Best Mask For Cleaning With Bleach (Reusable & Disposable Picks)

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When cleaning with bleach, it is advisable to wear a mask to shield yourself from the effects of inhaling fumes from the bleach. The best mask for cleaning with bleach is a respirator mask covering your nose and mouth and can filter fumes and odors. It would be best if you chose a mask that protects your lungs and feels comfortable to wear.

Bleach is an excellent disinfectant that helps us keep our homes clean and free from mold. It is common practice to use bleach when cleaning for a fresh and germ-free home. However, bleach contains chlorine gas, which is harmful when inhaled or ingested. Breathing in high amounts of chlorine can lead to shortness of breath and a buildup of fluid in the lungs. People with asthma or chronic lung disease have a high risk of harm from inhaling chlorine and should wear a mask each time they use bleach.

In this guide, we take you through what to look for in a respirator mask and the top 7 respirator masks that will make cleaning with bleach enjoyable and safe. Keep reading!

What is Bleach and How It Affects The Fiber of a Mask?

Bleach is a chemical compound that is used to whiten the fibers of a mask. When bleach is mixed with water, it produces an oxidizing agent that changes the color of the fabric and makes it more susceptible to wear and tear.

Bleach has been used in the textile industry for many years. It was originally used as a disinfectant because when this chemical compound is mixed with water, it produces an oxidizing agent that can change the color of fabrics and make them more susceptible to wear and tear.

Many people use bleach for cleaning purposes, but they should know that it can also change fabric colors. Chemical cleaners can be harmful to the fiber of a mask and Bleach is a chemical cleaner.

The bleach will affect the fiber of the mask when it is exposed to the cleaner for a prolonged period of time. It also removes the naturally dyed color from the mask and will make it brittle.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends a smart solution that involves mixing five tablespoons of bleach into one gallon (8 cups) of room temperature water. Add four teaspoons of bleach to a quart of room temperature water (be sure to read the label on your bottle).

Top Seven Masks For Cleaning With Bleach

Whether you want a mask for industrial use at work or just for home cleaning, we have something for you. We tested some of the masks for suitability when cleaning with bleach in a bid to find the best. Our research aimed at finding a mask that’s comfortable to wear while protecting you from chemical smells and fumes. Our list has the best quality and most durable masks as well as budget ones. Here’s our list of the seven best masks for cleaning with bleach.

Reviews of The Masks in 2021 That Goes Well With Bleaches

In this article, we will review the masks that go well with bleaches. It will also include a buying guide for those interested in purchasing masks that work well with bleaches.

1. 3M – 51131070264 Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

This mask tops our list because it’s everything you’d ever need when cleaning with bleach. It is carefully designed to reduce exposure to particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors when used with the approved filters and cartridges. The gadget is durable and reusable, thus giving you immense value for your money. It is comfortable to wear even for long hours since it has a soft and lightweight facepiece with straps that are easy to adjust for a comfortable fit.

Key Features

1. Comfortable and lightweight

2. Reusable and durable

3. Suitable for home and industrial use

4. NIOSH approved


1. Brand: 3M

2. Material: thermoplastic elastomer

3. Color: grey

2. NASUM 8200 Face Cover

No products found.

If you are on a budget and are looking for a quality mask to protect you from inhaling bleach fumes, then this is it. This mask is very affordable, and you won’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. It features a silicone sealing edge that makes it fit perfectly to your face giving you a comfortable feeling. The mask has safety glasses to protect your eyes from splashes as you clean. The straps are comfortable and fully adjustable to fit any head size giving you tight wear. This mask is suitable for most activities, and when you are not cleaning, you can use it for your DIY projects to ensure you are safe at all times. This product is reusable and washable, making it extremely durable. The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter after 200 hours of use time, which is quite reasonable.

Key Features

1. Made of silicone, thus making it firm and tight sealed

2. Comfortable to wear and easy to adjust headbands

3. Comes with a removable and replaceable filter that can be used for 2-3 weeks without losing efficiency

4. Eye protection for extra safety


1. Brand: Nasum

2. Material: plastic, silicon

3. Weight: 14.4 ounces

3. 3M – 142-5303 Large 5000 Series Half Face Disposable Air Purifying Respirator

3M is a reputable brand when it comes to safety gear. They are known for quality, and this half facepiece is not an exception. It is suitable for a variety of uses, including cleaning with bleach. The respirator is made from advanced silicone making it both durable and comfortable. It has a cool flow valve feature that makes breathing easier and more comfortable. The exhalation valve features help to reduce fogging for better visibility. 

This mask is disposable and not meant to be used for an extended period, but its price is such a bargain.

Key Features

1. Organic vapor and gas respiratory protection

2. Ideal for short working hours

3. Perfect for all head shapes and sizes

4. Has a great seal


1. Brand: 3M

2. Weigh 5.3 ounces

4. Holulo Full Face Cover

This facepiece is made from high-quality materials that make it lightweight and comfortable. You will almost forget you are wearing it. It has a large facepiece that easily fits on any face comfortably with low resistance. The headband is strong and can be replaced easily in case it wears out. It has a good sealing that makes it impossible for you to inhale dangerous fumes and vapors. If you want a mask that you will use all year long for your cleaning duties and save some coins, then this is it.

Key Features

1. High quality with excellent construction and fit

2. Has an impact-resistant coating

3. Has a three-dimensional design to help in circulation

4. Features a replaceable and robust headband

5. Has a unique sound device to make communication easier


1. Brand: Holulo

2. Material: silicone

3. Accessories: two covers, organic glasses, unique sound transmission device

5. KISCHERS Reusable Half Facepiece

Are you looking for a premium quality mask that will make cleaning a breeze? If yes, then this is the piece for you. Made by a remarkable brand, this mask is worth all the fuss. It is made from superior quality silica gel that is soft, comfortable, durable, and safe. This mask is designed to eliminate any hint of chemical vapor or fumes effectively.  It is carefully designed to ensure you don’t smell bleach thus shielding you from these fumes’ harsh effects. It has a double filtration mechanism that ensures you don’t inhale the slightest hint of bleach or fumes emitted when bleach reacts with other substances. The design is sleek and super comfortable even when worn for long hours.

Key Features:

1. Made with superior quality materials for durability

2. Fits perfectly and comfortable

3. Double filtration for maximum protection

4. Can be used for a variety of activities

5. Package includes: face piece, safety goggles, two replaceable filter boxes, eight cotton filters, and two caps


1. Brand: Kischers

2. Material: plastic, recyclable

3. Fabric type: silicone + PVC plastic

6. Phoenix Organic Vapor Safety Face cover

No products found.

Sometimes, we need full protection against inhaling fumes and other irritants such as mold when cleaning with bleach. This full-face cover comes in handy when the cleaning job is a bit messy. It is made with high-quality materials that contribute to its durability and ease of cleaning. This mask has a full-screen lens design with an anti-fog coating for better visibility. With this mask, there are no taking chances, and you can be sure your lungs and respiratory system are well protected. The icing on the cake is that you can use the mask for various tasks such as welding and painting when you are not cleaning.

Key Features:

1. Anti-fog coating

2. Easy to clean and durable

3. Features a full-screen lens design with a large and clear view area

4. Can be used for various activities

5. The lens is constructed with an anti-friction design to keep it clear and scratch-free

6. Excellent sealing on double sides


1. Brand: phoenix fly 99

2. Material: silicone

3. Design: full face

7. PD-100 Full Face Gas Mask & Organic Vapor Respirator

The last mask on our list is this state-of-the-art respirator mask that is packed with the latest technology. It is safe to say we saved the best for last because its features will blow your mind. The mask is made from high-quality silicone that ensures a clean and airtight seal on your face. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design. This respirator utilizes air circulation technology to ensure your face stays cool, and the lens doesn’t fog. This technology prevents the buildup of excessive heat, thus ensuring you enjoy the highest level of comfort. That is not all. This PD-100 respirator is equipped with a speaking diagram that ensures sound transmission. It is easier to communicate with the mask on, therefore ensuring 100% safety as you clean.

Key Features:

1. Durable, comfortable, and reliable

2. Ergonomic and lightweight design

3. Anti-fog circulation for clear visibility and comfort

4. Easy dual filter replacement

5. High-density elastic straps

6. Can be used for a variety of activities


1. Brand: parcel distribution

2. Model: Pd -100

3. Material: plastic

4. Weight:1.6 pounds

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Mask For Cleaning With Bleach

There are different types of masks in the market today, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. Choosing the best mask to wear when cleaning with bleach can get confusing, but you need not worry. We take you through some key considerations when choosing a good mask for cleaning with bleach. Always keep these factors in mind, as they will help you narrow down your options.

1. Material

The material of a respirator mask contributes to its effectiveness in filtering out fumes and contaminants. The material also determines how well the mask will fit and sit on your face. When buying a mask. You need to consider the material of the filter, canister, and facepiece. For the filter, experts recommend choosing a tightly woven material since its filtering ability is high. 100% cotton that’s tightly woven is the best bet for filter material. For the canister, any durable material is okay, but plastic is the most common material. The facepiece refers to the part of the mask that holds it to your ears or head. It could be made of natural rubber, neoprene, or silicone. The facepiece should be elastic to make it easy to wear and remove while holding it tight on your face.

2. Cartridge Ratings Of Mask

Different types of masks have different cartridge ratings, which are indicated by a letter and number on the product description. The ratings are denoted by letters “N,” “R,” or “P,” which represent resistance to oil. Oil is known to reduce the effectiveness of masks significantly. “P” rated masks are strongly resistant to oil, making them the most effective and durable. “N” rated masks are not resistant to oils but are effective in filtering air particles. When buying an N-rated mask, ensure it’s N95 and above. “R” rated masks are moderately resistant to oil, making them more durable than their N-rated counterparts.

For cartridges, multi-gas cartridges with a HEPA filter is recommended. This combination helps to protect you from bleach vapors. When you wear your mask with a cartridge and filter, you should not smell the bleach. When you start to smell the bleach, it’s time to replace the cartridge.

3. Durability

When choosing the best mask for cleaning with bleach, you need to ensure it’s durable. Durable masks will save you the cost and hustle of looking for a new mask every time you are using bleach. Its material and design will determine the durability of a mask. Look for those made from sturdy material with excellent construction.

 A good respirator mask should have robust outer construction and elastic straps. When buying a mask, ensure you check the expiration dates on the cartridges and filters. These elements have expiry dates that are crucial in determining how long your mask will last.

4. Design

Since you will be wearing your mask for a long time as you clean, you must ensure it is comfortable to wear. The best mask is one that’s ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on your face. Check the straps to ensure they fit well or are adjustable. Some masks are designed with a valve for easier breathing. If you find it relatively hard to breathe while wearing a regular respirator, then this type is best for you. Some respirator masks also come with goggles to protect your eyes. Eye protection comes in handy, especially where harmful fumes are involved. The design of your respirator mask greatly impacts its functionality and durability.

5. Value For money

With the many options available in the market, you can find a mask that suits any budget. There are expensive respirator masks and very cheap ones. It is not a guarantee that the most expensive respirator mask is the most effective. With this information, you know that you can get a durable and quality mask that’s within your budget. Shop around for options before settling on a specific mask. If you find a mask that comes with extra filters and cartridges, go for it since you get more value. Some masks also have goggles for eye protection at no additional cost, giving you excellent value for money. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Masks For Cleaning With Bleach

We encountered so many questions during our research that people have when they want to buy a mask for cleaning with bleach. If it’s your first time getting a mask for cleaning, it’s very typical to have many questions you need answers to. We have answered some of the common questions to make it easier for you and help with decision-making. Keep reading.

Q. Can I Use A Dust Mask When Cleaning With Bleach?

No, as their name suggests, dust masks are used to filter dust that could be inhaled when sweeping, mowing, or dusting. These masks are not meant to filter fumes and other toxic gases in the air. When cleaning with bleach, you need a mask that protects you from inhaling the fumes. Always ensure that you cannot smell bleach when wearing the mask.

Q.  How Do I Know The Right Size Of Mask To Buy?

Most masks come with a size chart or manual to help you know how it should fit. However, these sizes don’t have a major impact on the fitting. You should be able to adjust the straps and make the mask sit well on your face. For most masks, size doesn’t matter; you only need to choose one that looks and feels comfortable.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Filters And Cartridges?

Respirator filters are less bulky compared to vapor cartridges. Cartridges are useful and protect you from fumes and harmful gases, while filters protect airborne particles. For your mask to offer full protection, it needs to have both a filter and cartridge. You can also choose to go for a combination cartridge that protects you from both fumes and airborne particulates

Q. Can You Wear A Respirator With Facial Hair?

According to OSHA, you can wear a respirator with facial hair when the hair doesn’t get in the way of the sealing surface or interfere with the valve function. If you have sideburns, a mustache, or a goatee, always ensure it is well-trimmed to prevent it from protruding under the seal. Some respirators are designed for people with a beard. You can consider getting one as this way you will be assured there’s no leakage and you’re well protected even with facial hair.

Q. How Do I Wear A Respirator Correctly?

Most respirators will often come with instructions on how to wear them, depending on their design. However, all follow the same general procedure. You need to wash your hands first and inspect the respirator for any flaws. If it appears damp or damaged, do not wear it. Cup the respirator in your hands with straps hanging below your hand and a nosepiece at your fingertips. Cover your nose and mouth with the respirator ensuring there are no gaps. Secure the straps at the back of your head and below your ears without crisscrossing them. Perform a seal check by placing your hand over the exhalation valve and breath out. Your mask should bulge slightly without air leaking. If you feel any leakage, readjust, and test again. If you cannot achieve a proper seal, try a different mask, and don’t expose yourself to fumes.

Final Word

Cleaning with bleach is the most effective method of disinfecting and keeping our homes sanitary. After cleaning days, we enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling home for days. But bleach emits fumes that could be harmful to our respiratory systems. Some people just can’t stand the smell of bleach, while others have underlying conditions that are made worse when they inhale bleach. Wearing a mask that filters vapors and fumes is the best way to keep you protected as you do your chores.

A good quality respirator mask is a worthy investment for any cleaning enthusiast. You need always to ensure you are taking care of your health as you do what you enjoy. The work that goes into finding a good respirator mask is underrated. You need lots of research to ensure you are not shortchanged. But if you find the right mask, your work is made more comfortable and more enjoyable. All the masks in this guide are tried and trusted, and they work perfectly for cleaning with bleach. What you end up choosing is a matter of personal preference and budget. We hope that this guide was helpful to you and our recommendations suit what you are looking for. Take your time now to enjoy cleaning in a safe way.

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