Best Leaf Vacuum Of 2022 (Reviews, Types, Factors)

You love beauty and elegance, that’s why you have those trees and flowers in your compound! But you cannot stomach the sight of fallen leaves littering your place; it is disgusting, right? Do you also love to have a brilliant lawn that will leave your home admirable? Relax! We have a solution for you. This guide will help you locate the best leaf vacuum that will not only leave your compound sparkling but also keeps you longing to use it.

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What is a Leaf Vacuum Cleaner?

The Leaf Vacuum Cleaner is a device that can be used to clean leaves and debris from your roof, garden, and carpets while also being eco-friendly and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. You can attach it to your roof, which sucks up leaves and debris before they land on the ground. This lets you avoid using harsh chemicals on your roof, which can cause damage to your roof or harm animals that may be living in or around it.

The Leaf Vacuum Cleaner has an air intake at one end and a built-in blower at the other. The blower pulls in air from below, passes it over the intake filter, then pushes it out through the exhaust pipe.

A leaf vacuum cleaner is a machine used to clean leaves off of the carpet. They can be purchased at just about any hardware store.

The amount of leaves left on your carpet is enough to drive you crazy, so the idea of a leaf vacuum cleaner may be appealing to some. If you are interested in purchasing one, then check out our review for some helpful tips and tricks on how to use them properly.

Leaf vacuums are commonly used by homeowners who want to remove the mess from their lawns and gardens without hurting anything. They are not designed for commercial cleaning because they would be too large and cumbersome for most jobs.

Best Leaf Vacuum Cleaners

What are the different types of Leaf vacuum cleaners?

There are many different types of leaf vacuum cleaners. Some of which are bagless, some have HEPA filters, and some have wet-dry vacuums.

Bagless Leaf Vacuum Cleaners

The bagless leaf vacuum cleaner is a home appliance that is designed to help you clean your home using airflow. These vacuum cleaners are generally used to remove debris, dust, and pet hair using a rotating brush on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. It has been found to be more efficient than traditional vacuum cleaners because they do not pick up any dust or debris from your carpet.

HEPA Filters Leaf Vacuum Cleaners

HEPA Filters Leaf Vacuum Cleaners are designed to remove all the dust particles from your home in a method that’s much more effective than having a regular vacuum cleaner. These filters are able to capture 99.97% of the airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns and can clean up to 1100 square feet per hour.

Wet-dry Leaf Vacuum Cleaners

The Wet-dry Leaf Vacuum Cleaners is a specific type of vacuum cleaner that uses water and dry air to clean leaves and dirt from the floor. Wet-dry leaf vacuums are typically more expensive, but they provide a more thorough cleaning because they use water. They also require less effort from your staff and are not as loud as traditional vacuum cleaners.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Leaf Vacuum

One of the vital outdoor equipment that you cannot afford to lack is a leaf vacuum. Your trees and flowers will keep shedding leaves now and then. You need them for that fresh breeze and beauty, and so you won’t cut them down. You require that tool that helps you to blow off this litter with ease. It is necessary that before purchasing a leaf vacuum, you consider the following factors:

1. Expectations

Your needs dictate the type of leaf blower you want to buy. You should be sure about the functions of the leaf vacuum that you want to accomplish in your compound. The size of your yard will be a significant factor in influencing what leaf blower to purchase. If your yard is small, you can go for the handheld model, but for a more massive yard, the backpack-mounted model is ideal.

2. Size And Weight Of The Leaf Blower

The size and weight of a leaf vacuum is a vital factor to consider before purchasing. You should not buy a fan that is too heavy to carry hence causing inconveniences. It should also not be so short that you need to bend too much to use it. 

3. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance of any equipment comes with a cost. You should know your budget for the repair of your tool before settling on what to buy. If you are looking for a low-maintenance cost blower, then an electric device will be a perfect choice, though it is suitable for smaller lawns. For a larger area and greater mobility, then a gas-powered leaf vacuum is fit, but its cost of repair is also high.

4. Features

You will agree with me that working with equipment that produces a lot of noise is annoying both to the user and the other people. You don’t need to get into trouble with your neighbors or authorities for violating rules concerning noise. You should, therefore, look for a leaf vacuum that gives out little or no sound, especially if there are regulations on noise pollution in your area. You also need to consider your comfort when working with your equipment, hence chose a blower with minimum vibration.

5. The Manufacturer

Purchasing your leaf blower from a reputable manufacturer has many advantages since you are sure to get a quality product. It is, therefore, vital that you seek to know the authenticity of the manufacturer before you purchase your tool. You can look for reviews online, talk to friends who bought before you and check the rating.

6 Best Leaf Vacuum You may be wondering which is the best leaf vacuum among the so many available in the market. We highlight the six best for your perusal. Check this guide for better understanding:

Reviews Of Different Best Leaf Vacuum (With Features, Pros & Cons)

We have analyzed, researched, and compared with other vacuums of the market and found the following leaf vacuums that are comparatively 95% more efficient than the others. Read on and pick yours –

1. Black + Decker 3-in-1 Electric leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit, 12-Amp (BV6000) (Best Leaf Blower)

This leaf vacuum has a 12 amp motor that functions a 3-in-1 blower, mulcher, and vacuum all in one making it easy and fast to operate. It also has a speed of 250 miles per hour with two options for selection and a disposable leaf bag system. 

You can use this blower to clear leaves and debris from your garage, decks, sidewalks, and driveways. It is also perfect for vacuuming grass cuttings, twigs, leaves, pine needles, and so on. The weight is ideal for any user, about 8.1 pounds. It easy to switch from a vacuum to a blower, and it comes with vacuum and blow tubes, EZ empty bag which can be reused, and a concentrator. The gap can grind as many as 16 bags of mulch into one.

The Benefits Of This Product:

1. It has a high-performance blower, vacuum, and mulcher, all in one

2. It has 50% less noise making it comfortable to use

3. It is easy to clear debris

4. It has a high-impact metal fan that protects it from clogging when mulching and crushes up to 16 bags of mulch into one.

5. An easy-empty reusable bag model that helps save time and effort with two disposable bags

6. Can easily change between vacuum and blower within seconds

7. An in-built cord retainer that keeps the extension in place and plugged in hence no interruptions when operating

Sounds interesting to have?

2. Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum, High-power 2200mAh Li-ion (Best Lightweight Leaf Vacuum)

Roomietec can be used for your garage and also inside the house. It has a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum that is easy to switch from an upright vacuum to a handheld vacuum by touching a button. Its suction pump is powerful with two times individual high power motors that provide excellent dust pick ability from the carpet, floor, and tile. It can also be used to pick dirt from furniture, stairs, car interiors, and soft furnishings. 

The Benefits Of This Product:

1. The excellent suction power on the floor with eco mode

2. A powerful battery that does not go off when in use, you can clean the house and the garage with a single charge

3. It is easy to mount and lightweight. Hence you don’t get tired before completing of cleaning

4. Highly versatile with 180 degrees rotation brush

5. Removable beater bar which can be removed for cleaning thus preventing twining

3. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight (Best Handheld Leaf Vacuum Cleaner)

No products found.

Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld blower is built to make cleanup tasks fast. It uses a 23.9 cc commercial-grade engine that makes it is to use with only a little force. The leaf blower also characterizes pure fire low-emission with a two-stroke engine technology and superior power-to-weight. It has an excellent airspeed delivery of up to 170 miles per hour for the effective removal of debris.

The leaf blower has an air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute, making it ideal for big jobs.  You can use it for removal of autumn leaves and quick chores such as removal of stray grass clippings. The equipment also has a lightweight design that gives you comfort when using it. It is easy to maneuver and has a low weight of 8.6 pounds that reduces fatigue to the user. You can efficiently operate the blower, thanks to no small throttle lever that you work with two fingers.

The Benefits Of Buying This Product:

1. The debris moves excellently due to the air volume of 441 CFM

2. It is lightweight and well-balanced for comfort when using and has little fatigue

3. 7-year consumer use warranty, 2-year commercial, and 1-year rental use

4. It has a superior air velocity of 170 mph with a tapered nozzle for quick debris movement

5. Efficient low-emission engine


1. May be hard to get a repair center

4. Greenworks 40V 150MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower (Best Leaf Vacuum With Adjustable Speed)

The Greenworks G-MAX 40v 2AH cordless leaf blower is suitable for small and medium-sized yards. It helps sweep and gather leaves and debris effectively and fast. It does not have the risk of gas spillage or run out. The leaf blower is noiseless, so you can comfortably use it without disturbing your ears or your neighbors. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and thus it is cost-effective. It is sturdy and easy to store and only requires you to charge the battery and keep in a safe place. You can also comfortably complete a project without recharging since it has a long run time.

The Greenworks G-MAX 40V leaf blower comes with a 2-piece blower tube that allows you to regulate while gathering leaves and sweeping. Unlike other gas blowers, it does not have vibrations.

The Benefits Of This Product:

1. Has an adjustable speed motor that delivers a maximum velocity of 150mph

2. An additional tube that helps to increase reach and blower capability

3. It is easy to control due to the lightweight design

4. The new GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp battery with lithium-ion gives more power, and longer run time hence you can accomplish your task without recharging

5. It clears leaves and grass within a short time consequently very effective


1. Unsuitable for small yards

Do you think this is ideal for you?

5. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac,250 mph, Red (Best Ultra Electric Leaf Blower)

No products found.

Toro ultra electric blower offers you the versatility and power that you require to undertake the tasks of cleaning your yard. It has a suitable metal impeller and flexible speed air regulation. It is ideal for you to tackle any space due to its multiple applications. Toro ultra electric blower also has a powerful air stream up to 250 mph that helps to clear sticks, debris, large and dense leaves. It changes fast to an aggressive vacuum without using any tools and lowers most mulched debris to lower than half an inch. It is the most powerful blower in the market.

The Benefits Of This Tool:

1. Ideal for any space since it has blower inserts for multiple uses

2. It has a new bottom-zip vacuum bag’s zipper which is placed tactically placed for longevity and ease of use

3. Can hold much debris by reducing them to smaller sizes hence stay longer

4. The weight is ideal for any user, and the variation of speed also makes it powerful


1. The zipper may not be strong enough to hold the leaves

Perfect for your needs?

6. Black + Decker LSWV36 Lithium Blower/Vacuum (Best Leaf Vacuum With Permanent Bag)

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Black +Decker LSWV36 lithium Blower has no emissions hence very safe to use anywhere. It has an excellent structure with 6.9 pounds in vacuum mode. The leaf blower clears debris from hard surfaces like decks, walkways, driveways, and garages efficiently, but it is not ideal for the cleanup of a fallen leaf.

The leaf vacuum has a rechargeable 40-volt 1.5Ah battery that makes it easy for the users giving it reliable power.  The device also has a powerful command that regulates speed for maximum run-time or maximum power. The equipment has a weight of 5.4 pounds that allows fast and easy clearing of debris. It also converts easily to vacuum style for easy and rapid vacuuming of debris from a hard surface such as patios, decks, garages, and walkways. The device operates since it has a low-noise design. Its in-built scraper allows users to release matted leaves and debris that stick on it. The Black + Decker LSWV36 cordless sweeper has no noise, soft-grip handle that gives added comfort when in use.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Product:

1. It clears all kind of debris from hard surfaces like patios, walkways, garages, and driveways

2. Has power control for regulating speed to offer optimum run-time or maximum power

3. The lithium battery can put more energy into a small and reliable battery and has a longer lifecycle as compared to other types

4. It has low noise levels thus protecting your hearing and minimizes noise pollution

5. It is light hence comfortable to use by anyone, and it likewise has soft grip handles that can be used with gloves since it is significant.

6. Perfect for small and dry debris such as leaves

7. Includes a permanent bag that you can attach, fill and empty as required


1. Maybe uncomfortable to carry

This Black + Decker Lithium blower sounds perfect.

7. Toro 51621 Ultra plus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (Best Leaf Mulcher)

The Toro 51621 UltraPlus leaf blower is the highest performing leaf blower. It has extra time-saving and leaf-shredding functions. It has an all-shred ring that performs with the metal impeller to minimize up to 97% of mulched debris to lower than half an inch. It has an oscillation nozzle kit for sweeping the air automatically back and forth. It includes a significant blower tube for dry leaves, power-insert for wet leaves, cord storage hook that stores by wrapping it over storage.

The equipment includes a bottom-zip vacuum bag for storing all blower and vac components efficiently.

The Benefits Of The Product

1. Superior blowing and mulching

2. Powerful up to 250 mph degree. 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode

3. Includes bottom-zip bag, vacuum tube, cord storage hook, and time-saving oscillation

4. Adjustable speed control for superior performance

5. A design that captures leaf particles rather than dust If it sounds perfect for you.

Leaf Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Leaves on park

What to Look For When Buying a Best Leaf Vacuum Cleaner

There are many brands that manufacture this product, but the best leaf vacuum cleaner is one that can cover a wide range of surfaces and offer customers the least hassle. Best leaf vacuum cleaners have advanced suction systems that can effortlessly remove dirt from carpeted floors while cleaning them almost as if they are not there. They are lightweight and easy to use which makes it possible for you to clean your entire home without any problems using this machine.

A good leaf vacuum cleaner should have a hose with an auto-shutoff feature, as well as a power cord long enough to reach all the hard-to-reach areas. It should be easily maneuverable, lightweight enough for one person to carry around, and offer multiple settings. It also needs a bagging system or bagless design in order to reduce the amount of waste being generated.

In the buying process, you should look for a product with excellent suction power, an easy-to-use controller, and a long cord.

A good vacuum cleaner should have these features:

  • Powerful suction to handle pet hair, dust bunnies, and other loose particles.
  • A simple control panel with buttons or a remote to easily use the device.
  • A long cord to be able to reach all corners of your home without stopping often.

Best Leaf Vacuum FAQs

1. Which Is The Best Leaf Vacuum?

The best leaf vacuum depends on your needs and specification. We have, however, highlighted the top six above, and you can compare their features and choose the most suitable for you.

2. Why Do I Need A Leaf Vacuum?

There comes that season in a year when trees shed so many leaves that it becomes unbearable. The ordinary broom will not be able to sweep them away hence making your compound not pleasing to look. A leaf blower makes it easy for you to maintain a sparkling mixture with minimum effort.

3. How Can I Choose The Best Leaf Blower?

The choice of a leaf blower depends on an individual’s needs and expectations. You should pick a leaf vacuum depending on the size of your yard. Your budget, whether it has a warranty or the reputation of the manufacturer, are factors to consider also.

4. Are Electric Leaf Blowers More Powerful Than Gas Blowers?

Electric leaf vacuums are lighter in weight and less costly, but gas blowers are stronger and faster. Some electric fans have no cords, and they use a battery, but the majority use a long cable that may be hard to operate. Unlike electric vacuums, gas blowers emit smoke hence may cause air pollution.

Final Words

During autumn, the foliage falls, making it a beautiful wonder that cannot be missed. It, however, causes headaches thinking of how to clean up. But with the Best Leaf Vacuum, the processes of cleaning the fallen leaves and debris become fun and easy. The choice of a leaf blower depends on many factors, among them the user’s needs.

If you need a leaf blower that is easy and quick to use, then, Black + Decker 3-in-1 Electric leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit is what to purchase. The device comes with a mulcher, blower, and vacuum all in one. You can use this tool to clear leaves and debris anywhere hence maintaining a clean environment.

If you love less noise and peace with your neighbors while maintaining that glow in your compound, then Black + Decker LSWV36 Lithium Blower/Vacuum is what you need. It also has a rechargeable battery giving it a longer operation time.

You may be looking for a quick, easy to use and noiseless leaf blower for small and medium-sized yards. The Greenworks 40V 150MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower will be a perfect choice. It will give you excellent performance since it is also light in weight and long-lasting.

Whatever you need and desire for a leaf vacuum is, we have the right advice. Read through the above article and decide what you need. Be it lightweight equipment, noiseless, affordable, or one with a warranty, be sure to get the most ideal. 

Let those variable plants in your compound not be the source of concern anymore but the beauty and sparkle that you intended them to be. Let yourself not be bothered as to how long and stressful that clearing of leaves and debris will be since we have your answers.

Just read through the guide, choose the best Leaf Vacuum, and enjoy the process, whether you do it in person or hire someone to do it for you!.

Leaf Vacuum Comparisons Table

Item Features / Description
Black + Decker 3-in-1 Electric leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit, 12-Amp •High-performance blower/Vac/mulcher  with a speed of 250 mph
•Detachable shoulder strap
•Blow/vacuum tube, concentrator, and reusable bags
•Less noise
Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum, High-power 2200mAh Li-ion •The 4-stage cyclone filtration system
•Eco mode for floor 
•Self-standing upright position
•Auto charging base
•6 LED headlights
•Long-lasting battery
Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight •Lightweight and well balanced for  comfort and reduced fatigue
•23.9 ccs commercial grade 2-stroke engine for outstanding power and durability •Impressive airspeed
•Huge two-finger throttle lever for smooth functioning
Greenworks 40V 150MPH Variable  Speed Cordless Blower •New GMAX 40volt 2.0 amp-hour lithium battery that gives more power and longer run time
•Adjustable speed motor that provides maximum speeds of 150 mph
•Extension tube which increases the reach and efficient delivery
•Light in weight hence easier to operate
Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red •New larger metal  impeller drives power and advanced mulching
•Includes bottom-zip bag, power insert, cord storage hook, and vacuum tube •Adjustable speed control for excellent performance in both blower and vac mode •High ranking air horsepower level for comparison objectives
Black + Decker LSWV36 Lithium Blower/Vacuum •Releases zero emissions
•Excellent design 
•Clears debris efficiently from hard surfaces
•Easily converts to vacuum mode for fast and easy vacuuming
Toro 51621 Ultra plus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed •Superior blowing and mulching 
•Vacuum tube, bottom zip-bag, storage hook
•Adjustable speed control
•Powerful blower, leaf shredder, and high-speed vacuum
•Powerful up to 250 mph degree. 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode

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