What Are The Cutest & Best Play Kitchen Sets in 2021 (Reviews And Buyer’s Guide)

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Are you a mother, and your kid bothers you on the issue of cooking? If that is the case, you need a play kitchen to help your kid play while learning the necessary life skills. Note that every time your kid watches you in the kitchen, they automatically become interested and yearn to help you in making some meals.

Kitchen playsets are awesome in satisfying children’s cooking curiosity. Besides, toddlers and bigger kids can work and play together. Your kids will be occupied by learning to be creative through the use of new skills, and more so they will imitate you and explore their capabilities.

There is no need to worry about the safety of your kid when using the play pantry. There exist options made of the best high-quality materials that are safe to use by all levels of kids without fear of causing them harm. You should also look for those made of durable material to avoid easy breakages that can disappoint the young one and arouse replacement needs.

The best thing is that the playset has a cause-and-effect relationship that keeps your child attached to them. They are also easy to assemble as they are well placed to please your kid. Unlike the kids who lived in the old era where kitchen play was more of imagination, the current generation has the chance to experiment with everything about cooking with safety. Further, they get to identify different colors at a young age.

Best Play Kitchen sets

Alongside other skills associated with a playset, you will be encouraging personality traits such as trust and even a more outgoing personality of which are essential to a healthy and happy child. The play pantry is advantageous to the kids before and during schooling. With unstructured play, they learn about themselves, thus allowing their brains to process what they are doing. In this, parents learn to avoid frequent interference in the kids’ works.

To help your child gain all the skills, you need the best play kitchen that allows them to explore more safely. However, choosing one can be a daunting task given the countless option in the market. Luckily, we are here to help you. We have provided the buyer’s guide and reviewed the top 7 products for wise decision making. Read through and pick one that will be lovely to your kids.

Benefits Of Getting Your Child A Play Kitchen

Development of life skills

When children get engaged in the play pantry set, they act in real-life situations. This, therefore, teach them the necessary cooking skills, and the idea of washing the utensils also enters their mind. This prepares them by developing their life skills.

Enhance communication skills

Through the use of the play pantry, the kid will get an opportunity to express herself and engage in storytelling. This will enhance your child’s communication as she tries to learn the names of new objects and foods.

Boost self-confidence

If you want your child to learn to be independent and self-confident, kitchen play will assist you. Your child will have a sense of independence as they prepare meals while playing, which in turn boosts their self-confidence. They adopt the role of working in the kitchen and become responsible for keeping it clean. They learn to care for their items, and this leads them to develop leadership qualities.

Develop problem-solving skills

The kitchen play will enable your kid to develop problem-solving skills through the enhancement of their cognitive abilities. If a problem arises in their play cook, the kid comes up with a solution to make the cooking complete.

Develop motor skills

If wondering about your child’s development skills, then worry not. A play kitchen is an essential tool that will help your kid to develop and practice their motor skills by being creative, planning, counting, and being able to cooperate with the rest of the kids as they play.

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What to Look for in a Kid’s Play Kitchen Set

Below are the significant factors you should put into consideration before you make a final decision in the selection of a good kid’s kitchen set.

  • Size

When choosing a kitchen toy for your kid, you should ensure that it fits in your living space, and also, it’s the right height for your child. That’s why you should always pay keen attention to play pantry dimensions.

  • The material of construction

Kitchen play items are either made of plastic or wood(or wood-based material). Here are some of the pros and cons of each.


Kitchen playsets made of wood are popular for a couple of reasons. First, the wooden materials are better for the environment in that they lack toxic chemicals that have been found in some oil-based plastics used for kid’s toys.

It is also a good deal sturdier than plastic, meaning that it lasts longer, thus reduces the rate of frequent purchasing. However, if left out in the elements, it starts to warp


Plastic is the go-to base material for most play pantries and food accessories due to the following reasons:

  • It is the cheapest material and is relatively sturdy.
  • The plastic holds up against water and sunlight, which means that plastic-based kitchen play, can survive better outside than those made of wood.
  • They are often printed or pressed with impressive aesthetic designs like tile work or brick patterns so that they can appear just as realistic as wood-based types
  • They also tend to be more affordable.

If you want something that you can quickly move around the house, a plastic playset is the best option for you. Those made of wood are a little heavy.

  • Availability of battery-powered features

Preferences differ, while some parents are okay with simply constructed play kitchens, others prefer little more oomph in their products. Kitchen playsets are therefore created with exciting battery-powered features such as sounds, lights, and stoves that light up.

  • Availability of accessories

Interestingly, the kitchen playset comes fully equipped with accessories like plates, spoons, cups, and fake food, making it super-efficient for your little ones. Consider the additions that you like your kids to play with before settling on a particular model.

  • Ability to blend with home décor

The playset is a product to be used for many years to come, it’s, therefore, advisable to get a play pantry that fits in with your home décor.

  • Design Style: Traditional (Playful) vs. Modern (Realistic)

In the previous generation, kid’s playsets were made exclusively of bright, cheap plastic. However, there is a growing trend in the toy industry to make more realistic accessories and playsets,i.e., stuff that looks more like the stuff parents have in the `real” kitchen.

Therefore, the kitchen playsets are advanced in design in a way they are brightly colored and shaped in a way that you would expect a play set to be, and others are highly detailed replicas of a real-life kitchen.

Finding the best kitchen play can be challenging; however, worry not as the guide outlines some of the best sets of awesome play kitchens that will be sure to please you and even your little chef.

This modern trend is obviously driven by parents who are looking for toys and playsets that are going to look good in any room in the house.

  • Age range

Age is an important aspect to consider when purchasing kitchen playsets. The height of kitchens can vary, so for the taller kids, one needs to check on the play kitchens so that they don’t have to bend when working on the worktop. For this case, if you want them to continue using the kitchen to grow older, then there is the need to choose something adjustable and timeless.

  • The educational value of the accessories

Did you know that most children learn through role-playing? This happens through imitation of real-life kitchen tasks like preparing food, cooking, washing up, laundry, and storing food and equipment. Some kitchen set goes further with included clocks to help them learn to tell the time and recycling bins to encourage good habits.

  • Functions and interactivity

Interestingly, kitchens set come with lights, illuminating hob rings, twistable clicking knobs, cooking or running water noises, and even working water features. The features make the kitchen a bit more exciting, realistic, and engaging; such simple designs can encourage more imaginative play, and it’s cute for your little ones listening to interruptions of chopping, cooking, and pouring sounds.

Top 7 Play Kitchen In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Reviews For The Best Play Kitchen

For adults, shopping for a new kitchen means spending the entire day perusing aisles of tiles samples, rows of ovens and stoves, ranks of refrigerators standing at attention, waiting to be purchased.

Fortunately, choosing a play pantry for your little ones is a lot easier as we have provided you with different types, as discussed below.

1.Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen –Amazon Exclusive – Best Sturdy Play Kitchen Set

This model features a removable sink that makes your cleaning easier. Besides, the doors on the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher can easily open and close with special latches for durability purposes.

More so, it features four raised burners that accommodate bowls, pans, and plates with a windowed microwave and oven that will have your kids pretending to watch the food cook.

Interestingly, you do not have to worry about space, as it is large enough to accommodate more than one kid playing simultaneously. You are also assured of its long life and sturdiness because it’s made from metal, composite wood coupled with molded plastic. Its extra storage space helps keep this playroom or bedroom tidy and neat.

Worried about how to engage children aged three years or more? This model is just perfect for you, as it has a modern resemblance to a real kitchen with extra storage with many accessories.


  • Microwave turntable rotates 360 degrees
  • Several accessories
  • Sturdy make
  • Extra storage space
  • Easy to clean
  • Paper towel holder


  • Sink basin can shift
  • Requires assembly

Check key specs for KidKraft uptown Espresso kitchen:

Product dimension42.5 x 17.1 x 41
Product weight70.1
MaterialPlastic, wood, stainless steel

2. Step2 Fun With friends Kitchen – Best Kitchen Play Set With Storage Bin

If you wish to see your kid have fun with a kitchen playset, this model will work well for you. It has realistic lights and sounds that add to the pretense with fun play.

Step2Fun comes with a set of accessories that will help your kid organize them like a real kitchen and, therefore, will not demand any other items from you. The collection has storage bins and plays phones as an added advantage. 

The model has a swivel sink that makes it easy for the kids to clean after they are done with cooking. The molded-in shelves and dish rack make the organization a breeze for your young ones.


  • Has swivel sink
  • Easy to clean with durable cookware
  • Has storage bins
  • Have realistic lights and sounds
  • Easy to follow directions


  • Some complaint of missing little storage baskets

Check key specks for Step2 Fun with-friend’s kitchen:

Item weight22.7 pounds

3. Step 2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset – Best Kitchen Play Set With Sounds and Lights

This playset is amazingly good for your kids in that it features realistic sounds and lights that not only make it realistic but also fun to use. Surprisingly, its refrigerator and oven doors open and close, making realistic click sounds. Also, it has several hooks that come in handy when storing utensils and other items and other pretend accessories.

The perfection of this playset is also guaranteed, as its counter space has a window with enough space where your little ones can pass through the already made food as they serve the meals. It is also designed in a way that contains an attached recycle bin trains for your kids to mind the environment with a coffee pot that is perfect for play tea parties.


  • Strong and durable make
  • Several accessories
  • Realistic sounds and lights


  • Requires tedious assembly

Check key specs for step 2 best chef’s toy kitchen playset:

Item weight21.4 pounds
Product dimension11.5×34.38×38.5 inches

4. Kidkraft ultimate corner play kitchen – Best Uniquely Designed Kitchen Play Sets

Do you want a kitchen toy that can stand at any corner of your house? This model is here to serve you. Their sleek and modern-looking nature will make your kid admire it.

It has interactive features that can accommodate any kid playing. Its fictional appliances, like the doors that can easily open and close, are advantageous to your kid as you are assured of the fact that they will use less energy.

Although it has a compact make, it has an extended counter space that can be used by many kids to play together.


  • Unique angled design
  • Comes with lights and sounds
  • Storage space below the sink
  • Cordless phone
  • Knobs that click and turn
  • Comes with detailed instructions for assembly


  • Doesn’t come with enough screws
  • It takes a long time to assemble

Check key specs for Kidraft Ultimate corner:

Weight61.6 lbs.
Product dimensions42.4 x32.7 x 36.6 inches

5. Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen – Best Realistic Play Kitchen Sets

Would you wish to have an advanced play kitchen for your kid? This model is the solution for you as it comes with a microwave, freezer, storage cabinet, and a refrigerator with doors that open and closes like in a real-life fridge. Interestingly enough, the oven knobs can quickly turn and click.

This model is designed such that your kid can enjoy sufficient space on the top and bottom of the sink. This ensures that all the toys and accessories are all put together. Further, its ample counter space also makes it possible for many kids to play at once, thus fostering teamwork and social skills.


  • Doors open and close
  • Realistic fridge doors
  • Cordless phone
  • Removable sink for easy cleaning


  • Requires assembly

Check key specks for Kidkraft vintage:

Product Dimensions33 x 11.7 x 35.7 inches
Item weight36.7 pounds
Item model number53173

6.Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen – Most Stylish Play Kitchen Toys

Little Tike playset is well designed with a compact, stylish modern kitchen with storage inside and a microwave. Moreover, it has a cabinet door that opens safely for a more realistic play.

This kitchen play will attract your kid as it has a clicker knob above the oven door with a burner that has electronic cooking sounds, which then make the game look like reality to the kid.

Since the door can open, your child can store their food inside the refrigerators. The kid will, therefore, develop organization skills as they try to organize their storage spaces when keeping their food and other accessories.

The unique style allows it to be placed at the corner of the house against the wall, thus taking minimum space in your home. Moreso, it has many appliances that your little chef requires.


  • Compact and stylish modern kitchen
  • Cabinet doors open
  • Has a clicker knob above the oven door


  • Some people complain of its quality

Check specs for little super Tikes chef kitchen:

Item weight0.529 ounces
Product dimension28x14x40 inches
Item model number614873M

7. Melissa and Doug stainless steel pots and pans playset – Best Play Kitchen Set Made With Stainless Steel

If you only want the play accessories that children can play with as they pretend to prepare meals, then Melissa and Doug is the perfect choice for you. It comes with stainless pots and a colander pot with a lid, wooden utensils, and a rack that presents everything that the child needs to use for kitchen play.

You need not worry about the quality since the set offers you the best with a safe construction that is designed well to suit the play. The handles are firm with stainless steel stands that are durable.

About the size of the play utensils, they are well designed for kids to play and with the provision of storage, the rack makes the kids feel as if they are doing the play cooking in the real world.


  • Stainless steel
  • Have a high-quality design
  • Firm handles
  • Small-sized for kids play
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not suitable for kids under the age of 3yrs

Check key specs for Melissa and dough stainless steel pots and pans playset:

Item weight2 pounds
Product dimensions6x6x12.75
MaterialsStainless steel, hardwood


Q: What accessories do I need to buy for a kitchen playset?

If concerned about the items bought together with the kitchen play, then note that this varies with the model chosen as not everything you need for a good game may be availed to you. Fortunately, play food and dishes are very affordable. They can often be purchased in big lots; thus, purchasing the items would still be within your budget.

Besides, play food is play food; thus, in case some items are missing, one can get the same accessories from a different brand from the one who made your play kitchen.

FAQs about Play Kitchen.jpg

Q: Do the light-up burning elements produce any real heat?

Are you concerned about your child’s safety? Worry not, because, in the real sense, everything in these play kitchens is safe. The glowing heating elements are an effect caused by flickering LED lights, though it looks realistic in the pictures, it’s indeed safe for kids and toddlers.

Q: How hard is it to assemble one of these playsets?

It is important to note that none of the play kitchens come pre-assembled. Interestingly, most of them are not complicated to put together and can often be completed in about half an hour. However, some of the wooden sets are a bit sturdy on account of their holes and peg assembly design so that they might take a bit longer.

Final Word

When shopping for the best play kitchen, it can be difficult not to let your styles and taste instincts get in the way of getting the best one for your kids. While the speckled granite countertops and faux-copper fixtures of these deluxe playsets might be attractive to you grown-ups, there is a lot more to consider than just aesthetics when it comes down to making a decision.

For your little ones, Kitchen and Restaurant Combo Playset from Little Tikes is the best blend of versatility, compact design, and feature-heavy construction that all come together under a remarkably affordable price tag just for you.

However, the more advanced kid-chef might want something a bit more professional to help impress his clientele, in which case the obvious recommendation would be for the Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen. It is one of the most deluxe playsets on our list; just looking at it will fill the imaginary customers with confidence that pretend food they are getting is the best around.

The ones reviewed above have been chosen after a thorough analysis, and we surely hope that it helps simplify your selection process.

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