Best Lightweight Vacuum For 2022 (Factors & FAQs)

Gone are the eras when vacuum cleaners were large and tiring to use. Nowadays, with advanced technology, companies have come up with lightweight vacuums, which make cleaning easy. Consumers have a preference for light products, and this is also the case with vacuum cleaners. Different companies come up with vacuum cleaners that have different weights, and therefore, buyers should check on how heavy or light the product is. The ability to carry the vacuum around and its usability are mostly determined by its weight. Whether you will enjoy the cleaning task and how tired you will get also depends on the weight of the vacuum. That is why you should always consider the best lightweight vacuum for your cleaning.

What is a Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner?

The lightweight vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning small spaces. It has a smaller motor that delivers strong suction power, the ability to clean multiple surfaces, and low weight for easy traveling.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner typically has an in-built or detachable hose so that it can be used on both hard flooring and carpets. A lightweight vacuum cleaner is powered by either a battery or a motor with a direct current.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that has an air pump, but no motorized brush roll or another power source for drawing in dirt or debris from hard surface floors such as tile flooring, wooden flooring, marble and stone worktops, and linoleum floors; it usually also lacks any mechanism for lifting dust bunnies out of carpets or reaching deep into furniture cushions for debris removal.

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Differences & Pros/Cons of Best Lightweight Vacuum compared to Traditional Models of Vacuum Cleaners

FactorsLightweight Vacuum CleanersTraditional Vacuum Cleaners
PricingThe most obvious benefit is the affordable price point. You can typically get a lightweight vacuum cleaner for about $50, which is cheap and affordable. The Traditional vacuum cleaning models come with heftier price tags.
WeightLightweight Vacuums: Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that weigh up to 50 pounds and require significant effort on your part. These lightweight vacuums are just as powerful but do not weigh over 10 pounds
Cleaning PowerA downside of these lightweight models is that they do not have as much cleaning power as many people may expect. On the other hand, they are easier to maneuver and you can get your house clean at a faster rate.The heavyweight model of vacuum cleaner has more power cleaning capabilities.
NoiseLess noise. More noise.
Stains RemovalNot being able to clean up tough stains on carpets or rugs.Cleans everything you aim it to.
Reaching PointsHas limited reaching capabilities. Traditional models are still more powerful and efficient for most people as they can reach higher carpet pile depths, reach tighter corners of rooms, and collect more dirt from the area they clean.

Summary Of Top 6 Lightweight Vacuums

No one really wants a vacuum that needs to be drugged around when cleaning. I bet you do not also need to get stressed when thinking about how to get the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. This is definitely the reason why you are searching for a lightweight vacuum that can do cleaning effortlessly. Here you will get to familiarize yourself with the modern lightweight vacuum cleaners and choose one that best suits your needs and expectation. 

The vacuum chosen should be not only lightweight but also practical and efficient. No worries for you, as I have reviewed six top lightweight vacuum cleaners that come with other great features for superb performance. Read to the end to understand the features of the ones reviewed and comprehend the factors that you should consider when choosing a vacuum and.

Product Name Feature/ Benefits
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum •Convertible to handheld
•No loss of suction
•Anti-allergen complete seal technology
•Swivel steering
•Multipurpose cleaning
Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum •Multi-Cyclonic System
•Turbo brush tool
•Large capacity dirtbag
•Washable filter
•Extension wand
•25ft power cord
BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum •1.5 dirt bowl capacity
•Largemouth that big large dirt
•Strong suction
VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum •HEPA filtration
•High-efficiency brush
•1.3 L Dustbag
•Convertible to handheld
Dirt Devil Razor Vacuum Pet upright swivel vacuum cleaner •Swivel steering
•Multi-floor performance
•Spin4Pro quality pet brush roll
•Prompt cleaning wand
•Superb suction
Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner •3 in 1 versatility
•Capture nozzle
•Swivel steering
•18ft power cord

You might be wondering how to make the selection for spotless and effortless cleaning. This buying guide will save you time and help you pick the appropriate lightweight vacuum for your cleaning needs.

Top 6 Best Lightweight Vacuums

With an unlimited lightweight vacuum in the market, it can be challenging to pick one that best suits your needs. Here are the 6 quality lightweight vacuum that makes cleaning easier. Read on to understand each one of them for the right selection.

1. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (Best For Multipurpose Cleaning)

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best-selling vacuums on Amazon. Your cleaning is made easier by this convertible vacuum. The vacuum can be instantly converted from an old upright to a moveable vacuum for a thorough cleaning with no loss of suction.  Changing it to handheld and portable is done quickly by lifting away lightweight removable pods from the vacuum head. To get better cleaning the vacuum comes with necessary tools and attachments that are specifically designed to complement it.  You will enjoy cleaning since the device is highly versatile, reliable, and has extended reach. No room, corner, stairs, ceiling, or only any kind of surface will be left untouched with Sharks vacuum.

The Sharks vacuum is also bagless, making it user-friendly even for those with allergies. No dirt escapes from the trash bag because of HEPA filters and Anti-allergen far-reaching seal technology. The device is much flexible, even in squeezed places, because of the superior swivel steering. No worry about the hidden dust under the furniture or in dark areas as LED light lightens all the dirt.   Check its benefits below:

Benefits Of This Product

1. Convertible from upright to portable handheld

2. No loss of suction

3. Anti-allergen full seal

4. Enhance swivel steering with an 8-meter long cord making it easy to use

5. Cleans hard floors and carpets

6. Multipurpose cleaning


1. Do not have a motorized pet brush

Sounds good! Check

2. Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum (Best Bagless Vacuum For Upholstery and Stairs)

This vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool that makes your home perfectly clean. Cleaning upholstery, stairs, and furniture are easy, leaving them free of fine dirt. The powerful multi-cyclonic suction ensures the carpet areas are deeply cleaned. The OnePass technology employed on suction further allows the surface dirt to be removed using an innovative brush. No worry about frequent dust bin emptying as the capacity is large to save time during cleaning. The washable filters help keep it clean at all times.

The power cord is 25ft long to allow cleaning around the home without much movement of the vacuum. The accessories that come with Bissel vacuum include a crevice tool, turbo brush, extension ward, and dusting brush. Each one of the attachments compliments the vacuum and ensures the entire corners of the home are well vacuumed. The turbo brush is especially suitable for stairs, upholstery, furniture, and surface-type carpets that are left spotless. Check below the reasons why you should get one for vacuuming your home.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Can be used on carpets, upholstery, stairs, furniture, and other surfaces

2. Long power cord for a flexible cleaning

3. Washable filter which makes it easy to keep it clean

4. Extension ward which allows cleaning of ceilings and baseboards without straining

5. Less time spent in emptying dirt bin because of its large capacity


1. Corded, therefore, need to be plugged to power when using it

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3. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum (Best Lightweight Handheld Vacuum)

This product uses lithium technology with great suction while ensuring cleaning without interruption. The bowl has increased capacity and is washable together with the filter. The bowl is additionally translucent, and this makes it easier to know when it is full. The BLACK+DECKER comes well accessorized with an upholstery brush and crevice tool. Hard to reach areas can be cleaned by attaching the crevice tool to the vacuum. The large particles can be easily picked as the vacuum has a wide mouth. The fact that it is cordless allows you to move around the home freely, and also it can be used outside. There is no need to buy a car vacuum as this product can also be used to clean the vehicle interior. Storage is not a challenge since the device is lightweight and can be mounted on the wall easily. Have a look at how you will benefit from this vacuum below:

Benefits Of This Product

1. Cordless power for flexibility

2. Pick up large debris

3. Wall-mounted for easy storage

4. Enlarged bowl capacity reducing time spent on emptying the dirt

5. Lightweight with powerful suction

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4. VonHaus 2 In 1 Stick Vacuum (Best Vacuum With Rotational Wheels)

VonHaus Stick Vacuum is corded and, therefore, suitable for homes with high traffic, pets, or kids. The sponge filtration traps all the dirt and allergen ensuring an allergy-free home. All the surfaces will be cleaned as the device come with a 6-meter power code, extension tube, and crevice tool. The big trash bin capacity allows the cleaning to be done without interruption while ensuring emptying is done without any mess. Additionally, it has a bagless way of collecting dirt, lowering maintenance costs. Vacuuming is made quick and simple because of spinning wheels. You will enjoy cleaning while keeping yourself away from allergen since the vacuum features HEPA filters. Below are the benefits that come with this product:

Benefits Of This Product

1. Come with  all essential accessories which ensure effectiveness and efficiency

2. Smooth operation because of rotational wheels

3. Intuitive make that makes dirt disposal easy

4. HEPA filter which keeps allergens away

5. Convertible into compact handheld design

6. Superb suction

Friendly price


1. Can be noisy

Want to experience superb cleaning! Check

5. Dirt Devil Razor Vac Pet Upright Swivel Vacuum Cleaner (Best Lightweight Vacuum For Floors Cleaning)

This vacuum is excellent, lightweight, and straightforward to use. Despite the advanced power and steering swivel, there is no loss of suction. You will clean under the furniture and hard-to-reach areas because of its swivel steering. No need to get many vacuums as the Dirt Devi Razor vacuum works on all types of floors. Higher places can be cleaned with the quick cleaning wand, and the turbo pet tool gets rid of tough stains. The CleanPath technology combined with spin4pro brush allows the vacuum to work well on both hard floors and carpeted areas. Switch it to handheld and do your cleaning around your home. Check the following benefits of Dirt Devil Razor vacuum cleaner:

Benefits Of This Product

1. Advance cleaning with no loss of suction

2. Spin4pro brush that works well in all types of floors

3. Clean hard to reach with swivel steering

4. Prompt cleaning wand

5. Easily removes pet hair and stubborn dirt


1. Corded limiting its flexibility outdoors

Superb, right! Check

6. Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-In-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner (Best Vacuum With Long Cord)

Eureka blaze stick vacuum is a 3 in 1 device that provides a modification to meet individual needs. Converting it to a handheld, stick, or stair vacuum allows you to use it in all areas of your home.  The capture nozzle ensures all particles including larger ones are picked leaving your home sparkling clean. The swivel steering of the vacuum eases mobility making cleaning less tiring and enjoyable. The power cord is also quite long featuring 18ft, making cleaning more comfortable with no much outlet hopping. Check the benefits that come with this product below:

Benefits Of This Product

1. Swivel head for easy management

2. Long cord allowing the wall to wall cleaning

3. Convertible to handheld, stair, and stick vacuum

4. Capture nozzle that picks up large particles


1. Not so suitable for small rugs

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What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Lightweight Vacuum

Identifying the lightweight vacuum without compromising on its effectiveness and efficiency calls for thorough considerations. Of course, the weight should be the first thing to look at when searching for a lightweight vacuum, but you should not ignore crucial features and performance. Appropriate weight will vary from one user to another depending on strong they are. Therefore, one should choose a vacuum with a weight that they are comfortable with and features that fit their cleaning needs. Consider the following when searching for a lightweight vacuum:

1. Portability Level

The mobility of the lightweight vacuum differs. You should choose a vacuum that meets your desired level of portability. There are cordless and corded lightweight vacuums with different portability levels. Those vacuums which are cordless allow you to move around in your home, cleaning every corner and the stairs with ease. The handheld is usually the lightest of all and provides incredible mobility. On-spot mess can be cleaned up instantly with a highly portable cordless lightweight vacuum. You can also use it to clean the car interior when traveling and this gives the vacuum multiple functionalities. The cordless vacuum offers unlimited usage, at it can be taken anywhere anytime. The only trick is that they are only appropriate for light vacuuming chores.

There are also cordless vacuums that are not handheld. Those vacuums which are big have wheels and powerful suction compared to the corded ones. These cordless vacuums are compact with efficient motors that yield robust airflow that powerfully picks up any dirt. The device is, therefore, suitable for home use. The 2 in 1 modern vacuum is also available in the market. These can be converted to a flexible handheld making it more comfortable to use, unlike the traditional ones. These 2 in 1 are great options because they can perform both heavy and light chores as they are both corded and cordless. The cordless is slightly expensive and therefore if you go for it, be ready to part with a significant amount of money. However, you are assured of value for your money as it does the work well while ensuring you enjoy doing daily cleaning.

2. Power Of The Suction

The suction is an essential component of a vacuum cleaner as it determines how well it will collect the dirt. The vacuum collects dirt by sucking it and how well it picks up trash depends on the power of the suction. While considering the weight of the vacuum, you should ensure that the suction will leave your space spotless, pleasing, inviting, and a new haven. You should check to ensure the technology used to facilitate airflow is up-to-date. This is because the ability of the suction can be checked by how strong the air flows in the vacuum. Also, the cleaning ability is enhanced by the strength of the motor. Buy a vacuum that has a strong motor as its suction does cleaning well.

3. Type Of Surface To Be Cleaned

The type of surface that you intend to clean will dictate the kind of lightweight vacuum to buy. Different tools, cleaning methods, suction, and other utilities will be chosen depending on the surfaces to be cleaned. If you intend to use it on carpets then you need a lightweight vacuum with great suction that picks up dirt from deep the fiber. This is because a carpet is thick with fiber allowing debris and dirt to hide deeper. Carpeted surfaces at home will, therefore, call for a vacuum with powerful suction and beater brush. Brush rolls that are well powered arouse dirt hidden deep in the carpet for a stress-free removal. However, you may be having both carpeted and bare areas in your home. If this is your case, choose a vacuum with brush rolls that can be switched on and off to allow it to be used on non-carpeted surfaces.

On the contrary, hard surfaces do not necessarily need powerful suction. Vacuuming is easy on hard surfaces since the dirt is only on the surface. This, therefore, does not require a spinning beater brush as it could scratch the floor leaving it damaged. This will only occur if you have a sensitive floor, and the brush bristles are hard. Using a powered brush on hard surfaces could scatter the dirt causing it hard to pick up. A vacuum without a spinning brush is the best option if you do not have carpeted surfaces in your home. A soft-bristled brush could also serve you well. Better still you can go for a lightweight vacuum whose brush roll can be switched on and off.

4. Durability And Reparability

Do not just buy a lightweight vacuum just because it is cheap. As the saying goes ‘Cheap is expensive.’ You will not want to keep replacing your vacuum more often simply because of picking on a cheaper one. This might end up costing you more in the long run. Check on customer reviews to ensure you pick one with a high rating on durability. Maintenance costs can also make the vacuum more expensive in the long run. Take time to go through different lightweight vacuums offered in the market, especially the ones reviewed here, to learn their strengths and weaknesses before making a choice.

5. Method Of Collecting Dirt

Vacuum dirt storage can be bag or bagless. The method chosen all depends on your preference as each one of them comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Bagless vacuums are packaged with reusable cups or bins to collect trash. This type of vacuum may require regular emptying since the trash bin capacity is low. Although some have an emptying mechanism, sometimes removing dirt from the storage bin can be messy. The bin needs not to be replaced, and this makes bagless vacuum cheaper in terms of maintenance cost.  Be aware that the filter needs to be replaced from time to time. 

The bagged vacuum has a bag that collects the sucked trash. This type has a large trash holding capacity and is therefore recommended if you have high traffic in your home.  You will have a home free of allergies since the vacuum bag is HEPA. Disposing of off dirt using a bagged vacuum is not messy like the bagless one. The trash cannot spill off when emptying since the bag is fully sealed and hold allergens and dirt securely. The vacuum is a good pick if any of your family members are allergic. However, maintenance costs can be high since the bags cannot be reused.

Best Easy To Carry Vacuum Cleaners List

List of 10 Reasons of Why You Need a Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner in Home Care

Vacuuming is one of the many household chores that we need to do. It is not only a time-consuming task but it also leaves a mess around the house. The good news is that there are lightweight vacuum cleaners available in the market today.

The list below is made up of 10 reasons which show why lightweight vacuum cleaners are the best option for homeowners:

  1. Lightweight designs let you easily carry it around your home without any effort.
  2. They are easy to use and store when not in use.
  3. It doesn’t require a lot of space for storage or maintenance, which is excellent for homes with limited indoor space like apartments or even dorm rooms.
  4. They don’t put too much strain on your back or joints while using them so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your life span as well as in old age
  5. The lightweight vacuum cleaners have made vacuuming simple and quick, and it has also made cleaning a lot easier than before. It comes with special attachments which can be used for specific tasks like removing hair, pet hair, and dusting furniture.
  6. Although they are lightweight, these compact vacuum cleaners come with powerful suction power which can easily remove all kinds of debris from your home. They also come in different colors to suit your taste and preference.
  7. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are the best option for people who have a hard time moving heavy and bulky cleaning machines from place to place. They can reach all corners of your home without any hassle.
  8. Lightweight vacuums are easy to use and carry around and can be used in narrow spaces (congested areas and small spaces).
  9. Less Energy is Needed: In the process of using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, more energy is needed and more time is taken to complete the job. A lightweight vacuum cleaner can help you save on energy by doing the job with less effort and time spent on it.
  10. More Reliable: The lightweight design of these cleaners make them much more reliable than heavy duty machines which often require regular maintenance such as changing filters or belts.
  11. Less Expensive: These vacuum machines are cheap and cost effective.
  12. The lightweight vacuum cleaner can make cleaning easier and faster. It has a slim design, and it can easily be carried around to clean the stairs, elevators, furniture and other surfaces.

Lightweight Vacuums FAQS

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on lightweight vacuums:

Q: Which Is The Best Type Of Lightweight Vacuum?

Basically, there are bagged and bagless vacuums.  Choose a bagged vacuum if your home has high traffic, pets, or kids. The trash bin takes time before they fill up; therefore, you will not have to keep on emptying. The storage bags are tightly sealed, and this makes them hygienic to empty. They secure allergens making it suitable in case there is someone at home who is allergic. You will only need to bear the cost of replacing bags since they are not re-usable.

If you want to avoid the cost of maintenance, go for the bagless vacuum. The trash bin is re-usable and makes it less costly in terms of maintenance costs. However, the trash storage capacity is low, and this requires frequent emptying. This can make emptying messy and pose a risk to family members who are allergic. You will have to replace the filter which is less often compared to bag replacement for the case of bagged vacuums.

Q: Which Is The Best Between Corded And Cordless Lightweight Vacuum?

The choice depends on your preference and cleaning needs. Consider convenience that comes with a cordless vacuum. They are highly versatile making them easy to use in all corners of the home. If you do not have substantial cleaning needs then the cordless will do the jobs since they are designed for light vacuuming.

Get corded if you have heavy cleaning duties in your home. However, many companies are increasingly focusing on making cordless powerful suction vacuums. This means the future will be cordless vacuums because of their simplicity and versatility. Consider their prices too and get one that fits your budget.

Q: Which Is The Suitable Lightweight Vacuum For Someone Allergic?

Look for a lightweight vacuum that has a HEPA filter. The filter helps in picking up minute particles while ensuring they do not get out of the trash bin. Consider the bagged vacuum as its disposal is safe for allergic persons as its bag is sealed well and disposable.

Q: Is It Necessary To Consider Power Of The Lightweight Vacuum

Ratings of vacuum can be done by considering their power. However, it is not as important since it does not indicate how well the vacuum can do the cleaning. Consider the air watt as it can indicate how powerful the vacuum does the cleaning. Of great importance is the vacuum that picks up dust effectively and efficiently, ensuring you get one that serves the purpose regardless of other features.

Final Word

You will definitely want to have a clean home that is welcoming and attractive. The home should be regularly vacuumed to get rid of any dirt and allergens with minimum energy possible. The best lightweight vacuum does the work well while ensuring you do not get tired when cleaning. However, how heavy or light one can carry vary from one person to another. Pick one that is light for you while putting other features into consideration.

The vacuums reviewed above have been selected based on the customer reviews and the features they have. The cordless will be perfect if you have low traffic in your home and will like to use it in your car interiors. The power suction for cordless is not that powerful compared to the corded ones. However, the suction is continually improved by manufacturers to meet customer’s needs. Pick the corded if you have heavy traffic, kids, or pets to ensure it will serve all the cleaning needs. The presence of allergic members at home will call for a HEPA filter featured vacuum to ensure all allergies are captured and do not escape into the hair. Read this guide carefully, and you are guaranteed of 100% chance of getting a lightweight vacuum that will serve you better.

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