed from the bowl to avoid wastage. Item handle has a loophole on the top to allow one to hang it in the kitchen after washing. With this potato masher, you can easily attain that smooth, creamy, and consistent texture by its perforated mashing head, which has small and large holes. Its rounded head shape means the model can go around the bowl, ensuring all the potatoes are properly mashed.


1. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

2. All the potatoes are mashed thanks properly to its rounded head which can go around the bowl

3. Comes with a silicone built-in bowl scraper

4. Innovative and adorable design

5. Five-year warranty

6. Made of quality stainless steel that  does not corrode


1. Can’t fit in a standard kitchen drawer though one can hang for storage

2. Not suitable for deep pots

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight8 Ounces
Dimension(3.74* 13.19* 3.74  inches)²
Item model numberE980044U

5. Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Masher

It is one of the most fabulous designs from Joyoldelf manufactures, which can mash even the most stubborn potato lumps and chunks. Its high-end stainless steel mashing plate materials make it suitable for heavy-duty. The product is dishwasher safe, and you can even hand wash it easily and quickly. The seamless item design makes this possible to clean thoroughly after every process.

The ergonomic rubber handle for the machine is strain-free and will enable you to mash your potatoes perfectly without hurting yourself. If one has arthritis or feels pain in their hands while mashing potatoes, they should consider this model.

This model is multipurpose and can be used to mash vegetables and fruits in your kitchen or outdoor when you don’t have the mixer. The manual potato masher is portable, and it will be of excellent service if you take it wherever you go. The handle has a hole at the end, making it easy to store and access within your kitchen.


1. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

2. Pocket friendly as the item comes with a competitive deal

3. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold while in use

4. Durable and sturdy stainless steel

5. Secure storage and access thanks to the hole at the end of the handle


1. Product mash head holes are small

2. Not suitable for deep pots since it has a short handle

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight4.9 Ounces
Dimension(4.7* 3.9* 3.1 inches)²
Item model numberX009

6. Priority Chef Potato Ricer And Masher

For potatoes lovers, you must, at one point had the experience of having rich yet creamy mashed potatoes with that fluffy texture at a classy restaurant and wondering why your homemade mash food doesn’t taste like that. Well, there are many techniques and skills one needs to make that tasty mashed potatoes. The top-secret in attaining this is nothing other than the perfect masher in your kitchen. With one, you can make mashed potatoes at the comfort of your home like a pro and don,t embarrass yourself in front of your guest.

The stainless steel used to make this product is premium, and this boosts its durability. Furthermore, the materials are also rustproof and can never be subjected to corrosion or deformation, which might affect your food flavors. The anti-slip handles that come with this product give you a firm and comfortable grip—the item made of high quality the manufacturing company givers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee to their buyers.


1. Rust-resistant and corrosion free

2. Produces creamy potato mash with rich texture

3. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

4. Premium stainless steel boosts durability


1. A bit higher in price compared to other models

2. It’s bigger than traditional handheld mashers

Here Are The Quick Specs:

Weight1.3 Pound
Dimension(12.5* 4* 4.5 inches)²
ManufacturerPriority Chef
Item model numberPR-01

How To Use A Potato Masher


Q1. Can One Use A Potato Masher As A Pastry Blender?

Yes, masher can substitute for pastry blender very well. Therefore, if you want to blend some butter and flour but lack a pastry blender nearby, use your potato masher. It will work outstandingly. Many people find it hard to believe at first, but it does work.

Q2.Do I Need A Potato Masher?

A potato masher is an essential kitchen utensil you may want to have in your house. As to why do you need it, it will barely depend on you. Ask yourself if you need it or if you have another alternative or if you can afford one. To mash potatoes use the right model; you might end up ruining your dish because you are using the wrong equipment that is not meant for making mashed potatoes.

Q3. What Another Tool Can I Use To Mash Potatoes

You can use several tools to smash potatoes, such as a spoon, forks, or by your hand. You can even mash them the traditional way by using cooking sticks made of wood. The results will not be in comparison to that of fluffy and creamy mashed potatoes made using a modern potato masher.

Q4. How Can I Keep My Mashed Potatoes, So It Doesn’t Become Gluey?

Smashing mashed potatoes seems straightforward to most of us. Just grind cooked vegetables and mix them with seasonings according to your preference, and that is it. However, a professional chef will tell you that they are not all if you don’t want your potatoes to be gluey.

First, mind your ingredients, cut the potatoes into evenly large chunks, don’t forget to put the salt in the water, don’t put potatoes in boiling water, and the last tips it’s not smart to mix vegetables with cold butter and cream.

Q5. How Can I Clean A Potato Masher?                   

Some potato mashers are dishwasher safe, while others are hand washed. If your dishwasher is safe, you can simply leave the utensils in the dishwasher, but you need some energy for the hand-washed. But if you prefer cleaning them, soak your potato masher in warm water, then break down the bits of food that remain on your utensils.

Q6. Do Stainless Steel Potato Mashers Rust?

A stainless steel masher should be rust-resistant, but it can occasionally succumb to rust due to its maintenance. As we said earlier in our article, stainless steel comes in different grades, and potato masher grade can determine if it will rust after a while. So, choose the one with good quality material from the start. Keeping your masher clean and dry after every use should help you keep rust at bay.

Final Verdict

All the potato mashers mentioned in our article are good, but the final choice will depend on your personal preference and needs. Factors to consider when buying this item, which we have mentioned, will come in handy when making that decision. Pay close attention to the handle and mashing plate. These two components determine the result you can get. We assure you the best potato masher that will fulfill your needs and do wonders in your kitchen.

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