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Omelet lovers attest that taking the delicious dish with your favorite beverages is the best way to start your day. Loved by many worldwide, both old and young, omelet has become a delicacy that is better made any time at home. But, do you know the most frustrating part is using the wrong pan? Food connoisseurs and professional chefs agree that an omelet is the hardest meal to cook without proper tools. Imagine turning your well-cooked dish and watching it as it tumbles on the floor. Isn’t it frustrating?

Never stress too much as it is not about you. The problem lies in the type of pan used. With the best omelet pan, you will watch as your delicacy is masterfully done with some melted cheese within, slightly creamy inside, and golden brown outside. Indeed you will drop some saliva as you wait to take it down your stomach. But, wait, you got to buy the best pan ever meant for that particular dish.  The slate should be made of the right material, a superior non-stick surface, and a robust thick handle that allows you to wield your omelet without worrying about dropping the dish or breaking it.

Moreover, this unique addition to your kitchen should not cost you just to make an omelet. A versatile product is the best since when you are not using it for the delicacy; the pan can as well help in preparing your food like stir-frying your veggies. You might be feeling jittery already by the talk of this special pan. Worry, not! We are here to show you how to pick the best slate that will leave every soul yearning for that omelet at the smell of it. Here we present the top 6 products that customers have used and are satisfied with its top performance. The buyer’s guide is also given to help in picking a particular one based on your needs and preferences.

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Top 6 Omelette Pan In 2021 (Best Picks)

Top 6 Omelette Pan

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What To Consider before Buying An Omelette Pan – Buyer’s Guide

What To Consider before Buying An Omelette Pan

Keeping an eye on some essential features would enable you to get the right omelet pan suited for your needs. Check the following:

Gently sloped edges

Egg flipping is made easier when the pan has sloppy edges. The smooth moving of the eggs in the pan ensures the dish is well done both inside and outside. Besides, you can safely put the done omelet to the plate without any chance of breaking it.

Flat, thick and even bottom

An ideal pan for making an omelet should be flat, thick, and even at the bottom. This allows the heat to be distributed evenly across the frying pan and be transferred to the dish efficiently for a well-done omelet. Looking at the thickness makes a difference as thins ones lead to burned food.

Non-stick cooking area

When eggs stick to the pan, the result will be more devastating. Apart from losing interest in the crumbled eggs, you will have to deal with washing your pan thoroughly. However, with the non-stick pan, you can rest assured of smooth flips and getting your omelet safely into the plate.

High-quality handle

The last thing to worry about is breaking the handle or having to deal with discomfort as you swirl your eggs for the perfect dish. Consider ergonomically designed handles that are strong, preferably those attached to the slate with rivets rather than screws. The other important aspect is the conduction of heat. Pick a pan that does not become hot even after cooking for long to avoid having to spend more on oven mitts.

The shape of the pan

The shape does not affect how well the omelets are done; instead, it is chosen based on preference. However, it is good to be familiar with the different shapes that include oval, square, and round. Japanese omelet pans are squared while French types are either oval or round. You might want to consider hinged slates as it folds your eggs nicely after it is done.

The lid of the pan

Some pan comes with lids, while others don’t. The ones with the covers should be prioritized as they help retain the heat when used. When the pan is covered, it also retains moisture that makes the omelet fluffy and tender, as there is no chance of them becoming dry and flavorless.  Those with tempered glass cover should be the ideal option, as you can see through to allow monitoring of the omelet without necessarily opening it.


The number of people to eat the meal determines the ideal size of the pan. For one person, a pan measuring 8²is excellent while if you want to accommodate one or two-family or guest, then 10²-12² will work best. However, the larger the pan, the difficult it is to achieve the perfect omelet. Well, save for the experts.

Oven safe

Some finishing touches can be added to the omelet by putting it in an oven. In such a case getting a pan that is oven safe makes a difference. Check how much temperature the slate can withstand as it varies from one to the other. However, if you do need any finishing, then those that are not oven-safe will work just fine.


The material of the pan is another important aspect to consider. Most are made of stainless steel or aluminum, but others feature cast-iron or carbon steel construction. They can come with a non-stick coating or without.

Each material has its cons and pros, as explained below:

Aluminum: The material is a good conductor of heat and distributes the same to food resulting in a well-done omelet. However, it can react with acidic food that though it is safe, can affect the flavor. Besides, they can quickly wrap at high temperatures.

Stainless steel: The material is versatile and can be used for cooking different meals apart from an omelet. It is non-reactive though it does not transfer the heat well to the fried dish.

Anodized Aluminum: This is an improved aluminum made to withstand high temperatures, unlike the raw ones. It distributes the heat more evenly and does not react with any food being prepared. However, it comes at high prices.

Cast iron: This is the old material that has been used to make pans for ages. They are cheap, long-lasting, and almost indestructible. It cooks dang-good meals as it transfers the heat evenly and conducts it extremely. It withstands heavy use, and it is non-stick when seasoned well. However, it is cumbersome and difficult to flip the omelet while cooking. It is the least suited for the eggs as it can take time before it even heats up.

Carbon steel: this is one of the most popular pans used by professional chefs as the alloy makes excellent materials that extremely conduct heat and transfer it evenly. It sears the dish well like the cast-iron but is lighter and can be wielded with ease. However, to use it, one has to season it well as it is non-stick.

Best Omelette Pan Reviews

Best Omelette Pan Reviews

For you to get the best pan to cook an omelet, there is a need to understand the features of each product. This is what we are going to do here. We have discussed the six best healthy omelet pans that get the work done without much strain. Go through each one of them to identify one that suits your needs.

1. Calphalon Classic Omelette Fry Pan

This is a simple pan with a timeless design. Beginners and experts can use the pan to make a well-done omelet without any stress. There is no chance of ever dropping your eggs as you flip due to flared edges. The skillet comes with a tempered glass lid that allows you to simmer the omelet without fear of drying them as the moisture is retained for the fluffy and tender dish.

Besides, the material used is hard-anodized aluminum, which presents a thick layer on the pan surface. Thus, the surface becomes scratch-resistant, non-stick, and easy to wash. The non-sticky surface gives you a smooth and glossy textures omelet that is not only eye-catching but delicious. The dual interior layer enhances the non-sticky feature making sure you slide the cooked dish safely to the waiting plate.

The pan measures 12² inch making it perfect for large families. Handles are long and feature cast stainless steel ensuring stay safely away from flames.  Moreover, the grip won’t conduct heat; thus, you can cook for long without scalding your hands. What is great is that the pan is oven safe to 450°F; therefore, you can get tasty finishing on your dish.


  • Even heating due to hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • Easy release and washing
  • Large and oven safe for reliability
  • Long and cool handles
  • Come with tempered glass lid
  • Oven safe


  • Take longer to pre-heat the pan
  • More care required to maintain non-stick surface

Check the key specs of Calphalon Classic1932340:

Weight5.6 pounds
Oven-safe temperature450°F
MaterialHard-anodized aluminum
HandleCast stainless steel
WarrantyFull lifetime

2. Calphalon 8″ OMELETTE W/CVR

If you have been looking for a versatile pan that can get your omelet ready and prepare eggs, brown potatoes, or sautéing vegetables, the Calphalon 8² is the ideal option. The slate provides much versatile and is well designed and stylish, making it stand out in your kitchen. The three-layered surface offer durability with easy release. Besides, the heavy gauge anodized aluminum construction ensures the pan lasts you longer while making cleaning easier since it is dishwasher safe.

The bottom is wide and flat for even distribution of heat that results in a well-done omelet. Besides, the sloped edges make the tossing and rolling of the dish stress-free. Healthy cooking is made possible due to non-stick surfaces as cooking is done with less fat, and cleaning is quite easy. No chance of burning your hands as the handle is long and is made of brushed stainless steel, which stays cool longer. The tempered glass lid help monitor the meal while cooking and achieve a fluffy and tender omelet.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick three-layered surface
  • Quality and durable construction
  • No burn on hands while using it
  • Plenty cooking area with ease of tossing and rolling omelette
  • Oven safe up to 450°F


  • Special care needed to maintain non-stick surface

Check the key specs of Calphalon Classic 1876965:

Weight1.55 pounds
Oven-safe temperature450°F
MaterialHard-anodized aluminum
HandleBrushed stainless steel
WarrantyFull lifetime

3. TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan

This is a medium Japanese-style omelet pan that has a long-life non-stick surface. The Teflon coating is PFOA-free, making it safe for use while staying scratch resistant. You will get to flip your sandwiches, pancakes, and omelet with ease due to the sloped shape design. Besides, the pan is made of extra heavy aluminum with a stainless base making it induction capable. This also ensures durability.

There is no doubt about the quality as the pan is made in South Korea known to deliver exceptional cookware. What’s more, the handle is long and made of a material that stays cool for longer while cooking. It is also ergonomically designed to provide firmness and comfortable while tossing and flipping your favorite dish. Buy one and enjoy Korean and Japanese rolled omelets anytime.


  • Uniform distribution of heat
  • Durable construction
  • Can be used on induction heater.’
  • Flared edges for easy rolling of the omelette
  • Comfortable handles with a firm grip
  • Can be sued to prepare other meal apart from the omelette


  • Not ideal for those who want a rounded omelette

Check the key specs of TeChef EPIHM:

Weight1.1 pounds
Size7.5 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches
MaterialExtra-heavy gauge aluminum

4. Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

There is no better way to prepare frittata, a special omelet, than using the Nordic ware Italian pan. The dish is made by adding meat, cheese, veggies, and herb to eggs to produce a healthier omelet with a special flavor. You cannot achieve delicacy without this unique two-sided pan. No crumbling of the food as the eggs are put on one side and the other additions on the other. Once it cooks for a few minutes, the pan is closed to combine the two for a mouth-watering frittata.

The pan features aluminum construction for durability and even heat distribution. It also has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to toss the omelet while ensuring you clean it with ease after use.  Even after cooking for a long, your hands are well protected against any burn since the handle is long and stays cool. The two compartments act as a lid, which is always there as the two sides are attached, making fluffy and tender frittata at all times.


  • Two-sides for making delicious Italian omelette called frittatas
  • Aluminum construction for durability and even heat distribution
  • Non-sticky surface
  • Stay-cool and long handles
  • Oven safe


  • Not suitable for a rounded omelette
  • Kitchen mitts a necessity as the hinge on lid gets hot

Check the key specs of Nordic Ware 10692AMZ:

Weight1 pound
Size18.88 x 9.5 x 2 inches
Warranty10-year Limited

5. Caannasweis Non-stick Omelette Skillet pan

Caannasweis pan allows you to cook easier and healthily due to the non-stick surface. The coating used is 100% PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead-free. The design imitates the texture and shape of marble stone, making it a great addition to your kitchen cookware. This attractive pan measures 9.5² thus ideal for two or three people. Even with wet hands, you can be sure to toss your omelet without slipping as the handle is wooden and comfortably convenient to hold.

There is rapid heat transfer due to aluminum alloy construction that is combined with a magnetized base. This makes it versatile as it can be used on induction, electric, ceramic, gas, and solid and halogen cookers. It can as well be used for preparing other meals apart from the omelet.


·         Quality and durable construction

·         The non-stick surface that features a chemical-free coating

·         Attractive design

·         Wooden stay-cool handle for comfort and non-slippery hold

·         Can be used on different cookers including induction tops

·         Can be used to prepare various dishes


·         Not oven safe

Check essential specs below:

Weight2.35 pounds
HandleWooden grain

6.  SHINEURI Copper Non-stick Omelette Pans

Achieve that perfect finishing of your omelet with SHINEURI copper pan as it is oven-safe up to 550°F.  The non-stick surface also allows you to slide your food to the plate with ease while making cleaning a breeze. Besides, it features aluminum construction that provides perfect heat distribution for a well-done meal. You can cook an omelet for you and your friend as the pan measures 8² that makes it easy to use even if you are starting to prepare your delicacy.

It has an induction bottom, thus good for different cookers that include induction, gas, electric, gas, and ceramic glass. Buy and enjoy making your delicacy using it for different meals.


  • Non-stick surface
  • Even heat distribution
  • Quality and durable construction
  • Induction bottom
  • Oven-safe up to 550°F


  • Requires special care to maintain a non-stick surface by following the buyer’s guide provided.

Check essential specs below:

Weight15.2 ounces
Oven-safe temperature550°F


Q: How do I choose the best omelette pan size?

The ideal size all depends on the number of people you intend to cook for. A smaller size measures 8²medium 10² and the larges one 12² or more. The good thing is most companies manufacture pans with different sizes but the same specs. Note that it may be difficult to use a bigger slate if you are not an expert.

Q: Is it safe to use a non-stick pan for making an omelette?

There is some controversy surrounding non-stick pans due to the coating used. While some chefs swear by coated pans, others do not like using them. The reason being the layer constitutes chemicals called PFOA’s that some do not like in their food. However, as long as the coating does not scrap off, you are safe.

Besides, the non-stick surface ensures you can easily flip your omelet and slide it to the plate safely. You will not have a challenge when washing the pan as there are no eggs that will be left sticking on the pan for scraping.

Q: How do I clean a burnt omelette pan?

Sometimes you forget your omelet on top of the burner long enough to get burnt. The worry of your expensive cookware getting damage set in. However, there is a safe way of washing your burnt omelet pan, whether non-stick, ceramic, or stainless-steel pan. Here are the simple steps to follow:


  • Put some water to the pan and pour some vinegar to it
  • Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes
  • Turn off the gas and add some baking powder to the boiled mixture
  • As the mixture is hot, use a spoon or any available utensil to clean the food particles off the burnt pan
  • In case all the particles are not getting off, add some more baking powder and leave the mixture for a while. After a few minutes, the burn should have loosened up, making it stress-free to wash the omelette pan.

Final Word

Are you ready to make an omelet pan? Yes, you should, given each of the slates reviewed above, is the best omelet pans to buy. There is no doubt about the perfect wielding that you are going to do to get a well-down omelet at the comfort of your home. Do not get me wrong! Even professional chefs can use any of the above pans to make an award-winning omelet that leaves everyone asking for more.

The best thing is that choosing one should not be stressful as we have provided the buyer’s guide. All you need to do is to evaluate your needs, read in-between the lines, and order your preferred pan anywhere anytime on Amazon.

Get one and enjoy a well-cooked omelet regardless of your cooking skills!

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