Best Microwave Carts of 2020 | Let’s Have More Spaces on Kitchen

 Are you having problems with space in your kitchen and searching for the best microwave carts available in the market? If yes, we have got you covered in this review.

A microwave cart is mostly a necessity in the kitchen. Using one makes life very easy. It is a nice way to create space for your microwave oven and cookware. Read on as we make a thorough review of the 14 best microwave carts for an informed choice.

1. Finnhomy 4-tier Adjustable Microwave Cart –The 4-tier adjustable kitchen microwave cart with anti-rust chrome

shelves and thicken bamboo board gets you well organized in the kitchen. It guarantees quick access to very important items. Three bottom shelves plus an additional top shelf create extra storage with ease. The bottom shelves are suitable for the storage of microwave ovens, jugs, rice cookers and other

valuable kitchenware while the top can take care of cooking ingredients such as spices, seasons, salts and oils. The thicken bamboo top is removable and it is handy as a cutting board. With 6 chrome hooks, hanging cooking utensils such as

cooking pots, spoons and pans are no problems. The metal bars make it sturdy and heavy.


· Anti-rust chrome shelves

· Adjustable shelves

· Easy access to important kitchen tools

· Durable bamboo top as a cutting board

· Quality construction


· Versatile

· Sturdy and heavy

· Easy to assemble

· Decent storage capacity

· Easy to clean


· The cutting board is not strong

2. Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart – If you

are not a fan of metal microwave cart, the Mali Kitchen Cart will be a great option for you. It is made using a mixture of solid and composite wood with natural and expresso finish. The wood design is a beauty to behold and its elegance is wholesome. The cart comprises a natural wood top, a drawer, 3 shelves and a cabinet with a removable shelf. This is a complete kitchen

convenience. Assembly is required to put it to use.


· Plenty of storage space

· Elegant and compact design

· Requires assembly with the installation of wheels

· It is flexible to use

· Blends well with contemporary kitchens


· Quality wood design

· Sturdy construction

· Ease of assembly


· It is expensive

3. Linon Granite Top Microwave Cart – Increase your kitchen workspace with the small but large storage capacity Linon

Microwave Cart. The cart consists of chrome finished hardware, a fixed shelve, a storage drawer that can be easily pulled out, storage rack for 4 bottles of wine and locking rubber casters for ease of mobility. Its granite top can be used as a cutting board. This is a compact microwave cart to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. 


· Wine rack for the storage of 4 bottles

· Elegant granite top

· Spacious and easy to assemble

· Wired basket that can be drawn out

· Heavy-duty caster wheels for easy movement from one corner to another


· Compact design

· Natural finish

· Solid construction

· Ease of assembly


· Made with cheap wood material

4. AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart – If you are on a tight budget and need a microwave cart, the AmazonBasics cart is your best bet. This kitchen workspace is a combination of

style and convenience. It serves as a perfect storage unit in a kitchen where there is limited space. Produced with heavy-duty chrome-plated steel and natural wood, this kitchen cart provides quick access to essential tools such as pans, utensils, cooking pots and kitchen towel with 4 hooks for easy hanging. There are 4 wheels for easy mobility. Two chrome shelves with an

adjustable height weighing 50 pounds are strong enough to store food containers. The shelf in the middle slides out with ease.


· Shelves have the adjustable height for convenience 

· 4 strong chrome hooks for the hanging of essential utensils

· Made with chrome-plated steel

· The wood top is removable

· Assembly is done without any tools


· Easy mobility

· Sturdy

· Durable


· Assemble can be naughty

· Fragile wooden top

5. Ameriwood Landry Kitchen Microwave Cart – If you are looking for a roomy microwave cart that is affordable, it

makes sense to consider this kitchen tool and kitchenware storage unit. Its top surface allows you to place your microwave comfortably and keep other essential tools with ease. The wheels provide great mobility. There are two doors with a shelf. Kitchen towels and pot holders have an open storage compartment for their safe keep. 


· It is cost-effective

· A wide top for microwave storage

· 4 wheels for mobility

· Sturdy construction

· Requires assemble


· Very spacious

· Durable

· Mobile


· Takes some time to assemble

6. Organize It All Mobile Kitchen Utility Cart – Give your kitchen an exquisite look with the Organize It All Microwave Cart. Its sleek design is capable of complementing any kitchen décor.

It comes with a pullout drawer for the storage of utensils and 3 baskets for the easy storage of other essential kitchenware. The cart is made from wood with a natural finish making it superb for any kitchen. The rotating caster wheels provide mobility and accessibility. There is also a locking mechanism to keep your items safe. Cleaning is super easy. There is a bottom space that can be used to store potatoes and onions.


· Easy to clean tile top

· Pullout drawer for keeping utensils and other essential tools

· 4 wheels attached for easy mobility

· Nice storage for kitchens of different types


· Ease of mobility

· Portable enough to fit any kitchen

· It is affordable

· Easy to assemble and clean


· Weak and fragile wheels

7. Coniffer Rolling Kitchen Microwave Cart – Bring sophistication to your kitchen with the Coniffer Microwave Cart. There is no doubt this kitchen cart is pricey but this is a tastefully built microwave cart that complements any kitchen décor. With a wooden table, a drawer, a towel rack and two frames, space is longer an issue. This is an all-in-one solution for your storage problems. It is compact, simple and elegant. Four wheels for easy movement from one corner to another.The microwave kitchen cart is useful in both kitchens and living rooms.


· The microwave cart is built strong for durability

· It has enough space to contain a microwave oven or other kitchenware.

· Four lockable wheels help to provide stability and easy movement from one point to another

· The instructional guide provides hassle-free assemble

· Elegant and simple design that can complement any kitchen design


· Sturdy and lightweight

· Portable and durable

· Easy to clean and move around

· Perfect drawer design

· Quick assembly


· It is a bit expensive

8. Whitmore Supreme Microwave Cart – Get

your kitchen workspace organized with the Whitmore Microwave Cart. The cart is made with a combination of chromed steel and a wooden top making it strong enough for rigorous kitchen use. The chromed steel frame provides durability and stability. It features 4 hooks for hanging cooking utensils, the wooden top can be used as a cutting board or for the placing of your microwave oven, 4 locking wheels for movement and chromed shelves for the storage of other items such as plates, spoons, onions, potatoes, etc. The top is removable and is used for food preparation. The hooks and shelves can be pulled out making it a versatile cart. The microwave cart is easy to assemble and requires no tools to assemble. This is great value for money.


· Wooden top for food preparation or used as a cutting board

· Side hooks for the hanging of different kitchen tools and kitchenware

· Chromed steel frame for durability and sturdiness

· The shelves height can be adjusted by 1 inch to conveniently accommodate items of different heights and sizes

· Easy to assemble without any tools and easy to clean too.


· Sturdy chromed steel construction

· Durable and mobile with wheels

· Heavy-duty microwave cart

· Good storage capacity

· Quality material


· It is heavy 

9. LANGRIA 3-Tier Baker’s Rack Microwave Cart – Make your kitchen look tidy with the 3-tier rack microwave cart. This unit consists of 3 shelves, a top shelf and 4 side hook rails to give you the kitchen space you have always wanted so badly. Your kitchen doesn’t have to look messy anymore. The small top shelf can accommodate spices while the hooks rails can be used to hang kitchen utensils such as cutlery, pots and pans. The other shelves to store the microwave oven and other cooking appliances. Its powder-coating can complement any kitchen décor. It is anti-rust and corrosion-resistant. It comes with a detachable waterproof MDF board that be placed on the shelf and used as a cutting board. One minus about this unit is that it has no casters or wheels for ease of mobility.


· 4 side hooks provide extra storage. The hooks are used to hang pans, pots and kitchen towels

· 4 adjustable feet allows the unit to be firm and balanced on the floor.

· It is easy to assemble 

· The outer finish prevents the cart from getting rust

· It comes with a water-resistant MDF board for stability when placed on the shelf.


· Enough storage space

· Simple and easy assembly

· Adjustable feet


· It is very heavy.

10. Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart – If you are looking for a simple but elegant microwave cart, this is it. This kitchen workstation can be put to a different use. It can be used as a shelve, microwave oven stander and dish organizer. This 3-tier kitchen workspace can store your microwave, toaster, spices and dishes. In the living room, it can be used to store a lamp, flower vase and photo frames. For office use, the cart is used for the storage of a printer, books, magazines, etc. 

The IRONSTONE Kitchen Cart has 10 hooks for the placing of utensils and other items. It comes with two beautiful MDF board that don’t scratch or skid. For stability and durability, the cart is built with heavy-duty and powder-coated metal materials. Its design fits perfectly in a different kitchen environment. The detachable 4 wheels move from one place to another easy.


· This is a multipurpose microwave cart. It can be used in the living room, kitchen and office

· There are 4 flexible wheels, which two is lockable, for easy mobility

· The construction is solid and sturdy. It is made with black metal and E1 MDF Yellow Cherry Board.

· 10 hanging hooks for the hanging of different kitchen tools and accessories

· It is easy to install and clean.


· Sturdy construction

· Stable and durable

· Decent storage capacity

· Easy mobility

· Easy to clean


· None

11. VASAGLE Industrial Microwave Cart – Create a great impression in your kitchen with the VASAGLE Microwave Cart. It is constructed with metal frames for stability and durability. This is the right cart to solve all your kitchen space problems. The construction of the shelve levels brings comfort to your kitchen ensuring that small kitchen appliances

and utensils are stored neatly. Its design is stylishly done to fit into different kitchen décor. This is a powerful kitchen helper with an all-purpose use. It can store heavier items such as microwave oven, cookbooks, pots and pans. The various shelf levels take care of cooking utensils, towels, pasta boxes, spices and recipes making space worries in the kitchen a thing of the



· The unit is sturdy with durable iron frames for dependability and reliability

· It is easy to assemble with 6 S-shaped hooks to hang utensils like pans, spoons and pots including kitchen towels.

· The shelving style is suitable for keeping cooking appliances and cookware.

· There is a wired basket for the storage of recipes and spices

· Elegant and stylish design to make your kitchen look trendy and modern


· Large storage space

· Affordable

· Flexible

· Sturdy and durable

· Made with quality metal material


· It is very heavy

12. NellieMultifunctional Microwave Cart – Ease off the pressure in your kitchen and get organized with the Nellie

multifunctional microwave cart. It is portable with great storage capacities. It also has unparalleled mobility. This is a 3-tier cart with two shelves to conveniently store your kitchen tools and kitchenware. There is a towel rack on each side. Made with a combination of black metal and an antique oak finish shelves, the microwave cart is bound to bring elegance and style to your

kitchen or room. There are 4 casters for ease of mobility. The top panel is constructed with solid wood making it rugged and durable. 


· It requires to assemble. The package comes in a flat box

· It is made sturdy with black metal frames

· It comes with easy-to-move 4 casters for superior mobility

· An ideal workspace and storage unit for freeing up space in the kitchen or room

· Easy to assemble.


· Sturdy design and construction

· Portable 

· Elegant look

· Complementary to any kitchen or room décor

· Ease of mobility


· No pre-drilled holes for screwing up the components

13. Giantex Rolling Kitchen Microwave Cart – Get a beautiful, clean and neat kitchen room with the 2-tier Giantex Microwave Cart. Constructed with laminated P2 MDF board and strong frames, the cart guarantees sturdiness and strength. It comes with a 2-door cabinet and 3 shelves to provide enough storage for your kitchen tools, kitchenware, cooking ingredients and spices. The caster wheels provide the ease of movement. This is a versatile and multipurpose unit that can be used in the kitchen, office, hotel, hospital or the living room. It is made easy to assemble and clean. 


· It has solid frames that provide stability and solidity

· There are 3 thick shelves with a great carrying capacity

· The storage cabinet provide enough space for the storage of items such as dishes and kitchenware

· It is multifunctional. It can be used in different areas such as office, kitchen and living room.

· The surface is well-laminated making it easy to clean.


· Solid construction

· Ease of mobility

· Ease of assembly and cleaning

· Multipurpose use

· Smooth and waterproof shelves


· The unit wobbles but it is functional

14. McNeil 3-tier Microwave Cart – Create a kitchen-friendly home with a sturdier and more stable 3-tier microwave cart. It has a large space that can hold a wide array of appliances and cookware such as the microwave oven, juicer, toaster and blender. There are hooks on both sides to hang items like the kitchen towel and cooking utensils.

The McNeil microwave cart is fitted with four wheels with two of the wheels lockable for easy movement. Made with thick steel, the construction is solid delivering stability and sturdiness. The tiers are made of environmentally-friendly material to protect you from dangerous chemicals that may affect your health 


· The tiers are made from MDF boards making it environmentally-friendly.

· Thick steel construction guarantees durability and sturdiness

· 4 wheels with two lockable wheels enhance the movement of the cart

· Great design to complement any kitchen environment

· It is easy to assemble. The package comes with easy-to-understand instructions for ease of assembly.


· Easy to clean

· Sturdy and strong construction

· Easy manoeuvrability 

· Chemical-free

· Environmentally-friendly


· None

Buying guide

Before you buy a microwave cart, it is important to know what to look out for. Following this guide will help you make

a good buy.

1. Sturdiness and durability – Heavy-duty microwave carts are mostly sturdy and durable. They are either of steel or wood

or both. Heavy-duty steel or wooden cart is capable of carrying a lot of heavy load without the worry of shelve breakage due to the weight of the microwave.

2. Size is important – Size is an important consideration when you are buying a microwave cart. You need to know the dimension of the microwave you are using and buy a cart that has plenty of space after placing your microwave on it to accommodate other items such as grinder and glasses of wine

3. Design – The storage workspace come in different designs. Some are made in the form of normal carts, some are in cabinet form while some are kitchen islands with four locking wheels. Choose the design that you prefer that can perfectly complement your kitchen décor. An all-wood design is better if you are looking at something that blends well with your kitchen décor.

4. Storage space – This is the most important of the buying advise. You need a microwave cart that can contain your

kitchen tools and kitchenware completely. You have to picture the number of items you want to store and then decide on the microwave cart that suits what you have. This is to avoid leftover items. A lot of them offer enough storage space while others just come with drawers and shelves. You need to make a good choice

5. Cost – After storage space, another important factor is the cost of the microwave cart you want to buy. A sophisticated one will cost a bit more but you can get a microwave cart that fits your budget. You can find a pocket-friendly one that is high in quality. Always look out for quality first; and not cost.


You can’t go wrong with a microwave cart in your kitchen if you are struggling with space. This best microwave cart review will help you to choose a suitable cart for your cooking comfort. We recommend the Mr IRONSTONE Microwave Cart or the Coniffer Rolling Kitchen Microwave Cart due to their extra sturdiness and strength.