Best Nail Dryers Of 2022 – A Well Researched Buying Guide!

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Are looking for the best nail dryers for your manicure and pedicure? If the answer is yes, our review of the top best nail dryers will ease your search. Gone are the days when it took so long for nails to dry at a salon or home. Whatever the type of nail polish that you use; be it UV gel, rhinestone gel, nail sculpture gel, CND shellac, nail builder gel, or LED gel, these dryers can dry different polish and gel in no time. Many women are not complete until their nails are fixed. This is why a nail dryer is handy for home use.

Read on as we review the 10 best nail dryers for your utmost beauty and elegance.

Types of Nail Dryers For your Home

There are two basic types of nail dryers- the air dryer and the UV lamp. Which type you choose depends on your specific needs, and this article will explore both.

The air dryer is a newer invention that doesn’t emit any heat so it’s safe to use. It is great for those who want their nails to be completely dry but don’t want to use a UV lamp because of all the chemicals that can be used with it. This option is also very popular because it doesn’t require any installation or electricity which means you can use it anywhere.

On the other hand, UV lamps are more of a traditional option and they do emit heat so they’re not good for people with sensitive skin or other conditions where exposure to heat should be limited. This type of nail lamp is better for people who have these types of sensitivities or conditions.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Best Nail Dryers for Your Salon or Home

Nail dryers are available in a range of prices and will need to be hardwired into your wall or plugged in. You also need to think about how many people will be simultaneously using the dryer.

To start off, you want to consider how much money you want to spend on a nail dryer. You can find inexpensive and professional quality nail dryers at any price range. Another thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a high-end nail dryer is that it tends to have more features than its low-end counterparts such as heat settings and timer settings that allow it to work faster without damaging your nails.

It is the responsibility of the nail dryer to dry your nails after you have finished with your manicure or pedicure. Some nail dryers are powerful while others are not. We will explore 7 factors to consider when choosing a nail dryer for your salon or home.

1) Price

2) Features

3) Type

4) User-Friendliness

5) Noise Level

6) Power Consumption

7) Compatibility with Other Devices

How Do Nail Dryers Work?

Nail dryers can be used by people with brittle nails, natural nails, or artificial nails. The nail dryer heats the nail polish to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nail dryers are most often used in beauty salons and at home. They are a more affordable alternative to UV gel manicures and other types of salon treatments that take hours to complete.

A nail dryer is also sometimes called a “gel lamp” because it is often used with gel nail polishes that require the use of a UV lamp for curing purposes.

Reviews of Top 10 Nail Dryers For 2021

When choosing a nail dryer, you need to first determine what kind of professional service you want to offer. There are different types of nail dryers for different needs: Pedicure and manicure dryers, UV nail lamps, and LED lightboxes.

If you are looking for a pedicure or manicure dryer, then your options are the PediPedi Dryer or the Conair Quick N Style. The UV nail lamp is ideal for a salon service because it emits UVA light which is excellent for drying nails faster. Finally, if you want to maintain your nails at home with an LED lightbox then the GoPure Digital Nail Dryer may be more suitable for you.

Let’s pick the top 10 here:

1. MiroPure UV LED Gel Nail Dryer (Best For Regular Polish)

If you are worried that your nail dryer takes too long to dry your nail polish, worry no more. The MiroPure Nail Dryer has come to the rescue. This nail dryer is not selective of polish. It dries all types of polish neatly. The best part of it is that you can decide how fast you want your nails to get dry because it comes with a timer. Choose 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds to dry your nails effectively and efficiently. Whatever time you choose, your nails get dry properly without stains. It comes with bonus accessories of two nail files plus gloves.


1. Four timer settings – Choose the time that is right for you. Choose to dry the nail polish in 10, 30, 60 or 99 seconds. The temperature increases at 99 seconds but does not harm you. 

2. Auto-sensor – The nail dryer has an auto-sensor feature that automatically detects when your hand is in or out. With the auto-sensor, you can use the nail dryer without pressing the timer button.

3. Durable LED light beads – The nail dryer comes with 33 long-lasting LED light beads which can last up to 50000 hours even on continuous use. 

4. Double lights – The double light technology of UV and LED help to maintain the color of your nails compared to the traditional nail dryers that use just UV lights. The lights don’t affect your eyes making them safe to use. It also protects the color of your skin.

5. Heat protection – The built-in intelligent sensor helps to regulate heat in the case of long use. Whenever the temperature is high, it reverses to low-power operation automatically to protect your hand.


1. Large LCD screen showing the timer

2. Detachable bottom plate 

3. Ease of use

4. Heat dissipation holes to prevent overheating

5. Auto-detection


1. It comes with no carrying case

2. SUNUV SUN9C 24W UV LED Light Nail Dryer (Best For Easy Use)

Stay beautiful and sexy with the SUNUV Nail Dryer Lamp. If you have burnt your fingers in the past using some low-grade nail dryers, it is high time you tried SUN9C. The portable nail dryer has both UV and LED lights with wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm respectively. The space is big enough to fit your hand or feet. It works on all gel polishes. You can choose the right timer of 30 or 60 seconds based on your nail polish type. It has an auto-sensor feature that automatically detects your hand and turns on immediately. 


1. One button design – The nail dryer comes with a one-button design. Press the button the first time for 30 seconds to dry, press a second time for 60 seconds and press a third time to turn off the device.

2. Easy to use – Place your feet and hand at the same time and get them dry all at once.

3. Safe and comfortable – It is safe and comfortable to use without burning your skin. Its white light source ensures your nail polish color is not distorted

4. Long-lasting lamp tubes – With 18 pieces of light lamp tubes, you don’t need to replace any tubes in a very long time.

5. Suitable for most gels – The nail dryer does a professional job on almost all gel polish such as LED gels, UV gels, sculpture gels, gem glue, etc.


1. Easy and comfortable to use

2. Portable and lightweight

3. It comes with a one-button design

4. Protects the eyes and skin

5. Multifunctional and easily adjustable


1. It doesn’t work with all types of gel polishes.

3. MelodySusie LED UV Nail Dryer (Best Portable Nail Dryer)

Bring your beauty salon home with the MelodySuise Nail Dryer. The nail dryer is intelligently designed with an 18W/36W dual power switch. The 30 pieces dual light source cures your nail polish pretty fast. The lights are durable and can last up to 50000 hours. Its intelligent sensor turns on the nail dryer automatically once your hand is placed into the device. There are three timer options so you can choose the right time for your nail polish type.


1. Dual power switch – The 18W switch comes with low heat to protect your hand while the 36W switch is much faster in curing your nail polish 

2. Speedy nail curing – The 30 durable UV and LED lights with wavelengths of 365nm and 400nm respectively come with high-speed technology to quickly cure your nails. 

3. 3 timers – With three timers, you can choose a suitable time to cure your nail polish type. Choose 45, 90, or 120 seconds for the appropriate nail polish you are wearing

4. Intelligent sensor – You don’t have to manually start the nail dryer. It comes with a sensor to automatically turn on itself when you place your feet or hand inside the nail lamp 

5. Nail polish compatibility – The nail dryer is compatible with LED/UV gel polish.


1. Safe and convenient to use

2. Fast and efficient nail curing

3. Portable and lightweight

4. Impressive quality product

5. Timer function


1. It is very small to contain the feet and hand at the same time

4. KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Dryer (Best Suited For Gel Nail Polish)

Dry your nail polish quickly and safely with KEDSUM 12W Nail Dryer. It comes with a four-timer function for the effective curing of your nails. It automatically shuts off after reaching a preset time. Its single-button design makes it super easy to use. It is specifically designed for LED gel polish. You can put four fingers into the nail dryer at once but the thumb has to be done separately.


1. 4 timer options – You can use it to dry your nails at low or high temperature with four-timer options of 10, 30, 60 and 100 seconds

2. Efficient lamps – The five LED nail lamps are highly efficient and durable lasting up to 50000 hours. You won’t have to bother about replacing LED lights 

3. Gel compatibility – The nail dryer is compatible with different LED gel nail polish

4. Lightweight and portable – Take your nail dryer anywhere you go. It is ultra-lightweight and portable so you can use it even when you travel.

5. One button design – Its single button design makes it a lot more convenient to use.


1. Auto shutoff function

2. Functional LED lights

3. Ease of use

4. Four timer settings 

5. Suited for all LED gel nail polish


1. There is no auto sensor

5. USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer (Best Comfortable Nail Dryer)

This LED UV Nail Dryer comes with an innovative USB light. It is highly suitable for all kinds of UV LED nail polish. It cures nails very fast and safely too. The USB powdered light helps you to have a clearer view of your nails to be sure they are glossy enough. The LED lights are easy and safe for the eyes. You can comfortably use the top of the nail dryer to apply the gels. Its matte rubber pillow makes it convenient for you to rest your hand when curing. With three timer options, you are at liberty to choose the right time to dry up your nails. Preset it to 30, 60, or 120 seconds for the perfect nail drying time to make your nails look alluring. Press the 120 seconds button to turn on the USB light for your nail’s illumination. 


1. USB LED light – The USB LED light is an interesting addition. The light provides for better visibility when working on your nails.

2. Eye safety – The device is safe for the eyes since it comes with a pull-down cover to protect your eyes from the rays of light

3. Comfortable to use – It comes with a pillow to rest your hand so you can comfortably apply the gels

4. Three timer options – The three timers with the automatic sensor allow for easy and convenient curing of your nails. 

5. Gel polish compatibility – The machine is compatible with all types of LED and UV gel polish 


1. Ease of use

2. Lightweight and portable

3. Comfortable to use

4. USB LED light for clear visibility

5. Three timer settings


1. It is small in size.

6. Makartt Air Nail Dryer (Best For Home Use)

This is a unique nail dryer. While other nail dryers make use of LED/ UV, this 400W dryer uses air to dry your nail polish making it more environmentally friendly than the LED/UV nail dryers. It blows both cold and warm air. It comes with a double automatic sensor to keep your hands off the power button. It is not harmful to the eyes and hands. It is also safe to use by both adults and children. It dries your nails pretty fast thereby saving you time. The dryer prevents overheating and sunburn. It is comfortable to use. It doesn’t burn your hand.


1. Spacious dryer – The air dryer is large and roomy enough to accommodate your hands and feet at once to save you time.

2. Warm and cool drying – The dryer makes use of both warm and cold air to dry nails quickly.

3. Safe to use – There are no safety fears since this is not a UV/LED dryer making it safe for children and adults

4. Prevents overheating – The air dryer has a ventilation hole which helps in the prevention of overheating 

5. Automatic double sensor – The dryer starts to work immediately you place your hands inside the nail lamp. This is made possible by the intelligent double automatic sensor.


1. Ease of use

2. Anti-slip pad for stability 

3. Comfortable to use

4. User-friendly design

5. Suitable for home and salon use


1. It works with only regular nail polish

2. It is really large

7. Gustala 54W LED Nail Lamp Dryer (Best When Automatic Sensor Is The Key)

The non-toxic and odorless nail dryer comes with four timer options to give you well-dried nails. It comes with UV LED light to fasten the process of drying your nails. The large digital display is visible enough to read the time. Its large space design makes it very spacious to place your hands at the same time. The LED lights are durable and can last about 50000 hours. There is a cooling chip that helps to cool the device in case of long use. The dryer is light and easy to carry. It can be used at home or salon. Use it only for gel polish. 


1. Automatic sensor – The sensor detects your hands automatically when placed in the lamp 

2. 4 timer settings – The nail dryer comes with four timer options to effectively dry your nails. Choose 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds for the easy curing of your nails.

3. Eyes protection – Its half-closed design helps prevent damage to the eyes 

4. Durable LED lights – The dryer has 36 UV/LED lights with wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm respectively for faster drying of your nails

5. Auto sensor design – The auto sensor detects your hands when placed under the LED light and automatically starts to dry your nails


1. Ease of use

2. Lightweight and comfortable

3. Motion defection through the auto sensor

4. Four timer settings

5. Protects the eyes


1. It is not suited for regular nail polish.

2. It is large and bulky

8. SKYUV 80W Nail Lamp Nail Dryer (Best For Fast Nail Curing)

This nail dryer is superb for home and salon use. Its big size makes it easy and convenient to use. It is large enough to place a foot and hand. It comes with 36 UV/LED light beads making it very a powerful fast nail drying machine. It is ideal for different types of UV/LED gel polish. It dries UV gels in just 30 seconds and rhinestone gels in 60 seconds. It has four timer options with a large display screen showing the time clearly. The dryer is very user-friendly with an infrared sensor that turns on the device automatically each time your hand is placed inside the nail lamp. It has a detachable bottom that can be used for a pedicure.


1. Timer setting – There are four timer settings for a fast-drying nail. You can choose 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds depending on the gel type.

2. Infrared sensor – Equipped with an infrared sensor, you don’t have to bother turning the dryer on automatically. It starts automatically once your hand is inside the nail lamp.

3. Protects the eye – The dryer is designed to protect your eyes with its half-closed design that blocks off light glares to your eyes.

4. 80W power – Its 80W power with 36 pieces of combined UV/LED light beads to make nail curing a great experience

5. 5 smart functions – Its five smart features make the machine very comfortable to use. The features include smart over-temperature, digital time display, time memory function, double speed curing, and painless builder/hard gel curing


1. Ease of use

2. User-friendly

3. Lightweight

4. Comfortable and convenient to use

5. 4 timers for fast nail curing


1. It dries only nail gels

9. Lumcrissy 64W Professional LED Nail Dryer (LED Screen Display Functionality)

The Lumcrissy nail dryer brings some ease to nail curing. It takes 45 seconds to cure LED gel and 60 seconds for UV gel. It provides satisfactory, safe, and convenient nail curing to your fingernails and toenails. The 64 watts plus 32 pieces of LEDs powerfully deliver fast and effective nail curing. Its shell is durable and reliable because it is made from quality materials. Its large space can contain both foot and hand. With four timer settings and a clear LED display, you can preset a time suited for the drying of your nails. The compact design comes with a heat emission hole for heat dissipation. This helps to enhance the lifespan of the machine. 


1. 4 timer settings – The nail dryer features four timers for easy nail drying. Select 10, 30, 45 or 60 seconds to get your nail curing done effectively and satisfactorily

2. Safe to use – The device has a metal cover to prevent the hands from getting hot. The cover is made from alloy metal to absorb the heat generated by the nail dryer.

3. Great design – The design of the machine is made for the convenience of your manicure and pedicure. 

4. Durable UV/LED lights – The lights are made to be long-lasting. They can last for 50000 hours.

5. Automatic sensor – The nail dryer works automatically by sensing your hand through an automatic sensor. Get it started when your hand is inside the nail lamp and it goes off when the hand is out


1. Ease of use

2. Ease of cleaning

3. Ease of carrying with a portable handle

4. Perfect for manicure and pedicure

5. LED screen display


1. It doesn’t work for regular nail polish

2. It is expensive

10.LuxeUp 54W UV Nail Lamp Dryer (Best Nail Lamp Dryer)

This 54 watts nail dryer comes with a lot of power to effectively cure your nails in a quick time. Supported with 36 LED bulbs, the machine can dry your nails in no time. The powerful lights make the drying process very smooth, fast, and painless. It works perfectly for all types of gel polish. Curing time depends on the gel type. This is why the device has four timers. Select 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds for perfect nail curing. It comes with a bonus premium nail care set which includes gel removal clips, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher.


1. Suited for gel polish – The nail lamp dryer is made for gel polish such as UV gel, builder gel, sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue, CND Shellac, and OPI

2. Timer – The digital timer with four timer settings guides when drying your nails. The timer comes with an LED display. You can dry your nails in 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds based on the gel polish type.

3. 54W plus 36 LED lights – The combined forces of 54 watts nail dryer plus 36 LED lights ensure the nail curing is done effectively and satisfactorily in quick time.

4. Removal base – It comes with a removable base for ease of storage and transportation. 

5. Motion detection – The motion detection technology powered by the sensors allows you to use the machine without having to press any button. The sensors automatically activate the machine the moment your hand is inside the nail lamp.


1. Ease to use

2. Lightweight

3. Bonus nail care set

4. Auto sensor

5. LED timer display


1. It doesn’t dry regular nail polish; only gel polish

2. It is not dual voltage but 110v

Buying Guide Of best Nail Dryers

It is tricky buying a nail dryer if you don’t know what to look out for. Here is the guide to buying a durable and reliable nail dryer.

1. Size matters

When buying a nail dryer, it makes sense to consider the size. Look for one that is wide enough to contain your hand and feet to save nail drying time

2. Cost

Cost is an important aspect. Nail dryers for home use are cheaper compared to commercial nail dryers. The purpose of the use is going to determine the price to pay

3. Choose the right type based on your preference

There are two types of nail dryers. Some nail dryers use hot and cold air while others use light. Choose the type you are comfortable with.

10 Benefits of Using a Nail Dryer

There are many benefits to using a nail dryer. They are easy to use, quick, and convenient.

1) Easy to use: Anyone can use a nail dryer with minimal effort.

2) Quick: Nail dryers allow you to dry nails in only a few minutes so you don’t need to wait for hours before being able to do anything.

3) Convenient: These products are easy to carry around with you so if you have plans after your nails are done drying, you will be able to complete them without needing extra time for waiting.

4) Minimal effort: Using a nail dryer requires almost no effort on your part which is perfect for people who hate doing their nails or don’t have the time or patience for it.

6) Health and hygiene: Nail drying can be considered to be more hygienic than nail polish because there is no need for touch-ups or re-application.

7) Reduces splitting nails: Nail drying reduces the chance of nails splitting due to brittle and cracking when they are dried under heat.

8) Speedier process: The process of using a nail dryer significantly reduces the time taken from 20 minutes with nail polish to just 5 minutes with a nail dryer.

9) Healthier nails (less exposure to chemicals)

10) Less breakage and damage to nails.


A nail dryer brings your salon home helping you to look sexy and elegant always. Having a nail dryer brings convenience and comfort relieving the stress of going to the salon. This is why every woman that loves nail fixing needs one. If you are confused about which of the product to choose from our selection, we recommend the Makartt Air Nail Dryer if you fancy a nail dryer that uses air. If you are looking for a nail dryer that uses light, it makes sense to go for the Lumcrissy 64W Professional LED Nail Dryer. Though, it is expensive. If you want something affordable for home use, go for the KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Dryer.

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