Best Microfiber Mop Of 2021 | Pick The Right One For Your Cleaning Arsenal

We all love to have gleaming floors at home and in offices since there are many benefits associated with this practice. A clean floor does not only give a good impression of your home or business at first, but it is also an investment. Much as you want to keep your floors shining, it will not be possible unless you have the required cleaning tools. Among the cleaning equipment that is a must-have for you to get a sparkling floor, is a microfiber mop. With an excellent microfiber mop, you will confidently be able to clean your floor and even enjoy the whole process.

You are wondering, how do I get the best microfiber mop out of the many in the market, right? Do you need to look at quality, price, and durability, but don’t know how to go about it? Relax and read through this article for the tips that you need.

6 Best Microfiber Mop Summary Review

Item Benefits/Features
O-cedar Easywring microfiber mop •A foot pedal spin for hands-free wringing •Triangular mop-head to reach all corners •Machine washable pads •Easy to use •You can control the amount of water on the floor
18- Inch Professional Microfiber mop •Its pads are machine-washable •It is pocket-friendly •perfect for any floor •simple to use
Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Floor mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit •Textured wet mopping cloths that melt grime and dirt  •Cleans every place with ease •One can buy wet and dry refills rather than replace the mop •Suitable for all floors
Linkyo Microfiber hardwood Floor mop with 3 Flat mop pads •Sturdy and durable •Can use any cloth as pads •Easy cleaning process as it can make 360 degrees turn ••
Microfiber mop Floor Cleaning System •Perfect for any age • you can use it everywhere and on all surfaces •It can be used by everyone regardless of their height •It is machine-washable hence easy to clean •Durable
Bissell SpinWave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A •Sprays trigger to control the amount of cleaning  that gets to the floor •It is noiseless • Reusable scrubby and soft-feel  microfiber pads that are washable •A  multi-surface formula which is hard on dirt and modest on sealed floors •The multi-surface cleaning system that vacuums and cleans floors simultaneously

Factors To Consider When Buying A Microfiber Mop

Before settling on a particular microfiber mop, you need to have a guide on what to look for to get what suits you most. Relying on online user reviews may be misleading since some may not be genuine or trustworthy. The following factors would be worth considering before purchasing your microfiber mop:

1. The Type Of Your Floor

There are different types of mops for each floor, whether hardwood or tile. You, therefore, need to know which mop suits your floor. When shopping, it would be necessary to consider your surface and get the best microfiber mop. It would, however, be advisable to choose one that can clean all floors regardless of the type.

2. Easy To Use

Having a mop that gives you a headache to use is discouraging. You, therefore, need to choose the one that makes your cleaning easy, fast, and fun. A good mop is light and easy to use and maneuver on the floor. Besides the weight, you also need one that will manage the moisture excellently and whose swivel head is easy to move on the floor.

3. Washable Head

A mop that has a washable head or pad will save you the money you need to keep replacing it. You will easily manage your mop without having to buy new pads every other time. The swab should be washable with a machine, and it should be washed as many times as possible without losing its strength.

4. The Size Of The Mop

A good mop should have the ability to clean an ample space with a single pass. You do not need a mop that requires you to have so many passes before getting your floor sparkling. You need to save on time for doing other things. However, when picking a mop, put into consideration the size of your space or house.

5. The Method Of Cleaning

You should choose a mop that is compatible with your cleaning method. Your broom will depend on whether you are using ordinary water or steam, and this should guide you on what is appropriate for you.

You may also want to have a mop that comes with additional cleaning heads, attachments, or buckets. This article should also guide you on the most suitable tool for you. Some swabs also have a warranty, which is a guarantee of how reliable they are.

Top 6 Microfiber Mop

Putting the above factors into consideration will help you pick a mop that will serve you best. However, there are many on the market. You might be stuck on which one to select. Here I have picked top six microfiber mops, and I am sure you will not miss one that meets your needs. Continue reading and pick the most suitable.

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-cedar spin mop is swift and enjoyable to use when cleaning your floor. It has a foot pedal spin on the bucket that makes it possible for hands-free wringing. It lets you regulate the moisture level of the mop, thus making it possible for you to control the amount of water that gets on your floor. The deep-cleaning microfiber helps to get rid of tough dirt from the floor, leaving it sparkling and free from dust.

O-Cedar allows you to enjoy professional cleaning encounter with little labor or mess. The EasyWring spin bucket enables you to control the amount of water that spills on the floor, making it easy to wring and dry the floor. The mop also has a splash guard that keeps splash and spray within the bucket during wringing.

Benefits Of Buying This Product

1. Easy to spin. Just grasp the mop lightly and step on the foot pedal to start wringer.

2. Perfect for all hard floor areas and has no twisting down and no wet hands

3. It is possible to retain the spray and water splash inside the bucket when you spin.

4. It has a stretchy mop head that turns 360 degrees hence fitting into corners and under furniture

5. Easily cleans into corners thanks to its triangular mop-head

6. Suitable for all floors be it hardwood or tiles

7. The mop head is washable using a machine


1. Might be small for a sizeable level

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2. 18- Inch Professional Microfiber Mop

The 18- inch professional Microfiber Mop is also good due to it’s a top-quality when it comes to cleaning your floor. It has a lovely handle made of stainless steel, thus cannot get corrosions or rust. Its length is also adjustable according to the height that you want, and therefore you don’t strain when cleaning your floor. 

One of the qualities of a good microfiber mop is the area it covers with a single pass. The 18” professional microfiber has an excellent frame that enables it to include a more extensive section with one pass.  You don’t, therefore, have to make several passes, hence saving on time. The aluminum-ribbed frame also makes it very strong and stable to use.

It has a heavy-duty swivel that rotates fully, letting you maneuver easily on the floor. It also comes with three most excellent wet pads, which make the cleaning of your floor easy and smooth. The mop also comes with two microfiber cloths and a dual-action dust mop, which acts like a broom to remove dust.

Benefits Of Buying This Product

1. It’s cost-effective

2. Suitable for all floor types

3. You can easily use it

4. Its pads are safe for machine-washing

5. Can be used for both wet and dry cleaning


1. A beginner can get confused by the user manual

2. Not suitable for tough stains

The 18-inch professional microfiber mop makes cleaning enjoyable as it easily removes pet hair. It is also durable and affordable hence gives you value for your money.

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3. Swiffer Sweeper Dry And Wet Floor Mopping And Cleaning Starter Kit

Swiffer Sweeper floor mop enables you to mop and sweep your floor with a single blow. They use thick dry sweeping clothes that match the surfaces and grout lines. It has three times cleaning action on dirt, hair, and dust. It also has moist mopping garments that dissolve dirt and grime trapping it at the center hence locking it away forever. The mop covers a broader area that would otherwise be hard to reach with other cleaning tools.

The Swiffer sweeper floor mop makes cleaning easy and enjoyable by the use of its thick and dry sweeping clothes that match every floor surface.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Mop

1. Textured wet mopping cloths that dissolve grime and dirt locking them away

2. You can buy wet and dry refills rather than replace the mop

3. Has a starter kit with one sweeper, seven dry cloths and three wet cloths

4. Suitable for all floors

5. Cleans all areas that would be hard to reach


1. Mop head may not hold the fabric in place

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4. Linkyo Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop With 3 Flat Mop Pads

If you are looking for a durable microfiber mop then, Linkyo mop is what to consider. This mop has excellent quality with a stainless steel handle, an aluminum frame, and high-grade synthetic ABS. It has a flexible stem that can extend up to seventy inches, therefore, reaching deep under furniture and high corners.

The metal frame has an easy clip design that rotates 360 degrees making the cleaning process smooth and easy. You can use it for both the office and home, and it comes with two reversible microfiber Mop cloths and a one-time standard microfiber mop pad. You can reuse it since it is machine washable. You can also use any cleaning cloth with the Linkyo Microfiber floor mop, thanks to the clip-on design.

The Benefits Of This Mop

1. You can use ordinary microfiber towels with the head to wipe out dirt and clean

2. You do not necessarily need to use a bucket but can spray the floor then mop. You can also mix the solutions in the sink, put in the pad, and wring and clean your floor

3. Can be used for both wet and dry cleaning with the same pads

4. Sturdy construction that makes it durable

5. Has three flat mop pads

Sounds ideal!

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5. Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – Washable Pads Perfect Cleaner For Hardwood, Laminate, And Tile

Microfiber mop Floor Cleaning System is suitable for all floor types, i.e., hardwood, laminate, and tiles. It has 360 dry wet and recyclable dust mops which have soft refill pads and handles for walls, kitchen, vinyl, and wood.

Its premium quality makes it an ideal commercial-grade floor mop to use everywhere. You can use it to clean the office, home, apartment dorm, bathroom, or even laundry room. The broom is extra long but lightweight hence making it perfect for use by anyone. It has a sturdy aluminum alloy handle that makes it long-lasting and can be used for sweeping away dust, mopping and scrubbing hardwood, tile, and laminate.

The mop comes with a mop head, handle, two microfiber refills, and two brushing pads, making it an excellent mop for cleaning organizations. It is machine-washable and environmental-friendly since the pads can be refilled, replaced, and rewashed. The mop pads connect easily to fixed Velcro on its head and can be taken out and cleaned fast and with ease. It is suitable for any age, whether kids or adults.

You can use the mop dry to wipe away any pet hair, be it dogs or cats, or you can use it wet to clean hardwood and other floor types.

The Benefits Of Buying This Product

1. It is not tiring and can be used by both young and old people

2. You can use it on walls, ceilings, floors, on cars, floorboards, and all other places

3. Perfect to use anywhere, whether at home or in the office

4. Its adjustable handle makes it ideal for all people whether short all tall

5. It is machine-washable hence can be used for a long time without replacement

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6. Bissell SpinWave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop And Cleaner, 2039A

 With Bissell Spinwave mop, you don’t need to scrub your floor since it is a hardwood mop that is powered to do this. It is secure to clean hard surface floors that are sealed.  It has a water tank with a capacity of 28 ounces and 0.9 Amps power rating. The mop is equipped with soft-touch pads for cleaning hardwood floors gently and scrubby pads for tougher and sticky dirt.

The power spin pads help to reduce the cleaning effort, and it also dispenses the correct amount of cleaning solution on the floor. The mop is also lightweight and can you can maneuver it around furniture and baseboards.

The Benefits Of This Product

1. Sprays trigger that lets you regulate the amount of cleaning formula going to the floor

2. A spin wave that gives durable cleaning without producing noise

3. Reusable scrubby and soft-feel  microfiber pads that are washable

4. Comes with a multi-surface method that is tough on dirt and moderates on sealed floors

5. The multi-surface cleaning system that vacuums and cleans floors simultaneously


1. Not suitable for porcelain floors

Sounds good!

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Microfiber Mop FAQs

There are several frequently asked questions about microfiber mops among them:

1. What Is Microfiber Mop Made Of?

Microfiber comes from synthetic material, which is a mixture of polyamide and polyester in the ratio of 20:80.

2. What Can I Clean With Microfiber?

Microfiber mop can be used dry to pick up pet hairs, dust balls, small particles and crumbs, dust, and so on. When moist, it can be used for cleaning and mopping all types of floors and surfaces. It is ideal for ceilings, walls, windows, cars, etc.

3. Where Can I Use Microfiber Mop?

You can use your microfiber mop in your office, kitchen, bathrooms, cars, hallways, to clean your car, mirror, etc. it can be used in almost all areas.

4. Can One Use A Chemical Cleaning Solution With It?

With a microfiber mop, you may not need to use any cleaning agents since it removes most dirt with water only. However, if you need to use your cleaning solutions, you can do so.  You should be careful not to use bleaching agents as they can damage the mop pads.

5. Is The Microfiber Mop Handle Adjustable?

Yes. Most microfiber mops have handles that you can adjust to your suitable length. You can set the height to the width of your shoulders for the best result.

6. Can The Mop Pads Be Cleaned When Dirty?

Of course, they can! You can use a washing machine then dry the pads in the drier on a low temperature or wash with warm soapy water. Ensure to rinse thoroughly to mallow the fiber to spread, releasing the dirt that may be locked in.

Final Words

Having a clean floor both in your office and at home is quite a fulfillment. It makes your guests have great respect and regards towards you. You also feel good when living in a clean and sparkling environment that is healthy, not only to you but the people and pets around you. You don’t need to keep bending and lying on the floor trying to clean your rug. It also sucks not to reach all the corners of your rooms and under furniture, as this means not all areas are clean.

You may be asking what to do to identify the best microfiber mop. Well! If you are looking for a mop that does not require a lot of force, yet giving you perfect cleaning, then O-Cedar microfiber is the best. The foot pedal spin lets you wring without using your hands and enables you to control the amount of moisture on your floor.

If you are a person that value cleanliness but want to take so much time mopping your floor, then the 18-inch professional mop is the ideal choice for you. It cleans a large surface with a single pass hence saving on time. The swab is also pocket – friendly and long-lasting. You are also able to adjust the handle to your perfect height and so no straining while using it.

Are you tired of bending when cleaning your floor? Do you want a mop that will get to all the areas that are hard to reach with other mops? Then, Swiffer sweeper is your perfect option. It has thick and dry cloths that enable it to reach all areas making your cleaning enjoyable.

If you have a cleaning firm and are looking for a commercial-grade floor mop, then you should think about Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – Washable Pads.  It is long and lightweight, doing your cleaning fast. The swab is machine-washable and echoes friendly making it suitable to use anywhere.

For those who may have challenges cleaning and applying so much effort, then you need to try Bissell Spinwave mop. Its multi-surface formula is hard on dirt and moderates on sealed floors, making it safe to use. The multi-surface cleaning structure vacuums and cleans floors simultaneously, thus taking the minimum time possible.  You need to take your time analyzing the benefits and features of all the products highlighted here and choose the most ideal for you.

With this guide, you rest assured of getting the best mop for your specific needs. Read through it thoroughly, and don’t ignore other online reviews and get that mop that will make your floor cleaning fun!

Let your guests be amazed by that sparkle on your floor and hence raise your esteem high! There is nothing as gratifying as having your friends and guests envy you for the level of your cleanliness.

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